20 Most Amazing Brunette Anime Girls you must Know about

We all love to see Brown hair anime girls, or many people say them best brunette anime girls.

This blog articles list will have so many brunette anime girls that will make you drool over them and want to save some wallpaper or even more watch the anime because of them.

You going to see best anime characters and best anime girls with brown hair.


1-Ochaco Uraraka


Ochaco Uraraka is one of the cutest brown hair girls, and she is one of the favorite characters from my hero academia.

She has the power of gravity, which makes anything to 0 gravity whatever she touches, but she lacks self-confidence and is improving every time she goes to the battlefield.


2- Rin Toosaka From Fate/Stay Night

rin tohsaka burette

The Fate/Stay Night series is one of the best anime series, and Rin Toosaka aces the game.

She is really an ideally looking girl, and she has shiny brown hair, which looks so perfect with her look.

She is not friendly and loves to stay alone without any fuss because she is a master in the fifth holy grail war, which shows how strong she is at this age a Mangus and master.

She is also a cute girl with blue eyes, making your heart beat much faster.

3 Izumi Akazawa

izumi girls


Izumi Akazawa can be the worst enemy you ever want or the best partner. It’s on you which side of Izumi you want because she is a very confident girl.

Okay, she’s hardly the most excellent person in the world. But she does things her way!

She takes the initiative to locate the extra and stop the disaster.

She’s also a minor tsundere, which is a significant bonus on this list.

The fact that she is also rather humble and admits her flaws is frosting on the cake.

4 Kosaki Onodera



Kosaki is a considerate and kind-hearted young lady who is both easygoing and popular. 

She clearly develops a lot over the series, and her character growth is impressive, overcoming her shyness and being more open about her thoughts.

5 Nadeko Sengoku

ANIME- Bakemonogatari

Nadeko can steal your heart with her adorable smile and her jolly nature.

At first, she’s the stereotypical dandere, adorable, bashful, stutters with her speech, and has the heart of an angel.

But then she goes through an Orichimaru phase and ends up in yandere land.

If you’re looking for a cuddling friend or a boa constrictor, Nadeko is the girl for you.

5.Kayo Hinazuki



I frequently hear the phrase “We have to defend her smile” when it comes to anime heroines, and Kayo is precisely that type of character.

She usually’s uninterested when representing the kuudere gang, but that adds to the value of her rare grin or blush!

Although it may be sad to see Kayo not putting effort into which even the killer was more dedicated to a particular relationship than she was, I believe she deserves to be on the list.

She is cute short brown hair anime girl.

6 Iki Hiyori


ANIME- Noragami

‘Noragami’ is an anime of the supernatural/action genre. Yato, a lesser god with audacious ambitions, is the anime’s primary protagonist. He wants to have followers on a larger scale. But if there is not a single shrine that respects or honors you, it’s very hard to get this many followers on your own because followers always follow someone who gets praises. 

So, he had to do many different jobs for others to honor him and become her followers. Even his weapon abandons him because he lacks the skill to be a master of the weapon, so the weapon also doesn’t want to be with him.

Yato nearly dies in a vehicle accident one day before being saved by a female. That girl is Iki Hiyori, who, although not being seriously injured, now possesses a soul that may leave her body. She wants Yato to solve the situation, but he requires a weapon partner to do so. So Iki decides to go out and find him one. The journey begins there. Iki is a lovely young girl anime with brown hair.

7 Holo 


ANIME- Ookami to Koushinryou

How can a fox anime girl not be included in any anime girls-related list and here we have Holo looks to be a 15-year-old girl with long orange/brown hair and red eyes, despite the fact that she still has her wolf ears and tail.

Holo frequently needs to wear a hooded cloak or headscarf, as well as large voluminous skirts, to disguise her odd characteristics from strangers, which she dislikes because she cherishes her tail.

That’s why she is in the list of girls with brown hair.

8. Chisa Kotegawa



Grand Blue is one of the funniest anime series I have ever seen, and Chisa Kotegawa is one of the best savage girls.

Chisa Kotegawa is a hottie. Yes, you want to dive with her and in her dream because she is so hot looking with a great figure and short brown hair, which makes her look much sexier.

In the performance, Chisa appears as meek as a lamb in the midst of all the naked, intoxicated, titan-looking, loud-mouthed males.

Distancing herself from the hijinks and occasionally getting Iori into trouble makes her a force to be reckoned with she doesn’t want. As if you were the last boss of the undersea waifu battles.

I think it’s also worth mentioning how “family-friendly” her cousins are… But, hey, that’s how anime news works.

9 Otae Shimura


Shimura is not just a unique character who stands up for herself and the people around her, but she is also a brave young lady. Despite her job as the cabaret woman, she is unquestionably a badass in her own right. 

She might not be as powerful and significant as other Gintama Characters, but Otae really has the potential to be one of the best female characters in Gintama. 

She has brown eyes and is also tall, and even her brown eyes make her look more beautiful and elegant. Her gorgeous beauty is so captivating that she is often the focus of attention at work. She typically grins her way through any issue, no matter how upset or unhappy she feels.

She is also a kind anime girl with long brown hair.

10 Nagisa Furukawa


The last inclusion on our list is another from the anime series ‘Clannad.’ Nagisa Furukawa is one of the anime series’ main characters. She is preoccupied with her schoolwork, has few friends, and spends much of her time alone. She eventually meets Haru, who is similar to her in terms of establishing friends.

The relationship between Haru and Nagisa Furukawa becomes closer. Fuuko coerces the pair to get more intimate. Nagisa isn’t a sexy beauty, but she is a cute one. She has short brown hair with the strides of her hair, making her look more adorable.

11 Maki Oze


Maki is equal parts challenging and love-struck fool.

