15 Things you don’t KNOW about Yami Sukehiro

The first captain of the Black Bull Magic Knights team of the Clover Kingdom is a foreigner from the Hino Country named Yami Sukehiro. Additionally, he was formerly a part of the Grey Deer team.


Yami Sukehiro in Childhood

All about Yami Sukehiro
All about Yami Sukehiro

In Hino Country, Yami Sukehiro was born to a couple of fishermen. Yami’s ship sinks and washes ashore in the Clover Kingdom one day while fishing alone. He encounters difficulties there as a result of culture shock and racial disparities.

Others despise and dread Yami after he acquires his grimoire and exhibits his Dark Magic. He is the subject of rumors, which draw Nacht Faust’s attention. Together, they enjoy committing small-time crimes and get along well. Around this time, Captain Julius Novachrono comes upon Yami, who accepts his invitation to join the Magic Knights after being enthralled by his magic. After taking the Magic Knights Entrance Exam a few months later, Yami gets accepted into Julius’s team, the Grey Deer. Julius must also teach Yami the Clover Kingdom’s language because he is a foreigner. Yami makes a buddy in the group in Morgen Faust, Nacht’s younger twin.

Yami Met Nacht

All about Yami Sukehiro
All about Yami Sukehiro

Years later, following Morgen’s passing, Yami pays a visit to Nacht at Morgen’s grave and is committed to appointing Nacht as his vice-captain once he becomes command of his squad. e picks up Nacht’s dropped pack of cigarettes and walks away. After, Yami breaks into the Witches’ Forest, engages the Witch Queen in battle, and destroys the jail holding Vanessa Enoteca to set her free.

Yami saved Charlotte

All about Yami Sukehiro
All about Yami Sukehiro

The noodle soup spills over Yami the day after his eighteenth birthday due to the House Roselei curse cast by Briar Magic. Through the thorns, Yami confronts Charlotte Roselei and reprimands her for relying solely on herself. Hen Charlotte falls in love with Yami, the curse is broken, and the briars vanish.

After taking out those who bother him, he takes control of the Black Bull squad and simultaneously appoints William Vangeance as captain of the Golden Dawn squad. Said Yami appointed Nacht as his vice-captain.

Henry Legolant, the property’s bedridden and terminally ill owner, is found by Yami when searching for a base for his new squad in a vast, rumored-to-be-haunted house. Yami vows to bring others to live there because he is uneasy at the notion of someone passing away in the house. Entry is added to the squad by him as well.

When the Diamond Kingdom and the Clover Kingdom are at war, Yami battles and hurts Lotus Whomalt, frightening and scarring the magician of the Diamond Kingdom.

Yami selected Asta

Years later, Asta encounters Yami and other Black Bull team members just before the annual Magic Knights Entrance Exam. By the start of the test, Yami is dissuaded from threatening to kill the boy. Asta’s athletic prowess and fighting spirit during the exam make the Black Bull captain anxious.

Yami recruit Noelle

Yami uses his magic power to intimidate Asta when none of the other captains recruit him. Asta persisted in his goal, and the captain, who found the boy’s attitude amusing, recruited him. Yami also recruits Noelle Silva. Later, once Asta has finished using the restroom, Yami threatens him once more for making him wait before hurling the youngster through Finral Roulacase’s portal and into the Black Bulls’ base. Asta is welcomed to the team by Yami there.

Yami slams his fist against the wall and demands at the members, making a racket to stop. When he returns, they halt and say hello. The team is subsequently introduced to Asta, who Yami also informs that several of the members are missing.

As soon as Asta presents himself, the group watches in awe as Asta completes Magna Swing’s Black Bull Initiation Ceremony. Yami sees that Asta’s Demon-Slayer Sword has the ability to both cut and reflect mana during the ceremony. He observes Asta receiving his squad robe after the ceremony.

