35 Anime Awesomeness: Decade’s Best Unveiled!


Best Anime of Decade From 2010-2020

This list for the 35+ best Anime of the decade from 2010-2020 list. This will make you see many names, which is your favourite, but there are some anime that are still going on, but I’m talking about the Anime which aired after 2009.

You will even see some great anime that you maybe not have seen, but it’s a great chance to know which one are they.


Haikyu might be going to be the best sports anime ever made and one of the best anime from decade 2010-2020, so if you love to see the best sports anime and one of the best Main Characters climbing through the steps against all the odds. Then haiku is the one anime you should watch.

It couldn’t have gone any better. The show’s persistent focus on characters learning the importance of teamwork through their successes and disappointments on the volleyball court is as enjoyable and wholesome as any other.


Menma excitedly looks at Jintan in Anohana

Menma died a long time ago, but her friends have yet to find out what happened to her. She follows Jintan about in the hopes of reconnecting with their old friends and moving on.
This is the Anime that everyone used to recommend to their friends. With no warning that it would make them cry like a baby.

Not just because the entire idea is centred around a tragedy. But also because it’s a reminder that friends grow apart and people evolve. Anohana has converted even the toughest people into crying puddles on the floor.


Kuranosuke helps out Tsukihi, who is kneeling on the floor in Princess Jellyfish

Tsukimi Kurashita is a solitary young lady who adores jellyfish. Kuranosuke Koibuchi, a fashionable crossdresser, volunteers to assist Tsukimi and save her apartment complex from demolition.
You can treat yourself make another treat you like a princess or maybe price if you are a dude. But these Anime make you learn so much about life. Everyone is attractive and interesting, and failing to see yourself in that light should be considered a crime.


Kyuubey from Madoka Magica stares menacingly

If you haven’t seen Madoka Magica, I strongly advise you to do so before reading any blurbs like this one; there’s something to be said for not knowing what’s coming next. Especially given how earnest and playful the show appears from the outside.

Madoka couldn’t exist without stories about magical girls from the past. But it’s more than just “what if Cardcaptor Sakura was dark?” When the magical girls combat witches. The animation has a stunning and unique depth to it. With mixed-media textures used to emphasize the surreality of the confrontations. The programme makes a lot of promises, yet it completely lives up to the horror of its concept. (particularly Homura’s past, which still haunts me).

5-KATANAGATARI- The Guy Who is Swordsman Without Sword

The main character of Katanagatari faces off against one of his fiercest opponents

Katanagatari is the main character of Anime, the swordsman with no sword. He’s impervious to the enticements of the 12 magical swords he’s tasked with locating because he doesn’t speak.

The premise is straightforward, yet it’s the ideal foundation for the show’s fantastic action sequences and environment. Katanagatari is animated by White Fox in a subdued, almost flattened out manner that sits between traditional Anime. And a somewhat more western look. The show’s fights, which are some of the strangest and most unusual in Anime because of one combatant’s lack of a weapon, are where this style truly shines. 


The penguin queen poses with feathers flying around in Penguindrum

Penguindrum is the successor to Kunihiko Ikuhara’s Revolutionary Girl Utena, which means it’s messed up, queer, and has pink hair. The gist: Two brothers struggle to keep their ailing sister alive by obeying a penguin spirit’s commands.
I could go into the disturbing themes or write an essay about how Ikuhara has managed to write such a haunting and beautiful story utilizing such amusing visuals yet again, but I recommend you simply watch it.


Two Fate/Zero character clash weapons

Fate/Zero may be the most popular anime series ever. It follows six families with old magical bloodlines as they battle for control of the Holy Grail with champions summoned from the past.

Gilgamesh, King Arthur, Alexander the Great. And even the heinous child murderer Gilles de Rais are summoned from the past to battle for aristocrats.

