40+ Anime Goth Girls in 2023 – [Don’t Miss THIS]


Best Anime Goth Girls

Anime goth girls

This list has so many anime goth girls and if you like these types of anime girls then you going to love it.

The list will also let you know in which anime these anime girls are in.

1-Dalian from The Mystic Archives of Dantalian

Anime goth girls

You like or are into cute anime girls who have gothic style then you going to love Dalian because she is one of the cutest anime girls.

She is one of the main characters of the mystic archives and one of the most famous characters in the anime girls in this anime.

Dalian has very long black hair with a few purple streaks or you can say tint and she wears a long black dress.

She has a shy personality but looks more like a sadistic gothic anime girl but she also doesn’t have many friends.

2-Rory mercury, gate

Rory mercury, gate

Do you love a girl who is violent and always ready to just fight and kill, if you love demigods and are a goth girl then you going to love her for sure?

You can call her gothic loli or one of the gothic anime girls who wear all black clothes. And because she is a demi-god her body stopped aging a long time before.

3-Lenalee Lee, D. gray man

Lenalee Lee, D. gray man

Lenalee Lee is an independent and great teenage girl who knows how to fight and is one of the sweetest gothic anime girls with whom you wanna keep eye contact.

She was never cheerful or sweet because she used to be tied up in one place so she won’t try to kill herself. Her parents were killed a long time ago and she wanted revenge and that’s why she lean fighting.

She doesn’t really wear full black clothes but she has a gothic anime girls look which makes her into this goth girls list.

4-Sunako Kirishiki, Shiki

SunakiKirishiki is a Shiki, the in-universe version of a vampire who is also known as a demon corpse.

She is vilified throughout the series as the main cause of the illness that beguiles Sotoba, resulting in a slew of inexplicable fatalities.

Sunako is the antagonist in all but name. Shiki is an anime about a girl who is almost everything but.

She’s over a century old and incredibly compassionate, with a youthful appearance but a frail disposition and a passion for reading and human culture.

Her characterization is Gothic elements, and her tragic story just adds to it.

5-Re-L Mayer, Ergo Proxy

Re L Mayer, Ergo Proxy

Outside of world-building, one of the best elements of Ergo Proxy is the fantastic character design.

She is the female protagonist and the main character of the anime who can kill you with a straight face without giving a thought about you and your human life.

There is no other anime that looks like it, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the design and characterization of the enigmatic protagonist. Re-L Mayer, a melancholy yet bold 19-year-old woman.

Her incredible eye shadow completes her cyber-Gothic look. Giving her eyes a blue shine and making them stand out against her drab, dark, and professional attire.

6-ShinobuOshino, Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade – Kizumonogatari

Shinobu Oshino, Kiss Shot Acerola Orion Heart Under Blade Kizumonogatari

She is built as a cute and small 8-year-old in her traditional form. But her real form is a voluptuous vampire dressed in Victorian garb and holding a big katana.

She is the oldest goth girl on this list and one of the oldest anime gothic girls.

She’s an intriguing figure that gradually comes into her own as the storey continues, but she’s always lurking in the shadows.

7-Misa Amane, Death Note

Misa Amane represents a specific Gothic archetype with which serial killers are captivated, if not infatuated. She aspires to the Gothic Lolita fashion style and wonderfully fits Death Note’s look.

She is the second Kira who wears a black dress. And has demon red eyes and of course light Yagami lover.

Misa is hot gothic style and the favourite goth girl in the anime world and in death note.

Rem is enamoured with her naivety toward death and murder but she is pained by it.

Misa brilliantly portrays the Gothic Lolita style the final time we see her – in a still frame.

8-Lust, Fullmetal Alchemist

Lust is the sin’s incarnation, presenting as a seductive but ruthless enemy who works alongside Gluttony.

She wears a flattering onyx dress with a flowing backdrop of black hair and is completely pale. Which makes her a hot goth girl and famous among gothic anime girls.

Roy mustang killed lust with his red flame alchemist and burned down lust into ashes.

She’s proven to be nasty and vindictive all the way to the finish. However, her brain is never a hindrance as she demonstrates cunning intelligence amid Father’s Seven Sins.