Yami, Happy for Asta and Noelle

Later on in the evening, Yami discovers that Noelle’s magic has begun to go on attack. When they arrive at Noelle’s place, Yami remarks that Asta will be necessary to cut the mana because everyone else might harm Noelle. As the ravaging Noelle strikes Asta, Yami grabs and throws him while admonishing him to cut through the mana. Yami congratulates the children for their hard work after Asta succeeds in saving Noelle.

The following day, Yami assigns Asta and Noelle their first task: to join Magna in Sosshi for a boar hunt. When Asta and Noelle object, Yami convinces them to accept the mission by threatening to murder them. She then explains that the mission is the result of a lost bet.

Yami congratulates Asta, Noelle, and Magna on a job well done and lets them know they have earned a star once they return from their assignment. Yami pays Asta and Noelle monthly salaries after saying the squad has negative thirty stars.

Later, Yami assigns Noelle, Luck Voltia, and Asta to an assignment from the Magic Emperor to investigate a dungeon. Yami discusses with Vanessa why he sent Luck along with Asta and Noelle to the dungeon after the three have already left for it. After some time, Yami recalls that the Golden Dawn also dispatched a group to the dungeon and wonders how well they will get along.

Yami Compliment Asta

A week later, Yami sees Asta and compliments him on his work with the dungeon despite being in shambles. Yami instructs Asta to report what transpired in the dungeon at the Magic Knights’ headquarters. Luck is all set to go to the headquarters when Yami tells him he will join Magna on a mission. Charmy Pappitson offers to go to Luck’s place, but Yami declines because she plans only to eat there.

Yami explains the ranking for the Magic Knights and why Magna and Luck haven’t ranked up since they joined when Asta, Noelle, and Charmy return from the capital and say that they have been promoted for their roles in the Undead Invasion. Additionally, Yami compliments Asta on a job well done and assures him that Fuegoleon Vermillion won’t perish after observing his concern. Yami advises Asta to unwind when he starts to work out. Finral unexpectedly invites Asta out, but Yami reminds him that he has to go to work.

Noelle reports the stolen kids, and Yami orders Finral to transport both of them to Nairn. Upon entering the cave, Yami deflects Licht’s strike. Yami commands Finral to return while deflecting the spells Licht casts at Finral as he uses his magic to move the children and injured people to safety. Asta is astounded by Yami’s talent and sword, and while Yami continues to thwart Licht’s spell, he reveals what his katana is. Yami easily repels the attempt by Licht to strike Yami from behind.

Yami met Licht

As Yami and Licht begin to converse, Licht narrates a tale of a strong group that humans slew, to which Yami responds by explaining how he got to be the captain of the Black Bulls. Yami yells back about Valtos’ face as Valtos yells at her for making fun of Licht, but she suffers an injury for attempting to break Licht’s spell.

Yami keeps up her defense against Licht’s attacks despite noticing that they are accelerating. When Yami inquires about who assaulted Fuegoleon, Licht responds in the affirmative. After cutting Licht on the cheek with a Dark Cloaked Avidya Slash, Yami promises to demonstrate to Licht the actual strength of a Magic Knight captain. Then, Yami informs Asta that he’ll do the same, shocking Asta.

Yami claims that Asta will imitate his defensive approach despite Asta’s protests that he cannot do what he is doing. He says that he is utilizing Ki to negate all of Licht’s spells as he counters them.

Yami effortlessly repels Valtos’ assault on Asta, telling him to push past his boundaries if he wants to become the Magic Emperor. However, as Asta uses Ki to reflect Valtos’ Magic Bullet, Yami thinks he’s a weirdo for picking it up so quickly. As Asta attempts to utilize Ki but fails, Yami kicks him and explains how to use Ki.

