10 Best warlock spells dnd 5e

This list will have everything we should know about the best warlock spells dnd 5e, and hope you will use every spells to win in the game.

If you are a fan of the Dnd 5e game and want to try and know about all the spell slots, how to cast spells, summon spells, and all the interesting spells.

You will know about all warlock spell list and ability scores by cast spells.

Lets us first know what is spell slots or spell slot


Spell slots/ Spell slot

It basically tells you how many spells a caster or the character you are using can have or cast.

Like some, Caster can spell more than 10, or some can cast the spell around 20. It all depends on a character to a character.

Spell slots keep the slots for the different spells or available spells, which can conjure fey spells, warlock spells, and many other spells.

Suggestion/Mass Suggestion

To achieve their full power, both suggestion (2nd-level spell) and mass suggestion (6th-level spell) rely on your Dungeon Master’s interpretations.

These spells urge creatures who can comprehend you and aren’t resistant to being charmed to do a task or order. The request must not put the targets in danger or appear to be unreasonable.

With a little imagination, these spells can assist a Warlock in navigating social settings, dissolve a combat clash, and more.

Mass suggestion is superior in terms of mechanics because it may target up to 12 beings, needs no focus, and lasts for 24 hours.

On the other hand, Warlocks get access to ideas early and can utilize them more frequently. It’s something to think about.

Dominate Monster

A Warlock can use this 8th-level spell to enchant a monster that fails a Wisdom save.

A creature operates as your ally while under this influence; they must obey your directions to the best of their abilities, and you can even assume control of their particular actions.

The creature can try a saving throw anytime it takes damage during this dominance, which lasts up to an hour.

When compared to lower-level dominate spells, dominate monster is unique in that it affects any creature type—as long as the target has no resilience to being charmed.

Sickening Radiance

Sickening radiance is a powerful 4th-level spell that deals 4d10 radiant damage in a 30-foot radius sphere.

Creatures that begin their turn in the sphere, or enter it, must make a Constitution saving against the spell; if they fail, they take damage and acquire one degree of weariness.

Even while these fatigue levels disappear after the spell (which may last up to 10 minutes) expires, piling them can nevertheless cause a creature to suffer significant penalties. At six levels, it might lead to death.

Nauseating radiance stands out because inflicting tiredness is such an uncommon mechanism for players.

Hypnotic Pattern

Warlocks gain access to this effective 3rd-level crowd control spell. The hypnotic pattern targets creatures in a 30-foot cube.

Anywho fail and is susceptible to charm effects immediately becomes incapacitated. But targets can shake off the spell by taking damage or by another creature rousing them.

Plane Shift (7th Level Conjuration)

Plane Shift is an excellent spell to keep on hand for emergency scenarios. It outperforms all other teleportation spells since it can move large groups to various planes.

While other teleportation spells restrict the number of companions allowed, Plane Shift permits up to eight willing beings (including willing NPCs) to travel between places in less time.

Other spellcasters, available spell, dispel magic, warlock spells.

Because it may be used to banish foes to other planes, this spell has battle potential, similar to Banishment.

The monster, unlike Banishment, does not return when concentration is broken; instead, they must return to their preferred realm on their own.

Maddening Darkness (8th Level Evocation)

Using the Eldritch Invocation Devil’s Sight and casting a magical darkness spell is one of the most common Warlock techniques. This gives a Warlock full benefit and visibility when hidden under a magical cover.

Warlocks should prepare Maddening Darkness, which allows them to see 120 feet in all dark forms, to use this technique that all Warlock players should be aware of.

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Unlike Darkness, a lower-level spell with comparable qualities, Maddening Darkness also damages individuals trapped in the spell’s 60-foot-radius sphere. It is necessary to make a Wisdom saving, and those who fail will receive full 8d8 damage.

Summon Undead (3rd Level Necromancy)

Summon Undead (3rd Level Necromancy) is a crucial Spell for any necromancer, and a Warlock can use it to summon undead help. When cast, the undead follower can take the form of a Skeletal, Putrid, or Ghostly undead follower.

The Undead might take on various features with unique impacts depending on the option. The undead summoned with Summon Undead becomes an extra ally for the Warlock and their friends because they are a companion of the Warlock.

