Discover the Dark Side: 17 Anime on Depression Revealed!



Anime about depression, If you feel depressed or have depression, you should read this list because it will make your depression go away and help you be cheerful.

The Mentioned Anime in this list can cure your depression in many ways and will consist of many different genres of anime about depression.

Depression in life is like a deadly virus but I listed many anime that talks about sensitive topics and an impure soul.

This list is for all the people who are having serotonin imbalance, peer pressure, social anxiety, teen depression and have been through Emotional abuse or clinical depression.

A silent voice

A silent Voice is a movie that will make you sad and indulge you in its world where if you have ever been bullied in middle school or high school or something like distancing yourself from people, it can be understood or cure your depression by watching the full movie.

This anime story is about a deaf girl Shoko Nishimiya who is a transfer student. And one of the main characters of this movie and the other main character of this movie is Shoya Ishida.

The story starts when Shoya Ishida tries to commit suicide, but then we go into the flashback to see why he is trying to suicide.

Shoya, who used to be a cheerful guy in his middle school and Shoko Nishimiya was transferred to his class.

Nishimiya have a hearing problem, and that’s why she used to wear the hearing machine through which she could listen clearly, but because of that, other kids didn’t interact with her and didn’t want to befriend her, which made her stay alone, but somehow she found few new friends.

Shoyo Saw the hearing Machine and started bullying her, and very soon. She became a bullying victim, but after knowing all the bullying, the teacher took strict action. All other students turned their back to him, even his friends.

After that, Shoyo’s big sister paid all the cost of the broken hearing machine he broke.

He saw all this and then stopped talking to anyone in school. All the faces of other students turned into X.

But after so many years, Shoyo found Nishimiya and then the story took another turn where they both became friends and started talking to each other, going out to feed fish bread and then falling in love with each other.

In the end, you will find another twist which I don’t want to tell because that will spoil your movie.

Silent voice is one of the best Anime movies I have watched in my life which the school bullies turn into lovers.

Naruto Series

Naruto is one of the best anime series and trusts me, Naruto itself is someone who can teach you how to come out of every depression you have in your life.

Many will say that the Naruto series should not be on this list, but I believe the naruto series is something that can take away your bad thoughts or depression. And it will improve your mental health or mental illness if you watch anime like naruto.

His never to give up attitude is the best in him, and no matter his situation, he just never gives up.

During his childhood, no one wanted to be his friend because he had a demon fox inside. But still, he kept on looking forward and never stopped improving himself.


Soul Eater is one of the most entertaining anime and one of my favourite shonen series.

You want to cheer up your mood, turn on your tv or lappy and just start watching soul eater episode and trust me, in just 10 min you will see a smile on your face and feel more relaxed after you watch this anime.

The characters are funny and have so much humour. But my best character is soul Evans who is really sarcastic but at the same time very loyal to his friends.

He might look like he doesn’t care for anyone but he really cares for everyone and can go out of the limit for them.

Overall this anime will improve your mental state and your mental health.


If you like action and anime in which you can see characters fighting then seven deadly sins is one of those popular anime.

You like to see strange creature then you will also like to see this anime.


To many people, the one-piece is the best anime series ever been aired and it is still going strong for a very long time.

People are crazy about this anime and why they will not because one piece have every genre inside it and you will feel every emotion you have inside.

Well according to me one piece is the best anime I ever watched to be honest because of the character and their character development in every arc, you can take examples like Luffy and Usopp

Both were weak at the start but as time passes they become more strong and more reliable whenever the time comes

And that gives you motivation to never give up on a situation or run away instead of that fix it and fight it

So be like Luffy and be the hero for yourself.


Sweet, witty, and endearing. When I made my list of the finest anime series that will get you hooked on anime. I mentioned my never-ending passion for this show. When you’re feeling gloomy or bored, this is the anime to watch.

Haruhi and her new pals at the Ouran High School Host Club are the focus of the show. After breaking a valuable vase and being unable to pay for it. She is forced to begin working for them (under the guise of a boy).

With only one season and 26 episodes, it’s also a short and delicious experience.


You want to laugh out loud and want to forget everything then Gintama is the one to watch. Aliens, pirates, magicians, and all types of weirdos and bizarre beings are all included in this show. So, if you feel out of place and can’t seem to fit in, this show is for you! It’s a smart comedy with some fairly wild jokes, but you’ll be laughing the entire time.

Since 2005, this show has been on the air. It contains ten seasons with a total of 261 episodes. The plot is amusing and action-packed, and it will keep you wanting more. Gintoki, an unemployed Samurai, struggles to find odd employment in a world where aliens have invaded and taken control of feudal Tokyo. Strange, frightening, and amusing.

Gintama features some of the most hilarious anime characters ever produced. Guaranteed to make you giggle and make you feel a little better on those bad days.


