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Anime about gaming

This list is anime about the gaming world, In which you will find so many anime which is all about games and the gaming industry.

If you are a fan of games and love playing online RPG games or improving your gaming skills, play games daily for your game development.

This list will bring you to a new world of gaming where you will get to know that you can be a professional player in gaming, and all anime is good anime to watch.


22-Street Fighter II

Anime About Gaming

This is an animated movie, and this takes the virtual Life of a street fighter to different Life, which is very entertaining because we always loved the story, and there is a hell of a fight in this anime movie.

The story follows the two main characters of street fighters. Ryu and Muay fought against Thai champion Sagat, who was the boss in street fighter-I and grandmaster in street fighter-II.

The story follows almost the same as the gaming version and trusts me. You are going to enjoy the fights most because this anime is all about fighting and all the rage a player has while fighting.

21-Accel World

Anime About Gaming

What will you do if you are being bullied, not good around people, and do not have friends in your childhood or junior high school? The only option left is to play video games at home to live happily in the gaming world, and that’s what Haruyuki Arita does.

One day A school vice president invited him to the student lounge and introduced him to the game called brain bust, in which you have to fight with a rival duo and defeat them to gain points.

As I don’t want to give you a spoiler, all I want to say is that this anime series is one of the good gaming anime and for anime fans who love the online game or love the virtual world.

20-And you thought there is never a girl online?

Anime About Gaming

The title of light book adaptations is frequently filled with questions, but it does get to the point.

The premise of this program is a classic: a gamer falls in love with an online waifu, only to discover later that he was conversing with a middle-aged guy.

As a result, he becomes suspicious of everyone online and thinks that everyone is male. But, wouldn’t you know it, he’d been having fun with stunning babes the whole time.

19-Sword Art Online

Anime About Gaming

I’d prefer to keep the isekai shows to a minimum, but it does have some significant representation, regardless of your opinions towards the brand.

It begins in the conventional MMORPG environment. Then moves on to a more fairy tale setting, and finally, it pays homage to F.P.S. enthusiasts. And, if you like the game genre in question, S.A.O. may be a lot of fun.

I, for one, have loved Gun Gale since the F.P.S.


Anime About Gaming

When it comes to titles, it’s impossible to be much more obvious. However, this show does not provide an in-depth examination of the gaming business or e-sports.

It’s a romantic comedy in which gaming plays a key role in the storyline.

Our protagonist is a conventional gamer who prefers to stay at home and spend all of his waking hours on his computer.

Things changed when one of the most popular girls asked him to play her game. The majority of the romance, humor, misunderstandings, and gambling takes place within this club.

Despite the fact that the program isn’t only about gaming, the characters are all gamers and are quite sympathetic.

17-New Game!

Anime About Gaming

Have you ever considered what happens during the production of a game? What should you keep in mind when developing games? Is it the focus of this anime? It covers the full game development process, from concept to art design, coding, and implementation.

The show is quite lovely, and all of the characters grow on you over time as you realize how enthusiastic they are about their work.

It’s also a really realistic portrayal of such a complex idea, especially because they made the chief coder wander about with actual anger issues.


Anime About Gaming

The first episode of this program was undoubtedly interesting, as we saw a juvenile being tormented by four girls into joining their club.

They even have a game development club where everyone tries to improve their skills and competitive spirit, and with all these, they all make new friends

The characters just sit about and play games, wondering why the protagonist claimed to be a delinquent in the first place. It’s a very relaxing program with a golden slice of life quality to it.

15-Welcome to the N.H.K.

Anime About Gaming

N.H.K. covers a wide range of topics, including hikikomori and poor self-worth, as well as excessive paranoia and how others might peer pressure you towards suicide. I’m not kidding when I say that the show can be depressing at times. A crucial notion, however, is the creation of a game.

And the show genuinely delves into the creative process as well as the financial difficulties that game makers face. So you’d think that a program that covers so many topics would merely skim over gaming in a few minutes.

14-BOFURI- I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense.

Anime About Gaming

This is also a fantasy game.

I admire Bofuri for putting its characters in a video game yet managing to avoid making it an isekai. It’s true: no one is imprisoned; it’s simply a VRMMO.

That was refreshing in and of itself. The fact that the program remembers it’s just a game, and even features a tank major as the key protagonist, was a pleasant surprise.

It has a similar feel to The Rising of the Shield Hero, except it’s far less depressing and really enjoys the universe. It’s just a narrative of a girl who got O.P. by accident and decided to embrace it.

13-High Score Girl

Anime About Gaming

We have a central male protagonist in High Score Girl, the ultimate pro gamer. Because the show is set in the 1990s, arcades are popular, and our MC is always smashing records, and no one ever came close to him.

One day things changed when he fought against a female gamer who won the game easily against him. She’s not only more attractive than he is, but she’s also a better video game player? Poggers. As a result, the individual attempts to improve himself while also maybe slipping in some love subtext.


Anime About Gaming

Overlord is an isekai in every sense of the word. It does, however, adhere to the game format more closely than most. Despite the fact that the protagonist, Ainz, is overpowering, he must nevertheless rely on his game expertise to score crucial triumphs.

Overlord has drama, and the drama keeps ongoing in many episodes, and that makes it fun to watch, and that’s why it is one of the best anime series.

For example, he must understand when to utilize which item, which spells are effective against certain opponents, and which matchups he is weak in.

As a result, he still has that obvious awkwardness we are all familiar with.

11-Summer Wars

Anime About Gaming

Summer Wars has been completely taken over by virtual reality. And everyone would rather spend time in Oz, a virtual reality.

They may converse with one another, play games, and even go shopping in current V.R. chat rooms. But here’s where things become difficult.