Summon Undead may provide extra firepower to players who are stuck in a rut, thanks to its dark eyesight and condition immunity. The undead’s special abilities might be beneficial for scouting missions, battling bosses, and even overcoming hurdles to goals.

Best Warlock cantrip: Eldritch Blast

You’ll be doing this a lot as a Warlock. You’ll get used to it.

Eldritch Blast is a 120-foot-ranged cantrip that delivers 1d10 force damage. As you level up, you may improve this cantrip in a variety of ways, making it exactly what you want it to be.

The finest cantrip in the game is Eldritch Blast. There will be no dispute. It deals good damage, has a wide range, and deals a sort of damage that few, if any, animals are immune to.

Eldritch blast is also can be called a spellcasting ability and have different spell’s level, agonizing blast.

This is a Warlock-only cantrip, distinguishing them from the weak and forgettable. You’ll use this cantrip frequently, and your party mates will tease you about it, but the fact is that they wish they could use it as well.

Best times to use Eldritch Blast:

  • Eldritch Blast will be your go-to destruction cantrip because of the substantial damage it provides.
  • You may increase the damage it does as well as have it debuff foes in various ways as you level up, such as slowing down their movement speed.

Warlock spell: Unseen Servant

The very greatest type of fictitious best buddy.

Unseen Servant is a 1st-level conjuration spell that summons an invisible being to obey your commands as closely as possible for one hour. The creature can do simple things like open doors, ignite fires, pull levers, and anything else your DM allows. This spell may be performed as an action or as a ritual, which takes ten minutes in-game but does not consume a spell slot.

Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Imagine if they weren’t so fictitious! This is a powerful spell since it provides you and your team with an additional ally for when everything seems lost.

 Most creatures, short rest, attack action, failed to save, next attack, turn hostile, long rest, bonus actions, magic initiate, the entire party, ability score, multiple enemies.

You have Eldritch Blast as a Warlock, which is the finest cantrip in the game. As a result, you’ll want to save your spells for scenarios that don’t involve conflict.

Some of the best uses of Unseen Servant include:

  • If you’re in a dungeon and suspect a door is locked, step back (preferably behind cover) and have your Unseen Servant open it instead of taking the danger yourself.
  • You may have your Unseen Servant shove that yummy, delectable healing potion down their throat instead of going into the heart of combat yourself when your tank is down.
  • Having your Unseen Servant serve your guests might make you seem good in social situations.

Summon lesser demons

With this spell, you can summon demons, but it will be not like more creatures comes when you cast the spell.

Summon spell is effective to use, and when u use them, the demons will appear around the caster in a radius of 60 meters.

Summon fey is also one of the things you can use, and it is one of the warlock spells and other spells you can use in-game and also use in your attack rolls.

Warlock Spell: Hold Monster

This is worse than any sleep paralysis you’ve ever had. Trust me. 

Hold Monster is a 5th-level enchantment spell where you choose a monster within 90 feet of you and force it to make a wisdom saving throw or be paralyzed for one minute. 

You can target one additional creature for every spell level above 5th if you choose to use higher-level spell slots for this spell. Within 30 feet of either other, the targets must be. Also, the undead is immune to this spell.

Why is this spell superior to Scrying and Infernal Calling, for example? Because inflicting paralysis on a monster is such a potent status effect. The target cannot move, attack, or do anything while paralyzed. Attacks on that target also have an advantage and crit every time they hit.

They also fail any saving throws involving strength and agility. The finest status condition to inflict on any monster is paralysis. This spell is also superior to Hold Person in that it may impact creatures other than humans.

Optimal times to cast Hold Monster:

  • You can prevent someone from fleeing combat that isn’t going their way by casting Hold Monster on them, and you could extract more information out of them if you successfully subdue them.
  • If you’re ever facing more than one Monster and one of them is clearly the ringleader, you may take them out of the game and focus on their lesser and weaker comrades by casting Hold Monster. Once their pawns have been dealt with, they will be a much weaker foe.
  • If you ever need to stop one of your colleagues from behaving badly, you can use Hold Monster. However, use caution when doing so! If one of your party members is cool and realizes that it’s all a game, you can have some fantastic role-playing scenarios. If they aren’t cool, though, they may wind up ruining the session. So use caution when doing so.

