Do you love basketball? then you going to love this list for best basketball anime.

DO you love basketball? If still not, this list of best basketball anime will make you feel motivated to play or watch basketball.

We all love sports anime, and basketball is one of the biggest sports in the world, but in Asia, it’s not that famous like other sports, but because of these anime in this list, many kids and teens started to watch basketball and play


Barangay 143

best basketball anime

This is a relatively obscure anime series (because of the fact that it is shown internationally on a Filipino channel). It has also recently returned to television with fresh episodes.
Barangay 143 took a Filipino’s perspective on street basketball.

The protagonist of the narrative is Bren Park, a Korean basketball player of Filipino descent who joins a local streetball team.
Bren gains a greater grasp of Filipino culture beyond the games.

He also learns the value of pursuing one’s hobbies in life.
You may be wondering why these Anime have odd dubbing and animation quirks? Just because there were two teams who did collab together, Asahi tv and Filipino Animation Studio.

Set those away, and you’ll still get a thrilling sports anime that demonstrates how important basketball is in Asia.

This anime is one of the most interesting or for some best basketball anime.


basketball anime

This Anime shows how important team chemistry is to win matches even against the strongest team or individual.

The Anime -I’ll/CKBC was released in 2003, and it’s an OVA which have two episodes.
Most Anime has one main character who is the protagonist, but in this Anime, or you can say in this OVA anime, there are two main characters.

Both are protagonists – Akane Tachibana, who works daily on his physical fitness and basketball skills. On the other side is Hitonari, a naturally gifted and talented superstar just like Ronaldo and Messi.

This Anime is really short, or you can say the shortest in this list. The story revolves around the team chemistry, as I said before, and the animation is really great, but one of the things which can make you feel like its not good because the whole story is composed in just two episodes with lots of going on in every scene which make the Weebs feel bit uneasy but still if you understand it then it is one of the best short basketball anime.

Dash Kappei

best basketball anime

A basketball which is funny and from way back in 1981, Dash Kappei had 65 episodes.
Dash Kappei exemplifies the best of 80s ecchi humor.

The plot revolves around Kappei Sakamoto, a diminutive high school student (he stands less than a meter tall!) with god-like basketball talents.
It’s really weird to know that someone can feel motivated by watching white underpants of girls, but Dash Kappei is the guy who is like this.

Ironically, it’s his biggest flaw since he can’t stop looking at his underwear!
Dash Kappei tries to take basketball seriously by teaching certain game concepts during each episode, which is hilarious and packed with out-of-this-world humor (Kappei replenishes his strength through underwear; winning games using weird ways).

If you are not good at knowing the rules of sports or basketball, then this Anime is still going to make you happy and want you to watch more episodes.

Heong-geuli Beseuteu 5

best basketball anime

Heong-geuli Beseuteu 5 is the next Anime on the list.
This film, which was released in Korea in 1995, demonstrates a basic basketball lesson: it’s all about collaboration.

The film recounts the journey of Kim Young woong, a Korean basketball player, on his quest to become the greatest in the country.

Young Woong chooses to play for an underdog squad despite being well-known and pursued by the most prestigious colleges.

It’s partly because of Youngwoong’s coach’s counsel and somewhat because being among guys who are hungry for victories may help Youngwoong progress as a player.
Basketball’s influence on many Asian countries is fascinating to observe.

Locally, Heong-geuli Beseuteu 5 caused quite a stir. At the time, the Korean University basketball team gave their vocals to the film’s theme song, singing it!

Mitsu x Mitsu Drops

basket ball anime

Mitsu x Mitsu drops is short 2 episode ova anime in which you are going to see everything from bet to love to sports everything in just two episodes.

Except for those who take the Kuge course, students at the Houjou academy are entirely regular. This exclusive seminar is exclusively open to elite and wealthy pupils and their “honey.” Hagino Yuzuru didn’t want to join the course, but under the influence, she did and instantly regretted her decision because she did this because of Kai Renge.

