The Battle of Titans: Revealing One-Punch Man’s Strongest Warriors!

This list will be exciting for all the anime fans as today we are going to rank the weakest to strongest one-punch man characters.


Watchdog Man

Strangely enough, but real, Watchdog Man is a professional S-Class Rank 12 Hero of the Hero Association. He is a typical young man wearing a full-body dog suit who appears indifferent.

He will resemble a big, fluffy puppy if you encounter him walking the streets of Q-city. Watchdog Man developed certain canine-like behaviors since he is a dog guy. He eats like a dog and constantly wears his dog costume, even while taking a bath. Thus his table manners are terrible.

He exhibits typical dog traits such as being extremely devoted and well-mannered. He solely cares about defending his region, the Q-city, just as how canines have specific areas they guard.

Don’t judge Watchdog Man only by his appearance. Remember that he is a hero of the S-Class and incredibly strong. He is an expert in hand-to-hand fighting and, unlike other heroes, doesn’t use any weapons. Garou roughed him up during the battle.


Psykos, the second woman on the list, is an esper like Tatsumaki and the military adviser for the Monster Association. She is close to Fubiku and served as one of the Monster Association Arc’s key foes. During the meetings of the monster association, Psykos utilizes her flesh puppet, Gyroro Gyoro, and hides her real face and identity.

She is a lovely, thin, curvy young girl in terms of beauty. Pyskos is an extremely intelligent and crafty military advisor. Psykos is discovered plotting against her fellow Monster Association members outside of the Monster Association.

Pyskos is an excellent user of psychokinesis, just like her Tatsumaki. She can use telepathy, gravity manipulation, and simultaneous control of many spy drones.

Gyoro Gyoro

Gyoro Gyoro is also referred to as Psykos’ puppet. He was a puppet, but he had a distinct persona that allowed psykos to attend monster association meetings covertly. However, Orochi, the head of the Monster Association, knew about it and let her do so. Tatsumaki destroyed him later in the series.

Gyoro has no facial characteristics other than a large eye on his face and resembles a true slug monster in appearance. His head is sprouting eight apparent arms.

Gyoro can utilize psychokinesis, fly using psychokinesis, and employs psychic tactics while engaged in combat because he is Psykos’ puppet, an esper herself. His methods often use Gravity Waves and Gravity times 300.

Atomic Samurai

The strongest samurai in the series is Atomic Samurai, who possesses strength that defies human conception. He has been known to chop through boulders and whole-level skyscrapers with just his sword. Although he isn’t the only character in the series to use a blade, he unquestionably has the most proficiency with a sword.

When I understood that the atomic samurai just had one ability—fighting with his sword—I recognized that he easily could have been in the top 10. He can fight without his sword, that is true. Even though he is a samurai, his effectiveness without the sword will be diminished.

Elder Centipede

Elder Centipede is a Dragon-level enigmatic entity who has engaged in combat with a number of S-Class heroes. The monster initially showed out to battle Metal Bat, demonstrating that more than one S-Class hero would be required to defeat it. Fans saw the Centipede devastate a city and withstand many blows from the Metal Bat.

When battling Bang and Bomb, the villain also displayed tremendous speed, and the insect had a reinforced shell that makes it practically invincible. Despite dying at Saitama’s hands, the Elder Centipede showed itself to be a particularly formidable creature.

Child Emperor

Although Child Emperor is the Hero Association’s newest member, you shouldn’t underestimate him since you know what they say. Small things may pack a big punch. He is included on this list despite being just 10 years old and lacking physical strength due to his superintelligence.

In this anime series, he is one of the smartest kids, or even you can say character. In addition, he is also equipped with various innovations that may shift the tide of any conflict in his favor. He also has a mech suit that aids him in challenging encounters.

Even so, being book smart won’t guarantee victory in every conflict. Child Emperor loses all usefulness if his devices are turned off since he lacks physical strength. He received a poor ranking for this reason.

Zombie Man

Zombie Man is the next item on the list. He is a walking zombie, and his name is based on his skills. No one can kill. The individual who can regenerate any bodily part is stronger than anybody. Even Deadpool and Wolverine would be envious of Zombie Man’s incredible capacity for regeneration.