Warlock Spell: Misty Step

Be a slippery little bastard with this spell.

What is the purpose of Misty Step? First, it’s fairly basic for a 2nd-level conjuration spell. Then, with simply a bonus action, it covers the caster in a hazy aura and teleports them up to 30 feet away to a vacant location that they can see.

Stat block

Misty Step is extremely strong because it works as a limited-range teleport spell. You can use this spell to expand the distance between you and your opponents or to get access to previously inaccessible regions. Another significant advantage is that you can use it throughout your turn without using your action or mobility.

As a result, Misty Step is one of Dungeons & Dragons’ most flexible and potent spells.

Misty Step could be most useful in situations such as:

  • You can use Misty Step to escape away from melee enemies without prompting opportunity attacks if you become encircled by them during the fight.
  • If someone is attempting to flee, you can use Misty Step to stop them.
  • You can utilize Misty Step to sneak past the guards without being seen when you’re trying to sneak into a heavily guarded place.

Warlock Spell: Counterspell

Deny everything from Fireball to Teleport

Counterspell, a 3rd-level abjuration spell, is cast using your response. You can, for example, cancel a 3rd-level or below spell that someone is attempting to cast. Instead, you must make an ability check of 10 + the level of the cast if the spell is higher than the 3rd level. The spell will fail if you pass the check.

It is effective on many creatures and also many monsters

The ability to neutralize any spell that is being cast is very powerful. Counterspell affects spell assaults and spell effects and anything else that needs casting. There is nothing the other person can do if the level of the spell slot being utilized is high enough. There are no ability checks, saving throws, or anything else. 

Try next turn again. 

  • You can Counterspell someone attempting to cast Teleport if you have a high enough spell slot. Nobody will ever be able to get away from you because of this.
  • As soon as you obtain Counterspell, you may entirely disable Fireball and Lightning Bolt. At low enough levels, two spells can undoubtedly result in TPKs (Total Party Kills).
  • You can use Counterspell to keep someone grounded if they don’t have access to Teleport but can cast Fly. Nobody will ever be able to use magic to get away from you if you cast this spell.

Warlock Spell: Summon Greater Demon

What is the best way to summon a larger demon? Of course, by casting this 4th-level conjuration spell! A vial of blood from a humanoid slain in the previous 24 hours is all you need for this entertaining little spell’s material components. You also don’t have to be the one who murdered them. 

You call a demon from the Abyss with a challenge rating of 5 or below that obeys your directions by screaming vile Abyssal words and phrases (commanding them takes no actions on your part).

If you utilize more spell slots, your challenge rating will rise. For example, the spell will expire if the demon is reduced to 0 health points or after one hour. So use this spell with caution.

If the demon succeeds on a charisma saving throw after their turn, they will be able to break away from your influence and act as they like. Instead, they’ll almost always try to murder you.

This spell is not only extremely strong but also quite entertaining! Summoning a demon from the Abyss causes significant chaos in any given region. Demons are chaotic powers of wrath and devastation.

In battle, summoning one might help shift the tide or give a much-needed diversion. Illusions may be distracting as well, but it’s a lot simpler to ignore a sequence of flashing lights than it is to ignore a rampaging monster!

Functional scenarios that could benefit from some demon summoning include:

  • Try calling a larger demon if you need to divert attention or create a dramatic spectacle. That will undoubtedly provide a diversion.
  • Let’s say you need a strong buddy for a particularly risky battle. You can get the extra firepower you need by casting Summon Greater Demon. Just keep your fingers crossed that they don’t get away from you.
  • If you want to learn more about demons or the Abyss in general, Summon Greater Demon can bring you face to face with someone who might know what you need to know. However, whether they opt to share or not may need some more work.

Warlock Spell: True Seeing

A special spell for your special eyes.

True Seeing is a Divination spell that confers Truesight for one hour at the 6th level. Truesight allows you can see in natural and magical darkness, discern unseen beings and objects, detect illusions automatically, and succeed on all saving throws.

This has to do with determining whether something is genuine or not, seeing the true form of shapeshifters or magically changed creatures, and looking into the Ethereal Plane. Truesight is a tremendously strong ability.