At first, you will think it’s again the same old rom-com anime but it’s not. It’s one of the most endearing anime romance series. It’s a one-season show with only 13 episodes, so you won’t have to devote much of your time to it.

But brace yourself, for Shizuku and Haru’s sweet romance will make you laugh and cry. And your heart might even grow three sizes in the same day.


I really love this anime series and the visuals are so damn good and because of that I feel much happier and smoothing.

The story will give you calmness and let you know how you can get out of your mental health problems.

The anime has a slice of life anime genre and will show you that even to get normal life like you how hard it is to get it.

The story is about a girl who was educated and treated as a weapon and used in the war but unfortunately both hands were blown away in her last war. And she had to retire and started to fit in daily life or any regular people.

She got a job as a writer so she can help the adoptive family and to help her lover friend.

In the last war, she was shocked by the unrequited love from her supervisor in the army.

She wants to understand the feeling of love and what and how people feel when they are in love. Because she is confused over this feeling of her which affected her mental health a bit by bit every day.

Overall this anime is great and let you know what is the importance of having a normal life like many people and how hard it is for someone to live their life.

There are lots of funny moments also in this anime. And you will also see some hot and pretty anime girls in this.


Welcome to the NHK is a sad but moving animation about suicide and depression. This one can be upsetting for individuals dealing with similar concerns. But it can also be comforting in that it lets you know you’re not alone in your sentiments, doubts, and sorrow.

Satou is a despondent high school dropout who is also suicidal throughout the novel. Misaki is his buddy who offers him therapy sessions, and while it appears that she is attempting to assist him, she is really attempting to assist herself.

They quickly realise they’re both depressed, and they commit to a reverse suicide pact that will help them go forward and heal.



This anime is about a suicidal teacher, The story starts with this only where Nozumu. Who is a teacher in high school tried to suicide but his student Fuura Kafuka denied it as she is a young and cheerful schoolgirl who is the opposite of Nozumu’s negativity and told him why he should live.

Fuura Kafuka shows how to have glorious youth and show how important your life is for yourself and how bad it is to do self-harm.

After knowing that there are people who really care for him and he is also important to someone. He feel much more motivated and tried to be a better person and better example for the world and his students.

Overall SAYONARA ZETSUBOU SENSEI is one of the best anime to know how life decisions can be wrong for you.


The film Orange is about a group of friends who are mourning the suicide of one of their pals. They resolve to write letters to themselves in the past, giving themselves advice on how to avoid Kakeru’s death.

We learn about what led to his death throughout the storey, and we even get some helpful information on how to spot the signs of depression and suicide. As well as how to aid our loved ones who are struggling.

If you don’t know how to open up about your feelings and depression. This anime will inspire you to do so.



This melancholic, sad anime movie is definitely a helping hand to the ones suffering from depression. Colourful is a beautiful anime that helps us through tough times by showing that there is always something meaningful in our lives.

Makoto committed suicide, and his soul is put to the test to find out he wants to live.



The Kara no Kyoukai film series delves into delicate subjects. One of the best dark fantasy anime series is Garden of Sinners. The art is wonderful, and serious concerns are covered, in addition to being highly artistic.



If you love modern technology and want to know developed nations work and also like a secret organization then this is one you should watch.

One of our primary characters, Asuka Langley Sohryu, appears in one of the best psychological drama anime. Throughout the (sadly) one and only season, it is an extraordinary adventure. It’s a bleak post-apocalyptic anime. Asuka is a hard worker.

She appears to be self-assured and skilled in her job as an Eva pilot. Despite her tough front, she is in excruciating pain. Deep down, she is still by her mother’s melancholy and suicide. We learn what caused her mother’s anguish and how Asuka copes with her inner turmoil throughout the anime.

Neon Genesis Evangelion can cure your mental illness and mental health.


Do you love sports? then welcome to the world of volleyball where every new person you see will inspire you and you will gradually learns all the specs of this game.

This will be a new world for many people who never watched or played volleyball but still going to feel the unique familial bond towards this anime and towards volley.

March comes in like a Lion

Many of you know this anime with the name of March comes in like or lion march.

The main character Rei Kiriyama whose parents and his little sister died at a young age and he was adopted into a foster family.

After he became an adult he left his foster family and started to live by himself, as the story progressed he matured very much as a shogi player and as a person.

Overall March comes in like a lion is one of the anime which teaches you how to overcome your life difficulties.


what anime teaches us about depression?

That You can cure depression by watching anime like haikyu and naruto because they will motivate you.

is there an anime that’s about depression?

Yes, COLORFUL, A silent voice and many more.

how to cure depression by anime?

Anime can make you forget about the depression and make you laugh and feel motivated.

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