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Anime Tomboys

All the Anime tomboys lovers, this is just for you, and you are going to love it more than any article or blog you read.
You should not miss a single anime tomboy in this list.


Whenever there are anime tomboys talking, Revy will be on the top because she deserves to be in the position.
She is one of the most Badass anime females or anime characters in the whole anime world, and I really love her so much.
She can fight with anything, but she prefers her favourite Eagle pistol, which is black, and she has the finest and most amazing gun skills.

2-Bulma from Dragon Ball 

Anime tomboys

Bulma might be the first anime tomboy you know because we all know that dragon ball is a show of the ’90s.
At that time, dragon ball is one of the most famous anime in the anime world.
She is one of the toughest anime tomboy girls and one of the hottest and most intelligent to all the 90’s anime lovers. They all must have had a crush on her from that time. And now she is one of the hottest anime girls.

Her brilliant mind, wit, and perseverance play a key role, and she is irreplaceable. She is a brilliant scientist and the second daughter of Capsule Corporation’s founder, Dr Brief.
In the anime, she is the ideal partner for Goku.

Their connection resembles that of an older sister and younger brother, despite the fact that they are not related.
In the anime, she is aggressive, headstrong, and a superb leader. A role that was mostly occupied by male characters in the years it was released.

3-Sora from Digimon

Anime tomboys

Sora, the only girl on the soccer team at school, is presented as a typical tomboy. She is a cunning and selfless Digimon Biyomon companion. Throughout the series, we see her grow as a character as she learns to love herself and to be confident in her abilities.

Her tumultuous history has left an indelible mark on her emotions throughout the franchise.
She was constantly chastised as a child for playing football, and she grew up in a broken family. We see her develop from a child to an adult, which makes it a fantastic coming-of-age anime.
Because of all this, she is on the list of our anime tomboys.

4-Android 18 from Dragon Ball 

Anime tomboys

She is Dr Gero’s seventeenth creation. She is decidedly tomboyish, being a calm, confident, and carefree figure, especially in battle, with certain boyish qualities while not being truly human.
Android 18 is outgoing and aggressive, yet her comedy isn’t always subtle, and she sometimes lacks sympathy towards others.
Her casual, laid-back, and ‘cool chick’ clothing reflect her tranquil and laid-back personality.

5-Hajime from New Game 

Anime tomboys

She is tough and keeps trying new games, and one of the females in New game anime shows so many girls or woman characters showing the power of the feminine.

Hajime is portrayed as a classic tomboy who enjoys sports and athletic pursuits.
She is loud, outgoing, and outspoken, and she enjoys riding her bike.

She’s also a major Otaku, with a sizable collection of toys, models, and figurines, a passion for anime, and a strong attachment to the detective series ‘Dandy.’
After pitching a mecha dodgeball game in the second season, Hajime is promoted to chief game designer.

6-Misty from Pokemon 

Anime tomboys

‘Tomboyish mermaid’ is her gym leader title, but is she truly a tomboy? Despite the fact that internet threads criticise it if we stick to the most basic definition of a tomboy.

Which is a girl who acts and dresses masculinely. Misty is one hell of a tomboy! She is an amazing heroine and a forceful and stubborn member of the original Pokemon anime trio.

She is an ambitious Water Pokemon Master and Gym Leader of the Cerulean Gym in the anime, and she wears her signature sneakers and suspenders.

7-Eiko Aizawa from Squid Girl –

Anime tomboys

Eiko is a tomboyish high school girl who, alongside her sister Chizuru, manages the Lemon beach house in Kamakura Kamakura. She enjoys athletics and isn’t scared to express herself, and she is always dressed in athletic attire.

She, too, has a strong personality. As Ika Musume, also referred to as the squid girl, emerges from the bottom of the sea to conquer the world, Eiko is able to contain her and force Ika to become Lemon staff in a position to afford for the damage caused by her invasion.

8-Kaori Makimura from City Hunter –

Anime tomboys

With her robust body and strong frame, she is a powerful character and co-founder of the City Hunter team, as well as a hitman-assassin-bodyguard.
She has one of the most masculine females in the anime series.
She has a tomboyish personality to the point where she is sometimes mistaken for a guy, which can lead to awkward situations.

