25+ Most Amazing ANIME CATS

Anime Cats plays a really significant role in any anime, and in some anime, the main lead is a cat.

Anime is, without a doubt, a cat person.

In real life, dogs are more favourites, but cats are the boss in anime. Anime is, without a doubt, a cat person.

In real life, dogs are more favourites, but cats are the boss in anime. Cats are running a great show on anime, or you can say on media.

These fuzzy critters abound, from talking cats to cat ears and the ability to add Nyan to anything they say.



Anime: Ghost Stories

Everyone has experienced that compassionate moment when, while attempting to exorcise an evil spirit from the earth, you accidentally do a reverse exorcism, and your cat becomes possessed.

And as a result of this mundane pastime, the formerly ordinary cat becomes one of the show’s funniest characters.

He’s so snappy and grumpy it’s hilarious, especially in the English Dub, when Kaya has the kind of potty tongue that would get him fired ten times over in this atmosphere.


Anime: Nichijou

Sakamoto is actually a cat, but many don’t consider him.

He can speak, but not because of blood contracts or demonic ancestry.

Sakamoto flees after living with a terrible cat owner and ends up in the care of the brilliant inventor, Hakase.

She dresses him in a scarf that grants him the capacity to communicate. And he exploits his newfound power to continuously demand respect, despite the fact that he is officially the oldest because he counts in cat years.


Anime: Kiki’s Delivery Service

Every witch necessitates the presence of a black cat!

See, that kitty is Jiji for Kiki.

He is very polite and calm in Japanese and doesn’t talk to anyone unless it’s essential.

English and Japanese version are not the same, and there are some differences. Kiki loses her ability to converse with Jiji as she gets older in the Japanese version. The 1988 English version is different from the other version, so it’s not applied in this version.


Anime – Dragon Ball

You ever thought about korin in dragon ball.

Korin was regarded as a martial arts master before all of the planet and universe devastation became a regular Tuesday.

He is an eternal cat who dwells in a massive tower and trains the one and only Goku.

He also provides Senzu beans to Goku’s crew. Therefore that classic moment of the worst parenting abilities ever (displayed in the battle against Cell) would not have occurred if it hadn’t been for this fluffy old cat.


Anime: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi

Given that Sorata has very no plot presence as a character, this may be a confusing way to begin the list. But, take a peek at him.

Look at that fat kitty who resembles an Oreo.

He serves as a plot point, if nothing else because he is first cared for by Takaho, who discovers him in an alleyway.

Fast forward ten years and Yokozawa is now in charge of the fluff ball. But then, after a while, Hiyori begins to look after him.

And all of these transitions occur as the characters progress and change. It’s a fascinating dynamic.


Anime: The Cat Returns

Till now, you have seen calm cats, but this one will hunt you down if you mess with him because, by the first look, you can see him. He doesn’t even walk with four legs.

This is not the first time you see Baron Humbert von Gikkingen in an anime movie, and he was a part of a movie whisper of the heart, an old classic romantic movie. After a whole three years, he back with a bang as one of the main characters in the movie The cat returns.

He leans more towards people with his sleek white coat and top hat than cats.

I’m pretty sure you will be amazed by the posture, the clothing sense, the walking style, and how he talks with a very smooth voice, which will make you say he is much better than most of the men are in the world.


Anime: My Neighbor Totoro

Have you ever seen half cat and half bus? If not, then catbus you should look for if you like to see something weird.

Ghibli didn’t waste any time getting to the point with this one. I want to die because Nekobasu is so fluffy.

Totoro Nekobasu seems to be a very helpful influence in that domain, and he shows up when the females are in need of assistance. He also possesses the Cheshire Cat’s wide, terrifying, yet humorous smile.

Even if he were not on this list, I believe he would be because of how well-known and adored this character is in the anime community.

The cherry on top, however, is the frosting on the cake. Say it with me, Kittenbus. In case you missed it, Ghibli released a 13-minute special in 2003 based on Kittenbus. Yes, that’s exactly as cute as it sounds.


Anime: InuYasha

Nothing since Paradise Lost has been this sinister and yet so alluring; kudos to the few individuals who got it.

Kirara is a deadly nekomata who can transform from a cute little girl to the bringer of death when necessary.

I’m delighted Kirara is also helpful, unlike Kiba’s Akamaru. But also isn’t utterly powerful like some of the later entrants.

She continues to battle beside her owner/buddy. She’s also an excellent travel buddy.

