20+ Things you Don’t Know About Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the main characters in Masashi Kishimoto’s fan-favorite manga and anime adaptation of the Naruto series.

Throughout the story, Sasuke has various motivations for becoming stronger and reaching the top of the ladder. He put a lot of effort into earning his father’s approval as a young child, and as a genin, he planned to kill his older brother, Itachi Uchiha, to exact revenge on them for their deaths and the destruction of the Uchiha Clan.

Sasuke discovered the truth about Itachi in Naruto Shippuden and then looked for the power to exact revenge on him and wipe out the Hidden Leaf Village. He first assisted in preserving the shinobi world during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Then he engaged in combat with Naruto Uzumaki to obliterate the shinobi world and rebuild it. Sasuke’s path took a lot of turns. He eventually found peace and acted as a defensive barrier to keep the rest of the shinobi world and Hidden Leaf Village safe from harm.

Sasuke had a lot to do when he first entered the Naruto series as a prodigy of the Uchiha clan and Genin of the Hidden Leaf. Still, by the end of Naruto Shippuden, he had attained the might and might of a demi-god and battled opponents with skills that could place them on par with gods. Sasuke once asserted in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations that he can fend off dangers on a par with Kaguya Otsutsuki.


Guarding Leaf

Sasuke now traverses continents and guards the Hidden Leaf against the night as a punishment for his past sins. He had Sarada Uchiha as a child after getting married to Sakura Haruno. He is also the teacher of Boruto Uzumaki, the main character from the Boruto series, and he is Naruto Uzumaki’s son. Sasuke has come a long way from his beginnings, but his journey is far from complete, and he still has a lot of obstacles to overcome and things to do.

Sasuke Uchiha Childhood

Mikoto and Fugaku Uchiha’s second and youngest son is named Sasuke in honor of Sasuke Sarutobi, believing he will one day become an equally powerful shinobi. A natural genius that everyone in the Uchiha clan and the community would continuously compare Sasuke and any of his achievements, Sasuke grew up in the shadow of his older brother, Itachi. Itachi was adored by Sasuke, who never missed an opportunity to be with him.

Although Itachi enjoyed Sasuke’s companionship, allowing him to watch him practice and accompanying him on forays into the wilderness, Itachi rarely assisted Sasuke in improving his shinobi skills; instead, when prompted, he would frequently poke Sasuke in the forehead and make a later promise. This annoyed Sasuke, but he refused to let it lower his regard for his brother.

Sasuke distinguished himself as the class leader when he first enrolled at the Konoha Ninja Academy by continuously earning high grades. Sasuke’s father paid little attention to him because he could never achieve the goals Itachi had set. Despite his increasing workload, Itachi sought to fill their father’s place by providing Sasuke the attention he so desperately desired, sometimes even using blackmail to force Fugaku to spend time with Sasuke.

Itachi grew cold and distant from their family as time passed, culminating in a dispute with the majority of the Uchiha clan over their assumption that he had murdered Shisui Uchiha, his best friend. Although Sasuke didn’t understand why, he didn’t dislike the result, which was that his father started showing an interest in his growth. Sasuke learned the Great Fireball Technique from Fugaku, which he was able to master in a week. Fugaku admired Sasuke for his success while urging him not to repeat Itachi’s mistakes.

Uchiha Clan Anhilated

One night, after a hard training day, Sasuke arrived home to discover the Uchiha corpses all over the streets. When he arrived at his house to tell his family about the Uchiha Clan Massacre, he found Itachi kneeling over their parents’ dead bodies. Itachi responded to Sasuke’s attempts to reach out for support and consolation by using Tsukuyomi on him to torture him with nightmares of killing their family. Itachi said that he did it to test his power when Sasuke begged for an explanation after being horrified by what Itachi had done.

Sasuke tried to flee, fearing that he might be the next victim. When Itachi cornered him, he told him that Sasuke would not be worth murdering in his current state. He could only prove a worthwhile challenge to Itachi’s skills by getting more potent, perhaps by getting his own Mangekyo Sharingan. Itachi pushed Sasuke to detest him, want to get even, and use that hatred to his advantage before he left. Sasuke took action immediately, pursuing Itachi and attacking him with his awakened Sharingan. Sasuke fainted after the attack failed, but not before seeing Itachi sobbing; he would later forget what had happened for a long time.

One of the remaining Uchiha still alive, Sasuke, was by himself. He spent the first few days following the slaughter going about his family’s property and thinking about the folks who had been killed by Itachi and were now dead. Sasuke decided to carry out Itachi’s advice and devote his life to avenging himself, with the sole goal of killing Itachi. He gave all of his focus to his studies at the Academy, making little effort to make friends and snubbing any advances from the girls for his adoration.

Naruto Jealous of Sasuke

One of Sasuke’s classmates, Naruto, despised both his calm demeanor and the attention he attracted, so he started a one-sided competition with Sasuke to outperform him. Sasuke, for his part, had a low opinion of Naruto and was frequently irritated by his outbursts. However, he smiled quietly at how hard Naruto had to work him. Despite all his attention, Naruto was the only one of his friends who truly understood Sasuke because of the traumatic events he had gone through.

Sasuke Uchiha in Team 7

Sasuke joins Team 7 after graduating from the Academy, which Kakashi Hatake captains. During their first encounter, Sasuke makes it apparent that he has little interest in the team and that his main ambition is to kill Itachi. One of his teammates, Sakura Haruno, tries to get close to him by confessing her envy of Naruto Uzumaki, their other teammate, who doesn’t have parents, but Sasuke finds this insulting. Kakashi puts the three to the test with a bell test, declaring that the guy who takes one of the two bells on himself will be recognized as a genin.

All of them failed to take the bell from Kakashi Hatake, but in the end, Sasuke and Sakura Haruno broke the rule for their teammates, making Kakashi Hatake pass them, and they became Genin.

Team 7 Land of Waves mission

Team 7 was given the C-rank mission after completing many D-rank missions. In this Mission, they had to let Tazuna escort him to the Land of Waves. The Demon Brothers ambush them shortly after leaving Konoha. In order to disarm them and shield Tazuna until Kakashi could capture them, Sasuke had to intervene because Naruto was paralyzed with dread.

Team 7 decides to proceed with the task despite the fact that it is now A-rank in nature and far above the capabilities of Genin; for his earlier hesitancy, Sasuke labels Naruto a scaredy-cat. But when they get to the Land of Waves and encounter Zabuza Momochi, Sasuke has his own problem after being overpowered by Kakashi and Zabuza’s conflict.

He immediately regains his composure and joins forces with Naruto to free Kakashi when he is imprisoned in a water prison. Finally, Haku appears to have killed Zabuza, allowing Team 7 to accompany Tazuna back to his home.

Kakashi Hatake fighting against Zabuza, kept going and Haku, who was Zabuza’s assistant, tried to assassinate Naruto and Sasuke. Sasuke was able to save Naruto by shielding him when Haku threw the needles at naruto. In the end, they defeated both Haku and Zabuza and completed their mission.

Sasuke in Chunin Exams

Kakashi makes the decision to enter them in the Konoha Chunin Exams. The three believe they must put up excellent performances to establish themselves because they only recently graduated from the Academy. Sasuke decides to battle with Rock Lee after using his Sharingan to defeat a genjutsu meant to dissuade untrained Genin when they get to the test room. Sasuke is sufficiently impressed by Lee’s speed and taijutsu prowess to use his Sharingan during their conflict. He can no longer keep up with Lee’s maneuvers despite being able to see them more clearly, and Lee almost gives him the Front Lotus. Might Guy, Lee’s tutor stops Lee from continuing, upsetting Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura with his emotional method of discipline.

Team 7 moves on to the second level of the Forest of Death, where they must collect two scrolls—one provided to them at the beginning and the other that they must steal from another team—to advance.

Orochimaru attacked them and wanted to kill all the members of team 7. Still, when he watched the potential of naruto and Sasuke and was impressed by Sasuke, he gave the curse mark to him. Still, after that, naruto came to rescue him and defeated Orochimaru by using his nine-tailed beast’s chakra, and in the end, Sasuke finished Orochimaru with his fire-style jutsu.

Team 7 Advances

Team 7 is able to move on to the first round with two scrolls. The opening match pits Sasuke against Yoroi Akad. Kakashi cautions Sasuke that using the cursed seal will disqualify him before the fight even begins. Sasuke is limited to using taijutsu because he can’t utilize chakra without the cursed seal activating, which is challenging because Yoroi constantly takes Sasuke’s chakra.

Sasuke ultimately creates the Lion Combo to defeat Yoroi by copying the move from Rock Lee’s Front Lotus that he had seen a few days before. The Evil Sealing Method is then applied to Sasuke’s cursed seal by Kakashi so that it won’t burst as frequently.

Chunin Final Test Sasuke uchiha vs Gaara

Sasuke arrived late for the fight made Gaara feel very angry, and as Gaara was a one-tailed Jinchukri, he wanted to kill Sasuke from the start. The battle began, and Sasuke defeated Gaara, but then Orochimaru invaded Konoha.

