Akame ga Kill Season 2 – Will It Be Released In 2021? – Latest News!

Akame ga Kill Season 1 premiered in 2015, and it was quite successful. Read the following post to know everything about Akame ga Kill Season 2.

‘Akame ga kill’ or ‘Akame ga Kiru’ is an action/thriller animation adaption of Japanese manga series. The writer of the manga series is Takahiro and Tetsuya Tashiro has done the illustrations. The manga series started its serialization from March 2010 to December 2016. It was adapted into anime in 2014 by White Fox and C-Station, and thus, we get to see Akame ga Kill!

Since the first season ended in 2015, the otakus have been asking questions regarding its sequel. It’s been almost five years, and the production team hasn’t announced anything regarding the show. Is the anime canceled? Or will it return for season 2? We’ll try to find out the answers in the following article, but first, for those who haven’t seen the anime, let’s run a background check on the show!


What Is Akame ga Kill?

Many viewers consider Akame ga Kill as violent and brutal. The anime is said to be so ferocious that when the anime first aired in Japan, the television screens blacked out some scenes because of its graphic violence.

Akame ga Kill

Akame ga Kill is a different kind of world when it comes to action and thrill. The anime has it all. From the human body being slaughtered to pieces to blood being scattered everywhere, it seems like anyone can kill any character at any time throughout the program.

With its excessive massacre, many people have labeled the show as one of the darkest and deepest anime out there. But one aspect of this anime no one can overlook is its art. It’s a part of the program where even the manga fans can’t help but admire it.

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The use of vibrant colors and flawless character movements is one significant reason why Akame ga Kill still has owned a place in our minds and is definitely going to stay much longer.

The credit for its fantastic animation goes to White Fox Studio who managed to leave its mark.

How Was Akame ga Kill Season 1?

The anime talks about a group of assassins who call themselves ‘Night Raid.’ It is a group of eight members, including the swordswoman Akame, the sniper girl Mine, the brutal fighter Leone, the scissor-wielding Sheele, the armored warrior Bulat, the wireman Lubbock, and their head Najenda, a retired general of the royal army.

Night Raid

Night Raid has only one goal, and that is to terminate the Governance of Prime Minister Honest. According to the storyline, the Prime Minister is nothing but a selfish and corrupt ruler who has only cared about himself. Because of that, the whole nation is on the verge of being impoverished.

The Night Raid members are not oblivious assassins, and they know very well what are the results of their actions. The story starts to gear up when a new member named Tatsumi joins ‘Night Raid.’ Tatsumi comes to the Capital to raise funds for his house but finds strong corruption in that area. After one night, when Night Raid saved him and asked for his help, he decided to fight against the defective Empire.

According to many sources, if the producers renew the anime for season 2, it will leave the story of the first season and start with a totally different story.

The Popularity Of Season 1

When Akame ga Kill premiered with its first season, it got mixed reviews from viewers and critics. Some considered the show to be outrageous, revealing the corruption in the system, and some appreciated the anime for its intense action scenes.

Akame ga Kill

Akame ga Kill had a gripping narrative and was able to have a large viewership. The anime has a Crunchyroll rating of 4.3 out of 5, which is relatively high, and one cannot just drop the program with such a reputation, which explains fans want Akame and Kurome.

Are There Any Possibilities For Akame ga Kill Season 2?

Most of the fans still have high hopes to see Akame ga Kill Season 2 some day while the rest have given up. Many online media sources reported that the producers had announced the Akame ga Kill Season 2 release date. However, there is not even an official declaration about the upcoming season is available.

Some viewers don’t think season 2 might arrive since the show thoroughly differs from the manga series, and hence, they believe that a sequel is not possible.

Another fair point is that some characters that left the anime didn’t die in the comic series. Additionally, both manga and anime have an almost similar end. Hence, there’s no story left to work upon.

We respect everyone’s opinion, yet we assume that this is not a single reason to cancel Akame ga Kill by looking at its demand in the market.

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What To Expect From Akame ga Kill Season 2?

The following season of Akame Ga Kill will apparently start with a new story leaving behind the narrative of the previous season. Many viewers highly criticized this anime while airing as the story began drifting away from the manga series.

Akame ga Kill

We believe that the producers might think of changing that now and start where it left off. It might talk about the upcoming missions of Night Raid.

Akame ga Kill Season 2: Release Date

Many viewers started thinking that Akame Ga Kill can’t have a second season, but actually, it really can have a second season. We know that the show did deviate from the reference material a lot, but season 2 might focus on the life of Akame.

There is at least enough source material for that. Because Akame ga Kill makers earned a lot of profit, we assume they might think of making season 2.

We aren’t sure how COVID-19 has affected the production, but the best guess we can make for the second season to release is somewhere around mid-2021 or the beginning of 2022.

Anime Like Akame ga Kill

It seems that the fans will have to wait for Akame ga Kill season 2. While waiting for your favorite anime, you can stream the shows that are similar in theme. Here are the top 5 anime like Akame ga Kill:

We hope you would have enjoyed reading this post. Stay tuned for the latest updates of your favorite anime and TV shows!

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