Yami fight Licht

When Licht unleashes his Bright Judgment Whip in a rage, Yami can block it, but the spell ends in collapsing the cave. Yami and Asta escape by dodging the rocks and using Ki despite being buried. After saying that Asta will attack Licht next, Yami quickly retracts his statement and claims that he still needs to demonstrate to Licht the true strength of a Magic Knight captain, while Asta still has to face Valtos. Yami lets go of his mana and keep fighting Licht.

As they engage in combat, Licht tells his story and describes how flawed the Clover Kingdom is after Yami requests to hear more. Yami responds that he cannot bear the kind of guy Licht is and will continue to fight against him as Licht states that they will fix this kingdom.

Valtos tries to assist Licht, but Yami easily repels him and chastises Asta for not finishing the fight with Valtos. Yami grins and congratulates Asta for his victory as Asta defeats Valtos with a single punch. Yami successfully dodges Licht’s assault and wounds him. Licht seizes this opportunity to attack. Yami confirms what Licht says regarding the power of Yami’s Dark Magic.

Licht Cast Spell

As Licht chooses to cast his most potent spell, Yami muses over how to counteract it. When Licht casts his spell, Yami and Asta are enclosed in a Black Cocoon and unsure what to do. As Licht casts the magic, Finral and Gauche Adlai appear out of nowhere, reflecting the spells with a massive mirror.

After Gauche defeats Licht, Yami congratulates Gauche on his victory but tries to claim credit for bringing Gauche into the Black Bulls. Three more members of Eye of the Midnight Sun show up as Yami prepares to restrain Licht for the trip back to the headquarters. Yami is abruptly confronted by Rhya, who touches her grimoire. Yami fights immediately and manages to hurt Rhya’s arm.

Rhya attacked Yami

Rhya assaults Yami with a replicated slash after Licht announces them as the Third Eye and extols their strength. The captain responds by telling Rhya to quit imitating him. To Yami’s surprise and ire, Vetto blitzes him and breaks his katana. After Fana uses Salamander’s Breath to destroy the Black Bulls, Yami stands up for his group and observes Fana’s elemental energy.

The others are concerned about Yami as he continues to block the three attacks, but Yami assures them that he will go beyond his capabilities. Attacks from the Third Eye are deflected by Jack the Ripper, Nozel Silva, and Charlotte as they get ready to finish off the Black Bulls. Yami converses briefly with Jack, Charlotte, and Nozel before watching the three battles, Rhya, Fana, and Vetto.

Yami becomes pleased when Finral says he can build another portal and orders Finral to transport him. When Yami materializes above Licht and strikes his sword, Licht is prepared with a counterspell. This is a cover for Asta, who suddenly emerges from the smoke and slashes Licht with his Demon-Slayer Sword.

Asta receives praise from Yami for transcending his limitations and defeating Licht. Then, when Licht begins to glow and release his mana, Yami observes. When Licht and his mana are about to be attacked by Yami and Asta, the Third Eye encircles, seals, and escapes Valtos. When Asta loses consciousness, Yami instructs Finral to carry the boy because he wonders if their disappearance indicates the Magic Knights have won.

Yami in Magic knight Headquarter

Later, in a chamber within the Magic Knight HQ, Yami meets with the other captain, absent Fuegoleon and William. When the other captains ask if William is Licht in disguise as they discuss this with William, Yami responds that William cannot be him because William does not utilize Light Magic. Yami becomes irate and yells at Rill when she attempts to lighten the mood by impersonating her, adding that Julius better not have forgotten about them. They are abruptly contacted by Marx Francois, who tells them they must proceed to the dungeon; Yami joins the others.

Once there, the captains watch as the detainees, who are being manipulated by Marx, confess that Gueldre Poizot is the Magic Knights’ traitor. Gueldre insists that he is being set up, so Yami advises that, if he is not concealing anything, Gueldre has Marx examine his mind. Gueldre’s Invisible Soldiers prevent Yami and the others from escaping. Still, Yami recognizes that Gueldre’s Permeation Magic cannot conceal his Ki, and Asta uses it to follow Gueldre and strike him with the Demon-Slayer Sword.

