30 Blade Masters: Unleashing the Epic Anime Characters with Swords!

Best anime character with a sword
Best anime character with a sword

This is the list of the Best Anime Character with a Sword. You will see many greatest swordsmen and enjoy it for sure.


Kenpachi Zaraki (Bleach)

Best anime character with a sword
Best anime character with a sword

Few Shinigami are as large and commanding as the 11th Division’s captain, Kenpachi Zaraki. His grizzled exterior belies a man who thrives on the excitement of battle, and his fighting philosophy centers on outlasting the competition in a straight contest of strength and speed. He is one of the best anime swordsmen you will see in Bleach or any other anime.

Kirito (Sword Art Online)

Best anime character with a sword
Best anime character with a sword

The main character in Sword Art Online, Kirito, is an extremely strong character because of his extensive RPG experience. He overcame powerful bosses like Gleam Eyes that no one had ever been able to defeat before because of his many talents, including his Dual Blades ability. He becomes one of the most powerful anime swordsmen characters by applying his real-world kendo training.

OP is sufficient for playing sword-based shooting games. Everyone has seen the memes joking about how outrageously inventive Kirito was. He was able to tank several opponents without getting hurt, one-shot enemies who could wipe out entire armies of fighters, and overall prevail in battle without exerting much effort.

Reinhard van Astrea (Re: Zero)

Best anime character with a sword
Best anime character with a sword

Currently, the Sword Saint, Reinhard van Astrea serves in the Royal Guard. With flaming red hair and blue eyes, he always wears his uniform, even when he’s not working. Even though he doesn’t participate in many battles, when he does, there isn’t much anxiety because he always prevails. Because of his enormous strength, he is renowned as the Knight of all Knights, but he is also a chill man who helps complete strangers enforce the law when necessary.

Askeladd (Vinland Saga)

Best anime character with a sword
Best anime character with a sword

Askeladd has accomplished significant milestones despite lacking any showy maneuvers. Thorfinn was unable to compete with him in the fight, and Askeladd was able to eliminate several adversaries at once, demonstrating his lethal combat abilities.

I can’t properly brag about Askeladd’s skill by pointing to his flashy moves. But he has made some remarkable achievements. Thorfinn’s inability to fully challenge him while having the strength to fend off a large number of foes.

Mugen (Samurai Champloo)

Best anime character with a sword
Best anime character with a sword

Mugen appears to be an innately talented warrior who can easily defeat skilled samurai. He’s the best in Samurai Champloo since he is definitely as strong as Jin but hasn’t reached his full potential yet. His unpredictable nature and parkour skills are hilarious.

Mugen is one of those people with inherent talent who, even without formal instruction, can handle a sword like it’s nothing. His unconventional fighting technique is actually his greatest asset because it makes it difficult for skilled samurai to anticipate his movements.

He most likely has equal power to Jin. As a result, he uses acrobatic moves to defeat his toughest opponents. It is difficult to predict how he would compare to the other, ground-based, more conventional swordsmen.

Yami Sukehiro (Black Clover)

Best anime character with a sword
Best anime character with a sword

With just a stick, Yami can easily defeat most opponents. Every swing he makes packs a powerful punch because of his magic, and he uses it to anticipate any incoming attack flawlessly. Additionally, because he possesses ki, he can easily defend himself against minor assaults while conversing! Although I don’t think Yami is skilled, we can all agree that she unquestionably possesses the power.

Yami describes himself as a sword-wielding wizard. The leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, Patolli, may be easily defeated by him in a duel utilizing swordplay and dark magic solely to destroy the surrounding environment.

Nobunaga Hazama (Hunter x Hunter 2011)

Best anime character with a sword
Best anime character with a sword

Nobunaga moves quickly and can respond to any movement right away. Because of his finely tuned swordsmanship, Nobunaga won’t miss your vital organs once he gets close enough.

Killua reasoned that Nobunaga wouldn’t be able to approach him without being split in half by his blade, giving him time to strike back and kill Gon before he could pass. Franklin claimed that Nobunaga was more effective in one-on-one combat and that, despite his complaints when teamed with Uvogin, he didn’t appear to mind the situation. Nobunaga is also quite perceptive, realizing that experts were observing him and Machi.

