This list is for all the girls who want to see the best anime cat boys because there are so many girls who love cat boys.

You will see a different types of cat boy characters from different anime and these characters.

You will see a devoted cat boy and other types of cat boys like orange hair cat boys,


19-Cecil is a cat boy who can also sing (Uta no Prince-sama)

The animation Uta no Prince-sama is a rom-com set in a music academy. Cecil Aijima is a part of the Starish idol group. He is the emperor of Agnapolis, but he was cursed to become a black cat.

He initially meets Nanami, the female protagonist, in her cat form. She grows connected to him and gives him the name Kuppuru.

Cecil retains no cat-like characteristics as a human. However, both forms have green eyes. He is inquisitive, like a cat, and devoted to Nanami, someone he has adored since the first time he met her.

18-Ryota Neko is the leader of a clan of Yokai cats (Nurarihyon no Mago)

Ryota Neko is the ruler of the Bakeneko clan and the first road in Nurarihyon no Mago. Like many real-life cats, Ryota Neko might be timid, yet he is fiercely devoted to the people he loves.

He also has a problem with gambling. Her ears, a brown spot over her eyes, and a cat-like mouth with sharp fangs are all feline characteristics.

He generally wears a paw-patterned headband. In Nurarihyon no Mago, his charming design distinguishes him as a popular character.

17-Yoko Kurama of Yu Yu Hakusho

After becoming a victim of a horrific struggle, Yoko changes into an S-class Yoko and uses his super-speed to dodge Shigure. He can, however, revert to his regular state and declare that he will not utilize this ability.

Kurama is under the control of a demon that has a considerable quantity of demonic power. It’s also an upper-S-Rank demon.

A class claimed to be so powerful that even the weakest S-Class demons can easily fight a gang of 500 Upper-A-Class demons, which are powerful enough to one-shot even an S-Class monster.

16-Tsuburaya Norio from Sex Pistols

Humans are classified into two kinds, the most prevalent of which, known as Kakuen or ape-man, account for 70% of the population.

They, like me, are descended from monkeys.

They have no control over the appearance of their souls, and they can’t perceive the manifestations of other souls.

Those that make up the remaining 30% are known as Madararui or zoo-men since they can see the manifestations of other people’s souls and decide their own physical shape.

Norio must have been taken aback when he found out he was now a member. As he had been the focus of unwanted surveillance.

He used to think he was just like everyone else until an accident exposed his Madararui side. Norio is a zoom and hybrid ape-man. It belongs to the nekomata category.

The soul’s portrayal is a brown feline with white fur that wraps over his face and up to his tummy.

Norio isn’t afraid to let his feelings take control of his persona. On the other hand, his attitude is what makes him engaging and intriguing.

15-Aion From Show by Rock

The gathering’s lion guitar is Aion, and the other is Rom, the panther drummer for the whole group in this series. Aion is also one of the characters who frequently comes to a halt.

He looks at himself with admiration and is appreciative of whatever admiration he receives.

14-Rom From Show By Rock

Rom is the group’s most aware and persuasive member. Even though he is not in a position to address the audience by name, he jogs around as if he is the group’s leader.

Regardless of his clenched fists for talking and sharing his opinions, Rom is usually the one who gathers his bandmates when they wander off.

13-Rokumon From Circle of Reincarnation

Rokumon is the cat who framed Rinne’s vow to counsel and aid him. His sole expert at the time was Rinne’s grandma, Tomoko, who had recently dismissed him.

Fortunately, because of Rokumon’s strength and dependability, he can find out how to reach an arrangement with his new expert while still taking care of his own costs.

Embarrassing and endearing The ideal companion for Rinne. He demonstrates three distinct architectures that are extremely advantageous to both Rinne and himself.

12-Souma Kyou from Fruits Basket

Honda Tohru’s seemingly ordinary life is turned upside down when she finds herself in a house with Souma, Yuki, his uncle Shigure, and his cousin Kyou. For her, every day has been an adventure, especially when she learns the truth about make-up.

