37 Most amazing ANIME GIRL WITH LONG HAIR in 2023


This list is for the Best anime girl with long hair and we all know all the weebs just love to watch anime girls who have long hair.

This list will be featuring most of your favorite anime girls and hope you will love it.


37 Komi Shouko


Anime- Komi can’t communicate

Komi-san, this is what you going to listen to or read when you watch this anime or read the manga.

Komi can’t Communication is a really good anime till now and will be because I already read the manga which is also ongoing and Komi and Tadano are some of the best anime couples I ever saw.

Now let’s talk about Komi-san beauty because she is so damn beautiful and perfect in every single way from fitness to studying and looks she is perfect with long black hair which shines brighter than my own future.

36. Sakurai Touko


Anime- My senpai is annoying

She is not the main lead character but still, her hair is beautiful which black but not that long we include Mid-length hair in this list so that’s why I included her here.

She is one of the most popular girls in her company and every boy want to go out with her but she always refuses all the boys because she is somewhere like a guy in her company the story is still going on so let’s see what happen but she is one of the most beautiful anime girls with long hair.

35. Kurisu Makise


Anime- Steins Gate

Kurisu Makise is described as having both beauty and intelligence. This lovely long-haired woman with reddish undertones is a brilliant young college graduate.

Her vice is communicating and expressing herself through the text board. Despite coming from an affluent family, this lovely lady has some dark secrets.

Despite this, this lovely scientist is a responsible and sensible individual.

She is most likely the smartest of the anime heroines with long hair on our list.

Kurisu has a poor sense of style. She likes to dress in unusual outfits. This demonstrates that this brilliant woman is at ease in her own skin.

34. Momo Yaoyorozu


Anime- My hero Academia

Momo Yaoyorozu is a budding hero who dresses in daring and stunning outfits all the time.

The cells in her body are employed to make weapons for her comrades. Creati is her hero’s full name, and she is one of the anime girls with long hair.

This beautiful adolescent hails from a well-to-do household. Despite her wealth, she appears to be self-conscious.

On the other side, her hero class at U.A. High School has given her more faith in her talents. When it comes to other people’s mistakes, though, this attractive heroine is a touch direct.

Momo has natural leadership capabilities as a result of her upbringing in a hero family, and she uses them to help her peers complete even the most difficult tasks.

33. Utaha Kasumigaoka


Anime-Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata

Utaha’s long black hair, which reaches her mid-back, is adorned with a white hairband. With bangs framing her face, it’s shining and straight.

This intelligent high schooler adores writing. She is the very famous author of a novel which is the best selling over 500000 paperbacks. Her hobby is composing plays for the school’s theatrical club.

Utaha is a mute character in the sitcom How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend who has a sharp tongue when she feels like it. She has a reputation for being abrasive.

32. Zero


Anime- Re: Zero

Zero is a little, silver-haired girl with purple eyes. She penned a grimoire with the ability to end the world.

This book goes lost shortly after she completes it.

As a result, this lovely lady employs the services of a Mercenary to assist her in locating the grimoire before it falls into the wrong hands. She’s a witch with a Thirteen-year-old brother.

This silver-haired witch has a fiery personality. But she has little understanding of how her world operates. Zero is a naive young woman with strong magical ability.

Her sorcery has kept her safe from evildoers.

31. Chika Fujiwara


Anime- Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

Chika Fujiwara has the shortest hair on the list, with a length that extends up to her armpit, just below the shoulder.

However, her anime dance in the series has gone popular among anime enthusiasts.

Pink hair and blue eyes characterize this charming anime girl, she enjoys solving puzzles and playing analogue games.

Her black bow in her bangs looks out of place, but it suits her perfectly. This lovely lady is a lively but outgoing young lady. Her acts are foolish and unpredictable.

Chika, despite her cheery personality, may be sneaky at times. Because of her childishness, her classmates regard her as a simpleton.

30. Erza Scarlet


Anime- Fairy Tales

Requip is the name of Ezra Scarlet’s spell. Throughout the series, she wears a variety of outfits, ranging from full metal armour to flimsy garments.

This bold young mage is a dangerous foe. She even lost one of her eyes as a child. Her right eye has been prosthetically replaced. She is a lovely woman from the inside out, notwithstanding.

This lovely lady has a strong maternal instinct for her younger guild comrades despite her lack of wit.

She is always concerned about the safety of children, and she constantly puts herself in dangerous situations to protect them.