A student must be sponsored by someone already enrolled in the Kuge program to become honey.
Kai takes on the role of Hagino’s sponsor, enrolling her in the course and paying for her tuition. Hagino, on the other hand, must submit to him as her master and attend to his every desire.

Hagino could have put herself into a situation she can’t get out of it.
She can’t withdraw because if she does that, and she will be dismissed from school, which will affect her life and education. Will she be able to sort things out with Kai, or will she give up before he does something she’ll come to regret?

Onagawa Chuu Baske Bu: 5-nin no Natsu

best basket ball anime

Onagawa Chuu Baske Bu: 5-nin no Natsu is emotional rollercoaster ride anime that not only check your love for basketball but also for story and emotions.

The Tohoku earthquake of 2011 is regarded as one of Japan’s worst. The death toll from this calamity was staggering 15,899 people.

Despite it having only five regular players, the Onagawa Junior High ladies basketball team continues to play.
The finest AnimeAnime, in my opinion, are ones that inspire.

Kuroko no Basket: Last Game (OVA)

It demonstrates how incredible it would be to the rest of the globe if the series’ finest players banded together.

It’s the best of the best we’re talking about in the world.
Kuroko’s former team (from the Generation of Miracles) and Kagami decided to team up to take on an American streetball team that was visiting.
Kuroko no Basket is recognize for its thrilling basketball action and unique visual effects, which are showcase in this film.

Kuroko no Basket Last Game is a fantastic game for fans to play as well.
For a long period, the Generation of Miracles will not be able to play together. Therefore this is a unique period in basketball anime!

Dear Boys

best basket ball anime

If you want a more focused take on basketball concepts, this is a fantastic anime to watch.

Dear Boys is a typical shonen anime underdog story.
When Kazuhiko Aikawa, a well-known high school basketball player in Japan, transferred to Mizuho High School, he shocked the sports world.
That university isn’t known for producing champions!

Despite this, the teenage star continues to take the initiative and lead a ragtag group of misfits as he strives to win the Inter-High basketball championship.

Please don’t be too harsh on this show’s animation, despite the fact that it has a tale that will grow on you with time. In several situations, the usage of CG appears to be incredibly wrong.


best basket ball anime

Here’s something a little different for you. Ro-Kyu-Bu! It is a loli and basketball anime that combines the finest of both worlds.

Who’d have guessed they’d go together?
Hasegawa Subaru, an ex-basketball player who retired due to a weird controversy, is the protagonist of this Anime. There are no spoilers yet. First, watch it!
Ro-Kyu-Bu! is based on the premise that even if you’re not permitted to play basketball, you may still follow your aspirations.

Subaru is now the coach of a young girls’ team, and he must teach the principles for the squad to win games.
It’s possible that it won’t be as thrilling as other basketball anime. Ro-Kyu-Bu, on the other hand! Comes out on top in both the ecchi and cute categories.


Breakers is a new film that focuses on the side of sports that are rarely covered in mainstream media: the Paralympics.

This Anime is not just about basketball only but what are the challenges these people have in other sports also.

The first episode, which focused on wheelchair basketball, was thrilling, demonstrating how entertaining (and brilliant) para-athletes can be.
It’s a fun perspective on a distinct type of basketball that few people are familiar with—definitely a one-of-a-kind entertainment to see.


Basquash!, a 2009 game that presents an entirely new way of shooting baskets, is another example of a distinct style of basketball.
Games using mechas, in particular.

The games, termed Big Foot Basketball (BFB) in the series, are held in large arenas on a regular basis.
When Dan, the series’ protagonist, entered a BFB game, he unwittingly made Big Foot Streetball popular.

Aside from the amazing animation, Dan and his team may expect a slew of mecha upgrades when things get rough.
Keep a watch out for several bizarre commercial placements, such as the Nike swoosh insignia on several robot feet.

Buzzer Beater

We’ve previously discussed huge robots, so let’s play basketball with extraterrestrial objects.

