Meow Madness: Anime’s 36 Cutest Cat Girls Will Melt Your Heart

We know you love cute cats. We know you love charming women. Combine the two and what you get is an anime cat girl.

Nothing is more cute and lovely than these cat girls living their life behaving like cats and making friends with humans

So, without further ado, let’s look at the prettiest cat girls of all time and see what makes them stand out so beautifully.


              Top 36 Anime Cat Girls

1.  Blair – Soul eater

Blair is a young charmer who was mistaken to be a witch. But, in reality, she is actually a cat witch.

What people love about her the most is her strong sense of compassion and humanity towards others.

When she transforms into a human, her body becomes tall and curvaceous. She also has light violet hair.

2. Eris – Cat Planet Cutie

Making her appearance from the race of cats known as ‘Catia’ is none other than Eris.

The best thing about Eris is how easy it is for her to make friends with girls, boys, and even cats!

She is a very tall woman standing at 5’10 and her amazing red eyes and orange hair give her a very charming appearance for an anime cat girl.

3.  Yoriko Sagisawa – Da Capo

Yoriko is a cat who magically transformed into a human with cat ears.

She then jumps out of her owner Misaki’s window so that she can explore the world and meet new people. If the cat returns to her owner, it would sure be a surprise.

After her transformation, Yoriko now has brown hair and green eyes that contrast pretty well with her pale skin.

4. Tsumiki Miniwa – Acchi Kocchi

Young Tsumiki has the very rare trait of having her hair reach floor length. And because her hair is colored blue, it looks very elegant.

Frequently through the show, you can see cat ears on her head along with a tail.

She has a very strong personality that can be seen when she teases others and acts violently towards them.

5.    Ao Nanami – Yozakura Quartet

Nobody would ever believe me if I told them that this little sweetheart was actually a demon cat!

How could someone who looks so innocent and adorable be a demon in disguise?!

Ao Nanami is a very pretty anime cat girl who is one of the main characters in the anime Yozakura Quartet.

6.   Cyan Hijirikawa -‘Show By Rock!!’

Next up on this is list is the goth girl known as Cyan Hijirikawa.

Surprisingly being gothic makes her the perfect rockstar to skyrocket the popularity of her band Plasmagica.

To add to her appeal she also has a pair of emerald green eyes that look very enchanting, needless to say.

7.    Nozomi Kiriya – Mayoi Neko Overrun!’

Nozomi tends to be quite emotionless but can also act silly sometimes for example she had no problems appearing nude in front of her friends especially when two of them are inside a relationship.

Although she wishes to be happy, she pays more attention to her friend’s happiness and does not want to get in their way. Nozomi sometimes reminds me of the girl from My Neighbor Totoro.

8.   Felicia – Darkstalkers

What makes Felicia a very unique anime character is that she is one of the main characters in Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Wow! Felicia is a very bubbly and high-spirited anime cat girl who loves to dance, sing, and help others.

Her soul is so beautiful that she actually started an orphanage of her own named Felicity House.

9.  Ibaraki Douji – Onigiri

It would be a mistake if you called Ibaraki an anime cat girl because she is actually a demon and those are just her horns.

She is always energetic and is very excited to learn about new things. Her job is to run a bar that travels around the world.

Using the bar she can sell liquor to other players and the best part is that she is a very skilled brewer.

10.   Persia – Gate

You probably will never be able to find such a pretty anime cat girl with spectacles on.

She is a extremely loyal maid and obedient to her masters to the point of interrogating an enemy organization to make sure her masters are out of danger.

Persia is from the race of cat people and has purple cat ears and a violet-colored tail.

11.  Karyl – Princess Connect! Re: Dive

The most fashionable cat girl on this list is none other than Karyl from Princess Connect! Re:Dive.

Originating from the beast race, Karyl is a tsundere who likes to annoy others but will still follow them around every day.

She also suffers from loneliness which can be seen as how empty she feels when she is without her friends

12. Coconut – Nekopara

From the anime filled with lots of anime cat girls comes another sassy tomboy named Coconut.

Even though she is the youngest of her three sisters, Coconut is apparently the tallest and the most well endowed.

She is the most emotional out of the three sisters and her swift development has caused her to mature a lot faster than expected.

13.  Yoruichi Shihōin – Bleach

For dark-skinned anime girls, the immortal cat Yoruichi might just be the hottest of them all. She is also the oldest as she has lived for over 500 years as a soul reaper.

Her strength is legendary as she is one of the most prominent speed step users in the entire anime. She also became the captain of her own squad, a feat very few are able to attain.