29. Tsubasa Hanekawa


Anime- Monogatari

Zero is a little, silver-haired girl with purple eyes. She penned a grimoire with the ability to end the world.

This book goes lost shortly after she completes it.

As a result, this lovely lady employs the services of a Mercenary to assist her in locating the grimoire before it falls into the wrong hands. She’s a witch with a Thirteen-year-old brother.

This silver-haired witch has a fiery personality. But she has little understanding of how her world operates. Zero is a naive young woman with strong magical ability.

Her sorcery has kept her safe from evildoers.

28. Eru Chitanda


Anime- Classic Literature Club 

This attractive young lady has long hair that reaches her mid-back and is of average height. Her hair is dark and straight, and she wears it in a ponytail occasionally.

Eru’s wide purple eyes appear innocent, yet she can be a curious person when she’s intrigued.

This mild-mannered lady knows no limitations when she wants to know something. Eru is a bright student who excels in school and is well-known for her memory.

She has a pleasant demeanour to go along with her lovely appearance. This attractive lady flashes a lot of smiles, and her dazzling personality glows like daybreak.

27. Yukino Yukinoshita


Anime- My Teen Romantic Comedy, SNAFU!

Yukino’s characteristics include waist-length black hair, medium height, a thin body, and piercing blue eyes.

This lovely lady is clever and has a perverted sense of nobility and morals.

She feels that the world’s weaklings require the assistance of people who achieve, just like her.

At the start of the anime, she used to be away from him without giving him any attention.

But, as she learns about friendship and mingling, this stunning young lady begins to warm up to those who become close to her.

Despite the fact that Yukino is a tsundere, some people believe her to be sweet.

28. Kaga Kouko


Kaga Kouko is a member of a well-to-do family. This implies she can keep up with the current trends.

She wears different clothes in every single episode and that’s how you how rich she is actually.

She is severe and formal in her social dealings as a result of growing up in an affluent family. Her attitude changes depending on who she is with at the time.

Other girls enviously look at her because she is trendy. Some people would avoid her because they were intimidated by her.

Her golden-brown hair has curls at the ends and is waist length. Kaga is a sultry lady who knows what she’s worth.

27. Elizabeth Liones


Anime- Seven deadly sins

In this series, this skinny young lady is a princess. Despite her status as queen, she appears clumsy and unconfident.

Her bangs hide her right eye because the colours turn orange when she utilizes her Goddess power.

Even though she was powerful, knowing about her abilities made her feel odd at such an early age. This lovely princess believes that her abilities would be a burden rather than a blessing.

She is a modest woman whose sole purpose is to save her kingdom from destruction. As a result, Elizabeth embarks on a dangerous adventure to locate the Seven Deadly Sins in order to aid her.

26. Konjiki no Yami


Anime- the To LOVE-Ru

Yami, a blonde assassin with red irises and a child’s body, is recruited by a distressed suitor of the main heroine, Lala Deviluke.

She came to Earth in order to assassinate Yuuki Rito.

This merciless assassin likes a child-like form for ease of movement and balance. During conflicts, she can make use of her long hair.

Yami alters her mind after learning who Rito is. Rather than murdering Lala’s love interest, she becomes fascinated by Earth and its culture.

In reality, the young man becomes enamoured with this blond beauty. She even attempts to save Rito in the end.

25. Umiko Ahagon


Anime- The New Game!

Umiko is one of the anime girls with purple/lavender coloured hair. She’s an avid airsoft player who understands practically everything there is to know about the military.

This little lady is an outstanding coder in addition to airsoft. Umiko has a soft side, despite her fearsome appearance.

This lovely intellect can chat for hours about anything military to those close to her.

Other people get irritated by her constant discourse about her pastime.

She also has a quick fuse and dislikes it when people refer to her by her surname. Her surname Ahagon irritates her greatly, and she will shoot anyone who dares with an airsoft gun.

24. Shiro


Anime- No Game No Life

On this list, Shiro is another brilliant girl with long hair. Her hair is white, and she wears it down to her waist. It’s always a jumble as if she doesn’t comb her hair.

She is one of the smartest child girls and when it comes to problem-solving she is someone you can blindly trust on. Her IQ is quite good, but her emotional quotient is a little lower.

This young lady has difficulty reading other people’s emotions and behaviour. As a result, she inquires of her brother, Sora, about sensitivities and correct judgement.

Despite her brilliance, Shiro appears to enjoy speaking in short phrases from a third-person perspective.

This tiny lady, along with Sora, must defeat the creatures that they were transferred to for unknown reasons.