Due to its popularity and reliability, O.Z. has been tasked with bringing back an asteroid explorer from space.

Our protagonist is a math genius who puts the entire planet in jeopardy in an epic gaming fail. Everything will make clear once you watch the film, which is strongly recommended.


Anime About Gaming

When it comes to genre, Orelmo leans toward the slice-of-life, with gaming functioning as a crucial plot element.

The protagonist is a girl who, on the surface, appears to be far too flawless. She has perfect grades, is well-liked, attractive, and has no flaws.

That is, until her brother figures out what type of games she enjoys.

So he creates his own account and attempts to troll her, only to find himself far more committed than he had anticipated. There is a lot of misunderstanding and awkward dinners as a result.

9-Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai

Anime About Gaming

This competition is exclusively open to fellow cultural men and women. This podcast is all about making eroge games, as the title suggests.

It stars a character who understands nothing about art, programming, or business but has many eroge experiences. He also decides to help the firm by teaching his female employees how to play a decent eroge game.

8-Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Anime About Gaming

We all know at least one person in our surrounding who just don’t like real-world and play only games, and that is his/her world and so it’s common in anime also to have this kind of anime in which the MC only spend his/her time playing games.

However, you’ll immediately see that the majority of the characters are youngsters who appear to have an endless allowance and no actual obligations.

An MMO’s recovery Junkie takes that fundamental notion and gives it a twist: the heroine is an adult.

And now she needs to find out how to mix her passion for gaming with the dreaded task of paying expenses.

 Overall MMO junkie is great gaming anime for all the gamers who love playing MMO games.

7-No Game No Life

Anime About Gaming

Sora and Shiro, a dynamic combo who have attained ultimate pro gaming status, star in No Game No Life.

They’re so excellent at every game that a genuine god summons them to his planet so that their abilities may be fully used.

You see, in this society, everything is decided through games, whether it’s a difficult game of chess or a squad struggle in a first-person shooter.

The two immediately settle down and use their giga-brains to get to the very top of the ladder, reinstating humanity as a meta race.

6-Magic of Stella

Anime About Gaming

Another program that deals with game creation are Magic of Stella.

Instead of making an MMO or something along those lines, they’re doing doujin games. It’s an entirely different experience, as you could anticipate.

Our protagonist works in the art design field and is just trying to provide new Life to the game while making new pals.

It isn’t the most well-received program. However, if the premise appeals to you, it may quickly become a guilty pleasure.

5-Seiyu’s Life!

Anime About Gaming

What if the game character you are playing with has no voice? That will be the worst game for sure, and that’s why voice is one of the critical things in games, and this anime is about this only. I’m sure you’ve all had that one remark from a video game or anime that really stayed with you because of the way it was delivered.

The good thing about this anime is that it shows lots of girls characters who go to school and love games whenever take doesn’t have school.

They even have a team, and many episodes made us like this anime.

Seiyu’s Life takes a deeper look at the profession, following Futaba’s young girl as she seeks to break into the industry as a voice actor.

There are many ups and downs, and we get to witness the less glamorous side of the profession. But it’s fascinating to see it all develop. Plus, peering inside CDawgVA’s mind is a strange experience.

4-The King’s Avatar

Anime About Gaming

When you are a slacker in real-life but the top player in the gaming world and other players realize that you are the boss and adore you and that is what Ye Xiu is the main character in this anime which is one of the best anime series and from the first-day gamers really love the story and the animation.

This is your greatest chance to attend a show that best depicts competitive gaming if you actually love games. The entire plot revolves around a professional gamer who begins smurfing after getting kicked from his e-team.

The animation is excellent, and the story never loses sight of its roots. The in-game fighting is also quite well-done, yet it never feels like it’s straying too far from the world of gaming. I strongly encourage you to try it and see what you think.


Anime About Gaming

Many fans consider this anime to be the forefather of the Isekai series. The anime starts in a strange way where the Mc of the anime opens his eyes and sees himself inside the video game, but that’s not it. That guy also has no memory of his life and about himself.

He freaks out at first, but he quickly accepts the shift, given that his real life isn’t all that great.

He encounters a colorful cast of individuals, and they all set out to find an artifact known as “The Key of Twilight.” While this was not the finest depiction of the video gaming experience, it was ranked second. Hack/Sign is still regarded as a classic, despite the fact that it was a novel concept at the time.

2-Girlish Number

Anime About Gaming

When you read the title, you will feel that this anime is not about games because who will give a gaming anime a title Girlish number it is and it’s also included romantic scenes.

Sure, it pokes fun at the industry and provides some chuckles. It is also about gaming voice like we already have another anime about gaming voice and why it is important.

It’s much like any other profession on the market at times: monotonous or potentially excruciating employment.

1-Log Horizon

Anime About Gaming

Log Horizon is, in my view, the finest game in the “stuck inside of a video game” genre.

This is because, rather than just ignoring the game’s rules and turning it into a standard fantasy world, the game components are crucial to the show’s success.

In this anime, knowing how to mix agro, construct a strong team composition, manage resources, and even metagame are all important.

There isn’t a single overpowered character, but rather a diverse cast of characters with varying strengths and limitations.

The protagonist is a support wizard who isn’t particularly skilled with a quill, but his game knowledge makes him highly essential and strong! That’s the kind of scalability I prefer.

End statement:-

This is it for the list and hopes you love this fantasy video games anime and saw much anime about video games and how it is the basic premise for many people and even popular girls also go for games and how in many anime you saw episodes where you were surprised and love those episodes.

Which newest anime about a Chinese guy who loses his spot on his professional gaming team”?

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