21 Anime about friendship All time – [Don’t miss THIS]

This list can be emotional or happy for you because this list is about the best anime about friendship, and you will also see various characters.

We all do have friends or at least had one friend in our lives, and we all know how important friends and their friendship are, and that’s why we often love our friends more than our own life.

There are many kinds of friendships like- one week friends or male friends or female friends, group friends, and some have many friends. Some have only one friend.


21 Aoki Yoshifumi And Taichi Yaegashi

Anime- Kokoro connect

About Taichi Yaegashi

Taichi is one of the main characters of this anime, and he is a really nice kid, a good kid in school with good marks, an attitude bit shy, but he is fond of wrestlers and loves watching wrestling and in cultural society.

About Aoki Yoshifumi

He is a cheerful guy and always ready to talk to anyone, but he already loves another classmate named Yui and always tells her and ask her out for a date. The time he saw her, he was in love with her. He also watches adult videos.

Taichi and Aoki Friendship

They both been friends for a long time, and they both love adult videos which they keep on sharing from time to time, Aoki mostly tease Taichi, but sometimes he also gets jealous of him because people like him more than himself still love him.

20. Mamoru and Shuuya

Anime: Inazuma 11

About Mamoru

Mamoru’s parents died in a vehicle accident when he was six years old. He was left with amnesia as a result of the occurrence, and he was unable to recollect his life before the disaster. After eleven years, Mamoru grew up to be a tall and gorgeous guy with blue eyes and jet black hair. He gets strange nightmares about a girl asking him to retrieve the “Silver Crystal,” which he believes is linked to his memories.

About Shuuya

Since he was a toddler, Gouenji Shuuya has demonstrated exceptional football abilities. His mother’s death came as a tremendous shock to him. His father intended him to quit football and pursue a career in medicine. However, despite resolving never to play football again, he couldn’t resist jumping onto the practise field one day when he saw Endou exercising. On that day, he vowed to become the Football Frontier’s champion.

Mamoru and Shuuya Relationship

Mamoru and Shuuya are two of the five best pals in the group. Kidou Yuuto, Kazemare Ichirouta, and Kabeyama Heigoru are among the others. Despite the fact that each group member is equally vital, Mamoru and Shuuya have the strongest relationship. When their unique talents are combined, they can take down even the most formidable foes.

19. Handa and Takao

Anime: Handa-kun

About Takao

Takao is a laid-back guy who enjoys having a good time. He’s a laid-back guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously. He likes to tease his friends, yet he actually loves them and defends them from harm.

About Handa

Because Handa is a skilled calligrapher, he is a very popular pupil. However, he is incredibly insecure and believes that the entire school despises him, so he avoids everyone. He was a very kind person, but his concerns made him feel abandoned and lonely.

Handa and Takao Relationship

They’ve been pals since they met in middle school. But, on the other hand, Handa hides their friendship from others to preserve Takao’s reputation, believing that everyone would judge Takao for being his buddy.

Takao is aware of Handa’s fame, but he behaves as if he is unconscious of it, and he enjoys seeing Handa be unaware of it. On this list, it is one of the funniest anime friendships.

18. Oz and Gilbert

Anime: Mochijun

About Oz

Oz is a charming young man who has been through a lot in his life and has grown cold-hearted as a result. He rarely gives a damn about anything and isn’t easily linked to anything. He is a bold warrior who enjoys teasing and flirting with other people.

About Gilbert

When he was a youngster, Gilbert was adopted by Oz’s family, and he dedicated his early years to working as Oz’s valet. He behaved weak and cowardly as a youngster, but as he grew older, he sought to gain control of his vulnerabilities and hide them from the public.

Oz and Gilbert relationship

Gilbert is completely committed to Oz, to the point that it borders on obsession. Gilbert is also a favourite of Oz’s, and he likes to torment him from time to time. Despite the fact that they are in a master-servant relationship, their bond is incredibly deep, and they are a perfect addition to this list of amazing anime friendships.

17. Osamu and Atsushi

Anime: Bungo Stray Dogs

About Atsushi

Since childhood, Atsushi has had a terrible existence. He is an orphan who was mistreated at the orphanage, resulting in great pain and insecurity. He is self-conscious and lacks confidence in himself. He is a foolish man with a kind heart. He prioritises the lives of others before his own.

