TOP 20+ 90’S ANIME You Don’t want to MISS

This list can be like nostalgia for all the 90’s kids who are adults now and will love to see their favourite anime in this Top 20+ 90’S Anime list.

The new kids who are watching new anime and thinks old anime are bad, not good, then you should check this list out. And you are going to see Top 20+ 90’s anime and going to love it.



Pokemon has been one of the biggest viewing anime globally and one of the most popular anime.

I guess no one in the world knows about pokemon, or you can say Pikachu, a poster boy of pokemon. 

Pokemon is another world where you work, live, battle with pokemon.

Some people use pokemon for the work, some use it for research, and some use pokemon to battle to be the champion of the world and Ash, the main character of Pokemon anime, wants to be the pokemon master.

The pokemon series started in the ’90s and still going on, but I feel the 90’s seasons were better because it had not much technology to use with pokemon, just pure fighting.

 2.Princess Mononoke 

In 1997 when Princess Mononoke came into the theatres, it broke the Japanese record was the most-watched animated movie. The anime film is a milestone in animation because of its wonderful tale and stunning aesthetics.

If you are not from the 90’s kid and think spirited away is awesome, then you should watch this older anime movie, but the creator is the same behind the movie, who is none other than Hayao Miyazaki, who helped spirited away to win the academy award.

Princess Mononoke was expected to be Miyazaki’s final work, his chance to go on a high note. 

Even the soundtracks are so awesome.

3.Berserk (1997)

Whatever appreciation I offer in this section only applies to the 1997 series.

Its CGI clunkiest siblings have a long way to go.

We’ve arrived at the original Berserk—one of the uncontested rulers of the manga industry who has only had one successful adaptation.

This 25-episode arc, on the other hand, was a real treat since it finally put the torturous environment Guts has to live in into motion. 

The massive world of Berserk could never be compressed into 25 episodes, so this is just a taste of all the manga has to offer.

4.Ranma ½

If you are an Indian 90’s kid, you must have watched Ranma on Animax and find it hilarious.

The main character of the “Ranma 12” anime, Ranma Saotome, works in his family’s business.

Ranma is regarded as a genius by the ‘Anything-Goes’ martial arts school, which precisely fits his father’s shoes.

As fans will note, a splash of cold water turns Ranma into a lady, and a splash of hot water turns him back into a boy.

This was an exceptionally audacious piece of narrative for the 1990s. Ranma’s father wants to marry his son to one of Soun Tendo’s three daughters, which creates a marriage chance.

He does this primarily to ensure the Tendo dojo’s long-term viability. Soun learns of Ranma’s ‘condition’ in his own unique way.

Despite this, he remains committed to marrying his youngest daughter Akane to the lad.

On the other hand, Akane is a skilled martial artist who despises men.

5.Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is still the best season or version of dragon ball. At least for me, it is still the best in the dragon ball series.

The story is about dragon balls. If someone collects all the seven dragon balls, then the dragon, whose name is Shenron, a dragon god, will grant any wish except to kill someone.

Who don’t know Goku, said to be the like king of an anime character in terms of power and fight because he is so damn powerful that he can destroy Earth.

Who do you think is stronger, Goku or Saitama? from one punch man.

 6.Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion, also known as Evangelion or Eva, is a Japanese animated television series that aired on Japanese television in the 1990s.

Nerv is the last hope for Humanity if Nerv agency under the united nations cannot defeat angels with their machine, which gives them the power to fight with God or anyone who is powerful and wants to end the eath of the world. 

The story revolves around Evangelion, who is very capable of using the machine and helping the Nerv Agency to its full power.

7.The Charmer Shin Chan 

Shin Chan is still going on since 1992, which is impressive to see how popular this anime is without any solid storyline.

The anime character of Shin Chan is very weird to look at if you focus on the face and structure, and I still don’t know how we all accept the face, which is so amazing itself.

I don’t get how Shin Chan is PG rating and how it’s adding value for kids because the anime has many adult jokes and adult humour in it that kids can’t understand.

After so many disadvantages still a hit show which still going on in this era.