Sasuke found Itachi for the first time after Itachi killed their parents. Itachi let Sasuke show his power but was able to defeat him very easily and escaped after saying become stronger than fight me.

Now that Sasuke was preoccupied with obtaining power, he went to Orochimaru and trained under him before killing him after he attained it and embarking on his quest for retribution.

Naruto went with other friends of him to rescue Sasuke and return from the Orochimaru team, but Sasuke and naruto faced each other. In the end, the match was tied, and Sasuke was able to go to Orochimaru.

After being trained with Orochimaru and gaining enough power while being there for 2 years, Sasuke became a young adult teen and powerful.

Sasuke concludes that he can learn nothing more from Orochimaru. He chooses to murder Orochimaru before leaving because he finds Itachi’s pursuit of power repugnantly similar to Orochimaru’s.

Sasuke formed Team Hebi

Suigetsu Hzuki is freed from the tank he was held in, and Sasuke extends an invitation for him to join the team he is assembling. Suigetsu evaluates Sasuke’s skills after hearing that he’s defeated Orochimaru to ensure that his success wasn’t an accident and, satisfied, decides to team up with him. They head to another hideout to find Karin and free the captives held there. This way, Karin won’t be required to fulfill any other obligations. Karin declines to join their squad but says she’s headed in the same general direction as they are. They travel to another hiding place to find Jugo, the source of Orochimaru’s cursed seals.

A large group of cursed seal receivers who have escaped challenges them as they get closer, but they are all quickly defeated. Jugo is reluctant to accompany them because he is concerned that he will kill them in a fit of wrath, despite the fact that they can easily find him in his cell. Jugo decides to accompany them after seeing that Sasuke can contain his fury.

Sasuke Uchiha vs Deidara

Tobi of Akatsuki confronts Sasuke as he attempts to follow Itachi’s lead, distracting him, while Deidara uses his explosive clay to attack from above. Sasuke conjures a snake to block the blast and then strikes back right away, appearing to take Tobi out, but he gets back up unbothered.

Sasuke successfully blocks Deidara’s additional explosives assault with his Chidori Senbon. Tobi places explosive mines underground while Deidara rises to the skies with a C2 dragon to obstruct Sasuke’s escape. Entering the second phase of his cursed seal, Sasuke is able to launch Deidara’s dragon onto the minefield by sacrificing the left wing of his transformation.

Deidara uses C4 to cover the area with microscopic bombs that destroy anyone who inhales them from the inside out, frustrated that Sasuke continues outperforming his explosives. Sasuke, who can see the bombs with his Sharingan, comes up behind Deidara and fakes his own death using a genjutsu. Sasuke is being held captive inside a sphere of C4 explosives, and Deidara has trained himself to be resistant to genjutsu. Thus, this is a trap. After discovering earlier that the explosives can be neutralized using lightning chakra, Sasuke and Chidori flee and confront Deidara. He deactivates his Sharingan because he believes the war is ended and begins to inquire about Itachi’s location.

Deidara Furious

Deidara feels insulted by this and uses his final option: C0. Sasuke summons Manda and gives it to him so that Manda might jump to the Ryuchi Cave and escape the explosion, sparing him from meeting the same fate as Deidara, who perishes in the explosion. But before they returned to the Ryuchi Cave and de-summoned Manda, they were struck by the explosion, which ultimately killed Manda. With his final breath, Manda curses Sasuke.

Sasuke and the rest of Hebi locate a place to rest after reuniting. After a while, Karin says Konoha ninja are heading toward their location. Sasuke transports Hebi to one of the local Akatsuki bases that Jugo was aware of, assuming it’s Naruto and the others. When Sasuke enters alone, Itachi is waiting for him. Sasuke uses his Chidori Sharp Spear to strike Itachi and defeat him, impressing him enough to reveal where the real Itachi is before the crow clone scatters. Sasuke directs Hebi in the direction of Itachi.

Final Battle Between the Uchiha Brothers

Kisame Hoshigaki confronts them as they get closer to the Uchiha Hideout, where Itachi is waiting, and only Sasuke is given permission to go on. Hebi is told to wait for Sasuke, who then continues on his own. When Sasuke and Itachi are finally faced to face, they begin by exchanging genjutsu, during which they exchange taijutsu attacks. Sasuke confronts Itachi with his long-held hunch that someone assisted Itachi in killing the Uchiha clan during a brief respite in action. Sasuke doesn’t believe Itachi when he says that Madara Uchiha, one of Konoha’s founders, aided him.

Itachi explains the history of Madara while also revealing that using the Mangekyo Sharingan eventually results in blindness, which can only be repaired by stealing a sibling’s eyes. Itachi performs Tsukuyomi on Sasuke with the intention of capturing his attention for precisely this reason, but to Itachi’s surprise, Sasuke manages to escape.

Sasuke and Itachi move from genjutsu to ninjutsu. As the offensive volleys swiftly spread outside, Itachi and Sasuke compared their Great Fireballs. Itachi ignites Sasuke with Amaterasu when he begins to gain ground, seemingly killing him. Sasuke, who sheds his skin to get away from Amaterasu, hits with a variety of Great Dragon Fire Techniques as Itachi approaches to steal his eyes. Itachi tries to evade them, but Sasuke tells him that he isn’t after him.

Sasuke uses Kirin

Lightning brews as storm clouds gather, allowing Sasuke to use Kirin to attack Itachi. Sasuke thinks he has triumphed when the hideout is demolished, but Itachi later reveals that he has lived because of his Susanoo. He activates level two of his cursed seal out of rage that Itachi was able to withstand his hardest assault and because he had used up all of his chakras.

Sasuke hears Orochimaru calling out to him from inside his subconscious and offers to help if he lets him out. Orochimaru senses Sasuke’s desperation. Orochimaru leaves Sasuke’s body after using up all of his chakras and being unable to use any of what was left to subdue him. He then attacks Itachi with his Eight Branches Technique. Itachi beheads Orochimaru using Susanoo, but he is unconcerned because he plans to seize Sasuke’s body now that he is frail. Itachi stops him by piercing him with the Sword of Totsuka, imprisoning him, and releasing Sasuke’s body from the cursed seal.

Sasuke tries in vain to keep Itachi away as he approaches him and reiterates his desire to catch Sasuke’s attention. As he gets closer and Itachi starts coughing up blood, Susanoo’s protection of Itachi weakens. Itachi appears to seize Sasuke’s eyes when he finally reaches him but simply pokes his forehead. Before passing away, Itachi smiles, apologizes to Sasuke, and declares that this is the end. Before falling asleep, Sasuke is perplexed by what has happened but beams at having finally exacted revenge on his family.

Tobi revealed the truth about Itachi and Konoha.

When Sasuke awakens, Tobi is tending to his wounds and introducing himself once more as Madara Uchiha. Sasuke’s eyes unexpectedly use Amaterasu on Tobi as he notices his Sharingan. Tobi manages to flee the flames and is astounded by the lengths Itachi would go to defend Sasuke.

Tobi maintains that everything he says is real, including the claim that Itachi slaughtered the Uchiha clan on orders from Konoha’s leadership in order to protect Sasuke. Sasuke is confused by this and accuses Tobi of lying to him. Sasuke again faints after being unable to digest this.

When Itachi awakens, Tobi begins again by outlining the origins of the Uchiha, Konoha, and Itachi families. When Sasuke points out how valiantly Itachi tried to put him down, Tobi responds that it was just done to frustrate Orochimaru and prevent him from continuing to manipulate Sasuke. Sasuke begins to remember things he tried to forget, things Itachi said, and incidents that fit Tobi’s account of what happened better. When Sasuke realized how much Itachi loved him, he broke down in tears.

Sasuke vs. Eight Tail Killer B

After hearing the truth of what Tobi told him about Konoha and Itachi made Sasuke take revenge on Konoha and Danzo, but Tobi will only help him if he is able to capture Killer B, who is Eight Tail Jinchuriki, and also asks team Hebi to join Akatsuki.

They locate and meet Killer B, the jinchuriki of the Eight-Tails, in the Valley of Clouds and Lightning. He is attacked by Sasuke and Suigetsu with their swords, but he outduels them and stabs Sasuke multiple times with his Supervibrato Lightning Release Swords.

Sasuke uses Chidori to attack B after Karin has treated his wounds, but it is ineffective. B attacks while in version 1 form. After recognizing it from his battle with Naruto, Sasuke tries to stop B with a genjutsu. In order to get Sasuke to let his guard down and give B the opportunity to hit him with a lariat, B pretends to be paralyzed by it.

Jugo must treat Sasuke’s severe wounds because they are so severe. Suigetsu uses his body to block B’s Tailed Beast Ball strike on Taka, who survives but is knocked unconscious. B switches into Tailed Beast Mode. Sasuke utilizes his Mangekyo Sharingan to perform Amaterasu on B since he doesn’t want to lose his teammates.