Because of so many awesome characters. The story of this anime series is one of the best and also characters like lust make anime and goth girls look more hot and demanding.

9-Ebisu, Dorohedoro

Ebisu, Dorohedoro

A terrifying crocodile man rips off Ebisu’s face. And she is now an antagonists’ lair with no memory or, well, face the first time we meet her.

Her face is bandaged and veiled for the bulk of the film, but when we see her again she’s reconstructed with stark purple eyes and hair, as well as a youthful appearance.

Her clothing is neo-Gothic in style, consisting entirely of black and grey with buttons, buckles, and scythes.

Ebisu’s gender was a source of speculation for a time before it was verified, and she’s fairly androgynous as well.

With her weapons and skeletal mask, she embodies a Grim Reaper motif. Despite this, she’s primarily a goofy, stupid character. With her ditzy amnesiac state being for dark humour – and to significant effect.

10-Celestia Ludenberg, Danganronpa

Has there ever been an anime character so obviously Gothic? She’s known as the Ultimate Gambler. And she’s made a name for herself as a world-class liar by cruelly toying with the lives and finances of individuals who both fear and adore her.

Celestia’s hair is twin-drill onyx pigtails that cascade down the sides of her courtly and regal posture.

Her ensemble consists of a classic Gothic Lolita black and white dress with schoolgirl elements like a blazer and tie.

11-Touka Kirishima, Tokyo Ghoul

Touka Kirishima, Tokyo Ghoul

Due to her trademark mask and quickness, Touka is known as the Rabbit on Tokyo’s streets. She’s a ghoul battling for Anteiku’s principles. She is a tall, athletic girl with long purple bangs who is aloof.

Despite straining to live in both the Ghoul and Human worlds at the same time, she manages to graduate from high school and maintain a job throughout the series.

Despite this, she is a sweet soul who is dealing with severe abandonment issues and poor self-esteem, and her character is complex, respectable, and lovable.

12-Trish, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

Trish, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind

Trish is a multifaceted character with a killer sense of style. She’s the strange daughter of the much more mysterious Boss of Passione, a mystery individual who’s been the subject of various Mafia conspiracy theories.

As a result, she is being pursued in order to reach the Boss, and her life has become chaotic, stressful, and lonely. She treats Bruno’s group with contempt and scorn at first.

When she sees how far they’ll go to protect her, she manifests her Stand, [Spice Girl], which is critical in the group’s march toward her father.

Her style is stunning, with a mathematical and mathematic theme adorning her skirt and a dark brassiere influenced by 1980s and 1990s fashion models.

Trish (like many of Araki’s characters) may be more Punk than Goth. But I think she straddles the gap between aesthetics brilliantly!

13-Homura Akemi, Madoka Magica

Her grave, downcast gaze, and matter-of-fact demeanour are two of Homura’s distinguishing characteristics. First, with dark purples and greys mixing into her black hair and stockings, her Magical Girl form is significantly more worthy of her neo-Gothic sensibilities.

Every character in Madoka Magica was meticulously designed by Studio Shaft, which is seen in Homura’s shaded hollow and grey eyes.

If you keep watching, you’ll see why – and why death is such a recurrent occurrence in her life.

14-Celty Sturluson, Durarara!!

Celty Sturluson, Durarara!!

There’s a reason everyone knows her by the name ‘The Headless Rider.’ She wore a black biker jumpsuit and a yellow helmet (vaguely stylized like a cat) with her head gone as if she were a motorcyclist.

Celty is an Irish fairy known as a Dullahan on a quest to recover her stolen skull. She’s immortal and hundreds of years old. But she’s in a modern-day Japanese version of a horse-riding knight’s costume.

Despite this, she has a very energetic and preppy demeanour – despite the fact that she frequently falls into a gloomy topic and has stated having quite bleak ideas.

15-Stocking Anarchy, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Stocking Anarchy, Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt

If you wanna see a weird anime for fun then you should watch this anime and you going to love Anarchy stocking because she is dark yet very fun to watch.

Instead, she dresses in a Gothic Lolita manner from head to toe, and her hair is styled like a veil with big bangs cascading down the sides.