A few members of the Souma family, as well as Kyou, who is cursed with the power to transform into the zodiac spirit anytime they are weak emotionally or come into contact with someone of the opposing gender.

Tohru now has the task of understanding each of them and assisting them in overcoming the curse.

On the other hand, Kyou hides his gentler side from those who can see it. She is a cat person with cat-like behaviors.

He likes the taste of fish and milk, and he is easily shocked. Enjoys flying in the air and despises being confined. He’s also dexterous and swift. As a cat, he can’t seem to stop loathing Yuki and Yuki, who are rats and so an unnatural Eminem.

11-Hiroshi Inaba From Cutical Tantei Inaba

Hiroshi is recognized for his gorgeous yet dull spiky red hair. His face is defined by a large hair strand in the center and two hair strands that fall over the sides of his head.

His hair is left uncut for the most part. The lovely feline ears that reach to the top of his head will be remembered.

He is a Neko Boy because he is the result of hereditarily changed mixed qualities of wolves and humans and wolf!

In reality, he’s an investigator, despite his outward look. He acquires evidence and data from his investigations by studying and tasting people’s hair, and he has developed an obsession with hair as a result of his talents.

10-Boris Airay From Wonderful Wonder World

Boris is a catboy modeled on the Cheshire Cat who lives in the Amusement Park with Mary Gowland. He commonly appears with the twin’s Dee and Dum.

He can’t be an ally to everyone, even Alice, right quickly. Anything that excites him has become a game for him, and anything that does not excite him is ignored.

His eyes are a brilliant gold color. He’s wearing a dark jacket with zippers and a dark skirt with feline heads on the zippers. He’s wearing black shorts underneath the knee.

9-Loki From Fairy Tail

He’s also well-known for his portrayal of the Lion. Karen was under the direction of a celestial soul mage named Lilica when the narrative began.

He has lion ears and, in starting has a more selfish playful attitude but also has a mischievous character and cat traits.

His former specialist had been a victim of his buddy Aries, and he intended to remain on Earth, rendering Karen ineligible to communicate with other gods.

Leo said that if Karen did not comply with his arrangement, he would simply return and unlock the door. Karen hastily turned down the Aries. He’s also charming, and he uses every opportunity to attempt to get on Lucy!

8-Cheshire Cat From Pandora Hearts

In the measuring of Alice’s recollections, there is a chain. He resembles the character of Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat.

Cheshire was Alice’s beloved cat that had survived for almost a century. The chime on his neck reflects 100 years of truth. The break eventually embraced the chime.

There isn’t a better way to express it than this: Cheshire cat is an original chain since he doesn’t have to worry about a project manager to get out of his Abyss house because it isn’t in the Abyss in the first place.

At first, he was thought to be an active participant in his Abyssal Intention. Later, he tries to protect Alice’s memories of what she abandoned by preventing her from experiencing agony when she revisits them.

7-Aoyagi From Loveless

He is the main character of this narrative and is 12 years old. Loveless is the character’s “real name.”

He had observed a rapid change in his demeanor two years prior, and he had evolved into someone who was nothing like his old self.

The student was formerly a well-known understudy in a typical grade, and now he does not share a desk with his classmates, despite his outstanding grades.

Along with the change in his personality, he also experienced a loss of all of his memories.

Although he’s gone to frequent therapy sessions to seek out the explanation for these strange alterations, no one knows what’s causing them.

6-Tsukiyomi Ikuto From Shugo Chara!

Ikuto, the protagonist of the show, is puzzling, difficult to approach, shy, and dirty, like a stray cat. He likes throwing people around, and he has a special fondness for Amu and Tadase.

Ikuto is generous yet cautious at the same time. He’ll also put space between himself, and people he believes are trying to protect them by keeping them out of his problems.

Chara, Shugo! In this novel, Hinamori, Amu, embarks on a supernatural quest to reveal her true identity to the world. Three guardian figures were created as a result of her determination to help her achieve her goal.