Defeat Killer B

Sasuke had to cut the tentacle off of B as he writhed in agony in order to prevent him from crushing Karin with it. Taka gathers B’s body when his metamorphosis is over, and they then deliver it to Tobi. It is revealed that Sasuke confessed to wanting to kill not only the elders but all the people in Konoha during an earlier covert meeting with Tobi.

According to Sasuke, the grief over losing Itachi and everyone’s ignorance of the way Itachi gave his life to preserve peace prevented him from following in Itachi’s footsteps. He also felt the villagers were equally at fault, and he even threatened to kill the loved ones of anyone who dared to disagree with him. They learn that Kumo-nin has been following them as they recover. They flee before being dragged into combat and travel to Konoha, but in a mid-way, they get to know that the Killer B they captured is fake.

Five Kage Summit

As they consider whether and how to reach a settlement, Zetsu shows in and declares that Konoha has already been destroyed and that Danzo Shimura has been named the new Hokage. Taka must travel to the Five Kage Summit being held in a few days in order to assassinate Danzo since he was the major organizer of the Uchiha clan’s assassination. This is Tobi’s solution to capturing the Eight Tails. White Zetsu leads Sasuke to the Land of Iron once he agrees to these conditions. When they get there, White Zetsu identifies Danzo for them, and Taka locates a hiding area where they may surprise him.

White Zetsu, acting on Tobi’s instructions, exposes Taka’s presence, which prompts the nation’s samurai to mobilize in an effort to catch them. Sasuke dispatches a large number of samurai, drawing the Fourth Raikage to the area. While Sasuke neutralizes C, Taka battles the Raikage and his bodyguards; Jugo fights but is defeated by the Raikage. When Sasuke and the Raikage turn to face each other, the Raikage’s Lightning Release Chakra Mode is impenetrable to Sasuke.

The physical attacks of the Raikage enhanced by lightning are also extremely powerful, and Sasuke can only withstand the Raikage’s Liger Bomb by manifesting a subpar Susanoo. Sasuke attempts to deter the Raikage from making further contact by dousing Susanoo in Amaterasu’s flames. Still, the Raikage nevertheless attacks, happily giving up his left arm to get revenge on Killer B, his younger brother.

Gaara tried to capture Sasuke

Gaara, who is now the Kazekage, intervenes to stop Sasuke and the Raikage from engaging in yet another combat. The Raikage grants Gaara’s request to speak with Sasuke so that he can have his arm fixed. Gaara talks about how he came to the conclusion that pursuing vengeance and loneliness were not desirable endeavors. He warns Sasuke not to make the same errors he did, but Sasuke won’t listen because all he can see is the shadows. Gaara and his bodyguards attack after failing to communicate with him.

Sasuke exits the room by sealing it off with his Susanoo and finds Karin. He orders her to leave Suigetsu and Jugo behind and asks them to help him find Danzo. As soon as they get there, Danzo runs, and the Fifth Mizukage prevents Sasuke from pursuing him. Sasuke almost falls to her Boil Release due to his low chakra, but White Zetsu’s Spore Technique prevents him. The Third Tsuchikage intercepts him after he flees from the Mizukage and appears to vaporize him with Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique.

Tobi sends Sasuke to Kamui’s Dimension to keep him safe at the last minute. He also sends Karin with him to revive him. Later, after finding Danz and fulfilling his pledge to aid Sasuke in avenging the Uchiha clan by murdering him, Tobi releases both of them. Sasuke requests Danzo’s confirmation that Itachi truly received a directive from the Konoha leadership to murder the Uchiha before they engage in combat. Danzo criticizes Itachi for disclosing the information and declares that Itachi is betraying Konoha, assuming Sasuke learned this from Itachi.

Sasuke Susanoo

Sasuke uses Susanoo to stomp Danzo in rage after interpreting this as approval. However, Danzo appears unscathed and begins to fight Sasuke. Sasuke counters numerous times, even developing his Susanoo to its full form, but every time Danzo appears to be about to die, he suddenly reappears nearby unscathed.

Sasuke observes Danzo throughout the battle and sees that he has numerous Sharingan lodged in his arm and that they are periodically close. When all eyes are closed, he will no longer be able to avoid getting hurt, he concludes, and Danzo verifies this as Izanagi. He also believes that this is the key to Danzo’s survival. They fight until Danzo has just one Sharingan left, at which time he and Sasuke collide and stab one another. Danzo waits for Izanagi to repair the harm before realizing that what he believed to be the last Sharingan was actually Sasuke’s genjutsu and that his injury was permanent.

In an effort to get away, Danzo kidnaps Karin and threatens to kill her if Sasuke approaches. Sasuke doesn’t think twice about using his Chidori Sharp Spear to stab her and kill Danzo. As he stutters toward Sasuke and Tobi while dying, Danzo uses his Reverse Four Symbols Sealing to kill them both, but they manage to flee.

Sasuke declares his plan to travel to Konoha after getting his vengeance on Danzo. Tobi encourages him to take a break because his excessive use of the Mangekyo Sharingan is already causing blindness. Additionally, he proposes that Sasuke kill Karin, and he then departs with Danzo’s corpse.

Sasuke tried to kill Sakura

As he makes a Chidori, Sasuke goes to say goodbye to Karin but is halted by Sakura’s appearance. She informs him that she has left Konoha and is ready to aid him in achieving his objectives, even if it means wiping out the village.

Sasuke orders her to kill Karin to prove her commitment because he is suspicious of her actual motivations, but as she gets close to Karin, Karin warns her that Sasuke is coming at her from behind. Kakashi, who was enraged with Sasuke for attempting to kill Sakura, deflects his assault. Because of his own shortcomings as their teacher, Kakashi adds that he is aware that Sakura has come to murder Sasuke and doesn’t want her to have to carry that out. Sasuke laughs at Kakashi’s attempts to talk him out of his course of vengeance since he has grown weary of others attempting to persuade him otherwise. He then exclaims that he will only relent if his clan is returned to him.

As they begin to fight, Sasuke once more rejects Kakashi’s pleas for him to give up seeking retribution, declaring that he wants to hear their cries of pain for mocking Itachi’s sacrifice. He also claims that Kakashi’s Sharingan is yet another instance of Konoha profiting from the Uchiha family’s demise. His Susanoo changes again in response to this realization, but it quickly passes with his eyes on the edge of going blind. Sakura then makes an attempt to assassinate him from behind but ultimately gives up.

Naruto Save Sakura

Sasuke tries to kill her after spotting her by grabbing her by the throat and taking her kunai, but Naruto saves her because he wants to put an end to the war. Sasuke reveals his plans to destroy the town and murder all of its inhabitants to get revenge on Itachi when Naruto questions him about why he would assault Sakura.

He also confesses to killing Danzo and his willingness to do the same to the other two. Despite their conflicts with Chidori and Rasengan, Sasuke and Naruto have the same mental condition. Naruto is given the option to kill Sasuke or be killed, but he rejects both. As a result of their attacks, which send them flying, Tobi is able to save Sasuke.

As Tobi tries convincing Sasuke to retreat, Naruto tells Sasuke they have become equals and will both die the next time they fight. Although angry at Naruto for refusing to give up on him, Sasuke accepts this and vows to kill Naruto first. He finally agrees to leave with Tobi, and when they return to the Mountains’ Graveyard, he asks for Itachi’s eyes, needing to restore his sight if he’s to become stronger than Naruto and kill him.

Fourth Shinobi World War

Tobi advises Sasuke to take it easy until he gets adjusted to Sasuke’s new eyes after transplanting Itachi’s eyes into him. Sasuke asserts that the fact that he can feel Itachi makes him already more strong.

Sasuke requests permission from Zetsu to remove the bandages covering his eyes. Zetsu advises him to wait. By the following day, Sasuke has grown weary of waiting and removes the bandages despite the fact that he wants to test his new abilities by killing White Zetsu with his Susanoo.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax

After leaving the Mountains’ Graveyard, Sasuke goes through two towns, although both seem oddly deserted. Sasuke inquires about the state of the world as members of the White Zetsu Army pursue him. Instead of responding, the Zetsus attempt to seize him. He uses Amaterasu to wipe out most of them while using a genjutsu to question one of them.

According to the Zetsu, Tobi started the Fourth Shinobi World War to apprehend Killer B and Naruto. This final Zetsu is beheaded by Sasuke, who subsequently seeks out Naruto to carry out his threat to kill him. Sasuke notices Itachi heading the other way as soon as he enters a neighboring forest.

Sasuke pursues Itachi because he is so eager to speak with him. Itachi doesn’t stop to chat because he has other things to accomplish, although he does respond to some of Sasuke’s inquiries: The Impure World Reincarnation has brought Itachi back; he spared Sasuke years ago because he was still a child and unaware of the other Uchiha’s plots against Konoha; he encouraged Sasuke to seek revenge because he regretted killing their family and wanted Sasuke to make him pay; the criminal activities Sasuke has engaged in since his death are not what Itachi wanted, as he wished for Sasuke to be regenerated instead.