This series contains some of the most gorgeous and lovingly constructed action scenes ever. The show’s sense of scale takes bouts ranging from delicate one-on-one duels to confrontations that span entire villages. And each character has a penchant for magical skills that look stunning.

The characters take time between, and frequently during, the epic conflicts to rant about their meticulously prepared life philosophies. In the end, the plot is probably a touch too grandiose for the series. But the ride is as entertaining and outrageous as anything in Anime in the last ten years.


Panty and Stocking work as bunny waitresses in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Two fallen angels must earn their way back into heaven by earning coins. Hunting demons will reward you with said coins. Panty and Stocking, the angels, are two sisters who fight with their underwear, which morphs into weapons.

Anime does not have to look like Anime in order to be classified as such. Panty & Stocking’s bawdy, idiotic humour was delivered in a fantastic animation manner. We’re still waiting for our sequel, Gainax. It’s been ten years, and I still have not seen any update on this, whether it will come or not?.


Gon from Hunter x Hunter excitedly runs around a market

Hunter X Hunter is one of the greatest Anime with perfect story and action scenes. And also tell you about bonds and friendship, a 165-episode gift from the show’s creators. There is a cannibal furry storyline, yes. Yes, the clown (OK, magician) is constantly naked. But ignore the fact that I’m unable to summarise this series in a manner that will persuade my friends to watch it. Hunter x Hunter is shonen Anime’s apex.

There isn’t a single piece of filler in it. A story arc involving Gon and his friends fighting in the 251-floor Heavens Arena is a fantastic example of Hunter x Hunter’s storytelling economy: they barely spend ten episodes there, but the payoff is huge.
I would have died for these characters by the time I got to the 65-episode Chimera Ant storyline (shut up), and Hunter x Hunter is so emotionally draining at moments that I almost did.


Polar Bear, Penguin, and Panda talk amongst themselves

Polar BePolar Bear Cafe is a smooth yet enjoyable anime to watch, and if you love polar bears, then you are going to love polar cafe. The animals aren’t anthropomorphic, unlike in other shows. They’re simply animals, which makes Panda’s whining, Penguin’s worry, and Polar Bear’s poor puns all the more amusing. Watching this show is as relaxing as having a cup of coffee at your favourite weekend hangout!


Joseph Joestar from Battle Tendency

When your friend used to shoot their finger guns at you as a kid, you’d say you were made of metal, and they’d say their bullets were made of metal-melting acid, but you’d say you slipped into their base the night before and ate all their bullets? Everyone in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is an incredibly gorgeous, fully grown adult guy with a name like “Robert E.O. Speedwagon” or “Kars,” rather than creative children.

It’s a show about strange meetings in which the stakes aren’t always clear, and the rules don’t always apply, but it’s entertaining to watch. Characters wear avant-garde, unrealistic clothes and make dramatic poses. They’re all named after famous rock musicians (apparently at random). It’s the kind of show that entices you to keep watching, not because of a gripping plot or a fantastic mystery, but because it promises to show you gorgeous and strange men doing strange things.


Tomoe mocks a falling Nanami in Kamisama Kiss

This is the Anime for you if you’ve ever wanted to be put in a situation where you’re a temple maiden, and your familiars and spirits are all hot dudes.

As the charming spirits are forced to face what happens when the forces combine, Nanami, the primary heroine, spends the series teaching them how to understand human emotions.
Kamisama Kiss is the most self-indulgent, wonderful romantic series out there. And I got through high school by reading teen romance comics.


We discussed whether or not to include Attack on Titan on this list, but when it came down to it, season 1 was simply that excellent. The premise was unique — teenagers fighting horrific monsters while flying around on wires like Spider-Man — and the action was fantastic until the narrative started acquiring all these strange fascist connections. Season 1 was, at the very least, excellent.


Hajime strikes a pose after birding up in Gatchaman Crowds

Gatchaman Crowds is a modern reimagining of the 1970s superhero series Gatchaman. The Anime has moved away from its avian theme, and the characters now wear CGI-animated robot-like clothing.

