20 Top upcoming Anime in 2023

Top upcoming Anime

This is the list of the Top upcoming anime in 2023. enjoy your time reading this, and you will gonna love it. Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3, the fourth season’s final episode that wraps off the epic series’ main plot, will air in 2023. Beginning in … Read more


Best action anime This list is for all the anime fans who love action Anime, and on this list, you will see the best action anime. This list will include anime series and movies because many anime series have their own movies. There are Anime which you already know, like my hero academia, one punch … Read more

28 Best yakuza gang anime Of All Time

This list is all about gangs, and you will see many best yakuza gang anime. Anime fans really love the yakuza group and yakuza members. You will see mafia families, yakuza clan, there will be gangster anime, amusing anime, gang warfare anime. So if you love gang wars, illegal gambling cruise, third-person shooters, turf wars, … Read more

99 The hot anime guys list of all Time

This is the list for girls and women who love the hot anime guys, and you will see the hottest anime guys here There are 100 hot anime guys on this list, and you can pick your hottest anime guys, 99-Ken Kaneki from Tokyo ghoul In the first season, ken Kaneki was a cute-looking, normal-looking … Read more

59 High school anime of All Time

This is the list for high school anime fans, and most of the greatest anime in the anime industry are high school anime or school genre anime. There is much recent anime that is based on high school anime, and it has become a very popular genre. Many of us have been on our first … Read more