Sasuke is enraged by this and claims Itachi has no right to determine his fate. Itachi instructs Sasuke to stay outside as he gets closer to his goal. Ignoring him, Sasuke enters the cave with him to find the Impure World Reincarnation user.

Uchiha Brothers vs Kabuto

At first, Sasuke thinks the user is Orochimaru, but with closer study, he realizes the user is actually Kabuto Yakushi. Sasuke is perplexed by the situation and wants explanations. Kabuto reveals to him the reason for the conflict: Tobi intends to capture Naruto and B and utilize all nine-tailed beasts to resurrect the Ten-Tails, become its jinchuriki, and unleash the Infinite Tsukuyomi on the earth. Sasuke also discovers that Tobi had promised him something as payment for helping in exchange for Kabuto. Sasuke disapproves of Tobi and Kabuto’s battle against the nations and feels mistreated throughout.

He attempts to end the situation swiftly by murdering Kabuto because Itachi’s task is to stop him from putting an end to the Impure World Reincarnation. The Impure World Reincarnation would not cease if Kabuto died.

Thus their only choice is to trap him in a genjutsu, Itachi explains as he deflects his blow. Knowing this, Kabuto sends out his snakes to attack both of them rather than making eye contact with them.

They respond with their Susanoo, but Sasuke notes that both the snakes and Kabuto himself exhibit Suigetsu and Karin-like skills. According to Kabuto, entering Sage Mode was made possible by altering his body by utilizing Orochimaru’s study on both of them. He also did the same for Jugo.

Kabuto covers his eyes in Sage Mode to make himself impervious to genjutsu. Itachi urges Sasuke to cooperate by recalling a mission they undertook as kids to hunt a boar, which they recreated with their Susanoo in opposition to Kabuto. While evading them, Kabuto seizes Sasuke’s sword and uses it to cut down Itachi.

Kabuto in Sage Mode

He hands the sword back to Itachi, who then uses it to sever the end of one of Kabuto’s horns. By pointing out that Itachi has been deceiving Sasuke for the majority of his life, Kabuto attempts to turn Sasuke against Itachi. Itachi acknowledges that he treated Sasuke incorrectly, but he vows to make up for it when they stop Kabuto, for which he has already begun utilizing Izanami.

Kabuto picks up his onslaught once more, employing a variety of jutsu that he has access to thanks to Sage Mode and his research of other people, including the Sound Five and even Orochimaru. Itachi concentrates on keeping Sasuke safe as he waits for a chance to finish the Izanami because his body is immortal.

When the chance arises, Itachi lets Kabuto borrow Sasuke’s sword once more, which he then takes back and uses to sever the same horn’s tip. The war is won by locking Kabuto in a genjutsu, creating an autonomous loop of sensation from vision. Then Itachi gives Kabuto the order to stop the Impure World Reincarnation.

Sasuke informs Itachi that he is unable to fulfill Itachi’s wish and forgives Konoha for taking away his clan and sibling as Kabuto performs the hand seals. Itachi apologizes for ever expecting him to, saying that if he had been honest with Sasuke from the beginning, the demise of the clan might have been prevented.

Sasuke declare to destroy Konoha

Sasuke declares that he will destroy Konoha regardless of what Itachi says, and Itachi realizes that he cannot stop Sasuke from doing so as he starts to vanish. Itachi rests his forehead on Sasuke’s instead of poking him in the head like he always did, telling Sasuke that he will love him no matter what decision he chooses, and then his soul leaves towards the Pure Land.

With Itachi’s parting remarks, Sasuke begins to wonder what a shinobi, a town, and a clan are all about and is unsure of what to do next. Suigetsu and Jugo discover him and tell him that Madara Uchiha, an unrelated person to Tobi, managed to escape the Impure World Reincarnation’s release, preventing the completion of Itachi’s final goal.

Sasuke decides he wants to find Orochimaru before considering how he feels about the situation. Jugo finds Anko Mitarashi, who still possesses a cursed seal, in order to do this. Then, in order to free Orochimaru from her cursed seal, Sasuke performs the Evil Releasing Method on her.

Sasuke tells Orochimaru that he wants to learn more about the world so that he may comprehend Itachi and choose which side of the fight to support, even if he says he still wants retribution. Orochimaru takes Sasuke, Suigetsu, and Jugo to the Naka Shrine in Konoha since he is curious about Sasuke’s transformation. There, Orochimaru releases the souls of the previous four Hokage from the Shinigami’s stomach and then reincarnates the Hokage using the White Zetsu spores Sasuke was covertly planted with.

Sasuke Decided to protect Konoha and be Hokage

Sasuke summarizes the Fourth Shinobi World War’s most recent developments. He wants to learn more about Konoha and what it was meant to be before deciding which side to support in the fight, which might help him comprehend the sacrifices Itachi made while still alive.

The Hokage each offers their unique perspectives on Konoha and the Uchiha and what they accomplished while in office to bring the two, at times, diametrically opposed factions together. Sasuke thinks that Konoha is worth safeguarding after listening to them, especially the First Hokage, because its destruction would undo everything Itachi had accomplished in his life.

He permits the Hokage to follow as he moves in the direction of the battle. Karin follows them as they flee and lashes out at Sasuke, but as soon as he merely apologizes to her, she quickly forgets about his earlier attempt on her life.

Although the Hokage arrives on the scene before him, he is just as eager to aid the Allied Shinobi Forces in their fight against the Ten-Tails. All of Sasuke’s erstwhile allies, with the exception of Naruto, are perplexed and skeptical of his sudden appearance and demand an explanation.

Defended Konoha

Sasuke responds that he has made the decision to defend the village and that he wants to become Hokage in order to alter the present ninja system. Sasuke claims he doesn’t care when they respond that it’s impossible and remind him of his prior deeds. Nevertheless, he teams up with the original Rookie Nine as well as Naruto and Sakura. After coming back together, Team 7 charges into battle and destroys the clone army of the Ten-Tails.

Team 7 chooses to do their own summonings in order to concentrate on the Ten-Tails itself because the number of clones is too big; Sasuke summons Aoda. Once close enough, Sasuke and Naruto successfully combine their efforts to damage the Ten-Tails’ arm with the Scorch Release: Halo Hurricane Jet Black Arrow Style Zero.

Despite Naruto’s desire to set them free, Sasuke wishes to let the imprisoned-tailed creatures burn. Shortly after, Tobi (who is later revealed to be Obito Uchiha) emerges above the Ten-Tails and begins using a jutsu. When Sasuke and the other members of the Allied Shinobi Forces are unable to stop him, Obito is transformed into the Ten-Tails’ jinchuriki.

Birth of the Ten-Tails’ Jinchuriki

Sasuke permits the Hokage to assault Obito first, using their immortal bodies to gauge Obito’s improved skills. Sasuke is about to join in with his Susanoo after the first three Hokage are easily defeated when Obito’s Truth-Seeking Balls immediately pierce through it and catch both him and Naruto. The Fourth Hokage saves them and attempts to take on Obito alone, but he loses exactly like the prior Hokages.

After reassembling, Sasuke and Naruto strike Obito once more with help from the Fourth and Second Hokage, smiling when they connect with a direct blow. Even though this strike injures Obito, they find that his new physique is resistant to the majority of traditional attack methods.

Naruto learns that Obito is susceptible to senjutsu by conducting tests with various jutsu. He and the Fourth attack in Sage Mode to take advantage of this flaw. Sasuke becomes envious and furious as he observes how powerful Naruto has become. After recovering, Obito recreates the God Tree’s tree to carry out the Eye of the Moon Plan and destroy the Allied Shinobi Forces completely. Sasuke uses his Susanoo to cut through one of the tree’s roots as some Allied shinobi, including Naruto, begin to think that the war is lost. Sasuke then chastises Naruto for nearly surrendering and encourages Naruto to keep fighting.

Then, Sasuke commands Jugo to give his Susanoo senjutsu chakra so that Naruto can use it to attack Obito while in Nine-Tails Mode. Despite cooperating, Sasuke and Naruto each launch a separate attack, which Obito continually manages to deflect or stop.

Sasuke put his Susanoo onto Naruto Kurama

Sasuke decides to pool his resources and gives Naruto’s Tailed Beast Mode a protective coating with his Susanoo, enhancing both its attacking and defensive qualities. They are able to take down Obito and eventually take the tailed creatures out of his body with help from the other members of the Konoha 11.

After being defeated, Obito is immobile, and Sasuke is getting ready to kill him. Sasuke is sent to assist Naruto in dealing with Madara, who was battling the First Hokage, but Kakashi stops him and offers to deal with Obito by himself. But by the time he gets there, Madara has been revived, and the First has been defeated.

Sasuke tries to burn Madara with the Amaterasu as soon as he realizes he has been transformed back into living flesh. Sasuke uses his sword to make physical assaults after this fails because Madara absorbs the flames, but Madara blocks him out of admiration for his skills and requests that Sasuke join forces with him.