23 Koko Hekmatyar


Anime- Jormungand

Long hair and blue eyes characterize this white-haired business magnate.

She has chin-length hair in the first few episodes of the series, but it grows to waist-length later on. She is in the business of selling weaponry to other people.

Koko prefers to dress in business clothes because he is in charge of a company. When she goes outside in the sun, though, she wears a wide-brimmed hat to protect her delicate skin.

Her strong suit is leadership, yet she is a mystery individual. This young businesswoman is a cheerful and composed individual.

She has a bad temper and is merciless at times, which terrifies a lot of people.

22. Homura Akemi


Anime- Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Akemi is an anime girl with long hair who is fantastic. Her hair is frequently braided into two strands.

This young lady, despite her youth, prefers to keep a poker face. Behind those trendy red spectacles, she always has a serious expression on her face.

She looks really cold without any expression and that’s the face of someone who has been through lots of pain.

After becoming a magical girl, she’s distant, but she begins to show some feelings.

Akemi can employ time-leap and time-stop as a magical girl, but she likes to fight with a combination of arms and magic.

21. Olivier Mira Armstrong


Anime- Full Metal Alchemist

Her hair is lengthy and reaches her waist on this blonde female. Don’t think that she is slim so she is weak no she is very fit and powerful.

Olivier has pale skin due to her Amestrian ancestors. Her hair curls at the ends, even though it appears to be straight.

Her fierceness and fortitude have earned her the moniker “Ice Queen.” Olivier Mira is a brilliant general who is also a terrific leader.

She’s looking after her troops. At the same time, she understands when to put her faith in their abilities.

Despite her compassionate heart, you don’t want to mess with this gorgeous general. She understands her value as a leader.

20. Chitoge Kirisaki


Anime- Nisekoi

Chitoge is the protagonist and one of the series’ long-haired anime girls.

She’s a stunning young lady with gorgeous blue eyes. Her blonde hair brings out the blue in her eyes.

This lovely young lady is forgetful yet has a firm demeanour. She’s outgoing and outspoken.

She was discriminated against by her peers when she was a child. As a result, she was apprehensive of establishing new friends.

She looks and seems like a girl who has so much attitude but trusts me she is one of the sweetest girls if she trusts you then you going to fall for her for sure. Chitoge will go out of her way to fulfil or assist someone, even if they are strangers.

Her red ribbon holds a special meaning for her. As a result, this lovely lady became upset when it was gone.

19. C.C


Anime- Code Geass

This lady with green hair is invincible. Her skills, which make her eternal, allow her to cure any wound. C.C. is the same way.

Her sentiments for Lelouch are the most intriguing aspect of her personality. She adores the young man, despite the fact that it is unrequited love. Even after knowing that she going to be used as a thing she gave up herself for him.

No one can tell the ago of C.C. because she is not like a regular human but she looks so young like a teenage girl. learns not to display emotions as a result of this.

You may see her occasionally respond, especially when it comes to Lelouch.

18. Aqua


Anime- KonoSuba

When you listen to this name the only thought you will get is water goddess and this is what she looks like. From head to toe, she’s a sea of blue. Her hair, eyes, and clothes are all mostly blue in colour.

Aqua is lovely and one of the prettiest heroines in the series, despite her practically monochromatic appearance.

When NEETs die, this anime character provides them options.

She’s a bit gullible, despite being a goddess. Her best quality is her honesty. She was incapable of lying. Even if she tries to keep it hidden, a few pinches on her cheek will force her to reveal all.

Aqua’s power is water, as she is a water goddess. These skills are healing, purification, resurrection, magic barriers, and other water-related abilities.

17. Raphtalia


Anime- The rising of the shield hero

She has never had a normal life like other teenage girls because she has been a slave and had so many masters of her and in the end, she was sold to Naofumi. Her new instructor taught her a variety of skills, including fighting.

This unhappy girl’s life transforms for the better after that. Her new boss is fair with her.

Raphtalia gradually gains trust in a person as a result of this treatment. She grows stronger and more cunning in her battle skills as she spends more time with Naofumi.

Her training has stripped her of her feminine urges. This lovely young lady has long brown hair and is a combination of Racoon and Tanuki.

She transforms into a stunning, voluptuous young lady. This is due to her new master’s affection and care for her, even though it is a fatherly love.

16. Sagiri Izumi


Anime- EroManga-Sensei

Sagiri is a 13-year-old hikikomori who is a shut-in most of the time. She became like this after her parents died suddenly.

