15 Things you don’t KNOW about Yami Sukehiro

The first captain of the Black Bull Magic Knights team of the Clover Kingdom is a foreigner from the Hino Country named Yami Sukehiro. Additionally, he was formerly a part of the Grey Deer team. Yami Sukehiro in Childhood In Hino Country, Yami Sukehiro was born to a couple of fishermen. Yami’s ship sinks and … Read more

20+ Things you Don’t Know About Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the main characters in Masashi Kishimoto’s fan-favorite manga and anime adaptation of the Naruto series. Throughout the story, Sasuke has various motivations for becoming stronger and reaching the top of the ladder. He put a lot of effort into earning his father’s approval as a young child, and as a … Read more

The Goku Chronicles: 14 Shocking Insights You Need to See.

Son Goku, a Saiyan raised on Earth and given the name Kakarot, serves as the series’ overarching primary character. Kakarot, originally taken to Earth as an infant, was adopted by Grandpa Gohan, who gave him the name Son Goku. Early brain trauma changes Goku’s memories, erasing his initial tendency toward destruction and enabling him to … Read more