Jaw-Dropping Anime Art Styles Making Waves in 2023!

Anime art styles

This list will be really new for many weeb or anime watchers, but still, many people don’t know that there is an anime art style through which many Anime and their genres choose.

If you love watching Anime and want to know how anime shows are created and how characters are designed.

This list is also going to tell you about different anime art styles and different art styles.

There are many art styles, or you can say anime art styles, out there. In there, you will find realistic art styles, traditional anime art styles, kawaii art styles, chibi art styles moe art styles.

Anime art and also how manga artists choose the animation style or anime style because it’s essential to have different art styles.


1-Beautiful art styles

Although the exquisite painting style appears to be similar to realistic art, it is more bright and nearly fantastic.

This aesthetic style is best described by Violet Evergarden; with a wonderful tale and fantastic characters, this Anime is a masterpiece. 

Violet Evergarden have one of the best animations in the anime industry still to this date, and the art is so beautiful that you want to keep looking at her and the scene. 

There are also other Anime in this style: your name, garden of words, neon genesis Evangelion, perfect blue and a silent voice.

All these anime shows have great animation quality and because the animation quality is so beautiful you going to love the character designs more because if the animation is not right we not able to get the right view of the character designs.

The manga artist always keeps this in mind whenever they want to make many amazing characters.

2-Kawaii art styles

If you want to understand Kawaii art style and want an example of this style, then New Game anime, which is in a slice of life/comedy genre and animation, is perfect for you to know. The new game’s main feature is how vibrant each colour is.

Kawaii art styles have more female characters but can be used in the fantasy world or the real world, and more art styles are kind of Similar styles.

Kawaii is a Japanese word that means “cute,” and the graphic style attempts to represent each character as charming as possible. Despite the New Game’s use of the Kawaii visual style, the creators were able to depict each character’s age to some level. New Game is a fantastic example of Kawaii’s style of art.

3-Weird art style

The art style of this Anime is unusual, which means it is unlike other animes.

Netflix’s “Devilman Crybaby” is the best example of this animation technique. The show has an animation that is distinct from traditional anime art.

Suppose you are an anime fan and belong to the anime community but also want something which is for an adult audience and has been popular in recent years. In that case, you should watch Devilman Crybaby because if you read the manga of this Anime, you will not like it for sure.

Ancient magus bride is also an example of this type of style.

You can also call in unique art style because the unique art style is rare, and many animation industries don’t prefer this anime style.

Even ping pong has a weird art style, which is not very famous in Japanese art style.

The Anime follows a teenager who transforms into a demon as a result of his friend’s drug. The anime art style is strange, but it can still convey the character’s age.

4-CGI art styles

CGI is the most uncommon anime art style since it is extremely difficult to create Anime using this technology due to its sophisticated process and techniques. The goal of this anime art style is to create reality.

This style is not old school like many others but very different and more into animation or other franchise movie patterns. Some of the examples of these CGI art styles are batman movies, tatami galaxy and soul eater.

For me, the best cgi art style is batman, and this style is new in japan also.

5-Ecchi art styles

Because of the characters, these animes are very popular. The characters are portrayed in an erotically charged manner. To make the characters sexy, they are either half-naked or wearing something else.

One of the examples of this style is High School DXD which have a harem and ecchi genre. They fall into the harem/Ecchi category.

If you like ecchi art styles, then you should watch High school DXD

6-Cartoon art styles

Everything about this anime art style is reminiscent of American cartoons, even the aesthetics. The colours and characters of Anime are comparable to those in American cartoons.

Cartoon art styles are different from anime art styles or anime styles because anime art styles are more realistic art styles.

This anime painting style is perfectly exemplified in Kill La Kill.

7-Moe art styles

There are many similarities between Moe art style and Kawai art style, which is why people are still confused. As a result, distinguishing between the two is difficult. The best example of Moe style is Kyoto, a slice of life anime. They are the ones that created this artistic style.

Tamako Market is the epitome of the “Moe” art movement. Characters who appear to be children but are capable of portraying their years.

8-Realistic art styles

This is a somewhat uncommon art style, with only a handful of animes fitting the bill. On the other hand, Anime that fall under this category are always story-driven and realistic.

Death Note is an excellent example of this anime aesthetic style, with a universe that is eerily similar to our own. Characters appear to be real, with authentic emotions, and the storey has a sombre tone.

Death Note is about a bright Japanese adolescent named Light Yagami who despises the world he lives in.

If you like artists whose styles are more into realism, then you will love these styles.

Monster is a perfect example of this art style and also one of the best anime series.

9-Chibi art styles

The “chibi” art style is the most childlike. In every aspect, this painting style is youthful. Characters in every Anime with a “chibi” art style appear to be much younger than they are.

Suppose you want an example of Chibi art style animation or Anime. In that case, the lucky star is perfect for you to understand the type of Anime and animation that comes under this style because Lucky Star has every aspect of the Chibi art style. It has characters who appear to be quite young. The characters in this Anime are 17-19 years old, although they appear to be much younger.

10-“Standard” art styles

We’re all familiar with the term “standard.” It’s the traditional anime art style, but that doesn’t mean these shows aren’t entertaining. This category includes some excellent anime.

Clannad is the best illustration of how this art style is best defined. Clannad is an anime about a love tale between two teenagers filled with many intense emotions. If you are emotional, Clannad can make you cry, and you are going to remember your school days and how the school love used to be.

If you know Japanese school and japan, then it will hit you harder because the characters are so real.

Kyoto Animation produced some great anime series, and their character design are pretty nice.

One punch man is one can say is standard art style anime because, in one punch man, the main character is not only focused.

You can include my hero academia and somewhere god eater also.

In which anime art style does naruto come from?

Standard art style

Different between Standard art style and CGI art style?

The difference between these two is that the Standard art style is common and sticks with Anime only, but CGI is open to cartoon and franchise art like batman, Marvel, and DC.

Your name and a silent voice come in which genre?

It comes in the romantic anime genre, and if you want to see the romantic anime list, you should check this link out: https://thebestofotaku.com/the-best-romantic-anime/.

The anime world has a different life where you can also find a fantasy world, but you can see realism or game. You can read fantastic manga and see your characters turning into amazing characters when you watch them through manga artists.

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