Unleash the Cuteness: 29 Hottest Blonde Anime Girl to Crush On

Blonde hair anime girl ruling every anime, and If you look into any anime, you will see that blonde hair anime girls are the best in that anime, which makes them more attractive.



anime girl with blonde hair you must know about

Anime- Naruto

Naruto has a lots of lovely blonde chicks. And that’s putting it mildly.

Tsunade is one of the hottest waifu and blonde women in the entire anime world.

Many of you will be looking for her in this list because we all know the thick and sexy figure she has and the power that makes her top the list.

Even when she isn’t drowning in booze, she is a lot of fun to be around.

Tsunade embodies everything a leader should be: accessible, patient, yet also capable of flinging her fists at her foes.

2-Kashiwazaki Sena Blonde hair girl

Anime Haganai I Don’t Have Many Friends.

However, If you like Ecchi and Harem, you should watch this, and you’re going to love them.

But Sena stands out in my mind, complete with her blue butterfly hairpin and diminutive stature.

Given the ecchi themes in Haganai, viewers may recall something else about Sena as well.

Sena is appealing even without that.

The character of Sena Kashiwazaki is not just about the ecchi stuff or her body. It’s her way of handling things and a pretty face with a perfect personality.


Anime -Chobits

Chii didn’t say much because she was such a “defective” humanoid.

Her character design, on the other hand, was outstanding. She was very stunning.

A bespoke piece of headgear called Chii ears was also available on a private server of the MMORPG Ragnarok Online.

The ears of the characters in the game are so perfect that it looks precisely like Chobits girl’s ears. Who could forget her fantastic animation for the catchy opening sequence?

4-Mary Saotome

Anime- Kakegurui

Kakegurui nailed the adaption from MAPPA Edition, and the way emotions flow out when Mary Saotome is gambling is awesome.

I can still point to the other unusual women of Kakegurui even if I don’t include Yumeko Jabami, the alluring (and borderline psychotic) woman of Kakegurui.

We all thought mary would not be going to play one of the main character roles in the anime, but she hung onto the whole show in amazing ways and showed her potential.

Itsuki Sumeragi is well known for her gaming scams and tactics. However, Mary has the upper hand when it comes to troubling facial expressions.

5-Usagi Tsukino

Anime: Sailor Moon

Usagi Tsukino and the other Sailor Guardians were well-known among the children (and their parents).

She was a hero to many children.

Shipping Usagi and Goku to my country wasn’t insane. Usagi and Goku, the Super Saiyan, are back.

He didn’t have to be famous for her to be happy.

Because of her and Sailor Moon’s influence, both girls and boys learned how to accomplish the magical female transformation routine.

6-Urara Shiraishi The Blonde Witch

Anime- Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches

Urara has an instant appeal to me because of her appearance.

It could be her hesitant expressions and pinkish, reddish eyes. Her warm grin, for example.

Urara Shiraishi is someone to be fallen for and on instant have a crush on her.

It’s not always The looks you see in the girl but how she behave and how she develop their characteristics.

Granted, this is owing to her and Ryuu’s kiss, which is also the show’s central concept.

But it’s incredible to witness her gently but steadily open up to people, slowly but steadily recuperating from past traumatic experiences. 

7-Chiaya Misono

AnimeFrom The Rolling Girls

Here was a sweet young child with a character design that screamed adorableness.

What’s more, how could I forget about her introduction?

She was a stranger who wore a mask, rode a motorcycle, and took photos.

Then she removed her mask, revealing the face of a blonde girl who deserved to be protected with all their power.

If I were an anime dad, I’d want my daughter to have Chiayi’s appearance.

It’s sweet and nice, not like all action and all mystery but very smooth anime. But, first and foremost, let me add that I adore her performance in it.

8-Krista Lenz

Anime- Attack on Titan

Don’t ever get fooled by Krista Lenz, and she is not a regular person, which you have seen in anime, and if you have not watched the other season, be prepared to be surprised by her.

Reiner’s adoration for her is both amusing and understandable.