He is virtually immortal thanks to this special skill of his. Even the most lethal strikes ever delivered to him have been known to regenerate on him.

You can tell Zombie Man is serious about his profession and has a lot of punch because he is an S-class hero. In addition to his ability to regenerate, Zombie Man also possesses exceptional stamina and endurance, enabling him to battle for days without tiring. We are willing to put him on the list based only on this.

Mosquito Girl

Dr. Genus created Mosquito Girl, a mutant with special skills who resembles a mosquito. She is a human-mosquito hybrid, as her name suggests, which doesn’t seem like a smart idea considering how weak mosquitoes are. However, she is the opposite, possessing durability and superhuman strength. As a result, she may hypothetically compete against any S-class hero in the hero association.

Her hybrid nature is derived from various mosquito-related traits, the most intriguing of which is the ability to suck blood. Every time she drinks blood, she grows more powerful and menacing-looking. She begins to cause more destruction in this form than in the previous one and gets increasingly harder to defeat. She merits a position on our list since she is a force to be reckoned with.

Speedo-o-sound Sonic

What is a must-have for any elite shonen? Our main character has a competition who will challenge him to go above and beyond and succeed. Saitama is already the strongest, so what need is there for Sonic? He is Saitama’s self-declared adversary, and I’m not kidding. He is aware of Saitama’s capabilities.

Sonic is a graduate of the ninja village’s 44th graduating class. He is extremely fast—some could even claim quicker than light—contrary to his moniker.

In addition to his super speed, he can also move so quickly that he is invisible to the naked eye. It’s thought that Sonic possesses superhuman strength as well. He is, without a doubt, one of the most lethal villains in the series when you consider this, plus his combat abilities with his shinobi weaponry.

Metal Knight

An S-class hero, Dr. Bofoi is also known as Meta Knight. He has created a collection of super robots that can combat any bad guy. Many don’t think he’s powerful because it’s his robots doing the battling, not him. Tony Stark may be compared to that. Therefore let’s concentrate on the talents of his robot instead.

The metal knight seems dangerous. It is a substantial metal that can fly and fire missiles from the back. Along with missiles, it is also equipped with various other weapons that may be deployed against any adversary.

As if that weren’t enough, it also has superhuman strength and endurance, an endless supply of energy, and the ability to battle for an extended period without needing to refuel. Without question, it ranks among the series’ most potent heroes.

Vaccine Man

We start the top 10 with Vaccine Man, also known as Purple Piccolo, who made his appearance early in the series. But, as his moniker implies, he might have been useful in this epidemic if he was anything.

Vaccine Man is an enigmatic creature allegedly created by the industrial pollution humans have made. The Vaccine Man was born as a result of Mother Nature’s rage. He wants to eradicate people to prevent future contamination of the planet.

The Vaccine Man is equipped with various skills for his task, including the ability to mutate into a beast. He is incredibly strong and quick. Despite being quickly dispatched by Saitama, the Vaccine Man still looks to be a formidable antagonist. One Punch Man is, after all, a parody of the shonen genre.


On the list is Gouketsu, another enigmatic creature. He is a mystery dragon-level entity who serves as an executive member of the Monster Association. Saitama also killed him. The primary character of the Super Fight Arc, Gouketsu, made its debut in that Arc.

Gouketsu had deep, powerful facial characteristics at first, and he was incredibly muscular. He also has keen eyes with spikey eyebrows and a rather prominent scar across his top lip. His physique swelled considerably and developed massive spikes on his shoulders and arms after transforming into a mystery monster.

Gouketsu has a very cool and collected demeanor, which is not what one would anticipate from an evil being. However, this does not imply that he is soft or kind-hearted. Moreover, he has demonstrated admirable qualities of being nasty and arrogant.

Carnage Kabuto

The strongest mutant created by Dr. Genus made it into this list. Unquestionably, Dr. Genus and his team’s invention, Carnage Kabuto, is their strongest.

Carnage Kabuto has an enormous build, incredible strength, and speed that even the best heroes can’t match.

