All Time Favourite Anime Princess

We all can call this royalty list because it has so many princesses that will make you watch all the Anime they are in, and you are going to adore them.
You are going to love this list because it’s not just about the beauty of the princess but also about how skillfully they are and what importance they have in the Anime.


1-Hancock BOA From One Piece


We all must have seen one piece or listened to it because it is one of the most loved and popular Anime in the world, and it’s not just because of Luffy, the monkey king who is the main character, but also Hancock Boa, who is beautiful with a brain.
She is a snake princess and also a pirate and rules her crew like a queen but is treated like a princess.
Snake Princess is a tall and slim woman with very long black hair, which makes her look more stunning.

2-Latifa Fleuranza From Amagi Brilliant Park


Latifa is a young girl who wears a small silver tiara and has yellow hair and blue eyes. Her hair is hip length and reaches all the way to the top of her head. She’s wearing a white peach gown.
The upper layer of her garment includes flower motifs at the ends.

She is wearing a pink corset. Latifah is dressed in white gloves. She’s dressed in a white see-through wrap and two different-sized necklaces.
Latifah is a happy person who is frequently seen with a smile on her face. She is a kind and passionate person concerned about the survival of the amusement park, which is at risk.

3-Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi From Cross Ange Rondo of Angels and Dragons


If you love princesses with golden hair and pink eyes, then Angelise will be your favorite. Her form is petite but sensual, with a well-proportioned chest.

She gets tone after her Arzenal training. She donned dresses frequently during her tenure as an imperial princess. Angelise spoke in a noble and proud tone, befitting an anime princess.

Angelise’s appearance and demeanour alter dramatically when she rejects her royal background and accepts that she is a Norma.

4-Princess Serenity From Sailor Moon


Suppose anyone is from the silver Millennium royal dynasty. In that case, that person should have the golden crescent and Princess Serenity.

The princess in the sailor moon anime, in that family. Still, the fantastic thing is that she looks exactly like the reincarnation of Usagi Tsukino.

She is a young woman who has long blonde hair and peach and white dress and is well known in the anime world because she knows all the princess principal.

Serenity donned a white flowing gown with white shoulder parts that were separate from her gown, an exquisitely designed bodice with gold hoops, and a row of golden beads defining the bust.

5-Lacus Clyne From Mobile Suit Gundam SEED


Lacus appears innocent and a bit of an airhead at first glance, but this is simply owing to her romantic and pacifistic character. 

She is not the cheerful one or someone who does teenage girls kind of things, but she is a very clear and calm person who has deep knowledge and thinking and view about things.

She always tries to learn about Earth and how to widen the chasm between naturals and coordinators.

Lacus is an Anime Princess who is charming, strong-willed, and determined.

6-Kougyoku Ren From The Labyrinth of Magic

If your choice or you like girls or women with short height and cute faces and want to see a girl with pink eyes, which is rare even in Anime, then Kougyoku is the one you are will like or adore. She frequently wears a long, opulent gown to show off her royal status.

She has a humble demeanour and frequently buries her face beneath her sleeves when she is ashamed. Her wealth of facial expressions, which convey the different changes in her heart, is Kougyoku’s most extraordinary charm.

Although she has a playful demeanour, Kougyoku adopts a frigid mask to intimidate her adversaries as the headstrong royal princess at diplomatic meetings.

7-Lala Satalin Deviluke From To love-Ru 


Lala is Teenager and not just an ordinary Teenager but one of the hottest Anime princesses on this list because of her curves and so damn nice pink lips. She is sometimes referred to as the “Perfect Girl.”

Lala has long hair around her waist and is mostly tied into a tail, which is one of the main features because it like and heart structure, which makes her different from any other girl.

Another distinguishing aspect is that she usually always sports a hair clip with thick black swirls that circle once and then point downward. Peke, her robot friend, is the one who made the clothes she’s wearing right now.

At the start of the series or the Anime, we saw Lala virtually in a robot kind of outfit.

8-Lenessia Erhart Cowen From Log Horizon

If you are a fan of dark blue eyes and purple hair long enough to touch your knees kind of princesses, then Rayneshia is the one you want to adore.

Rayneshia prefers to wear comfortable pyjamas, which are inappropriate for social situations. Thus Elissa (Rayneshia’s personal maid) decides on her outfit.

Rayneshia is a laid-back, melancholy, and lazy girl who prefers to spend her days eating, daydreaming, and napping.

8-Millhiore Firianno Biscotti From Dog Days

Millhiore is a charming anime princess with purple eyes and beautiful pink hair. She also wears royal-style clothing and has pink dog ears and a tail. Her front hair is short, and her rear hair is lengthy.

Everyone in the country adores her as the nation’s representative leader. Considering her celebrity, she is a singer who sings at events, concerts, and public appearances.

Cinque was first taken to Flonyard by Millhiore, who had Tatsumaki open a gateway on Earth while Cinque attempted to jump from a height at school.

9-Carla/Charles From Fairy Tail


Carla is a white Exceed with pink ears and somewhat smaller brown eyes than Happy.

Carla’s tail has a pink bow at the end of it.

