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Assassination Classroom is a Japanese anime series that adapts to one of the highest-selling manga series with the same title. The Japanese title of this series is Anasatsu Kyoushitsu.

Under the guidance of director- Seiji Kishi, Lerche studio got the courage to start an anime series. Since then, the series started to broadcast in 2014 and ended in 2016.

Let’s not discuss about the history of this anime as this information is not the one you are looking for. Now, we will see all data regarding the Assassination Classroom Filler List + Canon List.


How many Filler Episodes does Assassination Classroom have?

Assassination Classroom Filler List

Assassination Classroom is an anime series with NO REPORTED FILLER episode. That means there are 0% filler episodes in this anime.

Surprised, right?

But this fact is true. There is no reported filler episode in this anime. It consists of 48 episodes in total, and one episode is a mixed canon/filler. While no full filler episode is reported.

Let’s look at the Canon List then.

Quick Lists

Assassination Classroom Filler List


Assassination Classroom Canon List

1 to 4, 6 to 47, 48th episode is an OVA

Mixed Canon/Filler List


The OVA episode is Anime Canon Episode, so you can watch it without any further thought.

Descriptive Assassination Classroom Canon List

Ep. No. Ep. Name Type
1 Meeting Time CANON
2 Assassination Time CANON
3 Baseball Time CANON
4 Karma Time CANON
5 Grown-Up Time CANON
6 Assembly Time CANON
7 Test Time CANON
8 School Trip Time/1st Period CANON
9 School Trip Time/2nd Period CANON
10 Transfer Student Time CANON
11 L and R Time CANON
12 Transfer Student Time/2nd Period CANON
13 Ball Game Tournament Time CANON
14 Talent Time CANON
15 Vision Time CANON
16 End-of-Term Time CANON
17 School’s Out/1st Term CANON
18 Island Time CANON
19 Action Time CANON
20 Pandemonium Time CANON
21 Karma Time/2nd Period CANON
22 XX Time CANON
23 Nagisa Time CANON
24 Summer Festival Time CANON
25 Kaede Time CANON
26 Itona Horibe Time CANON
27 Spinning Time CANON
28 Leader Time CANON
29 Before & After Time CANON
30 Reaper Time, Part 1 CANON
31 Reaper Time, Part 2 CANON
32 Round Two Time CANON
33 School Festival Time CANON
34 End-of-Term Time/2nd Period CANON
35 Think Outside the Box Time CANON
36 Let Live Time CANON
37 Secret Identity Time CANON
38 Confession Time CANON
39 Past Time CANON
40 Discord Time CANON
41 Outcome Time CANON
42 Outer Space Time CANON
43 Valentine’s Day Time CANON
44 Trust Time CANON
45 Happy Birthday Time CANON
46 Final Boss Time CANON
47 Graduation Time CANON
48 Future Time CANON

Except for the 5th episode, all other episodes are canon. The 5th episode- Assembly Time, consists mix story. You can watch it.

What is Assassination Classroom all about?

Assassination Classroom Filler List

If you are a fan of assassination Classroom, you might have your eye on every single detail regarding Assassination Classroom. But here is the brief plot of the series. Have a look at it, you might get some new information.

It is an adventurous and humorous story covering a class of misfit students trying to assassinate their new teacher.

The class of these new teachers is known as 3-E and the class of misfits. Their classes are conducted in a different building because they want to kill their alien teacher.

Obviously, if you find that your teacher is an alien, what will you do?

Yes, the misfit students found their new teacher was an alien octopus with bizarre powers and strength. The Octopus teacher has already destroyed the moon and now threatens to destroy the whole earth.

There’s a kind of race between the students and the teacher. As the story furthers, you will be able to watch who will destroy whom and adventures.

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Where to watch Assassination Classroom?

If you have missed the chance to watch this anime, you can watch it on Funimation or Hulu.

Hulu platform provides a free trial for new members. So, get your free trial by subscribing and watch your favorite anime. If Assassination Classroom anime is not available in your area, you can use a VPN.

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