Madara tells Sasuke to stay out of his way, or he’ll die when he refuses. The tailed creatures, including those imprisoned inside Killer B and Naruto, are later captured by Madara. Sasuke launches another assault, but Madara catches him in midair as he prepares to reawaken the Ten-Tails and become its jinchriki as Obito did before him. Madara uses his sword to stab Sasuke in the chest after warning him. Sasuke tries to stand up because he is determined to prevent Madara from winning and tarnishing Itachi’s memory. However, as his life leaves him, he passes out.

Sasuke met Hagomoro Otsutsuki

Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the renowned Sage of the Six Paths, finds Sasuke on the verge of death. Sasuke receives a warning from Hagoromo regarding the Infinite Tsukuyomi that Madara intends to employ. Hagoromo can give Sasuke half of his strength since he is the reincarnation of Indra, his oldest son, and together with the other half he gives to Naruto, who is the reincarnation of Hagoromo’s other son, Asura, they will be able to halt the Infinite Tsukuyomi. With his consent, Sasuke is given the Six Paths Yin Power.

When Itachi regains consciousness, he discovers that Kabuto, who managed to escape the Izanami and now feels obligated to Itachi, has repaired the damage to his body. Meanwhile, Sasuke’s left eye has developed into a Rinnegan.

Sasuke arrives as Madara is battling Naruto and uses his Rinnegan to detect Madara’s invisible double. Sasuke exchanged places with his sword when Madara attempted to steal his left eye, leading to Madara impaling himself.

Activated Hagoromo Seal

He and Naruto attempt to activate the seal Hagoromo gave them by attacking from opposite sides as Madara recovers from the wound. At the last second, Madara manages to flee and pursues Kakashi while carrying his Sharingan. Sasuke bisects Madara once he gets up to him, but he switches dimensions by using Kamui on his upper half.

Later, after Sakura is saved from Madara by Obito using Kamui, Sasuke is taken aback to see her. Sasuke tells the others to be on guard as they reunite with Team 7 and wonder when he’ll be back. Kakashi thinks back to when his squad initially introduced themselves and wonders what Sasuke’s intentions are now that Itachi is gone as they wait. Because they have other concerns, Sasuke chooses not to respond when Kakashi presses the issue. As Madara approaches, Kakashi reminds them of Team 7’s first lesson, which stresses the value of cooperation.

Eventually, Madara appears with his other Rinnegan. Sasuke closely echoes Sakura’s initial attack as she launches it. Sasuke uses the Chidori Sharp Spear to cut off Madara’s rode after it stabs her, allowing Naruto to rescue her. Four additional Madaras are spotted by Sasuke, who orders Naruto to battle them as Madara prepares to wield the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Team 7 receives a barrage of Chibaku Tensei from Madara. Sasuke defeats several with his Complete Body Susanoo, but he is unable to get to Madara in time to prevent the casting of the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Kaguya Otsutsuki Born

In order to protect Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi from the effects of the Infinite Tsukuyomi, Sasuke quickly returns to him and utilizes his Susanoo. Sasuke advises Naruto to wait while he goes to see how the others are doing. Sasuke assumes command of Team 7 since he feels that only he and his Rinnegan can stop the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Sakura asks what is happening, but Sasuke assures her and Kakashi that they don’t need to know because there is nothing they can do. When they return, they discover that Madara had bound everyone on Earth to God: Nativity of a World of Trees and imprisoned them all in never-ending dreams.

Sasuke responds that Madara is disillusioned when Madara approaches them and claims that he has put an end to all hostilities and that the sole remaining opponent, Team 7, will strive to restart the cycle of death that had dogged the planet for millennia. While he’s speaking, Black Zetsu stabs Madara from behind, turning his body into Kaguya Otsutsuki, shocking Team 7.

From his encounter with Hagoromo, Kaguya is recognized by Sasuke and Naruto as the source of chakra. She now has access to the chakra of those imprisoned inside the Infinite Tsukuyomi, but she also desires Team 7’s chakra, particularly Naruto and Sasuke’s. She takes them to a sea of lava in one of Kaguya’s Dimensions.

Baatle between Sasuke and Kaguya

Sasuke ignores Kakashi, Sakura, and an unconscious Obito Uchiha as he summons Garuda to protect himself and Naruto. Sasuke reminds Naruto that only they are capable of stopping Kaguya. Therefore, what happens to the rest is irrelevant. Sasuke is reminded of the time that Naruto saved him in the Land of Waves, even though Naruto knows that he shouldn’t save them.

While Sasuke uses his Susanoo to launch an attack from above, Naruto tackles Kaguya. Kaguya repels him, and despite dropping his blade and losing it to the lava, he manages to teleport to safety with Amenotejikara. Kaguya comes up behind Naruto and Sasuke, paralyzes them with Black Zetsu, and begins consuming their chakra as they try to figure out how to apply Hagoromo’s seal to her.

Sasuke is enraged when Black Zetsu admits to its part in the Uchiha clan’s manipulation as part of its attempt to bring back Kaguya. They nearly managed to initiate the seal after Naruto frees them and uses his Sexy Reverse Harem Technique to divert her attention.

Before they merge, she changes the proportions and encases them in ice. When Sasuke uses Blaze Release: Kagutsuchi to break the ice, Kaguya grabs him and sends him off by himself to a world of sand dunes.

Sasuke explores the sand dunes in search of the location where Naruto’s chakra signature is most potent. Obito and Sakura discover him there shortly after, and after much work, they manage to open a portal between dimensions momentarily. By trading places with her flak jacket, Sasuke uses Amenotejikara to teleport to Sakura’s side.

High Gravity Dimension

He then grabs Sakura just as she is about to pass out from weariness, thanks the two of them, and returns to Naruto. Kaguya changes to a dimension with strong gravity to immobilize them while she kills them with her All-Killing Ash Bones because she is frustrated that her plan to divide them has failed.

Sasuke is protected from the attack by Kakashi, while Obito protects Naruto by using Kamui to twist the bone that was intended to strike and kill Kakashi. Only Obito is killed as a result. Kaguya is forced to change dimensions to a place with normal gravity after Sasuke lifts himself up and almost hits her with a Chidori. Sasuke pursues Kaguya on his own as Naruto stays with a dying Obito.

Sasuke utilizes Susanoo to battle her alone until Naruto, who has overcome his grief for Obito, joins him. The chakra of the tailed monsters within her is disrupted by Naruto’s Super Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken, causing her to conjure an Expansive Truth-Seeking Ball to eliminate them all.

Team 7 gets ready for its last assault as the battle draws to a close: Kakashi penetrates her with the chakra she acquired from Obito, and Naruto creates shadow clones with Kakashi’s assistance to deplete her defenses. Sasuke prepares his left eye to shoot Amaterasu in case she attempts to teleport to the ice world once more as he teleports closer to her to activate the seal; When she tries to flee, Sakura punches her.

The tailed beasts are taken from Kaguya’s body when both Naruto and Sasuke make contact with her, and she is then entombed with the Six Paths — Chibaku Tensei — together with Black Zetsu.

Sasuke Decided to Battle

Then, with the assistance of the deceased Kage, Hagoromo calls them all back to reality and congratulates them on their success because he has been waiting for this moment. Sasuke is about to kill Madara because he has also been returned, but Hagoromo stops him by saying that Madara will die nonetheless. Hagoromo returns the Kage’s spirits to the Pure Land after Madara says his final words to the First Hokage. Additionally, Hagoromo tells Naruto and Sasuke that by merely connecting their hands, they may free the entire planet from the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Sasuke, however, has other tasks he’d like to complete first. He begins by using a genjutsu to control the tailed animals, traps them with Chibaku Tensei, and declares that he would only release the Infinite Tsukuyomi after killing the current Kage. He explains that the world would be better off without any of the tailed animals because they have caused strife much too frequently, and the Kage has constantly failed to maintain peace.

Sasuke and Naruto Final Battle

Sasuke declares his aim to murder him, and at this point, only Naruto may confront him. Sakura made an effort to convince him not to go home by telling him that she still loved him and appealing to him to do so if he ever loved her. However, Sasuke managed to put Sakura to sleep with his Sharingan genjutsu. Sasuke tells Kakashi that he and Sakura have no cause to be in love and that their relationship is a relic of a “failed” past after being condemned by Kakashi for doing so. Then, Sasuke makes his way to the Valley of the End, the scene of their most recent battle, and waits for Naruto to find him there.

Naruto informs Sasuke that it is impossible to do everything alone as he had intended, citing Itachi’s mistakes and their own effective teamwork against Kaguya. Sasuke responds that all he wants is to create a better world, one in which, like Itachi before him, he will be fully in charge of making the painful choices that must be made in order for no one else to do so; this, in his opinion, is what a genuine “Hokage” should be. He claims he will murder Naruto and “erase” the past by cutting all ties to him in order to do this. Sasuke continues to defy Itachi’s wishes for him, which infuriates Naruto. He declares that he will become the Hokage instead of Sasuke, and the two begin to battle.