About Osamu

Osamu is a mysterious guy who hides behind a mask. He used to be a vicious mafia boss, but he decided to leave that life behind and join an organisation that defends people. He now lives a sedentary lifestyle, cracking jokes and mocking people and periodically attempting suicide as a kind of entertainment.

Osamu and Atsushi Relationship

Osamu saved Atsushi’s life by giving him a reason to live and allowing him to join his squad. He aids him in overcoming the trauma. This anime friendship is more like a sibling connection than just a pleasant tie.

16. Spike Spiegel and Jet Black

Anime: Cowboy Bebop

Spike Spiegel and jet Black

About Spike

Spike is a bounty hunter with a tumultuous history. He used to work for a criminal organisation before leaving to join Jet Black. He’s a tall, thin man with a background in martial arts. He is a slacker who is rarely interested in anything. He has a kind personality, but he works hard to hide it.

About Jet

Jet Black is the head of a crew of bounty hunters, but before becoming a bounty hunter, he was with the police squad, helping to find criminals. Jet has a bionic left arm and is a tall, muscular man. He is a clever, intellectual, and responsible individual. To the entire gang, he is akin to a father figure. He is a mature person.

Spike and Jet Relationship

Both characters have a brotherly relationship. Jet is always concerned about Spike’s obstinacy and frequently chastises him for it. Both men have enough faith in one other to divulge terrible truths from their pasts. This anime relationship between two grown-up guys is both sophisticated and infantile, making it a pleasure to see.

15. Lelouch and Suzaku

Anime: Code Geass

About Lelouch

When it comes to popularity, Lelouch is one of the most well-known anime characters. Lelouch was born into an aristocratic family in the British Empire. He is said to be the empire’s sole successor. He exudes a high level of intelligence. His stern and severe demeanour are complemented by his tall stature, chiselled jaw, and deep violet eyes.

About Suzaku

Suzaku was the prime minister of Japan’s hidden child. Suzaku used to be sober and fun until one day, and he accidentally murdered his father after a heated dispute. Suzaku, on the other hand, is unharmed. On the other hand, this incident altered him for the rest of his life.

Lelouch and Suzaku Friendship

Unlike the last two friendships, this one begins on a sour one. Suzaku first perceives Lelouch as an arrogant Britanian Prince who enjoys flaunting his authority. After a series of confrontations, the situation begins to calm, and both parties embrace each other despite their disparate approaches. Both worked together to accomplish great things and show strength, knowledge, and understanding.

14. Eren and Armin

Anime: Attack on Titans

About Eren

Eren is a strong-willed, passionate little kid who despises being confined like a prisoner. Following a personal tragedy, he vows to take action to liberate himself and the world from the Titans’ curse. Eren is devoted to his friends and unselfish when it comes to putting his life on the line for a bigger cause.

About Armin

Armin is a little child who appears to be feeble despite his appearance and demeanour. He is bold and intelligent. He is very concerned about his friends and, in general, is a very nice person. He fantasises about living a quiet and free life. Despite the tragedy and pain, Armin maintains a strong sense of compassion.

Eren and Armin Friendship

both boys have been friends since the beginning of anime. Still, They are still friends even in season 4th and going strong. Both belief each other to be family, and the trio, together with a girl called Mikasa, create one of the most powerful anime friendships.

13. Rintaro Okabe and Mayuri Shiina

Anime: Steins; Gate

Rintaro Okabe and Mayuri Shiina

About Rintaro Okabe 

Okabe is a tall, slender man with chiselled jaws and short black hair. After graduating from Tokyo Denki University and founding the Future Gadget Laboratory, he became a scientist. He is too excited about his innovations, but his Laboratory does not achieve the attention he desires despite his efforts.

About Mayuri Shiina

Mayuri Shiina is a person who is too courteous and low-key. She was timid and self-conscious as a youngster. Her mental health stalled in various aspects of her life when her adored grandfather died suddenly. He is obviously intelligent, yet she has the traits of a child. She and Rintaro Okabe founded Future Gadget Laboratory together. 

