There are so many characters for best anime waifu, but before we start our list of anime waifus, let us know its meaning.

Waifus actual meaning is “wife” or the woman or girl with a wife’s characteristics.

There will be many other options in your view, but for me, these are worthy of being on the best anime waifu list.

The names are not ranking wise because all the names in the list are worthy of mentioning, so feel free to write down the comment and tell who your favourite character is in the list and mention the waifu you think should be on the list is not.




Hinata is very calm, kind and beautiful, and She is the best partner anyone can get.

She is mighty, kind and pretty, and She loved Naruto since childhood and always considered him his future husband; at the end of the Naruto series, they got married in the Naruto movie The last.

Hinata also has the title of “Byakungan princess.” because of her Byakungan eyes, one of the most elite powers in the Naruto series.

She even once died to save Naruto against all the odds. Even she knew she would die, but she still went to rescue him.

2 Shouko Nishimiya


It is one of the most beautiful movies of all time, and Shouko Nishimiya has stolen all the hearts of anime fans or whoever watched that movie.

She is a deaf girl who has been bullied in her school time, but she never got angry.

She is beautiful and adorable with so much strong will.



Yes, Merlin the witch from seven deadly sins, many will say she is not the ideal woman for any man because she is tough to fall in love with anyone.

Many will think of her as an evil witch who doesn’t care about others feeling, but the truth is she is very kind.

She is a witch, but she is kind, humble, and in love with the human in the Anime.

Merlin is also someone whom every character will drool to have. She is way hot and beautiful.

4 Yukino Yukinoshita


Yukino Yukinoshita is the smartest kid in her school and one of the most beautiful and intelligent girls around the town and in school.

She is very popular and likes to be alone and read.

The main male character in Anime is invisible to everyone and doesn’t know most of his classmates’ names but do know Yukino Yukinoshita.



5 Teletha Testarossa

ANIME- Full Metal Panic

Teletha Testarossa is an elegant, kind-looking woman, but Teletha is a military commander.

She is the leader of the army group that makes her one of the best decision-making partners who can think logically.

She is very worthy of being on this list.



Bulma is an independent woman who is also a researcher and inventor like her father, Dr. brief, who made one of the essential tools of the dragon ball z series, the space capsule.

She is pretty, intelligent and she doesn’t let anyone tell her what she can do or not.

She knows her ability, her skills.

But the beautiful heart is her best part, which even made the villain Vegeta fall for her.


7 Saber


ANIME- Fate Stay Night

Saber is one of the most loved characters of “fate stay night” anime.

She is focused on her fights and dedicated to winning the holy war for her saver.

She has her principle on which she goes and never forgets to be kind and gentle, but at the same time, she is so aggressive and assertive on the battlefield.



Tsunade, the well-known legendary sannin who is also the strongest kunoichi and the best medical ninja of all time with 100 years of healing Jutsu that makes her immortal till her chakra is over.

She is also the granddaughter of the world-famous First Hokage Hasirama Senju.

Tsunade is also the unluckiest lover of all time; she should get all the love she deserves because of her will, and also, she is so great in looks and character.

She is also the 5th Hokage which tells everyone how well deserved she is to be on the list.



Ram will not be many picks for waifu, but she is one of the most honest girls on this list.

She is charming and adorable and put a smile on everyone’s face whenever you see her.

Her heart is very clean, and she speaks the truth without hesitation.

She also has her twin sister, Rem, who is not confident in the Anime.

10-Shizuka Hiratsuka


Yes, another Waifu from the Anime- my teen romantic comedy snafu, which shows how good it is the Anime for an audience who love a slice of life and a romantic high school love story.

Shizuka Hiratsuka, the home teacher of the school, is one of the best bachelor teachers in the anime world.

She helps every child in her school who is going through a tough time in school or relationship or wants to know their deep desire, and students in their teens are compassionate.

Shizuka is a very kind, intelligent and beautiful person and worthy of being someone waifu, and any guy will be lucky to have her as his wife.


11 Chizuru Mizuhara


Chizuru Mizuhara wants to go to college and earn money to study more.