Then, before Yami and the other captains smash the structure, Rill dashes to seize Gueldre. Yami suggests that Gueldre would be a better choice to head the Dark Bull squad because his unlawful activities make him pitch black as the captains watch Marx reveal Gueldre’s recollections. Julius instructs the captains to look within their own squads for further traitors while keeping the information private.

Yami interrogate William Vangeance.

When Yami asks William if she thinks he is the head of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, Yami begs him to take off his mask, but William refuses. According to Yami, William and Licht share the same build, voice, and Ki despite having different magic. When Yami brings up their shared past, William is persuaded to take off his mask and reveal his scarred face. Yami listens as William describes his scar, upbringing, and encounter with Julius.

Yami decides to put her trust in William since she thinks he is telling the truth. After that, they learn that the Diamond Kingdom’s armies had been routed.

After picking up Asta, Yami takes him to meet Owen before going gambling. Yami then throws a feast for the Black Bulls to celebrate the team earning zero stars. After Asta has left the gathering, Yami watches as Finral informs everyone that Asta’s arms are irreparably damaged. When Yami and the others spy on Asta, he begins to cheer up upon learning that Asta is in perfect health.

The following day, Asta comes down as Yami reads a common area newspaper. He claims to have no idea where the others are. Yami remarks that they would be much better off if they put this much effort into their regular jobs after learning that they are looking for solutions.

Witches Forest

Upon their arrival from the Witches’ Forest, Asta, Noelle, Finral, and Vanessa are greeted by Yami, who is unimpressed by Asta’s mended arms. Yami sends Asta to get more alcohol when he mentions that they have another magic stone.

Later, due to his excessive work schedule, Yami makes Asta take a break from assignments. Yami informs Charmy that he will not be compensating her for the time she spent away after the others try unsuccessfully to return. Then, after informing Asta and Noelle about the Star Awards Festival, Yami changes into a new attire before leaving. He advises them to enjoy yourselves and that the ranking announcement will take place at 8 o’clock when they arrive at the festival.

Yami joins up with Asta and teases Charlotte about her dress as she arrives to see what the noise is about. Yami observes the gathering as Vanessa arrives and dares Charlotte to a drinking game. He takes Charlotte’s drink and reminds her of something he previously told her after observing that she cannot manage alcohol. Yami remarks on how late they are as the audience moves toward the stage where the rankings will be announced.

When Black Bull comes in second, Yami is taken aback and dons his regular attire. When Julius requests that one of the Black Bulls join them on stage, Yami dresses Asta in the robe of the Black Bulls before launching him into the air.

Yami fights Elves

Upon learning from Marx that Julius and Patolli are engaged in combat, Yami extinguishes his cigarette and takes off his broom. When he arrives at the Royal Capital, Patolli’s Arrows of Judgment are ready to soar overhead. When Yami gets to the castle tower after Julius has saved the realm, it is too late for her to stop Patolli from slicing the Magic Emperor in half.

Yami takes his sword and yells out Vangeance after Julius passes out, and Patolli snatches the magic stones, but Patolli tells him that William is dozing. When Yami sees Marx staring, she tells the attendant to get Owen. Arriving at the scene, Valtos quickly escapes Yami’s onslaught by teleporting away with Patolli.

Yami leans very close to Julius as she listens to him speak out of concern. Julius apologizes for failing as the Magic Emperor and forewarns Yami about the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s scheme. Then he asks Yami to manage the kingdom; Yami agrees and gives Julius one farewell salute. After Julius dies, Yami gets up and says he’ll aid in defending the realm.

He and his squad were able to defeat the elves, and then the elves left the body of all the knights and squad members of the other squad.

Yami Sukehiro attacked Zagred

Yami leaves Nozel to take care of Patolli and goes to the uppermost chamber, where he discovers Licht and Charla engaged in combat with Zagred, a devil. Seeing the devil’s wicked chi, Yami decides to aid the elves and cuts the ties holding Licht’s blade in place.