This bad guy is so strong that he serves as a yardstick to gauge how strong other bad guys are. But, the heroes practice against this villain’s simulation to become stronger.

The ideal Dr. Genus invention is Carnage Kabuto. That says a lot about this monster of a bad guy. Give this man a ring if you want mayhem. He certainly is skilled at causing trouble.

Flashy Flash

This hero’s name is a fantastic fit for his character and skills. The strongest hero in the S class, Flashy Flash, has incredible strength and amazing sword abilities. A hero who can kill an opponent in one-tenth of a second is what you get when you combine his superhuman abilities with his insanely rapid speed.

He is the heroes association’s s class fastest samurai, one punch man, one punch man, one punch man, powerful hero, hero hunter, dragon level mysterious being, dragon level threat,

He moves so incredibly quickly that every time he moves, shock waves are created. These shock waves resemble the sonic booms that aircraft produce when they fly faster than the speed of sound. He can cut rocks with his sword perfectly and is quicker than Speed-o-sonic.

Without his exceptional reflexes, his high speed would have been meaningless. What would happen if the villains’ bodies didn’t tingle after hearing this description of Flashy Flash?

Silver Fang

Even though he doesn’t appear elderly, this man has incredible endurance and stamina. Wait till Silver Fang tears off his shirt and flashes his muscles. He may initially appear to be your typical grandfather-type figure.

One of the best martial artists in the world is Silver Fang, also known as Bang; the only other martial artist who even considers competing with him is his brother Bomb.

He can fight practically any enemy and is now ranked third among S-class heroes. Even though he may not be the strongest character in the One Punch Man series, he is still the finest fighter.

This older man can kick anyone’s butt with his martial arts talents. He is one of the few who understands Saitama’s power and desires to train him personally!

Superalloy Darkshine

One of the coolest-looking characters may be seen in One Punch Man’s anime series. They also have incredibly strange and bizarre names, but I’m not here to criticize because I enjoy all of them!

You’ll get inspired to go to the gym and start lifting weights by Superalloy Darkshine. He did not become powerful with sorcery, nuclear radiation, or a spider bite; instead, he became strong through hard work and perseverance. Any villain may be easily faced and defeated by him.

SuperAlloy can deflect practically everything you hurl at them because of their thick muscles. He now holds the 11th spot in the S-class of heroes and is a top-ranked hero. It is already a remarkable achievement.

Tornado Of Terror

The strongest psychic ever seen in the one-punch-man cosmos is Tatsumaki, also known as Tornado of Terror. The biggest error someone could make would be to judge her by her childlike small stature. Tatsumaki manages to frighten off any bad guys who attempt to attack her despite being quite little and having no physical power.

She can perform nearly anything using her psychic talents, one of her strengths. Both monsters and other heroes fear her because she can use her mind to destroy a whole, prosperous city mentally. Her abilities sound terrifying and almost divine. She should be supporting the heroes, not the other way around.

Genos A.K.A Demon Cyborg

This entry may be controversial as many regard Tatsumaki as more powerful than Genos, but hear me out, you might change your mind.

Genos is a beloved character, and many regard him as the strongest hero despite his rank being lower than the Tornado of terror.

He is one of the strongest heroes with incredible energy and power and also in the heroes association, never say die attitude, few heroes.

Genos is a cyborg with all the powers any hero in the S-class may have. His strength is superhuman, his endurance and stamina are some of the best in the series, and his fighting skills make him even deadlier. Along with these physical abilities, Genos also possesses an arsenal of weaponry, which he uses in combat. He is a beast when it comes to battling villains!

Due to his cyborg status, he is now higher in the ranking. So you can see that Genos’ cybernetic body is upgradeable at any moment. He can now defeat any foe that attacks him, regardless of how powerful they may be, thanks to his new G4 modifications, which have given him even more strength.

Genos is a cyborg, and therefore if he sustains serious injuries or loses the use of his limbs, he can always repair them. He has an advantage over other heroes because of this, and he can fight without worrying about hurting himself. Therefore, he is unending. Genos can only be eliminated by being vaporized into atoms!