It’s a fantastic action superhero programme, but it’s also a lot more. Hajime Ichinose, the protagonist, has a contagious and effervescent attitude and wishes to connect with the aliens that the Gatchaman battle. Everything does not have to be resolved through violence!


Watashi lays on the floor of his room in The Tatami Galaxy

Watashi, a typical college freshman, attempting to make friends, is the protagonist of The Tatami Galaxy. In each episode, Watashi joins a different college group. Only to discover that it does not provide him with the joyful life he desires. After that, time travels backwards, and he is given the option of choosing a new club. He has complete control over how his future develops.
It’s wordy, entertaining, and has a fantastic, exaggerated graphical style. Don’t lose focus when you watch this Anime. Because there are many minor details that are important but don’t take it on your heart and feeling. Maybe it will break your heart.


Ryuko Matoi is on the hunt for the killer of her father, and her only leads are a red scissor blade and a talking school uniform. She changes her uniform into a revealing attire and begins knocking on doors at Honnouji Academy in search of answers.

Kill la Kill was Studio Trigger’s breakout series, and it set the bar high for all of the studio’s subsequent Anime. It’s difficult to justify the show’s nudity, but I guarantee it’s meaningful.


Onoda bikes with his mind set on fun anime goods

Sakamichi Onoda is an anime fan who joins the riding club after discovering he has the necessary skills. He then joins the rest of the Sohoku High School cycling team and assists them in winning the Inter-High competition.
While Yowamushi Pedal is a standard sports anime, it does a fantastic job of outlining the many duties of a cycling team in an easy-to-understand manner. For some reason, it’s not one of those shows where the characters are already experts in their field and are explaining things to colleagues who are already familiar with the fundamentals. You’re studying under Onoda’s tutelage.


A character from Ping Pong The Animation playing ping pong

Ping Pong The Animation is unlike any other show you’ve ever seen. Anime is filled with deformed lines, irregular proportions, and plain odd-looking faces, and it comes from the author of The Tatami Galaxy. But it’s astonishing how the programme transforms moments of instinctive reaction and Ping Pong ability into beautiful visuals that anybody can understand.
Ping Pong investigates the psyche of its characters through individual sports, unlike other sports anime, which focuses on what it means for an individual to join a team. It’s concentrated on the components of our personalities that define us, as well as the aspects that keep us from excelling at ping pong or anything else.


Three characters from Terror in Resonance stand in front of a destroyed city

Terror in Resonance tells the narrative of two terrorists who seek to destroy society’s institutions without killing anyone and a cop who has been let down by the system but is still obligated to stop the terrorists.

Shinichiro Watanabe’s Anime is a frantic cat and mouse pursuit full of riddles and surprises that make it endlessly watchable, but it’s also a very difficult drama about how good people are harmed by the jagged edges of flawed societal structures.


Nozaki skims the latest monthly issue of girls romance manga

When you need a pick-me-up or to unwind, Nozaki-Kun is the perfect show to watch. It tells the narrative of Umetarou Nozaki, a high school student who is also a well-known female romance manga author. Chiyo Sakura has a strong crush on him and discovers his secret, so she offers to help him with his profession.

The shorts in this series contain a diverse array of characters and usually follow Nozaki as he attempts to learn how to write romance after never having experienced it. Whether or not it makes sense in his work, his motivation comes directly from his classmates. There are a lot of shenanigans that happen.


Koro-sensei holds up a well-scored test

A strange smiley-faced extraterrestrial creature smashes a hole in the moon and threatens to destroy the earth if the kids in Kunugigaoka Junior High’s class 3-E can’t kill him by next year. The monster, known to his students as Koro-sensei, begins to educate the children on how to carry out a proper assassination while also teaching them how to acclimate to school and society.
You wouldn’t think a show with that concept would be so brutal at times. Koro-devotion sensei’s to his students is admirable.