So, why are Truesight and Trustee so effective and influential? Because once you cast this spell, magic will never be able to deceive you again.

This is more useful for exploration and dungeon delving, but the uses for combat are there as well. True Seeing can do a lot for you and your party.

When would be the ideal time to use True Seeing? Consider these scenarios:

  • If you’re investigating a dungeon that a powerful spellcaster has been using as a base, you’ll almost certainly find objects that have been hidden by magic. Invisible or concealed behind closed doors. True Seeing will ensure that you never again miss out on valuable riches.
  • If you’re looking for a shapeshifter, this spell is a must-have. They won’t be able to hide from you for long.
  • If an opponent teleports away, it’s possible that they’re hiding in the Ethereal Plane. They will never be smart enough to hide from you if you have Truesight. The possibilities for this spell are practically endless.

Warlock Spell: Finger of Death

That was my nickname in college. 

It took several spells, but I’ve finally introduced another spell that does direct damage to a target! Finger of Death is a necromancy spell of 7th level that deals 7d8 damage in addition to the 30 damage it deals automatically.

On a successful Constitution saving throw, the target takes half damage. However, if you successfully murder someone with this spell, they will be raised as a zombie who will be under your control indefinitely.

The power alone makes this a ridiculously strong spell, but it’s the consequence of raising a zombie that actually sets it apart. Plus, if you use this spell frequently enough, you may eventually build up an army of faithful zombie followers. Who wouldn’t want to be in charge of a zombie army?

Finger of Death is best used in the following situations:

  • Finger of Death is a fantastic choice for dealing the finishing blow because faulty results cannot negate the flat 30 damage the spell gives in addition to the 7d8 dice rolls.
  • This spell is also very good at attracting followers. The zombies can be used to set traps, unlock locked doors, or give a potion to a fallen comrade. Although some will want to murder them on sight merely because they are undead, there is no drawback to having more buddies.

Warlock Spell: Power Word Stun

You’re not even allowed to shout. You will not be aware of what occurs until it is too late.

Power Word Stun is an Enchantment spell of 8th level. If a monster has 150 or fewer health points, you can stun them immediately using Power Word Stun.

There is no saving throw to prevent being stunned when you perform the spell. A target can only escape the condition if they succeed on a Constitution saving throw at the conclusion of their turn.

This spell is so strong that it will knock the subject unconscious for at least one round. This has the capacity to turn the war tide. Stunnedness is a debilitating condition. The target is immobile and incapable of acting in any way. If they fail enough times, your target is effectively eliminated from the game, allowing you to flee, restrict, or murder them.

When is the best time to use Power Word Stun? These are some good examples:

  • Assume you’re up against a far more dangerous foe than the rest. In these situations, Power Word Stun can at the very least knock them out of the game for one round, giving you plenty of time to gain crucial momentum.
  • Stun is a strong term that may be used in a variety of social situations. If you want to silence someone temporarily, you can do so and then take whatever actions are required to prevent the situation from becoming hostile.

Warlock Spell: Psychic Scream

Mindblowing potential.

We’ve come to the conclusion of our to-do list. Psychic Scream, an Enchantment spell, is my top 9th-level Warlock spell choice. This spell requires ten creatures you choose to make intelligence saves and receive 14d6 damage, or half that if they succeed. Unless they succeed on their intelligence saving throws, the targets are shocked as well. Finally, if the spell kills the target, their skull explodes.

Psychic Scream has a lot of power. 14d6 is a very high amount of damage. Psychic Scream comes in handy since it may stun up to 10 foes in a single round! However, this is insufficient. The cool factor is what puts this spell at the top of my list. Damage is wonderful, usefulness is even better, but the awesome element is what puts this spell at the top of my list.

Imagine getting ready to fight. You’re surrounded. Ten people have their blades drawn and are getting ready to kill you, but you cast one spell in your turn, and all of their heads pop like balloons. Try telling me you don’t wish you could do that!

The best times to use Psychic Scream are the following:

  • If you are outnumbered and need to do as much damage or crowd-control as possible, Psychic Scream can do both with one spell. 
  • If you successfully make some enemy’s heads explode, that intimidation check you try to get the rest of them to surrender will probably be much more successful. 


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