Killer Bee (Naruto: Shippuden)

Best anime character with a sword
Best anime character with a sword

I think the question of who is the better swordsman is self-evident. Killer Bee was not content to use a single weapon. As a result, he decided on seven. To me, it is astounding that he is able to move at all, much less engage Sasuke in combat while brandishing seven swords. His rapping is also really enjoyable.

B has substantially improved his kenjutsu as an adult, having only carried two swords in his youth. B can employ another technique by fusing kenjutsu with his distinct combat method, Disturbance Taijutsu.

Acrobat: a unique method in which B holds seven blades in his mouth, right leg, stomach, both elbows, left armpit, and right side of his neck. As bizarre as it may seem, B is highly talented in this method, readily pushing his adversaries with erratic swings from varied angles in a way that resembles hip-hop dance.

When he discovers a gap, he can swiftly impale his adversary with numerous blades. His ability to impale his opponents is incredibly precise and frequently hits key areas. According to him, Sasuke could only escape being impaled by Killer B because he used Chidori Current to divert the blades.

Mi-Ra Yu (God of Highschool)

Yu Mi-Ra, the 25th Master of the Moon Light Sword Style, has been invited to participate in a high school contest. She has enormous potential, but she doesn’t make much progress because, at the conclusion of the season, she hadn’t fully mastered the skill. She is clearly advancing toward becoming a superb anime swordsman, though. Check out the original writing.

She has demonstrated exceptional skill by being able to use any hand to wield her sword and by cutting through steel and concrete with a wooden blade. This makes up for any physical weaknesses she may have because, despite competing against Anna, she is the strongest participant in the World Tournament.

She defeated her easily and without taking any harm, thanks to her expertise in deflecting her laser beams and strikes before striking back. Her talent had advanced 17 years after Ragnarok to the point that she employed illusion-like sword slashes, which Dae-Wi observed to be all genuine and lethal. She may also use her sword to deflect bullets, which takes tremendous dexterity.

Anri Sonohara (Durarara!!)

Anri Sonohara is extremely powerful, but she hasn’t yet mastered the use of her blade. Her power gives her complete control over everyone in her line of sight and can effectively raise an army. It takes a lot of mental energy to use her skills in this way, so if she ever starts running around the battlefield while using them, it will be quite difficult for enemies to defeat her in combat.

Yato (Noragami)

Yato, a god, tries to construct his own shrine. He goes by the name “Yato God,” wearing a jersey and a fluffy scarf. He is a self-proclaimed delivery god who posts his cell phone number in public areas if anyone needs assistance. Don’t be deceived by his typical fee of 5 yen for assistance; in the past, he was a fearsome battle deity known as the “God of Calamity.”

Akame (Akame Ga Kill)

After we discovered that, contrary to common perception, Akame could access a hacking category of fighting, she emerged as the most formidable character in the entire series. She accomplished this by wielding her sword with great agility, quickness, and focus. This made it possible to foresee later events. But everything changed when Akame’s unique skills began to lean toward an OP category where a single cut ensures victory.

Akame is one of the most powerful members of the assassination-focused group Night Raid. Under the Empire, Akame underwent torturous training. She developed exceptional assassination skills as a result of her event. She also possesses Masamune, one of the most formidable legendary swords.

Hyakkimaru (Dororo)

May the sword be an extension of your arm is a common saying among those who are training to become skilled swordsmen. Hyakkimaru didn’t need much help because he was attacking castles by himself with demons and had swords for arms.

Lay Glanzudlii ( The Misfit of Demon King Academy)

Lay has the highest overall stats of any character in the whole anime series, making him the most potent. He is incredibly difficult to beat in a one-on-one fight, thanks to his great speed, strength, and waifu taste.

Anos kicked his butt while merely carrying a stick, which would persuade one to fall asleep on Lay. Anos is like an anime Jesus. Therefore, that isn’t a fair comparison. He apart, Lay is unquestionably the most potent being in their universe.

Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

The legendary Kurosawa-style swordplay of Ichigo Kurasaki from Bleach is combined with enormous Shonen-level power. Ichigo, in particular, has participated in some epic encounters where he has used a variety of skills to embrace his best swordsmanship transformations while wielding Zangetsu.

With the skills of a Soul Reaper, Hollow, Quincy, and more, Ichigo is the supreme powerhouse in the Bleach universe. With this, Ichigo has participated in some of the greatest conflicts between the samurai and Shonen, and he has used all of those above to embrace some of the greatest changes in anime for himself and, obviously, his sword Zangetsu. Bankai!

Guts (Berserk)

With or without the berserker armor, Guts is a fearsome but skillful warrior known to shred humans and animals into tiny bits. When it’s time for war, he doesn’t think twice because he always has a huge broadsword ready to use on him.

Saber (Fate / Zero)

With his own potent magic and extraordinary training, the mighty King Arthur is a famous English swordsman. Saber has a great deal of experience in battle strategy and is a fantastic warrior on the battlefield, making her a deadly foe off the battlefield. She deserves to be ranked among the best servants in the entire anime franchise, and that much is beyond dispute. To compete with Saber, another servant would need to possess some major strength or expertise.

Zoro (One Piece)

In One Piece, Zoro, one of the Straw Hat pirates, takes great pride in his swordsmanship. He uses a special three-sword technique that will enthrall you. When fighting him, though, take care because stabbing Zoro is equivalent to putting your blade in his hands because he will chop you up with it!

Sakata Gintoki (Gintama)

One of the baddest characters in anime is undoubtedly Gintoki Sakata, a samurai who uses wooden swords. His reputation as a fighting master and one of the fiercest swordsmen earned him the moniker “White Yaksha” for his white hair, which he got while single-handedly eradicating Amanto hordes during the Joi War.

He shows off his awesomeness by using his wooden Lake Toya sword to defeat Shinsengumi steel! They make for some incredible action moments and emphasize just how badass Gin truly is, in addition to great clashes against Yato King Hosen, Oboro, or Takasugi.

Hiei (Yuu Yuu Hakusho)

Hiei possesses a sword that he can wield in combat and firmly channel the evil fires of the underworld. However, he rarely uses the latter talent because it is, in his opinion, “barbaric.”

His lean body is complemented by extraordinary speed, accuracy, and precise precision. The kind of special power that causes your opponent to slash his afterimage, and he quickly climbs on top of them.

Levi Ackerman (Attack On Titan)

Attack on Titan completely changed how anime sword fighting is done. Sword fights typically call for nuanced close-quarters warfare. Still, in Attack on Titan, the swordsmen physically charge their prey in an exhilarating and spectacular rush to slay them.

Both respected and feared, Captain Levi Ackerman is a man. Levi’s tactical thinking can more than level the playing field when partnered up against larger opponents, despite his being far smaller than the Titans and both his allies and allies.

Afro Samurai (Afro Samurai)

You shouldn’t miss the well-liked anime series Afro Samurai. The show has a fantastic protagonist who has numerous chances to show off his remarkable fighting abilities, which have never been seen before.

Afro is one of the best characters in anime and is also one of the best writers since everyone looks up to him and wants what he has accomplished—revenge on those who killed his father, along with becoming one of the best and bloodiest swords in all of anime. Within the opening nine minutes of the first episode, the series features graphic animated sword fights that establish the anime’s tone.

Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin)

Kenshin Himura, who formerly worked as a weapon of mass destruction for his feudal master before roaming the countryside as a rurouni, is the most recognizable and significant swordsman in the anime universe.

Despite his polite demeanor, he must not be underestimated. With some of the fastest slashes in history and the ability to quickly and neatly slice off limbs that appear to be still attached, he ascended the samurai ranks and is regarded as one of the strongest swordsmen.

Kenshin Himura, who formerly worked as a weapon of mass destruction for his feudal master before roaming the countryside as a rurouni, is the most recognizable and significant swordsman in the anime universe.