And every time she meows,’ an angel gets like seven wings.


Anime: Hetalia

With this entry, we have a bunch of cats that are the feline analogues of the characters from Hetalia. On its own, Hetalia is weird.

It should come as no surprise that a cat version exists. Each cat symbolises a different nation, and their squabbles frequently result in hilarity as well as some light political criticism.

Personally, I like German and Italian cats. And, sure, those are their real names. Both the cats are just more like opposite each other: the black cat, a german cat, is like a strict army cat who follows every rule in the book, and the Italian is very calm and composed and flirty and likes to annoy german cats.


Anime: Soul Eater

Blair is a unique instance; she is a monstrous cat, which is her actual shape, but she frequently assumes the human form. Her human form, meanwhile, has resorted to nudity. But there aren’t any problems here.

Many people confuse her for a witch since she is an extremely strong monster cat.

Let’s hope she never has to work on a project again. Can you really blame them, given the potency of her pumpkin-themed spells?

She is not easy to kill, and that is what makes her dangerous because she will kill you if you are her enemies, and if you want to kill her, you need to kill her nine times.


Anime: Code Geass

Arthur appeals to me because he is a typical cat. There was no speech, no demons, just nothing.

Despite this, he had a considerable impact on the narrative.

In particular, the day he grabbed Zero’s mask and ran around the campus, starting the most dangerous game of “capture the cat” ever.

Apart from his 15 minutes of fame, Arthur prefers to stay in the background and do his own thing. He also enjoys biting Suzaku, but who wouldn’t want to give him a nibble?


Anime: Prince of Tennis

I’m not a fan of this cat’s cuteness. It’s establishing unattainable goals for other kitties!

Just take a look at that fluffy little creature. The love between Karupin and Ryoma is extremely sweet.

Karin also enjoys his toys and will accompany you to school, roaming the halls and perhaps climbing a tree if you bring his toy with you. He sleeps with Ryoma all the time, like a tiny snuggle buddy.


Anime: Trigun

The term “fly on the wall” is well-known.

Kuroneko appears to be omnipresent in the universe of Trigun, according to my terrible meme comparison.

This kitty appears in practically every episode, whether in the flesh or as a photograph or stamp. Kuroneko is constantly upbeat, generally grinning and meowing when he’s found in a random garbage bin or bag.

When the cat appears, the cast does typically not react, with the exception of one time when it prevented Wolfwood from cheating in chess. You’re a wise kitten.

Luna, Artemis and Diana

Anime: Sailor Moon

It doesn’t feel right to divide these cats into three categories. We’ll just blend the three since a mother can’t pick her favourite child.

Luna and Artemis act as guiding beacons for the heroes throughout the storey, especially early on.

I’d guess they learned a thing or two from living millennia before the show’s occurrence. They also provide Senshi with unique things that enable them to awaken.

Diana appears later as the offspring of the two other cats. But there’s a twist: she’s from the future. All three characters are highly well-known. 


Anime: Pani Poni Dash

I’m not sure where, to begin with, this character.

So, Neko-gami-sama, also known as Lord Cat or Deity Cat, is a god cat.

What exactly does he accomplish with his heavenly abilities?

He spends his time inside vending machines, ensuring that the drinks are constantly at body temperature. Who knows why he does this.

He’s also incredibly dedicated to this “work,” so if he needs to leave, he’ll find someone to take his place. He also has abilities, and his fur colour varies from episode to episode.

What does this signify in the name of all that is holy? I have no idea. It is, nonetheless, amusing. And I’m a member of Neko-gami-church.


Anime: Azumanga Daioh

Imagine being so despised by cats that you get bitten every time you try to pet one.

Sasaki’s life is like that.

Kamineko, the cat, seemed to relish unhinging its mouth and biting her hand. But later, on vacation to Okinawa (which, for some reason, every slice-of-life anime includes), Sasaki meets the cat of her dreams: Maya.

Maya is a wild cat, which is ironic. Despite this, he is the only one that enjoys head pats and cuddles.

In fact, it not only allowed Sasaki to pat him, but it also followed her all the way home.

Now that’s dedication.


Anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Shamisen reminds me of Schrodinger’s cat’s parallel world, which works well because you already know he’s a cat.

On the other hand, Haruhi decides to pick him up one day so that he may participate in her game as a familiar. When Karuhi begins to mix up the actual and fantasy worlds, Shamisen is given the capacity to communicate.