He has a huge build that is ideal for her job, and she knows how to handle herself in combat with her large arsenal of weaponry.
Karori has a crush on Ryo Saeba, with whom she co-founded the City Hunters, but it is unrequited because Ryo cannot love her back.

9-Haruko Haruhara from FLCL 

Anime tomboys

She is a Galactic Space Police Brotherhood member with a feverish aim to track down the legendary space pirate, Atomsk. She is a fierce, furious, and frequently unexpected character, maybe prone to violent inclinations.

Even though she isn’t exactly human, her infamous personality qualities have earned her a spot on our list. According to the plot, she becomes the maid of the Nandaba household while attempting to locate Atomsk, the galaxy’s most formidable space pirate.

10-Seishirou Tsugumi from Nisekoi –

Anime tomboys

A classic, stereotyped bad guy tomboy type. She dresses and announces herself as a boy even at school. Seishirou (usually a boy’s name) was adopted by Claude Ringheart. The legendary Bee Hive Group boss and trained as a hitwoman.

She is also shy or afraid to be misunderstood because she thinks that she is weird.
She is fiercely dedicated to the gang. Having mastered every weapon known to man, those who come into contact with her must be prepared.

11-Kei from Akira –

Anime tomboys

She is a member of the Resistance, the anti-government movement, and she cuts a super-powerful, strong, macho figure. She has endless energy and passion, but she is also clever, protective, and devoted.

Before being jailed, she discovers that she possesses psychic abilities, which are an important skill in Akira. She is unable to use them herself.

Thus she must rely on others to do so. With Kaneda’s help, she is able to flee and return to her beloved resistance operations.

12-Yuuko from Nichijou –

Anime tomboys

Yuuko is a wonderful prankster and joker, with short pale chestnut-brown hair, dark-umber eyes, and the school’s standard female uniform, and she is foolish, mischievous, and carefree.

Her carefree attitude and cheerful, boyish features make her a lovely character who can be interpreted as a tomboy.
Ninchijou means ‘Everyday Life,’ and she is an excellent choice for the series’ main heroine!

13-Nagisa from Pretty Cure –

Anime tomboys

The star lacrosse player at the school receives a flurry of love notes from fans. She is sporty, spunky, and opinionated, in stark contrast to Honoka, who is soft-spoken, feminine, and lovely. Nagisa has pretty much ego because of her look.

She is the main protagonist of the series and wears a flame-coloured fringe.

14-Amanda O’Neill from Little Witch Academy 

Anime tomboys

She is one of the most stubborn tomboy anime characters in this anime list.
She is a brave, sporty character who enjoys impressing others with her physical talents, frequently getting her in trouble with her professors.
Amanda O’Neil and the Holy Grail transforms into a man in Handsome and Elegant in order to enter the all-boys, magic-hating Appleton Academy city.

She also enrolled on a witch course to get the amazing skill of a strong sense of witch power.
No one believes she’s an outcast! She’s also a brilliant sword fighter, having defeated a number of fencers without using her wand.
Many of you might say it’s witch academia or little witch academia, which is right to say.
She has short flame-coloured hair and sparkling green eyes, and she is far more at ease in combat than anywhere else.

15-Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utena –

Anime tomboys

A tomboy character who aspires to be a prince and win the hand of Rose Princess Anthy through combat.
She is a legendary swordswoman who defeats all other suitors, allowing her to realise her dream of becoming a princess, but she has more to cope with than she realises!

16-Ukyo Kuonji from Ranma ½ –

Anime tomboys

It’s a character who frequently cross-dresses throughout the anime, making gender norms enjoyable to explore.
She attended an all-boys academy by dressing up as a guy and used to be a male student in the academy.
On the other hand, she often skips school to study from restaurants to become the best Okonomiyaki chef in the world.
She later meets Ranma again, falls in love, and decides to become feminine to get his attention, but only for a short while before returning to her tomboyish ways.

17-Kobayashi from Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid –

Anime tomboys

She tries to find her purpose as a 9-5 office worker. Her cool demeanour, practicality, and suggestively male features present her as a tomboy, but she’s not quite one of the bros either.