Carla, like the other characters, appears to change her clothes frequently.

Carla can fly by sprouting two angel-like wings when she utilises Magic. Her pink Guild Mark can be found on her back, and this is a photo of her in her human form.

10-Lilliane von Phoenix From Kaibutsu Oujo

Hime is the name given to Lilliane von Phoenix. She is a lovely young princess from the world of Anime. Blonde hair, ruby eyes, and split pupils characterise her like the rest of the Royal Family.

She wears a silver tiara, and her hair is about waist length. Since childhood, her characteristic clothing has been a black gothic dress. Which she almost always wears. Later, the gauntlets were added.

Her outfit appears to be shorter towards the start of the series as well. In the final chapter, she wears a light-coloured sweater-coat, a white dress shirt, a dress skirt, and rain boots.

She has two little hair spikes right above her brow and is totally developed.

11-Relena Peacecraft From Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Anime Princess Relena, who started out as a wealthy, romantic young lady, matures over the series as she uncovers the truth about her history and takes an active role in shaping the future.

She finally devotes her life to her family’s preaching of pacifism. Despite this, Endless Waltz is an OVA.

She admits that peace cannot be reached simply by turning it over to the people and requiring some effort.

She appears to be in love with Heero from the beginning, as she goes to great measures to be with him during the events of Gundam Wing.

12-Asseylum Vers Allusia From Aldnoah.Zero

Asseylum is an Anime Princess who is idealistic and nonviolent. She favours peaceful solutions and has an optimistic outlook on humanity and her beloved princess.

She appears to respect Earthlings as equal human beings, unlike many Martians.

Despite her responsibility for the circumstances that led to the Second Earth-Mars War between Martians and Earthlings, she is a strong woman. Asseylum believes she has a responsibility to assist end the conflict.

Asylum is sympathetic, caring, and considerate. She’s also naive, believing that the war would end if her grandfather learned she was still alive.

Asseylum later realises her error and that certain members of the VERS were only using her as an excuse to start a war with Earth.

13-Pina Co Lada From Gate

She has dark red hair and eyes that are the same colour. She always wears light armour with thick shoulder guards and a cleavage-baring top. Pina dresses in a dress with the wrong strap for formal occasions.

Pina Co Lada is an anime princess with a severe and harsh demeanour. Despite this, she discovered otaku culture and was deeply impacted by it after spending some time with Itami.

People say she is princess resurrection and looks like the late actual princess.

She also has little understanding of Japanese culture, as evidenced by the delegate reaching out her hand. Which is reportedly exclusively done for wedding rituals in the princess’s culture.

One of the aides, fortunately, advises her what she should do. Pina is a devoted and devoted person.

13-Nausicaa From Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

She is 16 years old, yet her knowledge much exceeds her years. She has devoted her life to assisting her people, including researching a treatment for the miasma sickness that many people suffer from.

Nausicaa is brave, fearless, wise, intellectual, loyal, honest, kind, and sympathetic, and she embodies everything a true heroine should be. She stands tall in the face of all foes and is willing to give her life to save those around her.

Her fencing and flight manoeuvring talent exceed that of the enemy forces.

14-Princess Sakura From Tsubasa Chronicles

Sakura is a fictional character from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, a manga series by Clamp.

She, often known as Clone Sakura, is a character from Clamp’s Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and xxxHolic crossover series. 

Her behaviour and appearance are similar to her Cardcaptor Sakura counterpart.

With each individual having their own backstory, Tsubasa Chronicle embarks on a new adventure. She also appears in xxxHolic, a Clamp title, and makes multiple cameo appearances in other chapters.

15-Princess Emeraude From Magic Knight Rayearth

Cephiro’s sovereign monarch and a Goddess-like figure to whom the residents pray for peace, prosperity, and protection are Princess Emeraude.

She is also the first to summon Hikaru Shidou, Umi Ryuuzaki, and Fuu Hououji, the fabled Magic Knights, to Cephiro, a faraway mythological kingdom.

Princess Emeraude is a blonde princess with green or blue eyes.

16-Stephanie Dola From No Game No Life

Stephanie is an Imanity Anime Princess with short red hair and a huge blue flower in her hair. She has blue eyes, a voluptuous body with large breasts, and a Sora gown that idols desire.

She’s dressed in a shoulderless cardigan, a maid-like outfit, leg warmers, and boots. She wore this exquisite gown presented to her by her grandfather in Episode 1.

She was forced to wear a towel after losing it to Chlammy before being dressed in a bedsheet dress by Sora. Steph retrieved the garment after the siblings defeated Chlammy in a game for the title of Imanity, and it became the mainstay of her wardrobe.

17-Nefertari Vivi From One Piece

Anime Princess Vivi has beautiful wavy pale blue hair that flows down on both sides of her head. Her hair began at about chin length but had grown over her shoulders by her last appearance before the time leap.

She has brown eyes. Her hairstyle is mostly ponytail. She has a slim figure, yet she dresses less revealingly than Nami and Robin.

Vivi has been seen wearing high-heeled shoes such as white high-heeled boots, white high-heeled sandals, blue wedges, and other high-heeled shoes.