Krista is far more than just another blonde loli for anyone who has seen more than the first season or read the manga.

And I’m not going to give anything away, which is why I’ve given her the name Krista.

Seasons 2 and beyond offered her a lot of character growth, and I’m hoping the rumours about Wit Studio cancelling the SnK adaption aren’t true.

9-Asuna Yuuki

Anime: Sword Art Online

Most of us don’t like SAO stuff because many times, they don’t relate the anime with ongoing anime series.

I’m no longer familiar with the franchise, but I recall Asuna’s resolve to marry harem master Kirito and become a full-fledged housewife.

Kirito is not one of them.

Sinon is not one of them.

Klein is not one of them. It wasn’t Asuna, though.

Also, don’t forget how tough Asuna appears in the teasers for SAO: Alicization’s last season.

10-Tsumugi Kotobuki

Anime: K-ON!

Some anime characters have something very strange which does not let you forget the character, and Tsumugi is one of them, who have eyebrows like rock lee from naruto.

But she’s more than just a comfortable character design and a fascinating backstory.

Mugi, I believe, is the impetus for many iconic scenes in the classic slice-of-life series.

For starters, during the training episode in the villa, viewers observe the girls having fun in a different place.

Her upbeat demeanour and frequent provision of tea and sweets to her fellow club members enable them to share valuable yet mundane moments.

11-Claudine Saijou

Anime: Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight

You’ll understand why Claudine Saijou is such an intriguing character once you’ve seen Starlight Revue.

She is, without a doubt, a perfectionist. On the other hand, Claudine is driven by a genuine desire to be the best Stage Girl.

Her competitive mentality isn’t bothersome in the least.

Claudine, on the other hand, is motivating.

She is living proof that you can’t (and shouldn’t) be complacent.

You have to continue pushing yourself to get to and stay at the top of your game. Even if others don’t have to work as hard to get into the same lane as you, I suppose it’s a lesson for all of us.

You are going to admiral the character she is and how she holds herself.

12-Eugenie Danglars

Anime- Gankutsuou

Eugenie would easily be in my top ten if this list were solely based on character design.

Because of Gonzo’s clever animation technique, it’s difficult not to recognize the characters of Gankutsuou – the entire show is exquisite eye candy.

But, returning to Eugenie, she is a stunning woman with a big heart.

On the other hand, Eugenie refuses to mindlessly follow the advice of the strong, especially if it comes from her own family.

More people like her, affluent people who don’t turn a blind eye to injustice, are needed in the world.


Anime- Non-Non Biyori

Do you love slice-of-life anime? Then you must have watched or heard about non-non Biyori which is one the best anime in this genre because of the story and its very weird characters.

Kaede is one of the weird and old characters in this and our Blonde anime girl in this list.

But her laid-back demeanour and affection for Renge keep her from falling into the tired, sad grownup trap.

I admire how she is willing to go above and above to make Renge happy.

You love candy, and then you can’t keep her away from this list because she owns one candy store.

14-Mari Ohara

Anime- Love Live! Sunshine!!

You love your school and don’t want it will go shut down and love shounen anime, and then this is one for you.

Ohara gave us so many memes to laugh at on, and I love how she does funny kinds of stuff in the anime, which makes you laugh.

Granted, Nico Yazawa’s Nico Nico Nii memes have taken over the internet.

On the other hand, Mari Ohara has blonde hair and great reaction faces: she can effortlessly look sleazy, pumped, unamused, sorrowful, or confident.

15-Android 18

Anime: Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z has been one of the most favourites I know, and it is also one of the best action shonen anime in the industry. I just mentioned how difficult it is to keep track of hundreds of episodes of the shounen series.

As a result, I recall Android 18’s solemn demeanour. Who wouldn’t be able to?

She’s always engaged, and I wouldn’t want to be the one who has to take her fists.

Android 18 was fortunate enough to meet Krillin, and the two married.

Although she can still become enraged, their friendship allows us to witness a softer side of the otherwise humanoid murder machine.