8.Great Teacher Onizuka

The story is about the guy who used to be a thug and running after girls, and when he got one girl who accepted to date him, the scene happened. which made him realize that teacher power is most powerful and if you are a teacher, girls can go around you without even asking for a date and then he decided to be the best teacher.

This anime is one of the best life advising anime where Onizuka teaches students about life and give them life lessons instead of the book lessons that he is not very fond of and hates the study pattern of school.

The anime is one of the most famous animation series, and everyone loves the comedy and the slice of life factor of this anime.

However, what sets it apart is its undercurrent of hard-hitting commentary on the educational system rather than its well-executed situational humour—the anime alternates between entertaining viewers with raucous comedy and throwing truth bombs about didactic social topics. 

9.Detective Conan

When done well, detective programmes may be one of the most entertaining forms of entertainment.

Detective Conan, in my perspective, is one such show.

Shinichi Kudou, a high school know-it-all detective, becomes trapped inside the body of a 7-year-old after taking some old-fashioned experimental medications.

He uses this as an opportunity to develop his new Conan identity and begins solving each case he can get his now prepubescent hands on.

The show is massive in terms of episodes and different movies.

If you love sherlock, then you will love it even more, and if you love thrillers and mystery things, you are also going to keep watching it for days.


With everything from professional sports to the Olympics being postponed or cancel, fans are itching to get their competitive fix. 

Slam Dunk is one of the best basketball anime I have seen in the world, where people are choosing esports over real sports. I love to see and play more physical sports, and that’s how slam dunks make you feel rash for more physical sports.

This endlessly bingeable narrative about a wayward student turn high school basketball phenom is pack with all the best sports anime tropes, including overwrought interior monologues, high-stakes drama, and absurd moves.

With everything from professional sports to the Olympics being postponed or cancelled, fans are itching to get their competitive fix. While professional athletes are increasingly using esports to supplement their training, there are times when you just want to feel the excitement of competition without the heat. In this scenario, a Slam Dunk is just what the doctor prescribed. This endlessly bingeable narrative about a wayward student turn high school basketball phenom is pack with. All the best sports anime tropes, including overwrought interior monologues, high-stakes drama, and absurd moves.

11.Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

This mech brand has been going strong for almost a decade, with numerous adaptations and spin-offs since the initial title and Mobile Suit Gundam was released. Wing, along with SEED, was one of the titles that helped extend the appeal of anime to the West when it was first published in the 1990s.

It’s a prominent title on this list of anime from the 1990s, presenting the storey of five pilots using their mechanical mobile suits to battle for peace and independence for off-Earth colonies.’

12.Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin is set in the closing years of the Edo era and follows Hitokiri Battousai, a famed and feared former assassin. He abandons his old ways and embarks on a trip as a travelling swordsman, hoping never to kill another human. However, after meeting Kaoru Kamiya, the owner of a kendo dojo, he is contemplating his commitment never to stain his sword with blood.

Rurouni Kenshin takes its time developing characters and plot progressions over the course of its 94-episode length. However, towards the 30-episode mark, the show brilliantly blends samurai action with tragic love drama.

13.One Piece

One Piece holds the number 1 spot on the best anime in the world, and it’s enough to tell you how good it is to watch.

The story revolves around the Monkey D.Luffy who wants to be the pirate king. And he has the power of gum gum devil fruit. Which give him the ability to stretch his body part like chewing gum.

The story has so many characters, and the storyline is really great. And the animation is also good. But the best of this anime is the supporting characters. Which gave this anime a longer run time, and still, it’s going on.

14.Cowboy Bebop

This consistently stunning series features one of the best anime soundtracks. And its unforgettable cast of characters will stick with you long after the credits have rolled. 

The anime Cowboy Bebop is about a distinct dystopia. And a cyberpunk story about a group of bounty hunters struggling to earn a living on the outside of society. It’s a spaghetti western, a crime noir, and a cyberpunk drama all rolled into one. The show contains equal parts savagery, deep emotion, and high drama.

15.Fushigi Yugi

Have you ever wished to get lost in a good book? I don’t mean immerse yourself in one of your favourite fictitious worlds; I mean literally lose yourself inside one of your favourite fictional universes.

Miaka Yuki and Yui Hongo. Junior high school students, are transported into the world of a book about a fictitious version of ancient China. And this is exactly what happens to them. These two best friends are cast as priestesses serving different gods and kingdoms in the book, and they become archenemies. 