Yami uses Black Hole to cut a path through Charla’s briars while Zagred summons a wave of flames to burn them. She then hits with Dark Cloaked Avidya Slash. Charla defends the devil’s barrage of bladed weapons with additional briars as he dodges and showers them down. Yami emerges and uses Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash to sever the devil’s left arm and wing after Zagred withers them.

The devil praises the pair for their synchronization despite his certainty that they were enemies, to which Yami responds that he is perplexed as to why. Then, Zagred restores his amputated limbs and calls out another bladestorm. Analyzing the devil’s Kotodama Magic, Yami and Charla tested their hypotheses.

Zagred overpower Yami

Zagred avoids Yami’s Dark Cloaked Avidya Slash attack. Licht manages to sever the devil’s tail by using the Demon-Dweller Sword to absorb and discharge the spell. Zagred, who is enraged, decides to summon a powerful monster from another dimension using his new grimoire.

Zagred gets cut in two by Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash: Equinox after Yami manages to locate where it is above him. Asta and the other individuals mentioned above then succeed in casting the devil to the ground. Charla complements Yami and stands by him when he slumps from tiredness after Asta kills Zagred. They then observe that Lemiel Silvamillion Clover’s protection is dwindling while the devil’s charm has not vanished. In the end, all are able to exit the area.

Yami enters courtroom

A few days later, in order to save Asta and Secre from their set-up trail, the Black Bulls storm into the Magic Parliament Courthouse. Yami commands Damnatio Kira to release Asta and Secre after breaking into the courtroom because they are a part of their squad regardless of whether they have ties to the devil.

Secre tries to convince them to take Asta and leave without her, but Yami firmly rejects her request and assures her that she is a member of their group despite her attempt to manipulate them. She puts one of their robes on her and claims that the addition of a weirdo like Asta would not alter the composition of their team.

Secre then breaks her handcuffs with the aid of her magic. Asta utilizes the Demon-Destroyer Sword’s power to counteract Damnatio’s attempt to diminish the Black Bulls’ spells by calling their actions dumb and implying that they lacked comprehension. Damnatio realizes that his magic has been lost as Yami is ready to strike him.

Then Nozel and Fuegoleon break up the melee to deliver a task from Julius: the squad is to exile the Black Bulls while it looks into devils and keeps an eye on Asta and Secre. Yami explains to Asta that they are traveling beyond the kingdom to demonstrate his innocence as Asta wonders what is going on.

Dante arrived to take Yami.

Six months later, after attending a captain’s briefing, Yami and Finral return to the base, where they find his unit battling Dante Zogratis of the Dark Triad of the Spade Kingdom. After observing Dante approach Vanessa and Grey, Yami releases a black slash to separate Dante from the others. Yami inquires as to Dante’s whereabouts after noticing that nobody bothers his people. Dante uses his Presence of the Demon King spell to knock Finral and Yami to the ground despite being pleased to see them and the animosity that Yami is emitting.

In order to counteract the effects of Dante’s spell, Yami utilizes his Black Moon spell to establish a zone. He then lowers Finral to the ground and instructs him to go aid the other people. While Finral portals to the others, Dante notices how the magic operates and throws a boulder at Yami, who cuts it in half with his Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash technique effortlessly. Dante draws a sword from his Heavy Infighting Gladiator spell and engages Yami in a close battle.

Dante told about why Yami is important.

Each of the two sees what the other is capable of as they collide. Yami inquires as to whether Dante is a stalker after Dante expresses excitement at seeing Yami’s powers. Dante claims he is seeking Yami because she is the key that unlocks the door between this world and the underworld. Then Dante praises Yami since he is now envious of Yami for being surrounded by so many individuals with special magic.