Anime- Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

She is one of the most cutest blond hairs anime girls on this list, and that’s the only reason I’m mentioning her here because as an anime, miss Kobayashi’s dragon maid is not good.

Tohru is a good-hearted maid when she isn’t a titanic fire-breathing dragon. And all she wants for her loving human Kobayashi is the finest.

This may sound very disgusting and weird, but she used to cut her dragon tail and serve it, but at least she could grow her tailback, and that’s why she kept doing the same thing. 

Tohru detained a thief, but she created a commotion in the process.

Tohru felt cherished since Kobayashi didn’t let go of his hand as they walked home.

17-Karen Kujou


Kiniro Mosaic, Kiniro Mosaic, Kiniro Mosaic, Kiniro Mosaic, Kiniro Mosaic, Kiniro Mosaic, Kiniro Mos

The “ayaya” and “desu! desu!” videos would not exist if it weren’t for her.

She’s the queen of memes.

Karen, on the other hand, is a nice little girl.

Karen, along with her friends, never fails to make me grin.

And who doesn’t adore her appearance?

Her top looks extremely British, and the colours of her socks and shoes are similarly similar to the British flag.


Anime- KonoSuba

Yes, I am aware that she has a different moniker – that she isn’t simply Darkness.

But, as with Krista Lenz, I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen enough Konosuba episodes.

Darkness and the concept behind her are fantastic, with everything out of the way.

She’s a crusader, after all—someone who was supposed to be the chief defence.

She is, however, masochistic.

As a result, her inspiring, seemingly heroic sacrifices are something she looks forward to for entirely different reasons each time.

19-Misa Amane

Anime Death Note

Misa Amane is the perfect girlfriend for any guy can dream of because she is ready to do anything for you and even can die for you, and the importance she had in death note noticed underrated. Even for looks, she is one of the hottest blonde anime girls with a cute smile which is very rare.

My male friends were smitten with her, while my female friends used Misa photos as their avatar.

Who could blame them, after all?

Many real-life anime fangirls who do cosplay always try to adapt the Misa characteristics, and till now, I’m not able to find the perfect match. If you did, please comment down her Instagram id.

Death Note has lost its lustre (especially in the last few episodes), but Misa will always be a blessing.

This anime is another sequel of daily lives anime of high school boys by another name.

Asobi Asobase is insane – genuinely insane.

When Olivia decided to cut her hair, and the infant reacted to the fragrance of her armpits, it was one of my favourite scenes.

That’s the kind of humour I’m talking about. And I think it’s fantastic.

On the other hand, Olivia is a cut above the average blonde female in terms of style.

And, while I don’t want to come across as biased toward blue (because I completely am right now), her blue eyes add to her appeal.


Anime: Bakemonogatari

Monogatari girls will be there in every anime girl list.

Shinobi is a blonde vampire, which is a great plus, and she’s also a loli on occasion.

Shinobu is a strange case of the blonde anime girl because she can practically transform from a child to a full-fledged lady.


Anime: Claymore

It’s as if she’s four blondes rolled into one.

As much as I adore the loli version, I strongly suggest you see her in the critically acclaimed Kizumonogatari trilogy as Kiss-Shot.

Claymore was a show That I was unaware of till I came upon it.

A claymore was a blade that I frequently faced in one of my online games, so I bought a copy since I liked the name.

As a result, you can anticipate my surprise if you see this anime. It was a little more gritty and nasty than the typical shounen I grew up watching.

I admire how women govern this strange, dark society.

It’s refreshing, and the defiant, awe-inspiring Clare is at the core of it all.

22-Riza Hawkeye

AnimeFullmetal Alchemist

She’s a character from the popular Fullmetal Alchemist series, which I hope everyone is familiar with.

I know that everyone who is an anime fan or watched Fullmetal alchemist will keep Riza on this list without any doubts.

Riza is a cool-headed woman with a dry sense of humour, in addition to her well-established badassery. However, you don’t see this as often.

Animated or not, she’s one of the most remarkable women in fiction.

She is so skilled that she doesn’t want any special weapon to kill someone.