A fantastic blend of political intrigue, sizzling romance, and more bishounen than you can bear follows you about. Fushigi Yugi established the standard for what we should anticipate from being transported to another realm long before the isekai mania seized the Japanese animation industry by the collar.


Why, oh why, was it permissible for me to see this as a kid?

Akira is the film that best exemplifies why some people prefer anime to traditional cartoons or live-action television shows.

No amount of people or CGI will ever be able to match Akira’s gruesome, bleak, punk world.

It was released in 1988, but I wanted to add it because it affected the 1990s also, since the film is simply fantastic.

It’s incredible to consider how long this show took to create. Every small aspect of the world appears to have been drawn with meticulous care.

17.Yu Yu Hakusho

It has the classic revival concept, yet it stays away from the cliche of having harem-centric motifs in its plot. The storey revolves around Yuusuke Urameshi. A 14-year-old delinquent whose life is flip upside down. When he throws himself in front of a car to save a tiny child.

As a result of his sacrifice, the gods of the spirits-realm revive him. Empowering him to combat evil forces that threaten Humanity. 

This one is a fantastic fit for fans of long-running classic shounen franchises from the 1990s.

18.Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon was not just the most crucial name in shoujo, but it was also the most popular gateway show in the 1990s.

Millions of people outside of the anime community are still vaguely aware of the show’s plot and have at least seen its influence on other magical girl shows.

Even over 30 years after its initial transmission in 1992, it still holds up well when watched today.

There are a lot of nostalgia elements here, and the characters can carry the plot just as well as they could back in the day.

In terms of action scenes, it might not be all that great. But I doubt that was ever a factor in being accepted on the show.

19.Now and Then, Here and There

This is a superb anime series; it is original and spectacular, and you will not be bored while watching it.

The protagonist of this 90s adventure fantasy anime series is “Shu,” who rushes to the aid of a young stranger who is being pursued by her magical pendant, only to be sent to another desert world where water is scarce. He is compelled to join a children’s army there.

This is a beautiful, scary story about an isekai world. And the character, who must undergo torture, starvation. And war’s tragedies in order to save the lonely girl with whom he has lately become friends.

20.Perfect Blue

The psychological horror/thriller follows singer Mima Kirigoe as she decides to pursue acting after leaving her idol group CHAM! However, the adjustment did not go as smoothly as she had imagined. Her previous female band appear to be doing much better without her, and she can only acquire minor, unimportant jobs. Her life becomes a nightmare when her personal information is uploaded on the Internet. And she becomes the target of a stalker.

All of this has a negative impact on her mental health. And has left her unable to discriminate between fantasy and reality.

The animation, storyline, and Satoshi Kon’s trademark merging of reality and imagination are just a few of the features that set this film apart. But if there’s one thing you’ll remember from this film, it’s the chilling peek into the dark side of celebrity. 

Everyone around her is using mima. And her every waking moment is being observed and remarked on as she loses her hold on reality.

 This film is so outstanding that it was the inspiration for Black Swan, a 2010 film. Despite the similarities, filmmaker Darren Aronofsky denied that They inspired perfect Blue. 

21.The Vision of Escaflowne

This series was also one of those fantastic vintage 90’s anime television episodes. That initially got me into watching Japanese anime.

And after watching a lot of them. I can easily say that this is my favourite series to date. And is likely to stay so in the future.

Let’s start with, the characters appear to be so lifelike, the animation technique is so good for the time period.

The soundtracks are fantastic, and the tale is so profound for a fantasy romance series. That tackles a variety of subjects, including the fight of fate vs free will.

The plot follows Hitomi, a psychically gifted young woman who is transported to another magical world. An evil empire is pursuing her and her allies, and the Guymelf Escaflowne holds the key to everything.

Which 90’s Anime is best?

1. Dragon Ball Z
2. Akira
3. Cowboy Bebop
4. Pokemon Jhoto League

Does Cowboy Bebop have movie also?

Yes, recently, Netflix released the cowboy bebop adaptation movie.

Best 90’s Anime Character?

1. Goku
2. Ash
3. Luffy

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