She also carries a deteriorating purple teddy bear as a comforting toy. Stocking is a reclusive character who has been found to have unusual views on aesthetics, attractiveness, and human mortality.

She’s extremely edgy in general, shouts the Goth Lolita aesthetic with no subtlety, and so merits her spot here!

16-The Girl, Angel’s Egg

Every day, the Girl carries a white egg, oblivious to the fact that it will hatch shortly. She collects water jugs and spends her days pondering. Angel’s Egg has a gloomy look, and the storyline is richer in imagery and symbolism than any other story.

Along with the visuals, the discourse raises issues about existence, reality, theology, and the meaning of death and life. It’s a pretentious event, and I’m putting The Girl in fifth place for similarly pretentious reasons.

She’s gloomy, melancholy, and despondent. And she’s stuck in a Sisyphean loop of her own design, caught between the agentic and the deterministic.

She’s not just an intriguing figure, but also a gorgeous one, thanks to Yoshitaka Amano’s Fantasy Gothic character design.

17-Lain Iwakura, Serial Experiments Lain

Lain, like The Girl, represents a cyber-Gothic figure that is cut off from reality and disconnected from the concrete.

YoshitoshiABe’s design brilliantly captures her depersonalized, Dull attitude — subdued colour scheme, sad nihilistic eyes, and an apparent permanent frown. Lain is as much an atmosphere as she is a person, and the anime has a Gothic feel to it.

It highlights issues of religion, technology, the internet, social connection, anomie, and mental health decline in an electronic era.

Lain is quiet and introverted, slow and meticulous, and depressed, just like the anime.

18-Slan, Berserk

Slan is the God Hand’s lone female member, and I believe she accidentally personifies Gothic the best. It’s no surprise, given that she’s from Berserk, the best Gothic manga currently available.

She has a sadomasochistic streak, often going to extremes with people she defeats solely for the shock value of the suffering on any given watch. She has a sexual obsession with suffering and anguish, and she has no regard for life’s sanctity.

Her design frequently depicts her as fully naked, with the exception of huge bat-like wings protruding from her back. The imagery created beside Miura’s characters is given special attention in his lavishly detailed artwork, and Slan is no exception.

She is frequently given dark, nightmarish, even Lovecraftian surroundings. And her portions frequently feature some of the Berserk’s most heinous psychosexual terror.

19-Nana Osaki, Nana

Nana is one of the two protagonists of the Nana series, alongside another Nana who is completely different. Confused? Relax, since it’s easy to understand after you’ve seen it.

She’s the lead singer of the up-and-coming punk band ‘The Black Stones,’ and she carries a lot of trauma with her. Which she conveys via music.

She had left numerous times throughout her life. Which manifested as an abandonment issue that persisted throughout the series.

Despite this, she is immensely powerful and intelligent, and she refuses to be back. Instead, she has a little lotus blossom tattooed on her arm and smokes like a chimney, frequently morosely or in the bath.

Her style is obviously Punk-Gothic through the eyes of a Japanese woman, and it suits her brilliantly. Despite her bleak past and outward look, she is nice and kind to her pals.

20-Shalltear Bloodfallen, Overload

She is also one of the coldest gothic anime girls on this list not because she is a true vampire. But because of the cold heart she has and master ainz really like her or not like her we can’t say.

She is really flirty and can make you uncomfortable by doing flirt and having sexual needs or preferences. Because she is one of the strongest floor guardians and best vampire anime girls.

21-Black Star, soul eater

She is one of the most badass gothic anime girls and one of the best fighters in the soul eater series because she has all the weapon skills to kill anyone.

She is also the last star clan survivor and top student of the academy.

Black star is not someone who will go out and have fun or hang out with you. She is more focused on improving her skills and keeping herself improving every day.

This is it guys thanks for reading this list and hopes you love it and do let me know your suggestions and which Goath girl you love the most.

what is anime called with goth and preppy girls?

Gothic anime.

anime for goth girls who like magus bride?

Gate, Death Note, and overload

How many seasons are there for soul eater?

Till now it’s just one and still, we don’t know if there will be another season coming.

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