23-Tanya von Degurechaff (The Pschopath)

Anime- The Saga of Tanya the Evil

It was NUT’s debut project, and the studio acquitted itself admirably.

Should Tanya be counted as a blonde girl despite being a salaryman before she was isekai-d?


I had no idea the anime world needed a nasty little girl capable of wreaking devastation during a time of war.

She’s alluring at times, despite her psychopathic character.

Tanya, a striking blond anime girl, is unlike anybody else.


Anime Fate/Stay Night

The anime only features the traditional Saber, whereas the massive FSN series includes the conventional Saber as well as Saber Alter and Saber Lily.

In some ways, she resembles Asuna from SAO in terms of strength.

When she’s relaxing with Shirou Emiya, she stops acting like the fearless warrior she is (again, no spoilers) and starts acting like a lovely girlfriend.

I’ve seen so many sakuga moments of Saber thanks to Ufotable’s well-known animation skills, Especially at the Unlimited Blade Works event.

25Eriri Spencer (The Airhead girl)

Anime- How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

You might be wondering why Eriri came in ahead of Saber, Riza, and Shinobu.

But keep in mind that this is just my opinion, as Eriri has always been one of my favourites for best girl.

Although, to be honest, I wasn’t too impressed with her at first.

She appeared to be just another childhood buddy who would never rise in the harem hierarchy.

Her beautiful blonde hair with ribbons, as well as her light blue eyes and little fangs, effortlessly attract my interest.

But listen to me: Eriri Spencer looks most at home when she’s wearing her glasses and a green tracksuit.

I adore that appearance, and I’m hoping for a gift of the statue (since overseas shipping is expensive).


Anime: Hinamatsuri

In 2018, Hinamatsuri became a surprising favourite of mine.

Yes, Hina and Hitomi’s chemistry is amusing and worth watching. Anzu, on the other hand, made sure I remembered this series for a long time.

Anzu, like Hina, was a brash superhuman kid, but her character development was flawless.

She was compelled to rummage through garbage bins in order to sell cans and survive, and she became a symbol for the plight of many Japanese people who do not have homes and must rely on one another.

That’s why I was irritated by Hina’s laziness: Anzu had experienced poverty and loneliness.

That wasn’t the only time she shone.

She showed viewers that not everyone has a loving family and that even if you are not related by blood, you can be a member of one.

27Kaori Miyazano

Anime Your Lie in April

When Your Life in April was still on the air, though, it was a very different time.

A-1 Pictures surprised everyone by delivering a well-animated drama starring musical prodigies.

The series’ final moments were not particularly moving. But I like Kaori, Kousei, Tsubaki, and Ryouta’s path.

Kaori’s enthusiasm and perseverance were contagious, and it’s something we can all benefit from.

It’s an understatement to say Kaori has a big heart and a strong desire to live.

28-Violet Evergarden

Anime- Violet Evergarden

Is there a chance this is a case of recency bias at work? I’m confident in my refusal!

Violet Evergarden is one of my favourite movies, and I can’t wait to see the movie when it comes out.

Every time I see her, I’m more certain that she’s the best blonde girl in the entire anime universe.

Violet’s character design is flawless, and KyoAni’s jaw-dropping animation is the icing on the cake for this program.

She possesses the qualities that I admire in my other choices. Violet has beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes, and her facial expressions speak for themselves.

Her story made me feel sadness, joy, anger, and various other human emotions.

Violet Evergarden, like its main heroine, is a unique treasure in the anime world.

29-Lucy Heartfilia

Anime: Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail isn’t my favourite anime. However, as one of the starring ladies in the 175-episode shounen series, I must acknowledge that Lucy has had an impact.

As a character, she is fantastic.

But, as her gang travels on, it’s not difficult to become attached to her.

Lucy is well aware of her feminine allure and is interested in writing and storytelling.

When Lucy Hearfilia casts her Star Dress magic, it’s also a treat to see her in her lovely frilled black gown (particularly the Leo Form).

Who is the best blonde anime girl?

1. Tsunade
2. Misa Amane
3. Lucy heartfilla



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