What’s Up with ‘Absolute Duo’ Season 2- Releasing or Canceled? [2023 Updates] 

Will there be Absolute Duo Season 2? The answer is NO! But there are few chances of Absolute Duo returning with the second part. 

Just like numerous anime, Absolute Duo is a Japanese anime adaptation of the light novel series by Takumi Hiiragiboshi. After the success of the light novel series in 2012, it was adapted into the manga series in 2013.

Soon after 1+ year, Absolute Duo Season 1 was released on January 4, 2015, on AT-X, Tokyo MX, KBS, and few other Japanese television networks by Eight Bit Inc Studio. Atsushi Nakayama is the director of this series.

Season 1 Episode 12 telecasted on March 22, 2015; since then, fans have one question in their mind- “Will Absolute Duo have Season 2?” 50-50 chances of release are seen. Let’s discuss it in detail.


What are speculations of Absolute Duo having Season 2? 

In the same year, when season 1 terminated with 12 episodes, in 2015, Twitter flooded with the demand of Absolute Duo Season 2. Here is one tweet back from 2015.

Looking at the growing demand for the second run, you might have expected it to fall sometime in 2016-17. But sadly, no one got to watch it.

Almost after 6 years, loyal fans are still waiting for the second run of Absolute Duo, but this news might break them! There are high chances the Absolute Season 2 might not return with season 2.

Is Absolute Duo Season 2 Officially Canceled?

The only fact that is working as a ray of hope for the fans- no official announcements about cancellation! Yes, you might take a sigh of relief if you are a die-hard fan of this anime tv series.

Absolute Duo’s officials have not come out with information regarding official pack up of the series and not releasing season 2. It keeps the hope alive in the hearts of fans that the second season of Absolute Duo might fall sometime.

Why is Season 2 not Confirmed?

Absolute Duo Season 2

The main reason for the delay in Absolute Duo’s second season is the scarcity of source material. Light novel series completed its storyline in 11 volumes.

As season 1 covered everything from the light novel and left nothing for season 2. Due to this reason, there are fewer chances of season 2 to happen.

The possibility of season 2 increases in the case of the Takumi Hiiragiboshi decides to write additional volumes in light novel series. Because of less, or we can say no source material, one successful project is in a queue of release.

Will an OVA or Film replace Season 2?

If the demand for the new season keeps on increasing, the 8bit Studio has to take it into consideration. There are chances that an OVA or an animation film may take over season 2.

It gets easy for the production team to come up with a film or special episode because it requires comparatively less material in its storyline. Fans are waiting for season 2, but I hope you guys might enjoy a film or OVA as well.

Absolute Duo Season 2- Release Date [Expected]

Absolute Duo Season 2

If you have landed on this page, you might surely be looking for the latest updates concerning the new season. We feel sorry for the fans who are waiting for over 6 years for the Absolute Duo Season 2 release date.

Still, there is no confirmation received from the production team. We already have our eyes on them. As soon as they announce the latest updates regarding the release date of the second part.

The strongest speculations can be made that season 2 might release sometime in late 2021 or 2022. Despite nil chances of release, narrow expectations should be kept to receive season 2 somewhere in the future.

Absolute Duo Season 2 Storyline

The main reason behind the delay is there is no resource material left for the release of season 2. So, we cannot expect that the storyline of season 2 is disclosed by the officials. Even spoilers are not available.

Season 2 might release with a completely new plot or might continue with the cliffhangers left in season 1. No other option is left with the audience despite waiting for the release of the second season of Absolute Duo.

Absolute Duo Season 2 Official Trailer Released?

There are no signs of the second season’s release, so no one can expect the release of an official trailer. As there is no resource material available, the storyline is still a question.

As soon as we get information about it, we will inform you through this page. It will help if you bookmark it in your browser. Till then, you can enjoy the trailer of season 1 here.

Watch Absolute Duo Season 1 English Dubbed Episodes 

The episodes are available on Youtube and Funimation as well. There are many other platforms to watch this anime series. But you will enjoy watching this tv series on these sites.

What was Absolute Season 1 all about?

The plot of this anime series revolves around Koryo Academy student Toru Kokonoe. He is the male protagonist of this television series.

The Koryo Academy is well known for its students. Actually, it is a special institute for the students who are blessed with the power to create weapons named ‘Blazers’ with their souls.

There is a special rule or system followed in the school, that is to pair up students to achieve power pack Absolute Duo. Then this Duo will work on making weapons from their power.

Absolute Duo Season 2

As the story proceeds, fans learned about hidden revenge intentions that Tooru Kokonoe had in his mind. He wanted to take revenge from the person who killed his little sister, Otoha.

He was also different from common students who were just able to make melee weapons. Once, Tooru realized that he had the power to make a weapon along with a shield.

As the process of pairing up continues, Tor is paired with a Scandinavia girl named Julie Sigtuna. She was also summed up with her tragic past and searched for the person who assassinated her whole family.

The revenge is yet to achieve, but the Duo makes miracles in the Academy. Enthusiasts hope that season 2 might bring the end and show how this Duo will tackle with the murderer of their near and dear ones.

Absolute Duo Season 1 Episodes List 

Episode Number Episode Name
1 Blaze
2 “Duo”
3 Avenger
4 Exception
5 Level Up
6 Survive
7 Silver-Blonder Yellow Topaz
8 Selection
9 Rebels
10 Reign Conference
11 Killing Game
12 Absolute Duo

Closing Thoughts  

In the end, we are still having the uncertainty of the Release season 2. Let us assume that we will get to watch the season very soon. If you are looking for the latest updates for your favorite anime or tv shows, click here! Stay tuned with us for more updates. Happy Reading 😊

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