Despite being a hermit, she has a sizable online following. Her content demonstrates how to sketch on the internet.

While she’s chatting to other people, she’s soft-spoken, but not when she’s streaming live.

This girl occasionally employs the usage of a speaker in order to be heard by others to whom she is speaking. Sagiri works as an illustrator in her brother’s light novels in secret.

15. Rin Tohsaka


Anime- Fate stay/Night

Rin Tohsaka is a long-haired anime character. Her anime hair is purple and waist-length, and she has blue eyes. This lovely lady has perfect skin.

Until she came into contact with ‘The Holy Grail,’ she was an ordinary Japanese high school student. This Holy Grail is an enigmatic item that may grant any wish.

Her magus abilities were reawakened. 

As a result, allowing her to summon Servants and cast numerous spells in battle.

In Japanese, her given name means ‘cherry blossom.’ However, she dislikes being called by this name because it conjures up images of springtime, which reminds her of someone.

14. Sistine Fibel


Anime- Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor 

Sistine is a petite young lady with lavender-coloured, nearly white hair. Her hair is predominantly silver or white in the manga.

Her eyes are a stunning olive green.

Because of her cat-ear headband, this beauty is known as White Cat. Her area of expertise is air magic.

She approaches everything in a no-nonsense manner. This lovely lady is really strict. Glenn, her professor, is frequently chastised by her!

Despite this, Sistine is a lovely young lady who is highly talented and gorgeous.

13. Pacifica Casull


Anime- The Scrapped Princess

Like Violet Evergarden, this tall young lady prefers a messy ponytail and a messy updo. Her hair is braided and wrapped around her head in the shape of a crown.

Pacifica will occasionally let her down and allow her to flow with the wind. Her golden hair appears to be soft, fluffy, and fluffy.

She has a vibrant personality that is usually upbeat and entertaining. This lovely lady enjoys having a good time. She sometimes acts immaturely, as if she were a child.

Pacifica is a naive individual who is constantly seeking apologies. She has an easy time trusting people, even if they are evil.

12. Sawako Kuronuma


Anime- Kimi ni Todoke

Sawako Kuronuma has long hair that reaches her hips. She is not someone with so much attractive look or a cheering look.

Her dark hair stands out against her pale face, adding an attractive touch; several of her classmates make fun of her because of her appearance.

Sawako’s pals claim she smiles uncomfortably in a good-natured way every now and then.

She only wanted to make friends, and the other pupils understood exactly what she meant.

This Sadako impersonator has a crush on Kazehaya and is attempting to confess her love to him.

11. Violet Evergarden


Anime- Violet Evergarden

She has blue eyes and wears loli-style clothing that was popular at the time and she does not have very long hair but still, it’s considered as long if it’s mid-length.

This young lady will sometimes pull her hair back into a ponytail or pigtail during combat.

In most instances, she wears her hair in a haphazard updo with her hair breaded.

In a tough conflict, this unfortunate soul loses her leader and mentor. She does, however, make it. Violet felt a little disoriented after that, but she discovered a new meaning in life.

She began to assist others by writing letters on their behalf.

10. Reina Kousaka


Anime- Sound! Euphonium

Reina is a peace-loving young lady who normally maintains a serene demeanour.

When people criticize Noboru Taki, with whom she has a secret crush, she becomes enraged and unhappy.

This lovely girl enjoys classical music and has led a band since she was in middle school. She enjoys mandolin as well but has never told the other members of the band about it.

She always brings a mandolin with her when she goes to practise or a performing location, which is well-known in anime.

9. Belldandy


Anime- Oh My Goddess

The majority of the anime women on this list are either humans or goddesses. So now I’d want to introduce you to another goddess.

Belldandy wears her long hair in a lavender ribboned ponytail which almost reaches her waist.

Even though she is a goddess, this stunning woman is exceedingly generous. She has the ability to know how others feel what’s going on in their mind and how happy or sad they are which is really great.

8. Yuuko Ichihara


Manga- xxxholic

Yuko is a tall, slim woman with light skin and knee-length hair. Her hair is styled with bangs in the front that reach up to and above her brows.

The majority of her head, including her bangs at the top of her scalp, is covered by a distinct layer.

Finally, a layer below the jaw extends down to hip level and another layer at knee level.

This lady is recognized for her eye colour, which shifts from red to purple or turquoise on a regular basis. She has a distinctly erotic appeal.