Power of gods

Following a brief exchange of strikes reminiscent of their earlier combat, Susanoo, the Tailed Beast Mode of Naruto, and Sasuke begin tossing punches. Sasuke criticizes Naruto for not assaulting with the intention of killing. Still, Naruto, much like the previous time, is unwilling to do that since he doesn’t want either of them to perish alone. Sasuke performs Chidori with his Susanoo, and Naruto creates a Tailed Beast Ball using Tailed Beast Mode, with which they collide. The two strikes collide and cause a massive explosion that damages the target avatars slightly but not severely.

Sasuke responds that it doesn’t matter because, due to his Six Paths power, he has possibilities for immortality that would enable him to watch over the earth for all eternity as. Naruto adds there is no assurance that his plan will succeed as they mentally connect. As a result, each person’s avatar is strengthened, Sasuke feeding his Susanoo with captured-tailed animals and Naruto fusing his avatar with the avatars of two shadow clones. The two clash once more, unleashing a massive explosion that destroys their avatars and leaves them with little chakra to use. Instead, they turn to taijutsu, striking and kicking one another well into the night.

In the end, both accept themselves as brothers, and Sasuke able to understand what is love and friendship. He then accepted Naruto’s request to be with him and build Konoha.

Sasuke left konoha for his Sins

A few months later, Sasuke receives a pardon for his crimes in exchange for his assistance in stopping the Infinite Tsukuyomi and word of Naruto and Kakashi’s influence as the next Hokage and the world’s greatest heroes, respectively. Sasuke was offered a perfectly functional prosthetic arm built of Hashirama Senju’s cells to replace the one he had lost, but he turned it down because it would take months. Instead, he decided to instantly depart Konoha and travel the globe to see how his perspective would alter over time. He accepts Sakura’s invitation to travel with him but declines, saying that she has no place in his path of atonement.

Hiashi Hyuga, who passes out in front of Sasuke two years after the war, comes into contact with him. He brings Hiashi back to Konoha, where he finds the village being pounded by a number of lunar meteorites. When a particularly big meteor manages to get past the village’s defenses, Sasuke dispatches it right away. After that, Sasuke leaves, staying only long enough to tell Kakashi that he is the only one who can defend the village when Naruto isn’t there.

Hiashi Hyuga, who passes out in front of Sasuke two years after the war, comes into contact with him. He brings Hiashi back to Konoha, where he finds the village being pounded by a number of lunar meteorites. When a particularly big meteor manages to get past the village’s defenses, Sasuke dispatches it right away. After that, Sasuke leaves, staying only long enough to tell Kakashi that he is the only one who can defend the village when Naruto isn’t there.

Sasuke in Boruto: The Next Generation

Sasuke traveled with his pregnant wife Sakura, who wouldn’t leave his side, two years after saving Konoha from a meteorite. Karin assisted with Sarada’s birth while they were traveling in one of Orochimaru’s lairs. After that, Sasuke and Sakura reared their daughter jointly for a while, but he departed Konoha when Sarada was still young, so she had limited memories of him.

Sasuke was looking into Kaguya in her sand dimension when Naruto subsequently became Hokage.  Sasuke develops the suspicion during his inquiry that she founded the White Zetsu Army to combat a greater threat. After arriving back in Konoha, he shares his theory with his wife and the five Kage present at the summit. The Kage decide to keep this to themselves for the time being so as not to startle anyone. He continues his explorations as he seeks out more knowledge, utilizing his Rinnegan to peer into other realms in an effort to protect the future of his daughter and the younger generation.

Sasuke vs Shin Uchiha

Sasuke runs outside to offer help as he notices Shin Uchiha—the boy’s “father” from before—attacking Naruto and Sarada. He deflects Shin’s blows, and when Shin attempts to seize his sword, he blasts him with a Great Fireball before reclaiming it. However, during this brief interaction, Shin is able to use his Mangekyo Sharingan to control the blade remotely, allowing him to stab Naruto when the opportunity arises. When Sarada becomes the focus of Shin’s attention, Sasuke rushes to shield her from the follow-up strike and is struck by all the blades.

Sakura then makes an appearance and knocks Shin out with a punch. Sakura apologizes to Sasuke for not making Sarada aware of his mission, but Sasuke asserts that he is to blame before being teleported away by one of Shin’s creatures. Sasuke can’t find them and thinks Orochimaru knows where they are. After learning that Shin is after Sarada, he decides to take her with them to protect her.

Sasuke Uchiha Versus Momoshiki

In the Mountains’ Graveyard, where Sasuke was still looking, he discovered the remnants of a stronger crop of White Zetsu, which he then destroyed with Amaterasu. Sasuke discovers a scroll in Kaguya’s palace after entering the ice reality of Kaguya. There, Kinshiki and Momoshiki Otsutsuki assault him; while he is able to battle the former on an equal footing, he realizes that he cannot fight both of them at once. He eventually manages to escape by using his Rinnegan’s talents. Sasuke takes the scroll back to Konoha for interpretation after failing to read it with his Rinnegan.

When he arrives at Naruto’s house to present it, Boruto Uzumaki, who mistakenly thought Sasuke was his father, attacks him. Sasuke successfully parries the blow and inquires about Naruto’s location; his wife Hinata replies that he is still in the Hokage’s office.

Sasuke notes that Boruto and he are very similar after discovering Naruto. Contrary to what Naruto believes, who believes he has more in common with Sasuke, Boruto is not like Naruto. They wager on this because Naruto believes they are behind the younger generation, while Sasuke counters that shinobi are shinobi no matter what. Sasuke sneaks up on him as he heads home to his family and Boruto attacks.

Sasuke trained Boruto and helped him to be stronger and also able to teach him Rasengan, but he was quite different from Naruto Uzumaki.

Momoishki captured Naruto Uzumaki’s

Naruto surrounds Boruto and Sarada with his Tailed Beast Mode as Momoshiki begins to strike, and Sasuke covers this with his Susanoo to give even more defense. Sasuke is told to concentrate on safeguarding the kids, while Naruto confronts Momoshiki alone because the shield is ineffective against him. By doing this, Sasuke stays with Boruto and Sarada and is unable to thwart Naruto’s capture. After his father’s death, Boruto criticized himself for being so uncool and felt bad about how he treated Naruto.

Sasuke heard this and agreed with what Boruto had said, adding that if it weren’t for his mother and sister, he would be where Naruto had been in the past. After Boruto asks Sasuke how his father overcame his difficulties, Sasuke advises that Boruto speak with Naruto directly and adds that Naruto has proven to be stronger than him thus far. Sasuke then offers Boruto to assist him in rescuing Naruto. When asked why he decided to train him in the first place, Sasuke responds that Boruto is a very talented shinobi who has the ability to outperform Naruto because he despises defeat.

Sasuke uchiha Rescue Naruto Uzumaki with other Kages and Boruto Uzumaki

Sasuke opens a portal to Momoshiki’s Planet with the help of his Rinnegan. Hinata tries to prevent Boruto from leaving, but he puts on Sasuke’s headband and declares with confidence that he will go save his father (reminding Hinata of Naruto when he was young). With this attitude, Boruto is now beginning to carry himself like a true shinobi, and Sasuke applauds him for it. The party frees Naruto from Momoshiki and Kinshiki, who had him bound to a tree resembling the God Tree when they reach Momoshiki’s planet, which has long since had its chakra collected. They then face Momoshiki and Kinshiki in combat.

Sasuke aids the Fourth Tsuchikage and Sixth Mizukage in holding Kinshiki in check before joining Naruto, the Fifth Kazekage, and the Fifth Raikage in combat with Momoshiki. He cautions them against using ninjutsu because Momoshiki has the ability to absorb them. In order to get stronger, Kinshiki enables Momoshiki to absorb him after breaking free and forcing them back. Sasuke suffers severe burns as Naruto and Sasuke begin to battle Momoshiki with taijutsu. The Nine-Tails can combine their Tailed Beast Mode with Susanoo to defeat him once Naruto grabs him and uses their chakra to cure his wounds. The unwelcome Katasuke attempts to kill Momoshiki after he is down.

Shadow Paralysis

This unintentionally brings Momoshiki back to life, allowing him to use the Shadow Paralysis Jutsu to paralyze Naruto and the Kage while Sasuke is elsewhere protecting Boruto. Sasuke advises that Boruto use his Rasengan to attack Momoshiki in order to surprise him due to the weapon’s lightning-like characteristics. The Kage is liberated due to this, although Naruto cannot fight due to a previous wound. Sasuke helps Boruto find a gap to use his Rasengan to slay Momoshiki when he adds his chakra to it. Following the fight, Sasuke informs Naruto that he has won their wager. The two then head back to Konoha, where Sasuke poses for a picture alongside Naruto, Boruto, and the other Kage.