Dante also claims that he now has all of Yami’s arcane mages. Yami is confused by Dante’s remarks because he admitted those individuals to the Black Bulls because he liked them. After fighting Dante, somehow Asta and Yami are able to defeat him, but then Zenon appears and returns to get Dante while also catching Yami with a captured William Vangeance. Asta is noticed by Zenon, who then attempts to kill him, but Finral uses magic to deflect the strike. When Zenon decides it is time to go, he opens a gateway.

The Black Bulls make an effort to halt Zenon, but Zenon effortlessly parries all of their blows. After that, Zenon enters the portal with Yami, William, and Dante, startling the Black Bull members. Yami tells his followers to enjoy their lives as they like as he passes through the portal and departs.

Moris started Ritual

Moris further tweaks the ritual and tree so that it can function without the Dark Triad once they have all been vanquished. Skin cracks on Yami and William as a result of the increased stress. When Yami hears the Black Bull base breaking through the castle to the underground room, he starts to stir. The Black Bulls cheer for Yami after defeating Moris.

Yami hears the Black Bulls’ words reverberate in his head and awakens as he hears them yell his name. They enthusiastically say yes when he asks them whether they like him that much, and he agrees. Yami joined his team and started to fight against Lucifero, and together they were able to win against them. Now they are back in the Clover Kingdom.

Yami Sukehiro powers


Dark Magic: Yami creates and controls the element of darkness using this uncommon magic ability. He primarily utilizes his katana to channel this magic. This magic has the power to pull in other kinds of magic, particularly Light Magic, absorbing it into the gloom and even having an impact on the other world. Yami is classified as an Arcane Stage wizard due to the fact that his Dark Magic has the capacity to touch the other world organically.

The Dark Magic power Techniques he has in his arsenal are:

  • Dark Cloaked Avidya Slash
  • Black Hole
  • Dark Cloaked Black Blade
  • Black Cocoon
  • Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash
  • Dark Cloaked Avidya Wild Slash
  • Dark Cloaked Avidya Blunt Strike
  • Dark Cloaked Black Blade Blunt Sweep
  • Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash: Equinox
  • Black Moon
  • Dark Cloaked Iai Slash
  • Death Thrust
  • Dark Cloaked Deep Black Blade

Reinforcement Magic:

This type of magic helps Yami develop his physical prowess. Additionally, it enables him to compensate for the Dark Magic’s sluggish speed. His talent is such that he can withstand the tremendous weight of Dante Zogratis’ devil-enhanced Gravity Magic and still stand.

  • Leg Strength Boost
  • Mana Skin


Master Swordsman

Yami refers to himself as a magician with a sword. He is a great swordsman and can easily compete in combat with Patolli, the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, using only swordplay and Dark Magic to obliterate the surrounding area.


Yami has incredible physical strength by nature, which he can further enhance using magic. He can effortlessly throw Asta with one hand at a good distance.


With the aid of her ki, Yami can anticipate attacks that others cannot fend off and respond to them nonchalantly without having to turn around. Yami can anticipate his opponent’s moves by merging Mana Zone and Ki-sensing, which is comparable to Julius’s capacity to see the future. However, he claims it is not on Julius’s level.


As someone who can outrun and even surprise someone as swift as Patolli, Yami is incredibly quick. Despite having to scale a huge tree, Lotus Whomalt attempts to surprise attack William Vangeance, but Yami arrives just in time to stop him. Marx’s elf-enhanced, faster-than-normal arrows can also be avoided by him. For a brief period, Yami can avoid assaults boosted by the devil thanks to his improved reflexes from Mana Zone, Ki-sensing, and the power boost from Mana Zone.


This ability, which is based on a philosophy from his own country, enables Yami to use a sixth sense to detect and respond to invisible threats and people.


Q. Who is Yami Sukehiro in love with?

A. Charlotte

Q. What country did Yami come from?

A. Land of the Rising Sun

Q. How old is Yami?

A. Yami is 28 years old.


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