Okabe and Mayuri Friendship

Many people assume Okabe and Mayuri are in a love relationship, but I disagree. In every other anime, childhood pals become lovers, yet this is not the case in Steins; Gate. The show makes no mention of a sexual relationship between them instead of focusing on a bond that is typically disregarded in most shows: friendship. Both have a large circle of friends, but their importance on each other is unparalleled.

12. Worick And Nico 

Anime: Gangsta

Worick and Nico

About Worick

Worick is the protagonist of Gangsta. He works as a gigolo since he has a joyful and manly nature. He is skilled with firearms, and his height allows him to overwhelm his opponents physically. Worick’s outward demeanour is misleading, as he exudes gloom rather than genuine warmth.

About Nico or Nicolas Brown

Nicolas is the one who keeps to himself. A true believer in stoicism. He has the right style for his personality, with shredded muscles, hair spikes, and black clothing. Nicolas, like Worick, is soft-hearted and protective of those who are close to him.

Worick and Nicolas Friendship

Worick and Nicolas have been together for 22 years. They have a strong mutual understanding because they were each other’s, first pals. Although their relationship is mostly distinguished by resentment, there is a fine line of complication because Nicolas is responsible for the murders of Worick’s family.

11. Sunakawa and Takeo

Anime: Oremonogatari

Sunakawa Takeo

About Sunakawa 

Mokoto Sunakawa, also known as Suna, is a prominent high school student. He is a calm, controlled, and assured individual. His kind demeanour has made him a popular figure among schoolgirls. Despite this, he prefers a low-key lifestyle and has no desire to broaden his network beyond his best buddy Takeo.

About Takeo

Takeo, in contrast to Suna, has an unappealing visage. He stands taller than the majority of the lads at school and carries a substantial amount of muscle mass on his frame. He is a straightforward individual. Takeo is enraged by persons who do harm to others.

Sunakawa and Takeo Friendship

They both are childhood friends, and both are very supportive friends. They were buddies in kindergarten and have remained friends ever since. People frequently inquire about their friendship due to their vast differences in look and demeanour. Many instances from their early bond are shown in the anime. Their friendship is one of the nicest you’ll ever meet, and it’ll make your heart melt.

10. Mikado And Kida

Anime: Durarara

About Kida

Kida is a carefree, charming, and gregarious guy. His favourite free time is to chase the girls, keep looking at them, and crack jokes around people. If you have a friend like Kida, then you are one lucky guy. But, underneath all of the hilarity, a man is insecure and hides it behind a smile. 

About Mikado

Mikado is a meek and timid small-town lad who accepts Kida’s offer to relocate to the big metropolis. He has a strong ambition to become more powerful, which has caused him to become cold and manipulative as the storey develops.

Mikado And Kida Friendship

Since elementary school, Mikado and Kida have been buddies. Kida travels to the city, and the two meet again in high school years later. Kida wants Mikado to stay away from his gang’s bad behaviour, but Mikado wants to join Kida, causing a rift between the two. Both are concerned about one another and desire to protect one another.

9. Ryuuichi and Hayato

Anime: School Babysitters

Ryuuichi and Hayato

About Ryuuichi

Ryuuichi is a babysitting club member and a polite and compassionate high school student. All people who know him and every kid in the hood or around him talk great about his calmness and the way he takes action in daycare work.

He is popular with the ladies, but he is completely unaware of it. He is the one who never stays quiet if something wrong happens, no matter what the situation is.

About Hayato

Hayato is a vastly different person from Ryuuichi. He is a quiet man who rarely expresses his feelings and avoids speaking until it is absolutely essential. Baseball is love for him, so he also wants it as his career. He genuinely cares about his friends and family and goes out of his way to protect them, even if he doesn’t show it.

Ryuuichi and Hayato Relationship

Despite being in the same class, the two seldom spoke until they joined the babysitting club together. As they learned more about each other, mutual respect grew between them, and the two grew into excellent friends who looked out for each other in difficult times.