Sasuke engages Urashiki Otsutsuki

Sasuke, Gaara, Kankur, and a Suna genin squad gathered at the Tailed Beast’s location. To let Konoha know where he was and that he could be following Urashiki Otsutsuki, Sasuke dispatched a messenger hawk. Sasuke and Gaara engaged Urashiki and his puppets in combat there. When Boruto abruptly entered the fray, Sasuke stepped in to defend his pupil, which caused him to become sidetracked and let Urashiki steal some of his chakras. Urashiki transferred Sasuke to a different dimension as he leaped for his adversary.

He eventually made it to Kaguya’s ice dimension. He was unharmed, but his combat had worn him out. Sasuke was compelled to take some time to replenish his chakra in order to travel back to Sunagakure because his Rinnegan was incapable of maintaining a portal. When he had enough chakra again, he saw Urashiki’s frequent dimension-hopping and teleported just in time to prevent the adversary from killing Boruto and Shinki. Urashiki retreated as a result of Sasuke’s appearance. While reporting the events to Naruto, Sasuke brought the genin to Konohagakure for medical attention. It was decided then that Shukaku would stay under Naruto’s protection until better security measures were put in place.

Time Slip Arc

Boruto and Sasuke went back when naruto was 10 years old and was training with Jiraya because Urashiki was unable to defeat Naruto in boruto. He went back to take his Nine Tail power when he was young and easy to defeat.

Boruto and Sasuke met jiraya and naruto and told them about the situation and told them they would help both of them. In the end, they can defeat Urashiki Otsutsuki and return to their own time.

Sasuke and Sai investigate Kara.

Sasuke and Sai learned about the group Kara, who are trying to gain Chakra fruit and want to capture the nine-tailed beasts’ chakra.

Later they got to know about kara members and Jigen, who has been in control of Isshiki Otsutsuki; he is the most powerful Otsutsuki and had been betrayed by Kaguya Otsutsuki.

Sasuke granted Sarada’s request to learn the Chidori with Sakura’s blessing. The following day, he demonstrated to her how to use the jutsu correctly. Sai shortly called Sasuke with a mission that required Sasuke’s special powers while she battled to do so. Unwillingly, Sasuke was forced to stop Sarada’s training. Later, Sasuke was dispatched to a location that could only be reached through space-time ninjutsu to look into locations found in intelligence retrieved by Konohamaru.

He found an Otsutsuki-related website that featured information on some of their members, particularly those who had visited their planet. It also made him think Kaguya had a companion when she arrived in our world. He also found another Ten-Tail imprisoned there. Sasuke was able to conceal when Jigen came, but he terrified him when he took on the appearance of Kaguya’s purported lover for a moment by stealing some of the Ten-Tails’ chakra for himself. He realized the situation was worse than he had anticipated and felt the need to tell Naruto right away as Jigen left to get Kawaki.

Sasuke and Naruto vs Jigen

Later, Jigen attacked Konoha and transported Naruto to another dimension. Jigen was going to abandon Naruto stranded when Sasuke showed up and stopped him. Sasuke and Naruto engaged in a joint battle at full strength as they battled Jigen’s mysterious abilities. Eventually, Sasuke came to the conclusion that Jigen had the power to instantly restore the matter to its normal size after it had shrunk to microscopic dimensions. Jigen observed that he must first kill Sasuke due to his remarkable analytical abilities and dojutsu mastery.

Before Sasuke could tell Naruto the entire range of Jigen’s abilities, Jigen advanced his Kama to the next step, resembling the recently discovered Otsutsuki-clan member in appearance. Despite their combined efforts, Jigen easily defeated the two and lethally impaled Sasuke and Naruto with his chakra-draining rods. Jigen made the decision to seal Naruto, but the shadow clones of Naruto prevented him from killing Sasuke. Sasuke teleported to Sakura’s side before collapsing from his wounds after Naruto persuaded him to go back to Konoha so that he might live to fight another day in spite of his objections. Sasuke was brought to the hospital, where Sakura started treating him to get him out of a life-threatening situation.

New Team 7 gone to save Naruto

After Sasuke had recovered, he discovered that the rest of Team 7, as well as Boruto and Kawaki, had gone to a different dimension to save Naruto using their Kama. Sasuke probed his daughter about what transpired.

Sarada clarified that Boruto was behaving cruelly in addition to sprouting a horn and manifesting a Byakugan. Concerned, Mitsuki revealed to Sasuke that Kara has shown a particular interest in Boruto, referring to him as “Momoshiki’s Vessel.” Sasuke came to the conclusion that Momoshiki utilized Boruto as a way to protect himself and that Kawaki is going through the same thing Isshiki Otsutsuki is.

Amado Sanzu, the director of Kara’s research and development department, arrived in Konoha shortly after and discussed the conditions of his defection. During Amado’s interrogation, Sasuke, Naruto, and Shikamaru were there when he discovered that the scientist had given Konoha the coordinates to Kara’s dimension. During the interrogation, Amado played a live recording of Koji Kashin’s argument with Jigen.

Amado continued to share information about Otsutsuki and Kama as they watched the fight. Sasuke picked up on a discrepancy in Amado’s explanation of Kama’s workings when he observed that Jigen still had his marking even though Isshiki had already seized control of him. Amado acknowledged his point and detailed the unorthodox manner of Isshiki’s parasitic take-over of Jigen. Naruto questioned whether Isshiki’s time was running out after seeing Koji’s flames consume Jigen’s body. However, Sasuke emphasized that Isshiki still had two vessels marked with the Kama, meaning he might reincarnate again.

Sasuke Uchiha vs Isshiki Otsutsuki

They were informed that Isshiki had arrived in the village, but Boruto insisted on fighting alongside his father and mentor. Before heading into battle, Naruto gave Boruto the command to join the evacuation. Still, Sasuke stayed behind to chat with his student and once again offered Boruto his priceless genin forehead protection, forcing Boruto to make a final vow to give it back. Sasuke arrived at the battleground and shielded Naruto from Isshiki’s attack before he randomly started firing shuriken at Isshiki, who then shrunk them all.

It was revealed to be Boruto who triggered the Kama and transferred Isshiki and himself to a different dimension, tricking Sasuke when he hurled his sword at Isshiki. Soon after, Sasuke and Naruto joined in to use space-time ninjutsu to aid Boruto. Sasuke switched places with Boruto for a sneak attack while the Konoha ninja battled Isshiki, but Isshiki easily thwarted him. Isshiki created and controlled enormous black cubes to divide Sasuke and Naruto as the conflict resumed. Isshiki was overpowering Boruto, who jumped in the way of his attack, causing Isshiki to halt his attack. It was then revealed that Isshiki wanted to keep Boruto alive so that Kara could accomplish her purpose. As a result of his wounds, Boruto passed unconsciously.

Isshiki Took Naruto in other Dimension

Isshiki teleported his vessel to them by utilizing Kawaki’s prosthetic limb and Naruto’s chakra connection to do it. To distract Kawaki from Isshiki’s renaming, Sasuke used Amenotejikara and a technologically advanced smokescreen after Otsutsuki was killed due to Kawaki’s use of a shadow clone to trick Isshiki.

After Boruto unexpectedly stabbed his Rinnegan while in his Baryon Mode, Sasuke questioned Naruto about its downsides. He confessed, under Momoshiki’s control, that he intended to feed Kawaki to Isshiki’s Ten-Tails because of the substantial amount of Otsutsuki DNA still present in the body of the vessel. Sasuke decided to kill Boruto if necessary and helped Kawaki battle Momoshiki. He observed that Momoshiki had refrained from using the Kama to absorb any chakra-based ninjutsu and reasoned that since he had appeared when Boruto fainted due to chakra fatigue, restoring Boruto’s chakra might cause his personality to reappear.

Sasuke was struck by Momoshiki’s Vanishing Rasengan while collaborating with Kawaki on a plan. After Kawaki made Momoshiki consume a technique that required self-sacrifice, Boruto was able to awaken and elude Momoshiki’s influence. Sasuke, Boruto, and Kawaki discovered that Naruto was spared thanks to Kurama’s life force sacrifice after the grueling battle. The group’s only chance of escaping the strange dimension lay with Boruto because Sasuke’s Rinnegan had been shattered, and Kawaki’s Kama had been extinguished. Boruto managed to create a portal with Kawaki’s assistance, which Sasuke used to drag an injured Naruto through.

Sasuke Uchiha’s Personality

Sasuke was a cheerful youngster who strived to please others and live up to his clan name. One of Sasuke’s most important relationships is with his older brother, Itachi, whose name alone may cause Sasuke to lose his normally cool demeanor. When he was younger, Sasuke admired Itachi and preferred his company to that of everyone else. As a baby, he would cry anytime Itachi wasn’t holding him and would immediately become joyful when he was.

Sasuke was devastated not just by the death of the rest of his family when Itachi killed the Uchiha clan but also by what Itachi revealed to him: that he had never loved Sasuke. Every time they cross paths, Itachi encourages Sasuke to kill Itachi in order to get revenge on their family for years. But at the same time, he was determined to achieve it on his own terms, refusing Itachi’s advice to use the Mangekyo Sharingan for power in order to deny Itachi the gratification. With his new perspective, he developed a frigid demeanor toward others, being unmoved and uninterested in what people did or thought of him. He opted to keep to himself instead.

