Blue-Haired Anime Icons: Beauty Beyond Imagination!

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Top 15 anime girls with blue hair

1.  Rem – Re: Zero

The most iconic girl in all of anime is Rem from Re: Zero.

In fact, she is also known as ‘best waifu’ to many anime fans around the world. Rem is a very gentle young girl who pledges her utmost loyalty to her sister Ram.

She is ready to do anything to protect Ram because she feels she is indebted to her for saving her life. Sometimes it even feels like she actually worships her sister. 

2. Juvia Lockser – Fairy Tail

Her elegance is only matched by her strength as she quickly grows into one of the hottest characters to ever join fairy tail.

However, when she was first seen, anime fans didn’t think much of her because of her emotionless face.

Fortunately, as she soon began to make friends with all the members of fairy tail, her heart grew warmer and warmer as the days passed by. In the end, she was a mage brimming with joy and bliss

3.  Esdeath – Akame ga Kill

There are not many villains more notorious than Esdeath from Akame ga Kill.

No character in the show has seen a person so cruel that she would command her subordinates to mercilessly kill her one and only love interest, Tatsumi.

Her mentality is so fierce thanks to her father instilling these words into her head: ‘The strong shall live and the weak shall die”.

Using this as her main motivation, she has slaughtered many innocent humans without any regrets.

What surprises people the most is that even though she has no compassion for others, she is madly in love with Tatsumi and has kissed him on many occasions.

4. Ami Kawashima – Toradora!

At the beginning of Toradora, people always thought that Ami was a kindhearted individual with love for all her friends.

She was always sweet, joyful, and quite airheaded at times. Then came the twist where viewers soon realized that her personality was a false mask used to conceal her evil.

Ami is a very prideful young woman who sees herself as somebody high above everyone. What made her like this? You may ask.

In truth, it was the fact that she was a highly attractive model and that did not take much time to get to her head

5.  Kaname “Kana” Chidori – Full Metal Panic!

Kaname is a student who studied in Japan and America. The reason for that is the fact that she was the daughter of a UN official.

Thanks to that she developed a very bubbly personality which would fit well in America but not in Japan.

Because of that, she was the victim of bullying both nations.

Nevertheless, her beauty was extraordinary thanks to her long violet hair and her heart-stealing smile. It did not take very long for Kaname to become an idol for all the girls in her school

6. Aqua – Konosuba

As her name would suggest, Aqua is an extremely charming anime girl with blue hair. In terms of beauty, she was in a league of her own.

The thing that makes Aqua stand out is that she is actually the ‘Goddess of Water’ who was tasked with sending humans to the afterlife.

Unsurprisingly, Aqua is as honest as a human could ever get. In fact, all you have to do is pinch her and she will spill out all the secrets that she is so incapable of hiding. It’s always great to see someone that is so jubilant, carefree, and sweet.

7.  Asuna Yuuki – Sword Art Online

Young Asuna is definitely the best teammate you can have inside a game. She never falters when someone needs her help.

Her kindness and sense of compassion is absolutely the best trait that makes others look up to her.

Although initially, she did not have any reason to live in the game, however, once she met Kirito, she soon started to enjoy the game and put all her heart and soul into helping others survive.

8. Akiko Minase – Kanon

Akiko is another anime girl with blue hair that looks so brilliant thanks to her long braid and her sparkling blue eyes. Like most of the anime girls on this list, Akiko is very caring and quite selfless.

In addition, she also believes in herself to be a great cook which is apparent by her love for the special jam she had invented.

She is also a mother who cares deeply for her children because she wants to give them what she didn’t have as a child thanks to her dad leaving her by herself forever.

9.  Sayaka Miki – The Puella Magi

Although Sayaka can be described as a bit of a tomboy, her sense of justice is so great that she became a ‘magical girl’ in order to protect her best friend Madoka who is also the main character in ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica‘.

Even though she sounds like a superhero, she still has a lovely feminine side thanks to her love for romance and music. It is also said that Sayaka is very much into cosplay as well.

10. Erio Touwa – Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

To say Erio is anything but the most adorable anime girl with blue hair would be quite an injustice.

She has long light blue hair which has formed several bangs that make her look so attractive that she was described as having beauty that is out of this world.

Erio is also known to have quite a shy personality.

11.  Levy McGarden – Fairy Tail

Levy is a very exuberant anime girl with blue hair. What is so great about Levy is that she never likes to fight and hurt other people for pleasure.

The only motivation she has for fighting is the will to protect her friends and bring pride to her guild that is known as fairy tail.

Even though she is great at fighting, its quite shocking to see that her one true love is just reading books. Needless to say, she also has a number of abilities that cement her spot as one of the greatest mages on this list.

12. Yoshino – Date A Live

Yoshino is one of the main characters from the show ‘Date A live’. In addition to her long wavy blue hair, she also has large blue eyes.

What makes Yoshino the shyest person on this list is the fact that she doesn’t like to talk much or fight back against her assailants.

She has quite a sad personality which is apparent thanks to the frequently rainy weather that is a consequence of all the sadness stored inside her heart.

13.  Wendy Marvell – Fairy Tail

Wendy Marvell is a catgirl whose breathtaking abilities have caused her to be ranked as the ‘ Sky dragon slayer’. Even though she is quite lovely, she is very shy and introverted.

That’s why she tries her hardest to make new friends. What makes her different from all the other dragon slayers is that she hates flying and fighting.

14. Kurumu Kurono – Rosario + Vampire

Kurumu Kurono is the most deathly attractive anime girl with blue hair on this list. This is because she is a ‘succubus’.

That means she can seduce all men with ease. By using her abilities, she tries her very hardest to win over Tsukune from her rivals. Even though she is competing with other girls like Mizore and Moka, she deeply cares about them both.

Thanks to her kindness, she is renowned as the most pure-hearted succubi. 

15. Konan – Naruto Shippuden

Konan has a very tragic backstory as her parents and loved ones died in a brutal war that spanned many months.

Her skills were undoubtedly one of the very best among the women in Naruto. She was almost able to defeat the main villain by herself.

Unfortunately, thanks to the hardships Konan had faced, she became quite emotionless. Surprisingly, Konan is also very adept at paper origami.

Frequently asked questions

What anime has a girl with blue hair?

Akame ka Gill has an anime girl with blue hair named Esdeath. She is a fierce army general who is very sadistic and cruel.

What anime has a girl with purple hair and blue eyes?

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko is the anime that has a girl with purple hair and blue eyes. Her name is Erio Touwa. She is one of the very famous anime characters that has blue hair. She almost looks like Bulma from Dragon Ball.

What’s the name of the anime girl with blue hair?

The name of the anime girl with blue hair is Fairy tail. This anime has a girl called Juvia lockser. Juvia is a very joyful character and is part of the guild known as Fairy tail.

What anime has a girl with white hair and blue eyes?

The anime known as Hyperdimension Neptunia has a girl called Noire who has amazing white hair and sparkling blue eyes.

Who’s the most popular anime girl with blue hair

One of the most famous anime characters is Rem from the anime series called RE:Zero. She is a charming young girl who Is very loyal to her sister Ram. She has stolen the hearts of many anime fans around the world. And, because of that she is called ‘best waifu’

Are there any beautiful anime girls?

Yes, there are many beautiful anime girls from animes like fairy tail, akame ka gill, sailor moon, and many more! If you are an anime fan that wants to know about anime girls with blue hair, be sure to read our post!


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