14.  Himari Noihara – Omamori Himari

Himari Noihara is definitely the most innocent anime cat girl who is a demon in reality. Himari who is the protagonist of Omamori Himari has become sort of a Guardian Angel for a boy named Yuuto.

What’s best about her is that she loves to wear an array of different kimonos instead of wearing western clothing.

15.   Alicia Rue – Sword Art Online

There are not many girls out there that can rock a tan as well as this beautiful blonde cat girl. Alicia is a strong woman who is the leader of her guild.

Her prowess in magic is quite exemplary and she also has a claw weapon that can be seen on her hips. Her green eyes are very pretty and tend to always stand out.

16.  Melwin – Cat Planet Cuties

Melwin is from the anime ‘Cat Planet Cuties’ which in my opinion is a treasure trove of catgirls.

Melwin is a proud warrior who is from Catia. She has honed her skills to such a point where she now is the First officer of the Catian starship.

How could someone so adorable actually be a commander of a spaceship?

17. Millianna – Fairy Tail

Can you really ever get enough of cat girls who are powerful wielders of magic?

What makes Milliana stand out is her ability to stay joyful all the time. She has a very curvaceous figure which can be seen because of her western clothing.

Trimming her hair and wearing cat accessories give her a very cat-like appearance.

18.  Kuune – Cat Planet Cuties

Known for being the most well endowed among her race, Kuune is a cat-girl who is the captain of her starship.

Her job consists of befriending Earth’s leaders and building a strong relationship with them. Kuune is frequently the most popular character from Cat Planet Cuties for her amazing body, according to fans.

19. Taruto – Magical Meow Meow Taruto

What an adorable little cat girl” is the first thing that pops into your mind when you look at Taruto.

Despite her carefree attitude, she is actually the legendary princess that was only known as a myth.

Young Taruto can always be seen being cheerful and acting silly with her friends. She also likes to say “meow” after every sentence. Isn’t that just cute?!

20. Vanilla – Nekopara

One of the most graceful anime cat girls to ever make an appearance on television. Her long white hair makes her look not only angelic, but also makes her look like a fairy.

Young Vanilla is a highly intelligent catgirl who prefers to be quite emotionless. She can always be seen hanging around her sister because of their formidable bond.

21.  Catherine – Gintama

Although Catherine does not look as charming as you might expect, she is still on this list because of how brilliantly she transforms into an attractive woman whenever she falls in love.

They say love is the greatest power and that might just be true for Catherine who used to be a thief but changed a new leaf as she wants to become a good person.

22.   Puchiko – Di gi Charat

The youngest anime cat girl on this is none other than little Puchiko. She is very quiet and whenever she speaks, she has the habit of saying ‘nyu’ at the end of every sentence.

No words are necessary to describe this baby’s cuteness as she can humble even the hardest of souls with her majestic smile.

23.  Shizuka Nekonome – Rosario+Vampire 

Here’s a homeroom teacher that says ”meow” a little too often! Miss Shizuka is a demon who is also a cat girl.

Despite, her scary background, she is a very peaceful person to be around and her humanness is very distinct. Viewers sometimes wished she was the star of a neko sensei anime.

In her human form, you can see that her cat ears are quite prominent which makes her look very lovely.

24.   Ichigo Momomiya – Tokyo Meow Project

Ichigo is the heroine of the hit anime ‘Tokyo Mew Mew’.

Thanks to her being so charming and sweet, she was able to score a date with her very handsome love interest.

Truly, like a heroine itself, she is very brave and is ready to go to any lengths to protect her boyfriend. After an injection, she transformed into a catgirl.

25. Leone – Akame ga kill

Part of one of the most deadly assassination squads in the anime world is none other than the very glamorous, Leone.

Known as possessing one of the highest IQs in her squad, she has the task of intel gathering and is always first to notice the movement of an enemy.

She is an invaluable asset to Night Raid.

26. Koneko Toujou – High school DxD

What man can resist her shiny gold eyes?

Not even the very handsome Issei, was able to live his life without taking Koneko as his fiancee. What’s funny is, Koneko threw many insults at Issei when they initially met.

But still, her beauty really does make it easy to look past everything.

To add to her awesomeness, she is the user of many supernatural powers thanks to her Nekomata form which bestows upon her cat ears and a tail.

27. Chaika from Chaika- The Coffin Princess

Nobody could ever forget how Chaika looks.

Her strikingly dark eyebrows combined with her indigo eye color give her a breathtaking look. To add to her appeal, she has a strong sense of compassion and hates violent acts.