A cartoon character named Saitama who is a shiney headed bald dummy.

Somehow, a series about a hero that defeats his enemies with just one punch also has Somehow, a show about a hero who defeats his foes with a single punch also contains some of the most incredible and intricately animated combat scenes of the decade. The series’ second season takes a step back, but the first season is still one of the most hilarious and individually fascinating stories in Anime, so it more than tries to make up for it.


Serval points out a new friend to Kaban

Kaban, a little girl, awakens in the mythical Japari Park, where animals have been anthropomorphized via the use of magic. Kaban seeks help from her new animal friends in determining who she is and why she is in Japari Park.
The expression “don’t judge a book by its cover” comes to mind when watching this Anime. The animation is jerky and unsatisfactory, but the storey and characters are so endearing that it is a must-see for this decade.


Deku after using his special move

My Hero Academia feels like the shonen genre’s progression. On the surface, Naruto, Dragon Ball, and One Piece may be seen, but My Hero has grown since those Anime dominated the genre a decade or two ago. While the storyline was typically relegated to be a bridge between two fights in the early days of action shonen, My Hero lifts it to the centre of attention.

The show’s super-powered school students build strong friendships, and everything that happens to them is represented in how they fight and use their abilities. This added emotional weight gives the show’s magnificent combat a little more energy and helps to propel it beyond the traditional shonen series’ always-a-stronger-villain engine.


Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho has no right to be as healthy as it is. This anime series about a false psychic conman and his real psychic sidekick is one of the funniest ever made. But it’s the show’s kindness that really comes through. Mob Psycho 100 generally inserts a peaceful dialogue where a regular anime would show combat to the death. While action-oriented programmes will probably always be the bread and butter of Anime — and Mob Psycho can do an action when it wants to But seeing a show that prefers to make characters friends rather than adversaries is a welcome change of pace.


First and foremost, Yuri’s theme tune!!! On Ice is a slap in the face that will become stuck in your brain. The programme features great music that is blended into the ice skating routines of the major characters.
Yuri!!! It’s all about you!!! On Ice is a love storey about an anxious Yuri who falls in love with his suave teacher Viktor while training for the Grand Prix. The main plot revolves around Viktor and Yuri’s love storey and the ice skating competition, but the colourful side characters keep the show interesting.

Who else adores King JJ’s dance routine, which is essentially simply a song about how awesome he is? And what about Otabek and Pichit, who are making their debut as ambassadors for their country? And Otabek and Pichit, who are representing their country for the first time? It’s all a lot of fun, and you learn a lot about ice skating in the process.


Tohru poses at an unhappy Kobayashi

After a night of drinking, Kobayashi comes finds a dragon named Tohru in the wilderness. She drunkenly assists Tohru in removing swords from his back and offers Tohru the opportunity to return home with her and serve as her maid in exchange.
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid has a simple but attractive art style, ensuring that both the slapstick comedy and the action-packed moments with dragons are maintained.


Phos from Land of the Lustrous pouts

Lunarians, who come from the moon and wish to use the gems’ gorgeous coloured bodies as ornaments, will fight gemstone people in the future. Phosphophyllite, a brittle diamond that can’t fight, is looking for a place to call home in their community.
When 3D animation is done well in an anime, the result is Land of the Lustrous. The gleaming, lovely animation is one-of-a-kind.


Violet Evergarden in Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden, a teenage girl who participated in the war as a soldier, must reintegrate into society. She takes a job as an Auto Memory Doll, a kind of ghostwriter, and is forced to learn about how people deal with love, sorrow, and other challenges.
Although this Anime is slow, it packs a powerful punch. Its fantastic animation surely helps it get through the tough times.


Nadeshiko and Rin sit by the fire

Laid-back Camp is the ultimate comfy, slice-of-life anime. Nadeshiko Kagamihara joins her school camping club and befriends Rin Shima, a girl who normally likes to camp by Laid-back Camp is the ultimate cosy, slice-of-life Anime. Nadeshiko Kagamihara joins her school’s camping club, where she meets Rin Shima, a girl who prefers to camp alone. They go camping with the club. That is all there is to it. That is the starting point. It’s also quite good.