18-Euphemia Li Britannia From Code Geass

She is one of the best anime princesses. Her pink hair is usually combed down the centre of her head, with two buns on each side. She is significantly shorter than Lelouch and Suzaku, yet she is taller than usual. She mostly wears a white dress whenever she wants to go out and with that white dress wears a choker.

Euphemia is respectful and open-minded to everyone she meets, despite being a member of the British royal family. She treats people with respect, even if they are not Britannians.

We all know code geass is one of the best anime and have more than one anime princesses

Her early experiences with her siblings Lelouch and Nunnally are most likely to blame for her broad admiration. Whose mother was not a member of the aristocracy and thus was despised by the rest of the British Imperial Family.

19-Lucia Nanami From Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

We all loved or are still in love with mermaids because of how beautiful and kind they are, and here it is, our first mermaid princess, who is the main character of this anime series. She is the custodian of the pink pearl. Lucia travels to the top of the mountain to look for a youngster she rescued seven years ago.

She is oblivious of the danger in the underwater realm or her true task until Nikora, her “elder sister,” informs her of them. Her naivete and simplicity characterise her, but she also has a strong will typical of shoujo manga heroines.

Lucia quickly falls in love with Kaito, but he is oblivious of this and is more interested in Lucia’s mermaid form.

20-Cornelia Li Britannia From Code Geass

Cornelia has long magenta hair, which she wears loose or in a half-up, half-down crown braid with two strands framing her face, and she is as beautiful as she is cruel on the battlefield.

Despite the fact that her eyes are violet purple and her lips are naturally pink, she walks out in public. 

She is a tall Anime Princess, standing just a hair above Lelouch and one of the code geass princesses.

Her clothes usually consist of wine red with gold elements, a white cape with a black inside, and stiletto boots.

21-Princess Tutu From Princess Tutu

When Duck changes into Princess Tutu, his appearance and outfit shift dramatically. Her lengthy braid, freckles, and layered hair strands vanish, and she gains a few inches in height.

She does, however, retain her red-orange hair and blue eyes, as well as a big strand of hair that resembles the feathers and hair on her head in both her Duck and human forms. Her dress is white, and white feathers around Anime Princess Tutu’s hair, which appears to be influenced by Odette’s attire in Swan Lake.

22-Mei From Fullmetal Alchemist 

Mei is a short Xingese girl with fair skin, dark eyes, and dark hair braided into two buns on opposing sides of her head, with six strands flowing down her legs.

She also wears a light-purple bag over her left shoulder and right waist and light and dark-coloured eastern-style apparel akin to the Xingese traditional royal costume. She is frequently seen with her pet panda, Xiao-Mei.

Mei used to wear her hair in two pigtails like Nina Tucker did when she was younger, evidenced by her recollection of the day she met Xiao-Mei.

23-Yona From Akatsuki no Yona

Yona is a gorgeous and cute girl who is regarded as attractive for her age. She is a little, fair-skinned girl with a thin figure. Her mother Kashi looks a lot like her, with the same huge, round violet eyes and facial features.

She has red wavy hair, which is very different from other girls around her, and it is one of the main characteristics to know it’s princess Yona.

24-San From Princess Mononoke

San is a lovely young Anime Princess with an average build who dresses shabbily and covers her face with a wolf’s fur cape and what appears to be amaranth crimson battle paint.

She is the only princess who never treated herself like a princess but we also know her as a ghibli princess.

Her beautiful blue eyes and short, straight, earthy brown hair with split bangs complete her appearance. She wears a three-toothed medium chain around her neck.

She wears long, hanging oval-shaped earrings throughout the film. She’s also swift, graceful, and powerful. She appears to be a dagger and spear adept. The mask she wears is her distinguishing feature. Three bright yellow holes for a mouth, eyes, and ears, as well as white wavy lines, make up the mask.

25-Usagi Tsukino From Sailor Moon

She wears her hair in odango. Her skin is porcelain, and she has a thin physique. She is the Senshi’s shortest member and has blue hair.

Usagi dresses typically in a blue sailor uniform from middle school. 

Her magical locket is fastened to the front of her uniform by a crimson ribbon. Her blouse is white with blue sleeve cuffs and three white stripes on the neck.

She wears a white puffed-sleeved short-sleeved blouse in the summer. Her skirt is blue pleated

26-Hakuei Ren From Magi The Labyrinth of Magic

We all used to Think that princesses are sweet and very kind and always help citizens and do them justice, and that is what exactly Hakuei is, and that’s maker her on this list. Her goal is to create a world that is both just and united. Hakuei strives for peaceful world unity, powered by the Kou Empire, in the name of that great cause.

Her brows are narrow and split-ended, and she has the same mole on her chin as her brothers and mother, Gyokuen.

Her hairstyle has progressed from a simple right-side hair decoration to a metal headband framed by horsetail crests.

Hancock BOA From One Piece is in love with?

She is in love with Luffy, who is the main character of the anime.

Who will win between San From Princess Mononoke vs 13-Pina Co Lada From Gate

If there will be handcombat fight then I think San will win because of her bigger built.

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