8. Hinata and Kageyama

Anime: Haikyuu

About Hinata

Hinata is a high school student who wants to play volleyball for the Karasuno squad. When he saw the name of a volleyball player, “Small Giant,” on the TV screen, he became interested in volleyball. Hinata could identify with him since she, too, was short. Hinata’s great tenacity and will to give up enabled him to register in his ideal school, Karasuno High, where he meets his dear opponent, Kageyama, who is 5′ 4 in height. He always brings happiness with him, and you just can watch him jumping around.

About Kageyama

Tobio Kageyama is a volleyball prodigy with top-notch spiking skills and a commanding presence on the field. He discovered his calling at a young age, and in his quest for perfection, he grew arrogant and irritable. He just cares about one thing: winning.

Hinata and Kageyama Friendship

At a junior high school event, Hinata and Kageyama met. Hinata vowed to avenge Kageyama after a humiliating defeat. Hinata’s rage, however, was short-lived, as the two soon became partners at Karasuno High School and they join forces.

The rivalry remained, but they were unable to eliminate each other. Rather, each of them pushed each other to their boundaries, learning about each other’s talents and limitations. You can read the manga because the manga is ended, and trust me, it’s beautiful.

7. Luffy and Zoro

Anime: One Piece

About Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy, often known as Straw Hat, is a famed One Piece MC. His wide, round eyes express his excitement. He may be frail, but his striking talents are unrivalled. His life’s ambition is to become a pirate king by discovering the lost riches.

About Zoro

Roronoa Zoro, also known as the Pirate Hunter, was formerly a bounty hunter. His remarkable sword abilities propelled him to the position of a senior swordsman for the Straw Hat Pirates, led by Luffy. While Luffy is the Straw Hat’s anointed Captain, Zoro serves as an unnamed vice-captain. He is the team’s most dependable member, and everyone looks up to him.

Luffy and Zoro Friendship

First of all, who don’t know about one piece because it’s so famous? You can ask any anime fan about one piece, and I bet he knows that anime because Naruto and one-piece are the best of all.

Luffy recognises Zoro’s efforts in making him the pirate king, and Zoro respects Luffy’s efforts in making him the pirate king. Zoro is unable to accept Luffy’s disrespect and ensure that other members treat him as their Captain but still will save him. Respect, caring, and a shared purpose to recover the treasure binds their relationship.

6. Gon And Killua 

Anime: Hunter x hunter

About Gon

Gon is an 11-year-old newbie hunter who is short and tiny. He possesses extraordinary athletic talents. Gon’s father died while he was a child. All he wanted was to meet and find his father and become one of the best hunters in the world.

About Killua

Killua is the anime’s second main character. He is shrewd, pragmatic, and obnoxious. He, like Gon, is pursuing his dream of becoming a hunter. He began training at the age of ten and is now one of his clan’s best warriors.

Gon and Killua Friendship

Gon is proud of his bond with Killua, referring to him as his “best buddy” in front of the entire world. Many people criticise Gon and Killua for never claiming to be great friends. Only devoted fans note that Gon and Killua refer to each other as their “most precious buddy,” which explains why their bond is so special. Even they are children. Still, their bond is like a soul friend.

5. Kuroko and Kagami

Anime:  Kuroko no Basuke

About Kuroko

Kuroko does not appear to be a basketball player at a first impression. Instead, his frame is frail and tiny. When he was five years old, he witnessed a basketball game on television and fell in love with the sport. From that day, he played basketball every day and wanted to play every time no matter what the situation was and because of the hard work he did made him be in the basketball team.

About Kagami 

Kagami is an extremely skilled basketball player. He adores competition and becomes frustrated when his opponents are weak. Basketball provides him with thrills and excitement. His strong physique becomes more pronounced during the game as he becomes more enraged.

Kuroko and Kagami Friendship

Kuroko and Kagami, like the rest of the companions on the list, are complete opposites. When they’re playing a game, though, this polarity works to their advantage. Their playing styles complement each other, forming a formidable defensive and offensive wall in front of opponents. They like deceiving their opponents with inventive techniques that they come up with on the spur of the moment.  

4. Yato and Yukine

Anime: Noragami

Yato and Yukine

About Yukine

Yukine was a little boy when he died and was converted into a weapon by Yato. At first, he was enraged by Yato, but as time passed, he softened. He has the demeanour of a naïve child and is quite insecure. Because of his past death or life, he is just afraid don’t want that thing to happen again, and that’s why he behaves like this. So he puts on a strong front, yet he’s always yearning for affirmation.

