Berserk Season 3- Ready to Release despite Criticism? [2023 Updates!]

Fans of Berserk Season 3 are getting obstinate, we guess! Despite all criticism and negative reviews, there are high chances of season 3 to release. 

Berserk is a Japanese anime adaptation of the manga series with the same title. It is known as Beruseruku in Japanese. Kentarou Miura plays the role of the writer as well as the illustrator of the manga series.

The serialization of manga began on April 25, 1989, and continuing to date. Observing the success of the manga series, the production house decides to adapt it into an anime series.

As a result, in 1997, the anime series covering Conviction Story Arc of the manga was released. More than a decade passed for anime returning in 2012 and 2013 as a film trilogy covering Gold Age Story Arc.

Now fans are looking for the release of Berserk season 3. What’s new concerning the upcoming season? Let’s explore!


Will Berserk Season 3 ever release?

berserk Season 3

Actually, the anime adaptation was divided into two parts. The first part came in 2012-13. While second part consisting of season 1 and season 2, came into 2016 and 2017.

You might be the one who criticized the show for the low-quality animation and graphics. But at the same time, you also loved the story, right?

If you were not impressed by 1st and 2nd parts of Berserk, then you would never be here searching for the release date of Berserk Season 3.

But eventually, there are strong chances of the production team’s courage to release the third part despite all disapprovals from critics. Let’s see what happens when the third season releases on the big screen.

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Berserk Season 3 Release Date [Strongly Expected!]

The final release date is under confirmation. But we can expect the best date to be somewhere in 2021 or in early 2022.

Alas! Still wait is not over.

But don’t worry, it’s just a matter of few more months. If we do not get a new season by the end of 2022, the chances of its release diminish to zero!

Let’s hope to receive it soon. We have our eyes on the production team. As soon as we get to know the final date, we will update it here. If you want to get the latest updates, bookmark this page and visit it regularly. It will surely help you with updates for your favorite anime series.

What Were the Reasons for Criticizing Berserk Season 1 and 2?

berserk Season 3

The main reason fans were upset with the two previous seasons because of the change in animation quality. Creators tried to take the quality one step higher, but the audience did not accept it.

There was a stirring force from the audience that they want the series to be the same as in the 1997 part. Despite this reason, there was no reason to criticize Berserk.

Hence, fans also showered their love for seasons 1 and 2. There was a hike in the sales of the manga series as well. It proved that audience is pleased with the content of the show and needs more seasons. So, let’s hope to see a new part soon.

Is there enough Source Material for Berserk Season 3?

YES! There is more than enough source material present for the story of Berserk season 3. So, we do not have to worry about the lack of source material becoming the reason for the cancelation of the series.

The second run of this series followed the Falcon of the Millennium Empire story ended with chapter 301 of Volume 25. So, we hope that season 3 might also follow the same tradition.

Season three will cover the remaining 15 volumes of the manga series and the remaining chapters of previous volumes. It might begin the Fantasia Arc. Let’s see what happens in the new installment.

What is Berserk All about?

berserk Season 3

Berserk is a dark fantasy fictional anime that displays the place known as the Kingdom of Midland. The story also follows the exploitation of Guts- the mercenary.

Guts is a man with a sword larger than himself, still managing to win against all opponents. One day his power attracts Griffith, the leader of mercenaries- Band of the Hawk.

Griffith provides an opportunity to Guts to join the group, but he refuses to join. Instead, Guts challenges Griffith for a duel. Griffith accepts the challenge and defeats Guts. As a result, Guts has to join the group and settle a war against the Empire of Chuder.

As the story continues, Guts leaves the Band of the Hawk. After some years, when he starts losing his strength, he comes back to join the group. Due to some reason, Griffith was in prison, and Guts helps him become free.

Proceeding the plot, Guts tries to bring back his strength, but somehow, his fate is not working in his favor. Suffering from more and more adventure every day, Guts becomes strong. To know the further story, you can watch this anime series.

Where to Watch Berserk English dubbed episodes?

Not understanding Japanese Language and want to watch Berserk in English? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you. Actually, not one; we have three solutions for this query.

You can watch English dubbed episodes on:

AnimeLabFunimation, and Crunchyroll

Enjoy the show at your comfort, and do not forget to tell us about your experience of watching this series.

Main Characters to Expect in Berserk Season 3

Many characters are working hard to make the series lively. But here are some characters that are really important for the third season as well. Let’s look at them.


Guts being the show’s main protagonist, is a tall and muscular man carrying a massive sword- Dragonslayer. He has a prosthetic left arm hidden in the mini cannon.

Guts is mostly violent and always chooses to fight over peace. Despite all this aggression, he is known as a tragic hero of the anime.


Casca is the only female soldier member of Band of the Hawks. She joins the group after Griffith saved her life and dignity.

Casca is also a good friend of Guts, and she is extremely skilled with swordplay. Her skills also matched Guts and Griffith.


Isidro is a thief who is a friend of Guts after Guts asked him for friendship. Isidro is living with a dream to become a swordsman one day; he could not refuse to join Guts- one of the best swordsmen.

Soon he realizes that he deprives of the proper strength to become a swordsman. But he also serves as a comic character in the series.


Puck is another main character of this anime. He is a member of Gut’s Ragtag group and belongs to a mystic land, Elfhelm.

Puck can be said to be a healer as he can spread out a powder from his wings that can heal the injured persons. While it can also blind the enemies with a flash of light. Alike Isidro, Puck is also a comic character of the show.

Concluding thoughts

At the end of this article, we hope that we could provide appropriate information to you guys. If you love to read about your favorite anime series, click here! Happy reading.

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