28.  Lin Xiao-Mei from Shining

Lin is one of the few characters on this that can transform into an actual cat with four limbs and a tail.

While in her cat form she is usually more nonchalant and serious, however, she is much more lively when she transforms into a human anime cat girl.

She wears a stunningly attractive white dress when in her cat stance.

29. Merle from The Vision of Escaflowne

Perhaps the most catlike anime character in this list is Merle who also has black stripes in addition to cat ears and a cat tail.

She is also dark-skinned which makes her blue eyes shine brighter than they normally would if she was fair and pale-skinned. She can become a monster cat during combat

30. Dejiko, ‘Di Gi Gharat’

Little Dejiko is the main character in the anime “Di Gi Gharat”. She is the very royal princess of her planet “Di Gi Gharat”.

A slave to her motivation, she can be quite clumsy and lazy without any motivation. She can be seen playing around with her friend Puchiko who is also on this for being a very adorable little cat girl.

31. Lauro Bodewig – IS:Stratos

Thanks to her gold eyes, she has a very pretty appearance.

Because of how petite she is, she looks even more lovely than she normally would. In addition, she wears cat trousers which cause her to look like a doll.

32. Nuku Nuku – All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku

Nuku Nuku is a catgirl who is constantly fighting against forces much larger than her. Usually, she fights against military heavyweights such as Mishima Industries.

She is very fearless and is never afraid to stand up for what is right.

Even though she sounds like a brute, in reality, she is still very feline as she can be seen chasing cats and behaving very catlike.

33. Natsuki Sasahara – Hyper Police

Natsuki is the Japanese version of her name but in English it translates to ‘Summer Princess’. When a name suits a person so perfectly, there is very little to say to describe her beauty.

What’s fascinating is the fact that her mother is actually an Egyptian Goddess known as Bast.

Her job is to be the protector of the weak by fighting crime and bounty hunting criminals using her awesome powers.

34. Hiroko – Princess Resurrection

Making her entrance from the monster kingdom, little Hiroko is a child who loves to pull pranks on people until one of her friends realizes that she is actually an assassin who wished to kill the princess.

But she was quickly forgiven because her traps and pranks were always childish and very too obvious to cause what little harm it would actually have done.

35. Tatenashi Sarashiki – Infinite Stratos

This student council president is also the heroine of Infinite Stratos.

Just like a cat, she tends to be very mischievous which can be seen when she wears revealing clothes in front of her friend just to see his reaction. She is also as strong as a Dragon Ball character such as the one and only Goku.

She has a very curvaceous body and is not afraid to use that to her advantage.

 36. Kirara Bernstein – Gj-bu.

Kirara is one of the few characters in this list that can actually speak to stray anime cats and understand whatever they say.

This young Canadian has shiny blue eyes and likes to shape her hair into cat ears. Her biggest love is meat and she will do whatever it takes to procure it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best anime cat girl?

The best anime cat girl is Blair from soul-eater because of her strong sense of compassion and humanity towards others.
When she transforms into a human, her body becomes tall and curvaceous. She also has light violet hair.

Who is the most kawaii anime cat girl?

The most kawaii anime girl is none other than Puchiko. She is very quiet and whenever she speaks, she has the habit of saying ‘nyu’ at the end of every sentence.
No words are necessary to describe this baby’s cuteness as she can humble even the hardest of souls with her majestic smile.

What is the cutest anime ever?

Pokemon is definitely the cutest anime there is because there are just way too many cute pokemon that you want to hug and raise on your own. Pokemons always charm us with their cuteness. Even though there are more than 5 seasons, fans find it hard to get enough of the adorable little creatures. They also have cute ghost stories.

Why do people like wild cat girls

People love cat girls because of their intense love for cats and their love for cute girls. Combine both and you get an anime cat girl.

Who’s the most popular among cat characters

The most popular catgirl is definitely the black cat Yoruichi Shihōin from Bleach. Her style of speaking, her mannerisms, and her dresses are all designed to attract men. She is loved by millions of bleach fans worldwide because of how lovely she is.

What is the most popular anime girl 2021?

The most popular anime girl 2021 is Nobara Kugisaki. She is one of the main characters in Jujutsu Kaisen and is a strong warrior capable of many feats. Nobara takes a lot of pride in her amazing beauty and skills.


So, now that you know about the cutest anime cat girls that have ever graced us with their loveliness, it’s time to tell us your thoughts.

Which of these amazing girls did you like the most?

Is it Kaneko Toujou because of her long white hair? Or is it Kuune from Cat Planet Cuties because of her mature body?

Either way, do let us know what you think by leaving a comment down below.

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