She soon meets Ikuto and Chara Yoru, members of the Ester Company. They’re on the hunt for the Embryo that can grant any wish, but harvesting a Heart’s Egg might pollute the dreams it holds.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi from Shugo Chara! is one of anime’s most beloved cat guys. Yoru, a fairy guardian who embodies Ikuto’s goals, is his Shugo Chara, or guardian figure. Yoru has cat ears, paws, and a tail and is a smaller version of Ikuto.

Ikuto, who wears cat ears and a tail on occasion, has a highly feline attitude. He might be cryptic and distant, yet he’s also perceptive, caring, and protective of the people he cares about. 

He has cat-like reflexes and talents, such as his Phantom Claw strike, which allows him to fight with long claws generated from his hands.

Because they may be viewed as a single entity, these two are grouped together. Yoru is, after all, the personification of Ikuto’s wish to be as free as a stray cat. With the assistance of his Chara, Yoru, Ikuto can alter or change into a cat boy.

Even though Yoru is Ikuto’s future self, they have quite different personalities, with the exception of a fondness for mocking people.

Ikuto exudes a more intriguing demeanor. He is largely uninterested and, for the most part, keeps mute.

Despite this, he has a soft, caring demeanor that turns to selflessness when those he cares about are in danger.

Yoru, his sidekick, on the other hand, has a selfish, fun attitude and adores saying “nya”! He loves walking about looking for something to occupy his time or someone to criticize.

5-Kyo Sohma From Fruits Basket

Since she was a child, Kyo has been fighting difficulties ever since she was cursed with the Cat Zodiac. He was raised to be severe with others, himself, and the man’s current activities.

Because he is a cat lover, he has cat-like features such as a desire for fish and milk and a fear of heights. He also despises being confined and prefers to be in high areas. In addition, he is light and quick.

For her, every day must have been an adventure, especially once she learned the truth about the smash.

Several members of the Souma family, with the exception of Kyou, are cursed to transform into their zodiac animal spirit when they are weak, emotionally upset, or when someone from the opposite sex touches them. As a result, Tohru must now discover who they are and how he can help them break the curse.

Kyou’s situation is unique in that he is haunted by the spirit of a cat who, regrettably, was fooled by the rat and cannot be one of the 12 zodiac signs.

Kyou acquired an aggressive and hot-headed temperament in order to defend himself. Regardless, he hides his kinder side from those who can see it.

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He possesses cat-like features, such as a dislike for being confined, a predilection for milk and fish, and a predisposition for being frightened.

A dislike for being surprised and a preference for high areas. Furthermore, he is swift and agile. Therefore, Yuki, a rat, and his natural antagonist, can’t help but dislike him.

4-Schrodinger From Hellsing

He’s a warrant officer clothed in a nazi youth costume that a doctor summoned. Hitler usually wore it if you saw him. He’s also a witty guy who cracks jokes about his friends and always attempts to outrun the clock.

Schrodinger is a major adversary in the Hellsing manga/anime series. He is a part of the Millennial Team and is directly responsible to the General.

3-Kai From Show by Rocks!!

Riku and Kai are twins who are essential members of the Trichonika band, along with lead vocalist ShuZo.

Myuumons with pink-colored noses from an unknown species are twins. Riku is a little boy with blue hair and green eyes. Kai’s hair and tail are the same drab indigo color as his spiky blue locks.

2-Riku From Show by Rock!!

Riku’s hair is longer than that of Kai, his twin brother. The twins have a similar admiration for Shu Zo’s singing, and they aspire to sound like him in the future.

In addition, they are in the same band as Kai. They both have their respective duties, with Riku handling the bass as the bassist and Kai handling the drums as the group’s drummer.

1-Kuro From Servamps

Sleepy Ash is sometimes known as Sloth or, more commonly, Sleepy Ash. The deuteragonist from SERVAMP is also known as Kuro throughout the series.

Kuro’s Eve Mahiru Shirota gives him the title Servamp of Sloth. When the Servamp comes into contact with sunlight, it turns into a dark cat.


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Yes, it is romantic and fantasy anime.

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