He speaks in a loud voice and typically discusses morals or other philosophical topics. In “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya,” Shamisen is employed to see if Kyon is still connected to the actual world. Essentially, if that were the case, Shamisen would be able to talk.

As a result, he’s got a reason to exist.

Neko Sensei

Anime: Princess Tutu

You know how it feels when you’re 30, and your family refuses to let go of your hand when it comes to marriage?

That sentiment is embodied in Neko sensei. With the added bonus of being a teacher and a cat.

And not in the sense of proposing all the time. Instead, in the sense of “Oh, I see you haven’t completed your homework yare.

You’ll have to marry me as a punishment!”

He rushes away, ironically, when another instructor proposes to him. Unironically, he marries a female cat at the very end.

Happy Cat With Wings

Fairy Tail

The face of the Fairy Tail guild and the anime, in general, is this blue flying furball.

He was designed to be wacky and charming because he is usually utilised for comedy relief throughout the episode. After spending his whole life with the flamboyant (and flamboyant-in-every way) Natsu, a little of his humour and camaraderie rubbed off on Happy.

His characteristic “Aye Sir!” elicits a cheeky little grin every time. And when he’s scared or unhappy, we all grab tissues because there’s going to be a flood.

F-Carla, his feline female buddy, must also be mentioned.


Anime: Re: Zero

According to science, the sweeter a character is when they’re joyful, and the more terrifying they are when they’re furious. 

Puck appears to be a happy-go-lucky artificial ghost who protects our not-so-good lady Emilia and occasionally jokes with Beatrice and Subaru. And it’s just cute.

When Puck becomes enraged, though, they run for the hills.

Even in his most basic form, Puck is a force to be reckoned with, incarnating the Ice Age on a shoestring budget.

Then there’s his other persona. I won’t give anything away, but let’s say he goes from buddy to mister in a flash.


Anime: Natsume’s Book of Friends

Some of the finest anime friendships, in my view, start with a simple alignment of interests.

Madara appears to be simply another youkai eager to get its grubby little mitts on Natsume’s Book of Friends in exchange for the power it contains.

So the two make a deal: if Natsume dies, Madara will get the book, but in the meantime, he would serve as Natsume’s bodyguard.

From there, the connection between the chubby little youkai and the kind-hearted Natsume would only blossom, finally putting the initial contract behind them.


Anime: Konosuba

Chomusuke is Konosuba’s quiet yet endearing sidekick. She is Megumin’s acquaintance, thus the hm unique name, and she frequently follows the gang about doing god knows what.

She appears to be particularly close to Kazuma since she frequently rests her head on his.

For some reason, well, two major reasons, she also adores playing with Wiz.

She is a regular cat with no special abilities. Ignore the fact that you may use fire from time to time. Isn’t he just a regular cat?


Anime: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K: 

Anpu is the image that comes to mind when people think about cats.

He’s a whiny little cat that thinks his mere existence bestows blessings on people. We watch as Saiki, who has the power to read people’s minds, tries to manipulate those around him for his own benefit.

He’s accustomed to unfiltered praise. As a result, Saiki’s utter lack of interest drives the cat mad in his attempt to get acceptance.

He did once save him from a cockroach, albeit it wasn’t the triumph Anpu had hoped.

Saiki also acted as his wingman at one point, which was unusual, to say the least.


Anime: Pok√©mon

Even non-anime fans recognise him as the most famous anime cat ever.

Being a member of the nefarious three in one of the most popular children’s series ever on television will certainly get your name out there.

What’s most intriguing about Meowth is because he’s the most human of Team Rocket in many respects.

He’s expressed questions about what he’s doing with his life and has expressed remorse that he and Pikachu can’t just be friends.

He’s also the brains behind the organisation since he develops all of the equipment, devises all of the plots, and is the master of getting Ash and his group to play his games.

One could wonder if he would continue to “blast off again” if it weren’t for narrative armour.


Anime: Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)

See, I warned you Satan’s offspring would appear at some point!

And I don’t mean in terms of personality because Kuro is a softie in that sense, but he is a devil.

Kuro had things fairly well when he was a protecting deity for humanity until humankind began to ignore him and even desecrated his shrine.

He had a combat form, much like other cat characters, and went on a rampage for some reason.

Shiro, fortunately, was able to calm him down with the power of gentle words and heavy booze.

Rin would eventually be given the task of lovingly headbutting Kuro and teaching the love of wine to his new acquaintance.

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