Devilman Crybaby

On the advice of his friend Ryo Asuka, Akira Fudo merges with a demon to slay other demons. Following that, some truly bizarre events occur. I’ll leave it up to you to decide.
Netflix’s first original animation hit me in the face and gut at the same time. The gore and harrowing narrative twists aren’t for the faint of heart, but it doesn’t make it any less entertaining.


This Anime is based on an Adult romantic otaku story about office workers. They start dating, and the stories of their all-too-real nerdy love begin to unfold.
“This is me,” I’ve mumbled to my pals numerous times while watching this series. Wotakoi emphasizes the difficulties of being an adult nerd without shaming the characters for it.


retsuko in her office aggretsuko

Despite the fact that Aggretsuko is about an anamorphic red panda, it is the most relatable Anime. In her mid-twenties, jaded at work and in love, our adoring red Panda seeks consolation in karaoke halls, where she can express her grievances via singing. The show’s gimmick isn’t the only thing it has going for it. Retsuko gradually learns to advocate for herself, to navigate this strange world of maturity while being true to herself. Aggretsuko is primed to be the best How-To-Adult handbook out there, with a second season finale that caught a mature conclusion to a romance.


Three of the Somas turn into animals while Tohru stands in shock

Tohru Honda has been living with the strange Soma family since she lost both of her parents. Yuki Soma is the high school’s crown prince, but the Soma family has a secret: they transform into a Chinese zodiac animal when touched by the opposing sex.
This new rendition of a long-running favourite series nails it. It practically panel-for-panel follows the original manga and does the series justice.


The Promised Neverland

This series begins with the youngsters of a beautiful orphanage discovering that their entire life is deception. The series then abruptly transforms into one of the most terrifying and exhilarating Anime of the decade. It’s unusual for horror to be done successfully in Anime, but Promised Neverland’s nightmarish world feels like it’s always on the verge of boiling over into complete fear.

Promised Neverland’s four main characters, who are all lovely, clever, and crafty, and who each have their unique role to play in the season-long escape plan, are fighting the world’s never-ending horrors. It’s one of the most rewarding endings of any anime season when the wonderfully plotted season finally comes to a close.


Romance anime isn’t always funny, and it’s even rarer when it’s nicely animated. Two geniuses are pitted against each other in an adorable battle to get the other to confess in this series.
Romantic comedy anime has dominated the final few years of the decade. However, Kaguya manages to combine the greatest elements of the previous series into something unique since each character has their own absurd internal monologues, the show shifts into their heads, and the visual flourishes generally reserved for action anime are displayed. At its foundation, Kaguya is a romantic comedy, but no other film in the genre looks or is half as funny.


Two girls smile at each other, carrying musical instruments as they run.

Carole and Tuesday is a cabaret about two very different women who have each moved to New York City to pursue their musical dreams. Despite the fact that neither of them discovers it on their own, their friendship grows into a creative partnership that allows them to push each other to new musical heights.

Great animation, beautiful music, and a heartfelt centre friendship are enough to make this show one of the best Anime of the decade. The fact that it takes place on Mars in a completely realized future, on the other hand, always adds a little something to the characters rather than detracting from them.


A character in Demon Slayer ... slays a demon

Demon Slayer is not a difficult anime to follow. With the exception of his sister, who has converted into a monster herself, the narrative follows a little boy whose family is murdered by demons. As a result, the youngster sets out to kill demons.
It’s tough not to applaud the show’s dedication to the joke because it’s so clear and straightforward. For the most part, Demon Slayer is a fighting game. Fortunately, it’s an excellent fighter. Each demon adds something new to the show and allows the protagonist to fight and triumph in fresh ways.



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