So, she chose to be the rent girlfriend where she goes out with anyone who wants to spend time with a girl who pretends to be her girlfriend and this is also popular in real life to in japan.

She is a dream girl for any age group guy, and she is a firm and well-mannered girl with a beautiful smile.

She wants to be fully independent and don’t give tension to her parents’ cost of living. Because of that, she chose the job of rent girlfriend, but then she meets a lonely guy, and then the story revolves around it.

12 Maki Oze


Maki Oze is a trained military girl who knows how to handle the bad guys and do things if they are wrong.

She is also one of the latest generation anime women on this list after being introduced in 2019 in the anime world, and all people have already become her fan.

She is also very bold and beautiful and worthy to be on the waifu list.

 13 Megumi Tadokoro


Megumi Tadokoro is a chef but a very nervous one, not very confident about her 5-star skills and cooking.

She is incredible when it comes to cooking. She has given so many beautiful dishes in the Anime that everyone loves.

The look of her adds more grace to food and its presentation.

She is one of the best cooking waifu anyone wishes for in their life.


 14- Kyoka Jiro


Kyoka Jiro is not the famous character in this anime, and I feel it’s sad to see how low people take her or not talk about her. She is one of the finest detecting characters in this anime.

She has the power of listing and knowing the frequency range.

When she pulls the earphones connected to her head to any surface, she visualizes the range, quantity and distance of enemy or anything in her surrounding area.

She is also charming and kind and has a crush on Denki kaminari, an electricity user who has the power to hit an enemy with electricity.

 15- Kasumigaoka Utaha


Kasumigaoka Utaha is a famous novelist who published best-selling novels and books.

She has a cold appearance, and because of that, many people don’t talk to her or have the courage to talk to her because of her appearance and popularity.

Utaha also wants to have friends and feel real love, not just fake ones, because she is famous.

Kasumigaoka loves to read and watch Anime and manga and drawings of it.

  16- Asuna Yuuki


She is underrated in the waifu list, but she has all the characteristics any waifu should have.

Asuna is loyal, committed to her work and understanding.

She is not on the top of the chart, but she is not someone you ignore to be waifu.

  17- Minori Kushieda


Everyone will be surprised to see her name on this list because she has the character of a fun-loving friend rather than a responsible waifu. After all, she is so funny.

But let’s not forget how much hard work she does for the people and her living, making her a responsible waifu.





18- Mirajane Strauss


She can talk to anyone about their most profound feeling, and she is a very kind soul, amiable and beautiful.

Mirajane is always ready to help her friends in need.

She never takes advantage of anyone that makes her an essential person in this waifu list.



19- Ikumi Mito


She is a bold, well knowledge and well-dressed woman on this list

she stands above all in bold dressing sense, making her a worthy waifu.





20 Mai Sakurajima


ANIME – Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

The movie has all you need but with many twists, and that twist comes with one of the best waifu characters Mai Sakurajima.

She is the most popular girl in Tokyo and Japan.

Mai is famous and does all the dancing, acting together.

She is so beautiful and adorable that you can keep watching her and even buy her poster for your wall.

When she cracks jokes and is sarcastic, it looks lovely and warm to the audience.




21 Rukia Kuchiki


Rukia Kuchiki, one of the main characters in the Bleach series and fans are all over her because of her personality.

Rukia Kuchiki is an excellent swordswoman and one of the greatest.

She is a pretty and robust character and worthy of being on the waifu list.

22 Ochaco Uraraka


The family girl should be the title for Ochaco Uraraka because family and friends are a top priority for her, and she does everything for her family.

She has the power of zero gravity magic. Whatever she touches becomes zero gravity, even human, or the heaviest things.

She is a cute and nervous type of girl, but at the same time, when it comes to performance, she always clears it with much power and comes out from her scared shell.

23 Umiko Ahagon


Umiko is the type of girl who does not let her kind side up around the people.

She wants to be the leader in everything going on or whatever she does with the group.

She is a strong character but doubts her feelings and love to be accepted.