Buzzer Beater is a hardcourt game set in a vast universe.
This Anime depicted humanity’s struggle against physically superior extraterrestrial civilizations and was produced by the renowned Takehiko Inoue (who also has other works on this list).

Buzzer Beater attempts to illustrate that sports are a global language by hosting an inter-planetary league, including various races.

Ahiru no Sora

Ahiru no Sora, which debuted in late 2019, is likely to create waves in the world of basketball anime

The shonen genre is know for its underdog stories.
However, Ahiru no Sora appears to do so in a unique method. Most basketball enthusiasts across the world may relate to the protagonist, Sora Kurumatani.

Sora is not tall like other basketball players. Still, he has some skills which push him to be the greatest.
Ahiru no Sora excels in both basketball action and story drama, thanks to its colorful cast of characters.

Kuroko no Basket

Kuroko no Basket (first aired in 2012), one of the most famous sports anime, dazzles with amazing basketball action.

But it also includes a lot of arcs and significant character development that will appeal to lovers of different genres.
Kuroko, the “invisible member” (or “sixth man” in basketball jargon) of a famed middle school basketball team, is about to embark on a new chapter in his life.
When Kuroko enrolls at Seirin High, she meets Taiga Kagami.

Taiga is another player that wants to build a name for himself in the scene. These two newcomers will establish a name for themselves in the Inter-High tournament if they work together.
The unique moves that most characters have are what make Kuroko no Basket such fun.
It isn’t feasible, to be sure.

However, the majority of these techniques are still based on basic basketball concepts.
And they are combining these approaches results in really exciting battles!
Kuroko is a fascinating character to observe. Although he is physically frail, his ability to deceive and pass is a force to be reckon with.

Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk is the most technically right Anime about basketball games because the Anime is not about showing super skills of basketball, but shows how to improve and work on your skills and hard work from physical training to skill sets, and it still names as best basketball anime.

This Anime is one of the top 90s Anime, even if the other Anime is not in the sports genre, and because of this Anime, so many children from Asian countries started to like basketball, and because of 100 episodes, it was one of the biggest basketball anime series.

But, over time, Slam Dunk grew into a sprawling and engrossing tale of dedication, brotherhood, and devotion.

Given that the narrative’s protagonist, Hanamichi Sakuragi, isn’t exactly the best player on the floor, Slam Dunk tells a great story about how basketball players may develop.
And what a fantastic story Slam Dunk has to provide!
It may not have the same level of animation as today’s AnimeAnime (like Kuroko no Basket).

The story of Slam Dunk, on the other hand, is one for the ages. It had such an impression on the audience that fans are still clamoring for a sequel today!
This has been one of the best basketball anime ever made.

Slam Dunk: Shouhoku Saidai no Kiki! Moero Sakuragi Hanamichi (OVA)

There are some surprises along the way, so skip straight if you don’t want to learn too much about the OVA but still want to watch Slam Dunk. I assure you, it’s fantastic!
Because the good guys don’t always win every match, Slam Dunk is such a terrific anime.
The Shohoku team is in this scenario.

After their loss against Kainan High, Sakuragi determined to improve as a player, which explains his haircut in the second half of the series.
This 1995 film depicts Shohoku’s match immediately following their terrible loss against Kainan.

Coach Anzai’s decision to put his squad up against another severe task may be the best way for Shohoku to advance, given the importance of teamwork (even after a loss).
And it appears to demonstrate how much a formidable foe may aid you.
This film, in classic Slam Dunk style, takes a balanced approach to basketball and life lessons.

This is it for me as a sports anime fan! basketball does hold so much in Anime that’s why it has so many best basketball anime

Which is the best Basket Ball Anime?

1. Slam Dunk
2. kuroko basket
3. Buzzer beater

Best Sports Anime?

1. Haikyu
2. Kuroko Basket
3. Slam Dunk

Is Slam Dunk Worth Watching?

Yes, it is one of the best anime, and you are going to love it even if you don’t like sports anime.

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