Amanda batula weight loss – Diet & workout

Amanda batula weight loss

Amanda batula weight loss might motivate you if you suffer from a bad diet and weight. Hope you are going to like it.


About Amanda Batula

The newest Summer House on Bravo season features Amanda Batula among the cast. She is the senior art director and graphic designer of Drink Lover Boy, a sparkling hard tea. She worked on the tea alongside Kyle Cooke, her Summer House co-star. With the use of her website,, Amanda launched a blog.

You can see her favorite products, press coverage of her or the program, and her contact information if you have any queries. Amanda has a strong interest in skincare and cosmetics. She displayed her natural freckles in an Instagram photo without makeup one day. She also shared with Bravo TV her go-to accessories for obtaining her distinctive look.

Amanda Batula Weight Loss Journey

Amanda Batula rose to fame after participating in the reality TV program Summer House. The actress, who stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall, gained the most weight in Season 2, her debut campaign. She lost between 15 and 20 pounds while she was on the show. She didn’t weigh herself because she wouldn’t step on the scale, but she ultimately returned to her college weight, about 110 lbs. or 50 kg.

The Bravo star, 28, said, “Season 2, which was my first official season, was when I was at my heaviest,” in an Instagram Q&A on Monday, April 27. I don’t remember my weight because I wouldn’t stand on a scale, but I think I’ve lost 15 to 20 pounds since then. Currently, I weigh the same as I did in college. Even though I wasn’t huge, she said, “I realize that figure may appear terribly high compared to how I looked back then, but I gained weight quite evenly, and I carry it in my face a lot.”

Intermittent fasting is the only factor in her weight loss. Even though Amanda Batula typically waits until late afternoon to eat lunch, when intermittent fasting looks to be the 18:6 approach, she does not feel hungry. Watch this space for updates on her weight loss.

Amanda Batula Diet Plan

A strict diet must be followed while trying to lose weight. One won’t be able to shed this much weight otherwise. However, when discussing Amanda Batula’s diet, she offers some important advice that she has been using ever since.

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Because Amanda never liked to exercise, she made the decision to control how she ate and engaged a nutritionist’s assistance. In addition to her usual intake of Bullet Proof Coffee for her diet, she started a balanced FODMAP DIET. She added that intermittent fasting had changed everything for her body. She also shunned several actual fruits because they were high in natural sugar. She was conscious of including vegetables in her meals as she worked toward losing weight.

She continues to follow her diet while sporadically giving in to her cravings. She advised that you should continually satisfy your appetite in moderation in order to avoid overindulging. She also did not pay much attention to the calories she consumed because, in her opinion, doing so might not help you lose weight.

Even though Amanda Batula typically waits until the afternoon to have lunch when she intermittent fasts, she does not feel hungry. The beverage, also known as butter coffee, often consists of coffee, Brain Octane oil (C8 MCT oil), and grass-fed butter or ghee. Since the show’s second season, when she was “at my heaviest,” she claimed that drinking the beverage and following the diet plan, which alternates between eating and fasting times, had helped her lose “15–20 pounds.”

Amanda Batula Workout Plan

According to her interview, exercise was never Amanda Batula’s greatest option for weight loss. Despite her best efforts, the actress could not advance it to the next level of accomplishment.

Currently employed and keeping her current body type, Amanda’s weight varies. She made it clear throughout her question-and-answer sessions that she thought keeping an eye on her eating choices was more advantageous to her health than working out. However, it proves that weight loss is possible solely through nutrition.

Amanda Batula weight loss tips

Given her problems and weight-loss approaches, one thing Amanda provides to her fans and friends is as follows:

  1. Instead of fully ignoring your urges, feed them in tiny quantities.
  2. Then, reduce your sugar and carbohydrate intake as much as possible.
  3. Intermittent fasting can be quite beneficial.
  4. Loosen up as much as you’re comfortable with.
  5. Don’t put your foot on the scale.

The number you see doesn’t matter, she said; what counts is how she feels about what she is wearing and how she physically feels about herself. So she went a whole year without stepping on the scale. Having your favorite pair of jeans fit is the ultimate goal.

By doing this, we may all create our boundaries and restrictions. For example, Amanda asserts that there is no such thing as optimal weight loss because the key to any transformation is one’s level of satisfaction.

Pro Tip: To track your food and nutrition requirements, personal training sessions, and more, utilize an all-in-one fitness management software like MevoLife.


In short, Amanda Batula’s weight loss experience demonstrates that you may still have a slender, fit appearance without being an exercise enthusiast or fitness freak by making dietary changes. Thus, you must limit your intake of extra carbohydrates without giving in to your urge.

There were observable and positive physical changes due to the diet, intermittent fasting, and Bullet Proof coffee. It demonstrates that Amanda has focused on adjusting her routine in a little way that will help her keep a good outlook and bolster her confidence. All of this boils down to the advice to “Eat Wisely, Stay Fit, and Healthy.”

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How did Amanda batula lose so much weight?

The Summer House star credits “intermittent fasting and Bulletproof [coffee] and cutting out all sugar and carbs” for her results. (As fiancé Kyle Cooke exposed in a past interview, Amanda isn’t too fond of the gym.)

How much does Amanda batula weigh?

Amanda Batula weighs In Kilograms – 58 kg

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