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Is Entertainment filled in every iota of your persona? Then let us give you a sneak peek of ‘thebestofotaku.com’!

Our website, ‘thebestofotaku.com,’ is a trusted and reliable source for all the ‘Anime and Entertainment’ World news.

We at ‘thebestofotaku.com’ write and publish world-class reviews, alerts, news, and updates of the best and choicest Anime, TV shows, Animation, TV Series, Web series, Sitcoms and much more.

It is often quoted that ‘Necessity is the mother of all the invention’!

In the upheaval task of figuring out the best review and information source, we had our ‘Eureka moment’!

The Web and Digital space were in dire need of a top-notch ‘Entertainment review web portal’ with international standards and brilliant content quality.

There was the crisp and prompt idea, which manifested itself in the most amazing form of ‘thebestofotaku.com,’ the ultimate ‘Anime and entertainment review Web Portal.’

Our USP lies in Variation (covering different Content pieces of Entertainment, namely anime, animation, TV series, Sitcoms, Web series, and much more).

We are an Omnifarious ‘One-stop-destination’ for all i.e., we have something (read Reviews) for each age group, right from kids, to adults, and finally grown-ups.

Our dedicated and enthusiastic team comprises of expert writers who are well versed with all the Anime and entertainment world trivia, information and updates.

Our team leaves no stone unturned to get information from sure shot sources and presents it to you in the most recent and presentable format.

Our Mission

We aim to help all the viewers, readers, and visitors across the globe to get Useful and Value addition information and trivia related to the entertainment Arena.

We constantly strive to be the most reliable and responsive platform for the Otaku, Anime, and the Entertainment world at large.

You may expect superior quality reviews, alerts, spoilers, updates, rumors, release dates, and endings of the shows! Just everything!

Our superior quality reviews consist of an introduction, plot summary, cast, updates, new trivia, predictions, spoilers, release date, revenue, merchandise, popularity, and much more.

We all know the ‘Walt Disney,’ regarded as the global best Entertainer and Animator.

He had great views related to Entertainment.

He quoted, ‘I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.’

Tony Robbins, the internationally renowned motivational speaker and life coach, also had remarkable views for Entertainment.

He said, ‘We aren’t in the information age, but we are in an Entertainment age.’

How would you benefit from our work?

Our reviews and articles provide a crystal clear visualization (just like augmented reality or a 4D model) of how exactly the show or an anime is.

The articles also keep you up to date with all the latest happenings in the Anime, TV, and Entertainment world.

The review post will, in turn, help you to take the decision, whether to spend your valuable time, energy, and effort behind the show.

Most important of all, our works will help you in pumping up your ENTQ (Entertainment Quotient)!

Finally, we leave you with Our Vision!

‘We aim to be the best and most visited ‘Entertainment World Review Web Repository’ by the end of 2020!’