She is an ex soldier, who has upper hand in any combat she goes on from hand to hand to weapon game.

She also possesses one of the more intriguing powers in the program, despite the bizarre names of her fire companions.

On the other hand, any thing which is related to romantic thing will makes her feel nervous. She despises thinking about genuine love, fate, and all that other romantic stuff.

She is also in the list of waifu material As a result, her name has more than one meaning. On top of that, she’s adorable as heck, making her top-tier wifey material.

If you think main characters are the most important then you are wrong as you can see the contribution of her as supporting character.

12 Yui Hirasawa

yui brown anime girl


K ON is great pop music anime series and Yui Hirasawa , a cute and adorable girl, has more to her than meets the eye. She is well-known as the airheaded lead guitarist and vocalist of the band Ho-kago Tea Time, yet it is far from defining her personality with her short hair.

To give you a clearer idea of why she is so exceptional, I can tell you one key fact about her: she has the ability to light up a room simply by being present in it.

She is one of the cute girls but she looks like cute little girl.

13 Naho Takamiya


Naho is a girl we all need. She couldn’t express herself very well at first, especially when it came to love impulses.

She is not very friendly with many school mates and people think she is ignorant to other people’s feelings. But, thanks to some time travel hijinks, we see Naho shine up to some level.

She is the one who will go and sing in front of crowd but she did, and what a performance, she gave which pushed herself from comfort zone. I absolutely adore Naho; she’s a total darling, and Orange is one of the greatest romantic comedies out there.



Diane has the likability of a moody person. She can be the ranging girl who will throw you out, but she can be the sweetest woman in the anime world.

Males worldwide must also admire her for presumably only having crushes on short monarchs, despite everyone being quick for her, but you get the idea.
Sometimes she bosses around with her bossy nature.

It was so great to see the character development and what they accomplished with her character later in the program when she began dancing to improve her combat.

She is called the queen of the giants because of her ability to rule the world with her tree magic and earth magic. Of course, there’s the brunette hair.


ANIME- Black Lagoon

Revy is a crucial character in the action anime series “Black Lagoon.” While watching this series, I had the impression that I saw a Hollywood film remade in anime style. The premise is pretty exciting and refreshing, and it is set in Roanapur, Thailand, which is known as a crime haven. 

A mercenary outfit known as Black Lagoon operates in this area.

However, the man’s employer abandons him. To live in this harsh and brutal environment, he must now become a mercenary himself. Revy is one of the most critical group members, and her squad needs her so much. In anime, she has a burgundy color, but in the manga, she has brown hair, and that’s why I kept her in this anime, and with outfits she has, it makes her more hotie.

16. Shōko Nishimiya


You will think why Shoko Nishimiya is always on every list because she deserves to be in every blog about anime girls except bad anime girls.

Shoko Nishimiya is the cutest long brown hair girl on this list.

She is a beautiful girl but she is deaf. Who has been through a lot in her life. Even though she has been through hell, she still forgives and attempts to reconcile with those who have wounded her.

17.Haruhi Suzumiya

ANIME- The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi is really very skillful anime girl. She’s forceful, demanding, and curiously skilled at undressing other women.

Her specific circumstance, on the other hand, is rather different.

She has a devoted following since she is unbelievably adorable. And her rare real moments tug at the heartstrings, causing Haruhi Bible sales to skyrocket.

18.Sakura Kinomoto 

ANIME-Cardcaptor Sakura

You are missing a magical power anime girl, then here it is. Sakura Kinomoto is a magical girl. It will give you nostalgia as most of us must have watched it during our childhood if we are a 90’s kid. 

Sakura is pretty girl and magical anime girl.

The story is about card power and villain in the human world where many demons and creatures come to harm the humans, but Sakura got the power of the magical card. Because the cards are potentially damaging to humans and the environment, she must use a mystical key to recapture all of them. This earns her the title ‘Cardcaptor.’ 

Sakura is a sweet little girl with brown hair. She is upbeat and enjoys cheerleading. After the cards have been spread, she must study magic in order to re-seal them in the book. Tomoyo Daidouji, her best friend, is there to support her along the journey.

19.Momozono Nanami

ANIME- Kamisama Kiss

Certain mythological anime with Gods and familiars can be hard for me to follow at times. I’m not sure what you’re talking about. One such anime is ‘Kamisama Kiss.’ It relates to the story of a little girl who became homeless as a result of her father’s massive debt. A man brings her to live in shrine and she met him before coming back to life. 

She is someone you will keep in your top list of brown hair anime girls and in the best female anime girl list.

Lets talk about fact and facts is she will be the god and when you will see in anime you will know why she will be god. Along the way, new problems arise, which she must overcome in order to continue doing her holy responsibilities and have a roof over her head. In addition, she has stunning brown hair.

20.Sasha Braus


This show is already grim, but I think if Sasha were a giant, she’d definitely consume the entire cast in the first episode.

Sasha, nicknamed Potato Girl, is a glutton for pain, meat, and potatoes.

She is a food thief and will steal it anytime she feels hungry, no matter who says no to her or whatever speaking, what she cares about are food and the taste, and if you try to have some food from her meal, she will cut you in half.

I really like her because she brings up the mood in very tough situations that are way different from other characters in the anime, including a crybaby, a kuudere, a clever crybaby, and a horse guy personified edge and sex appeal, Hazel eyes, etc. It’s a good idea to have at least one comedic relief character.

She hasn’t yet soloed any giants. But if she thinks they look appetizing, it’s game over.

Anime fans will always going to have special place for Sasha Braus.

She is also horrible liar.


Who is the best Brunette anime girl

1. Shoko Nishimiya
2. Revy
These two are are best Brunette anime girl.

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