Remember that Saitama represents the kind God with whom the creator has blessed us, and One Punch Man is a spoof on the shonen genre. While it is true that Saitama overcame Boros, you must also take into account the satirical character of the program, which gives Saitama an unfair advantage.

If you pardon the pun, Boros was billed as the series’ Thanos and the ultimate boss. Saitama had to put up a tiny bit of a fight, though, and even that much was a battle. Saitama is so outmatched that he hardly tries to win a battle.

Phoenix Man

A mystery humanoid from someplace on Earth who is a part of the Monster Association is known as Phoenix Man. He holds a middle management position inside the Monster Association but is not a high-ranking member. Phoenix Man appears to be a towering bird with large green eyes and red and gold plumage that resembles a phoenix.

After his initial resurrection, he assumed a more human shape, and his armor changed to crimson and gold. He is clever, in contrast to the other creatures mentioned above. As one of the intermediate posts in the Monster Association, he has the opportunity to speak with both upper and lower association members. Phoenix Man is regarded as a strong entity, yet the Child Emperor easily defeated him.

As the “Phoenix Man,” he had the power to control fire. He was given the power to control the fire after being raised from the dead. He was more like a bird before his resurrection, but he had many additional skills and physical might after it.


The “monster king,” also known as Lord Orochi, is a mystery Dragon Level mysterious being that serves as the public face of the Monster Association. He debuted during the Human Monster Saga and served as one of the series’ key characters.

Tell people about Orochi if they ask you what ominous means. He truly embodies a genuine beast, both physically and psychologically. Any human or Hero will appear exceedingly little in front of Orochi due to his enormous stature.

He is in charge of the Monster association because of his characteristics. He exemplifies malice and all the evil that a genuine monster is capable of.


Blast, the strongest hero in the association of heroes, must be considered the second most powerful character in the whole series. His rank is 1, he hasn’t been shown in the anime, but the manga makes fun of him.

It would help if you were not concerned; this is not a spoiler because nothing is disclosed about this character. But he is associated with heroes in the first place says a lot. This person has a wonderful quality.


The former Silver Fang pupil himself is number three. A martial arts prodigy named Garou was ejected from the Dojo due to his rage after becoming overly powerful. When he concluded there was nothing further he could learn from Bang, he decided to go on his path.

He is nearly superhumanly strong and resilient. This man is a force to be reckoned with because of his unrivaled martial arts abilities. He despises heroes and monsters, yet he appears to find monsters fascinating.

The hero association fears him because of his unmatched strength. He was able to do such destruction while being simply human.

Now everyone who has not read the latest one punch man manga arc will don’t know and will question why I put him on the 2nd number, so spoiler alert, get ready for the strongest villain of one punch man.

Garou ate the monster’s cell and now became a monster, but he has command over his body and mind.

After eating the monster cell, he became 5 times more powerful than before, and now he also defeated the Sage Centipede, the strongest monster.

After beating Sage Centipede, he intended to kill a hero. Still, Saitama came to reuse a then they both started to fight, and now seeing Saitama beating him very easily, he got furious and evolved into the ultimate monster and had two horns, 4 arms, and a wing which is way more powerful than any monsters came on Earth, or anyone saw.

Saitama still beat him easily, and then, before he was about to give up, he saw a silver fang and got furious, but God gave him the power. Now he is in god mode and then killed genos. After seeing genos being killed by him, Saitama got serious and started exchanging serious punches.

He even gave a hard time to Saitama and was already able to beat blast, which is the number one hero, but now he exchanges blow with Saitama copying his style.


Saitama is the strongest character in the One Punch Man series, which is no surprise. Coincidentally, the program’s name describes how he kills anybody in his path with a single punch! One Punch Man kills bad guys with a single punch. Therefore why has no one ever thought of it? Added arguments to adore this program.

The strength and power of this bald man are unmatched by anyone. If he comes after you, ask for mercy because he will do what he does best and punch you to death.

Vegeta’s scouter and brain both burst due to Saitama’s immense power. This person halts comets. What else am I able to say? He is the strongest main character in a shonen anime ever.

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