He is frequently exposed to Kakashi Hatake’s belief that there is power in cooperation as a member of Team 7. Sasuke initially accepts this after personally witnessing it on numerous of Team 7’s missions. After so many years, he finally found some degree of happiness as he grew close to his colleagues and began to forget about the retribution he so much wanted.

Sasuke been manipulated by Orochimaru

On the other hand, Sasuke decides to sever all ties to his village in a single-minded pursuit of power, abandoning Konoha to concentrate entirely on himself as a result of both the intrigues of Orochimaru and encountering Itachi again in Part I when he was and is completely destroyed.

Sasuke is profoundly affected by Kakashi’s attempt to make him understand the contradiction in his thinking: he is driven to acquire power because he lost his family, but he sacrifices the family he still has (Team 7) in order to do so. If the Sound Four hadn’t had an impact on him, Sasuke might have been persuaded to follow the path of darkness.

He was so intent on getting revenge that he readily accepted Orochimaru’s offer of power, went in search of the Sannin to teach Sasuke what he knew, and even agreed to have Orochimaru conduct experiments on him while knowing the latter was doing so for his own benefit. Ultimately, Sasuke concluded that allowing himself to be used by Orochimaru would be a shame to his clan. As a result, he turned on Orochimaru and found new comrades with skills that could help him achieve his objectives.

Initially, Sasuke kept his morals intact by enforcing a strict no-kill rule for himself and his crew against individuals unrelated to his retaliation and by openly expressing distaste at Orochimaru for his horrifying experiments. Sasuke also grew close to his new comrades despite losing interest in his previous squad. He achieved this by unconsciously equating the bonds between them and Team 7 and by going to great lengths to save them.

Dark Sasuke

After his final encounter with the resurrected Itachi, Sasuke is unsure of what to do because he has learned about Itachi’s difficulties in life and is aware that Itachi voluntarily chose to become the villain for the sake of peace. After much thought, Sasuke developed a bizarre theory about how to make sure there is no more fighting between people: if one person, whom he refers to as the “True Hokage,” is solely in charge of making the tough choices, killing people, and doing other things for the greater good, then everyone will be united in their hatred of that person.

He offers to take on that duty, and he makes plans to lose the few remaining friendships he has so that there can be no going back. However, Naruto proves that their friendship is too integral to Sasuke’s identity to be shattered by continuing to work toward saving him from the dark. Sasuke finally accepts this and decides to let go of all of his attachments in order for the Curse of Hatred to also pass away with him. However, Sasuke decided to live to pursue redemption after more persuasion from Naruto. After that, Naruto gives Sasuke his forehead guard back, which he wears during his protracted journeys as a token of their friendship.

Sasuke uchiha Abilities

Sasuke is regarded as a natural genius of the Uchiha family and graduated from the Academy at the top of his class. In the bell test, he leaves a lasting impression on Kakashi Hatake and demonstrates his ability to compete in combat with powerful shinobi like Haku and Gaara from Part I. After spending 2.5 years learning under Orochimaru, Sasuke has the strength to challenge the Fourth Raikage as well as Akatsuki member Itachi. He is compared to the Sage of Six Paths by Kurama with the Six Paths Chakra, as shown when he assisted the Ten-Tails’ jinchuriki in overpowering Madara. According to Madara, if Sasuke had been born years earlier, he would have picked him as an apprentice instead of Obito.

As an adult, despite missing his left arm, his performance has not been hindered, and he is capable of competing with Kinshiki Otsutsuki in combat. He is ultimately thought of as a legendary shinobi[24] who, like Naruto, is considered the strongest shinobi, with the Hokage seeing him as his only rival. It is said that the two could end the planet with their combined power. Additionally, the two were able to defeat Momoshiki Otsutsuki, who had absorbed Kinshiki Otsutsuki, although the other 4 Kage struggled to do it individually.

Cursed Seal

In Part I’s opening scene, Orochimaru marks Sasuke with the Cursed Seal of Heaven. When the cursed seal is in effect, Sasuke’s chakra is taken away and replaced with more of Orochimaru’s, making him stronger and faster. Although effective, Sasuke’s early applications of the cursed seal are sometimes unintentional, painful while active, and temporarily paralyze him afterward.

Once he is able to enter the second stage of the cursed seal, a metamorphosis that causes his skin to turn grey, his hair to grow longer, and gives him wings, these flaws are either minimized or eradicated. The enhancements to his physical characteristics are comparable to those of a jinchuriki’s version 1 forms, which he may isolate to certain body parts by Part II.

During Part II, Itachi removes the cursed seal from Sasuke’s body to stop him from utilizing it once more. He is still compatible with Jugo, who created the cursed seal. Thus, if he ever needs flesh or chakra, Jugo can provide it to him.


Sasuke is trained with a range of various ninja weapons as an Uchiha. When he was younger, he once hunted a boar with Itachi using a bow and arrow; this experience helped him become a good Susanoo. Sasuke’s specialty is shurikenjutsu, enabling him to throw kunai and shuriken accurately. For challenging or moving targets, Sasuke may direct shuriken to their mark using wire strings or by deflecting them off other shurikens. Even though Sasuke’s throwing speed is faster than most people’s, it still falls short of Itachi’s. As a result, he came up with the Lightning Flash Blade Creation, which enables him to barrage targets in a moment by storing a lot of shuriken and kunai in his arm bracelets.

Nature Transformation

At the age of 13, Sasuke was able to use two of the five fundamental nature transformations and Yin Release. He mastered the clan’s Great Fireball Technique years before turning into a genin, an accomplishment that greatly surprised Kakashi. He has a natural affinity for Fire Release as an Uchiha. Sasuke may also wrap fire around his shuriken, use wire threads to direct his flames or produce a series of fireballs in the form of dragons.



Sasuke originally used his Sharingan on the eve of the Uchiha Clan’s defeat, but he isn’t able to do so again until the beginning of Part I, many years later. Sasuke’s Sharingan is particularly strong; although it wasn’t yet fully formed at the time, Orochimaru remarked that it was more powerful and clear than Itachi’s. Later, he was known as “Sasuke of the Sharingan” because of his prowess and expertise with his fully developed dojutsu. With the Sharingan, Sasuke is able to monitor the flow of chakra, accurately mimic any movement he witnesses (provided his physical prowess allows), track swiftly moving targets, and, by the end of Part I, somewhat anticipate the movements of opponents.

Mangekyo Sharingan

After Itachi’s passing, Sasuke wakes his Mangekyo Sharingan once he accepts the fact that Itachi was the most important relationship he had. Its structure creates the impression of three ellipses intersecting. Before acquiring his Mangekyo, Tobi warns Sasuke that utilizing it may damage his eyesight; as a result, Tobi continually advises Sasuke to steal Itachi’s eyes in order to obtain “forever” Mangekyo. Just before the Fourth Shinobi World War begins, Sasuke puts off doing this until he is almost completely blind; the transplanted eyeballs resemble a cross between Sasuke’s and Itachi’s Mangekyo.

Being a “straight tomoe” type, his Eternal Mangekyo gives him flexibility in his fighting movements. The Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan seemed to have improved Sasuke’s command of its techniques. He used to tire himself when he quickly overused his physical and chakra-wise ability. After getting it, he was able to employ its abilities repeatedly against Kabuto, Obito, Madara, and Kaguya without showing any indications of weariness.

Sasuke can use Amaterasu to ignite anything he glances at with black, destructive flames. Sasuke may utilize Susanoo, a phantom warrior who defends him and works on his side because he has awoken the Mangekyo in both of his eyes. He is able to produce the substantially larger Complete Body — Susanoo, which is comparable in strength to Tailed Beast Mode, after getting the Rinnegan, with its supreme ocular power.


The dojutsu provides Sasuke the capacity to recognize patterns, enabling him to analyze patterns inside codes and interpret letters by comparing them to similar patterns. Additionally, it gives him access to the numerous Six Paths Techniques skills, including the ability to draw people to him against their will, trap them in the Chibaku Tensei using the Deva Path, and absorb chakra using the Preta Path. He may also transform his Susanoo into a vessel for the chakra of the tailed monsters, similar to the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, and utilize it to view invisible targets and ward off the effects of the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Space-Time Ninjutsu is his specialization with the Rinnegan, if not his only one. It is unknown if he can nullify the effects on himself, but with it, he is able to sense aberrations in the passage of time and see events as occurring normally.

Amenotejikara, his first and most used technique, enables him to quickly switch the positions of any two targets within a given range. As he grew older, his Space-Time Ninjutsu developed to the point that he could traverse dimensions even when accompanied by others. These interdimensional gateways seem like ominous spirals with a black oval shape. Sasuke can no longer employ the dojutsu after being stabbed by Boruto Uzumaki while under the grip of Momoshiki Otsutsuki.

That’s to know all about Sasuke Uchiha

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