Kenshin is the quintessential anime swordsman and the genre’s gold standard. In order to carry out his mission, Kenshin killed numerous people in his previous life as an assassin.

Nanashi (Sword of the Stranger)

Nanashi doesn’t have any superpowers, yet he is an extraordinarily adept swordsman. Like Kenshin Himura, Nanashi is a skilled warrior who has renounced the sword to find forgiveness. However, when they engage in combat, they utterly dominate everyone on this list.

Teresa of the Faint Smile (Claymore)

Teresa with the Faint Smile kills opponents effortlessly while grinning fatally. She is recognized as one of the strongest Claymores and the most potent breed of her generation. She is incredibly fast and possesses an unrivaled understanding of the Yoma aura.

Teresa is even capable of predicting how their enemies will respond in combat! Even after Rosemary, the former number one had awoken, Teresa never used more than ten percent of her power.

Otono-Tachibana, Makie (Blade of the Immortal)

The last anime sword fighter is a little trickier because she doesn’t use a sword. She goes by the name Haru-no-Okina and wields a three-sectioned stick with double blades (Old Man of Spring). The shamisen, which resembles a hollowed-out mandolin, conceals the weapon. Nevertheless, she is the best blade-using combatant in the anime series. If you disagree with this decision, keep in mind the underlying idea of why the Itto-Ryu spread chaos in the anime.

Fans of anime, that’s it! We sincerely hope you liked reading about the top swordsmen in anime. In the meantime, continue to watch these badasses in more epic samurai action! If someone is not currently on this list, let us know in the comments which you believe they should be.

Tanjiro Kamado (Demon Slayer)

Through his experiences, Tanjiro Kamado has swiftly gained the affection of the globe as a new, endearing face in the animated samurai world. Tanjiro is a modest, aspirational underdog who has managed to amaze and inspire everyone with his battles against horrifying horrors, in addition to having his series smash a variety of sales records.

He has been trained to use his sword against a variety of fantastical, demonic threats, which helps. Tanjiro has earned the title of “swordsman for all” thanks to his grace, which would impress any admirer of Akira Kurosawa, and his might, which could inspire any Shounen devotee.

Saber (Fate Series)

King Arthur/Saber is one of the best English swordsmen in the world, continuing the trend of badass female warriors who can dispatch demons in groups of two, four, and eight. Saber has often demonstrated that he should be considered for the Holy Grail Wars since he possesses a powerful greatsword, amazing miracles, and profound training that can compete with some of history’s best.

Due to her extensive experience, Saber is a significant player who possesses exceptional battle nous and the ability to engage an opponent even while they are not on the battlefield. Saber, a brave warrior in every sense, has rightfully earned her Fate class.

Atomic Samurai (One Punch Man)

He possesses the fourth-best level of swordsmanship among all S-Class heroes. Consider imagining this. A man thrusts you with such force that a compressed air blade is launched your way. Even so, this man managed to pull off the impossible.

It is anime, I suppose, but who cares? Because of his incredible strength, Atomic Samurai uses a move called Atomic Slash that allows him to slice his opponents 100 times in a single second. Hiei could complete 16, but this guy makes it seem simple.

Zabuza (Naruto)

One such character is Zabuza. In addition to being a masterful swordsman and wielding one of the legendary seven swords of the Village Hidden in the Mist, he also possesses strong hidden mist and water vortex abilities that would likely give him the advantage against more conventional swordsmen. Zabuza is so strong that he can even compete with Kakashi in strength. Kakashi is one of the most potent shinobi of all time, even if we are unaware of this at the moment.

Zabuza, the Demon of the Hidden Mist, is a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist. Even Kakashi had difficulty defeating him, which speaks something about how skilled a swordsman he is based only on his titles. Zabuza is skilled in assassination, stealth, Taijutsu, and Ninjutsu. His Kenjutsu is undoubtedly some of Naruto’s best.


Who were the most skilled swordsmen?

Sasaki Kojiro

Who was the first swordsman?

Miyamoto Musashi

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