Yuko tries her hardest to be sympathetic to everyone around her the majority of the time. She exudes calm beauty and acceptance.

7. Ika Musume


Anime- Squid Girl

The tentacles on this squid girl resemble blue hair. She is the series’ main protagonist. Ika Musume is a half-human, half-animal hybrid. Her tentacles are used in a variety of activities and tasks.

She’s possible hundreds of years old. This sad lady wants to punish Earth because of the destructive effects of human interventions on the water.

As a result, she reappears and declares her intention to take over modern-day Earth.

Her head (or perhaps her headgear) is shaped like that of a squid. However, the storey never specifies whether it is a hat or her actual head.

6. Asuna Yuuki


Anime- sword art online

Like other characters in both forms, Asuna Yuuki is a fictitious character in the anime “Sword Art Online” made by A-1 Picture and the light novel authored by Reki Kawahara. She is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu (the seiyuu).

Her anime appearance is almost identical to her real-life appearance, with dark brown eyes and waist-length chestnut-coloured hair.

This young warrior is dressed like a knight or a samurai during conflicts. Her virtual avatar has flaming red eyes and looks similar to her physical figure.

She calls her avatar “Fuurinkazan,” after a real-life Japanese castle.

5. Satsuki Kiryuin


Anime- Kill la Kill

In the anime Kill La Kill, Satsuki Kiryuin is the main antagonist. Honnouji Academy is where she studies.

All students who have been expelled from other institutions are admitted to this high school.

If you win, you will receive a diploma with honours. If you lose, however, she punishes her victim until he or she resigns or is forced to commit suicide via pain and humiliation.

Satsuki Kiryuin is a well-known anime character among fans.

Her hair is black. Aside from that, anime fans all around the world admire her for her clothing style, large anime eyes, body figure (which she has the most of), and intriguing demeanour.

4. Mirei Shikishima


Anime- Valkyrie Drive

Mirei is a Mermaid kingdom native who is in her first year of high school.

She emerged from the depths of the Earth to safeguard humanity from the animals that are on their way to her realm.

Originally, this seductive lady planned to battle alone, but she changed her mind and formed a squad. Mirei Shikishima is a severe young lady who will not accept others’ disobedience.

She is not innocent or kind because she can kill anyone if she has to save the planet even if they not doing anything wrong to it so better watch out.

This stunning fighter has the longest hair on the list. It’s excessively lengthy (to the floor), which is completely unrealistic.

So, who are your favourite long-haired characters? Is it the Eromanga sensei girl? Is Erza Scarlet the one?

I’m sure they’re all gorgeous in their own way, whatever they are. However, you might be interested in reading some of my other writings about anime chicks.

3. Saeko Busujima


Anime- high school of the dead

Saeko is a lovely young lady with purple hair that is cut to a medium length. Her beautiful blue anime eyes are her most distinguishing characteristic.

She has a tiny anime body and wears anime-style clothing that reminds us of school uniforms.

Her character exudes elegance as she holds her weapon in her hand, her long hair flowing like a river.

Saeko has always been a polite and trustworthy student who does not panic in dangerous situations.

Saeko is a Kendo expert who specializes in melee fighting. A single bokken hit will kill a living guy.

2. Usagi Tsukino


Anime- Sailor Moon

Her hair is blond and reaches her knees, with odango in her buns. Her hair is tied to the moon. Thus, she maintains it long.

This lovely fighter is a chirpy, sassy crybaby who always sees the best in people, even when they don’t deserve it.

Luna gave her the ability to turn into Sailor Moon when she was chosen out of thousands of people to be a superheroine.

Sailor Moon, Usagi’s alter ego, possesses a variety of abilities, including the ability to cure people, but this talent comes at a cost: she must be harmed in exchange for fighting off foes.

Her other skills include the ability to blast anime beams from her palms.

1.Yukino Yukinoshita


Anime- My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

This anime is one of the most underrated anime series because it does deserve a lot and the mature love story is more than that Yukino and Hachiman are one of the most mature anime couples but this is no place to talk about it but if you wanna know the love story and how good the couples is the link for best anime couple is right down below this article so do watch it.

So let’s talk about Yukino, she is a smart, tall and very pretty girl but she also doesn’t interact with anyone because she thinks it’s a waste of time but the look she has is beautiful as soon as you see her you will fall in love with her.

She has long black hair which falls to her waist and the face oh god just like a goddess but the story is very well written please do watch this anime and at least watch it for Yukino.

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2. Hinata
3. Zero

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