About Yato

Yato is a God who isn’t very well-known and is working hard to grow his fan base so that he might one day become a super-famous God. He is childlike and gullible, and he makes rash decisions, but when the occasion calls for it, he becomes serious and intelligent. He is fair, and despite his selfishness, he has a kind heart.

Yato and Yukine Relationship

Although Yato and Yukine are technically in a master-servant relationship, they both have massive egos and are always at war with one another. But after all these stuff or events, they still always try to be there for each other and care from the heart. This anime friendship is one to keep an eye on.

3. Joseph And Caesar 

Anime: Jojo Bizzare Adventures

About Caesar

Caesar is a strong, attractive man from a respectable family who takes pleasure in his surname. He fights evil with his abilities. He is conceited about his strength and despises the weak. He has a short temper, and that’s why he never stay calm and get into fights with anyone.

About Joseph

Joseph is a rambunctious and naive young man. He has a bad temper and speaks in a filthy manner. He’s also a bit of a knucklehead who attempts to keep his cool in embarrassing circumstances. His family has a strained connection with him. He is lazy, which is why he cannot reach his super potential, but he is very smart.

Joseph And Caesar Friendship

It is, without a doubt, one of the most popular anime friendships. Joseph and Caesar got off to a rocky start, mocking one other. However, as they get to know one another, they build respect for one another, which develops into a close friendship tie even if they have a different opinion about things.

2-Kaneki and Hide

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

About Kaneki

He is the main protagonist of the anime. Kaneki was a meek, introverted little kid until an accident transformed him into a half-human, half-ghoul hybrid who ate humans’ flesh.

He is also afraid to make new friends. This abrupt and drastic transition forced Kaneki to accept his fate and transform into a completely different creature, leaving behind his prior existence.

About Hide

Hide, on the other hand, is the polar opposite of Kaneki. He’s a youthful, active youngster who’s about Kaneki’s age. He is upbeat and easygoing, and he leads a relaxed lifestyle. However, he is highly perceptive and behaves maturely when it comes to delicate subjects.

Kaneki and Hide Friendship

Both are great characters and very good friends, or you can say best friends. Since childhood, Kaneki and Hide have been best friends. Hide genuinely cares about Kaneki and constantly tries to help him in any way he can. One of those anime friendships makes you wish you lived in a different world.

1-Naruto And Sasuke

Anime: Naruto

About Naruto

Naruto is one of the most famous anime and anime characters. Naruto had one of the most challenging childhood because the day he was born, both parents were killed by the nine-tail fox, who is one of the strongest tailed beasts in Naruto, but the more sad thing was that his parents sealed the nine-tailed fox inside Naruto to save the village Nine-tailed fox destroying.

Naruto is one of the mentally strongest characters because he never goes back on your words, which is why he became the village’s hero. On his birth, a nine-tailed fox was sealed within Naruto. If you wanna look up to someone who never lost hope no matter what happened in his life, then naruto is the one person who knows how to fight and keep the passion and dreams.

Because of that reason, people used to stay away from him. No one wanted to be his friend or play with him, but still, Naruto never held any grudges against any of them and even just wanted everyone to be happy and in peace, and that’s why his goals were to become Hokage.

About Sasuke

Sasuke is so damn handsome and popular chocolate boy, and every girl wants to be his girlfriend or lover, but he has only one goal: to kill his older brother, who killed his parents and gain the power he joins the villain group.

Naruto and Sasuke Friendship

They both are the main Protagonists of the anime. The friendship between Naruto and Sasuke is one of the most powerful, and it’s more like brotherhood which is not shared by blood but by emotion and bond they both have because we all know that they both have kind of the same story and have been classmates since they joined the course.

They have always been a rival for each other and always make each other improve their strength and motivate them to grow, and that’s the best friend anyone can have.

There are a few other anime friendships that I want to mention- Scar And May from Fullmetal alchemist, rainbow days,

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Why do killua love Gon so much?

Because Gon is the only person who loves Him the way he is and who just want to play with him.



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