She saves the life of a female dragon in trouble one drunken night by extracting a sword from her back. The dragon then reappears the following day, begging to be Kobayashi’s maid.

Kobayashi is thrust into adoptive motherhood as the book unfolds, eventually becoming the earth’s guardian and subsequently a magician in later manga chapters.

18-Mikasa Ackerman from Attack On Titan –

Anime tomboys

Attack on Titan is going so damn great, and people are so hype. The manga is already over a long time ago, and all the manga readers are enjoying it still, and if we are talking about Aot, then Mikasa will be included for sure.

Misaka is one of the army’s top troops, strong, fiery, and courageous. Her family was one of the last surviving Asians on the island, which gained much attention, and because of that attention, she got into the problem, and her family was killed when she was a child.

She is also a kind of quiet girl who just talks to her childhood friend and is one of the main characters of the anime, which already have so many anime characters.
As a result, she is strong, passionate, and courageous while remaining loving and devoted; she is not hesitant to defend the boys when necessary, even when fighting against genuine zombie giants.

19-Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist –

Anime tomboys

Winry plays numerous roles throughout the book, including childhood best friend, love interest, and main competition for Edward Elric.

Her main focus is her employment as a teenage mechanic. She possesses a number of stereotypically male characteristics and hobbies.
She is Edward’s childhood friend and the most important friend in his life, and if you google her, you are surely going to see Edward with her also.

Winry assisted in the creation of Edward’s artificial arm and has the technical and medical knowledge to repair and maintain it after the numerous battlefield injuries Edward sustains.
Winry hopes to be like her Grandma Pinako, a brilliant mechanic.

Despite this, Winry’s incredible abilities lead to her garnering a huge and loyal clientele when she and the brothers relocate to Rush Valley.

20-Sailor Uranus from Sailor Moon –

Anime tomboys

Sailor Uranus, one of classical anime’s most renowned and epic LGBT characters, is an openly lesbian power rocket who has sparked enough controversy to cover entire swaths of the internet in the past.

Which can only imply she’s a powerful and genuinely fascinating character! Indeed, Sailor Uranus, or Haruki Tenoh, disguises herself as a man. Has Sailor Neptune as a love interest and is a racecar driver and fighter.
But she’s also elegant, and she’s protective, fearless, and completely at ease in her sailor/princess personality.

According to a recent episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, Sailor Uranus is a transsexual or intersex character. She was born with both male and female parts, but she has the ability to transition between them at pleasure.
However, what is truly apparent is her power and devotion as a superhuman fighter who defends the Solar System from evil.

21-Ryuko from Kill La Kill –

Anime tomboys

Her need to learn the truth about her father’s death drives her to disguise herself. As an exchange student at Honnoji Academy in order to gain access to the school’s criminal council president, Satsuki Kiryuin, and obtain information.

Despite being immediately turned on and defeated by Satuski’s thugs. She manages to flee to her childhood town, where the blood from her wounds awakens Senketsu.
Ryuko’s late father’s sentient sailor outfit.

She is initially uneasy with their exposing magical girl change. Still, she gradually learns the power she possesses, becoming one with her new identity and her background in order to fight Satsuki and discover the truth about her father.

Her character is strong, powerful, and headstrong, but she also has a lot of humanity, which makes her very sympathetic throughout the series.

22-Natsumi Kurobe From My Senpai is annoying.

She is the newest anime tomboy on this list, but man, she is one of the hottest tomboy females in the anime world.

The dark skin and masculine body with such different yellow hair make her stand from any other woman character, and any boy will not mess with her.

The manga is about to end, which you are going to love.

She doesn’t have many friends or friends group because her masculine features make other girls fear and afraid of her.

That’s it for this list, hope you love it and love the characters.

Will, there be another season of my senpai is annoying?

Yes, there will be another season.

Can revy be consider as Anime Waifu?

Yes, she can be and if you want to see more Anime Waifu then you might love this link-https://thebestofotaku.com/best-anime-waifus/

Did misty re-joined Ash in later season?

Yes in 6th season, she again join Ash in journey.


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