That makes her the waifu who need attention and immense love to let her true self come to a person.

24 Violet Evergarden

ANIME- Violet Evergarden

Most of the characters in this list have had human feelings since the start, but violet is very different from all the others because she is not born or designed to have feelings.

She is like a well-trained weapon. Her only objective is to complete the mission without feeling it, just the object. Still, after an encounter with the main character, she developed an everlasting and strong love feeling.

25- Touka Kirishima


Touka Kirishima, yes, even a ghoul can be the perfect fit for the waifu list.

She is also known as a rabbit ghoul who is quick but not so strong, and she has the agility and speed as her arsenal. 

Touka is also one of the main characters of Tokyo ghoul, who has been in love with the main character of Tokyo ghoul ken kaneki.

She has short blue hair and not so friendly behaviour, but she is a worthy and exciting character on the waifu list, only if you are a ghoul. 

26 Zero Two


She is a member of the APE Special Forces and primarily fights on the front lines as a human-klaxo Sapien hybrid.

Yes, you got it right—it’s time for another cybo girl to enter the waifu list.

Klaxo Klaxosaur blood makes zero two one of the strongest elite parasites, and because of her horn, everyone respects her as an elite, but no one wants to be her partner because mostly her partner gets killed.

Partner killer the name given to her, which raises questions for people to list her on the list. 

Despite having no concern for human life or her own and being used to battling alone, she became interested in Hiro.

She offered him the chance to pilot with her, essentially making him her new partner and “darling.” Zero Two developed love feelings for Hiro over time. 

So the love she showed for Hiro made her worthy of being on this list.


27 Chisa Kotegawa


It is one of the funniest romantic Anime I ever came across, But the real charmer of this Anime is Chisa Kotegawa.

Chisa is well known for her diving skills and very quiet kind of girl who loves to be around the sea and love the underwater world.

She is beautiful with short brown hair and big eyes that will steal your heart instantly, but that’s not all. She is one of the mature and intelligent people in Anime and focuses on her dream.

28 Kaguya Shinomiya


Kaguya is famous in her school because of her beauty, she has long hair, which is black, and her fair skin tone makes it more beautiful. Kaguya Have a slim body, but the red-eye makes her look gorgeous, and her ribbon is the mark of her which she wears always.

She used to be a student council member and always wore her hair down, sans the trademark red ribbon.

Kaguya has a crush on the president of the student council but cannot tell her feelings because she doesn’t want to be the first to confess the love.

She is also very confident in her decision making and strong will that makes her on this list.

29- Takagi-san

ANIME- Teasing Master Takagi-san

It is an adorable love story of two school kids, where a girl named Takagi teases her classmate, who is a timid person.

There are many cute moments in this Anime and of Takagi-san.    

She also stays loyal to her crush and always loves and wants to be with him, making her on the waifu list.

30 Mitsuha Miyamizu


We all know how amazing the movie is, and if Makoto Niitsu is involved in the movie, that will be one hell of a ride. 

Mitsuha Miyamizu and her love story are way beyond what you can imagine. 

She is a young beautiful, and fun-loving girl who stayed loyal to her incredible love story and the love of is beyond her world.

Everyone who waited to see her name will be happy now after she is on the list of best waifu.

31 Belldandy


The title character of the Oh! My Goddess series is Belldandy.

She is a Goddess from Heaven who appears to Keiichi to grant his request after he contacts the “Goddess Relief Agency” while trying to order meals by accident.

What are the chances? The main plot of the series begins when she is bonded to earth as a result of his wish.

Waifus are mostly teenagers, with only a few exceptions. Belldandy is an older woman anime character who, unlike the young waifus you see, is charming and mature.

She is kind, has a good awareness of others’ emotions, and has a lot of patience with those around her.

32 Mikasa Ackerman


Misaka is a badass female character who has all the skills to kill anyone.

She has the coldest eyes for everyone except her love Eren who saved her in childhood, and since then, she has loved her unconditionally.

Misaka already tops the chart to be the best waifu because of her loyalty and love for her lover.

She is also one of the best favourite female characters on the waifu list.

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