This list is about comedy anime that will make you laugh and give you all smile on your face.



The family guy anime series tops the chart when you think about mature comedy or anime with humor and real-world agenda.

Family guy is an ongoing American anime tv sitcom series.

We don’t see much American anime recommendation, and that shows how good the family guy anime is. Still, it is for a specific age group from 13-38.

The anime is about the Griffin family. In that family, there are five members- peter and Lois, who are husband and wife, and their three children- meg, Chris, and Stewie with a pet, who is a dog named brian. 

The funniest part is the most intelligent member of the family is their dog and the infant Stewie so that you can guess the scenario of the anime series. 

Many people oppose this anime series but trust me, and you should watch it for once.

RATING 9/10.



Most people who have not watched one punch man will think how it can land on this list, but I have seen this anime is one of the funniest anime with superheroes fighting.

The main character Saitama is himself a bald superhero with the most destructive power and can finish any opponent with one punch is somehow funny itself.

The story is about the superheroes who try to eliminate the villains and has different rank according to their power level. 

Still, the main character, Saitama, wants to be the top hero so he can get awards and money to buy things for himself.

There are so many fun events in anime.

It’s entertaining to watch the anime, and you will enjoy it to the fullest.

RATING 9.5/10.


3 The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

This anime is one of the funniest anime, which has the devil as the main character. 

Yes, you got me right, the devil who is funny and the other characters in this is also funny.

This show’s entertainment stems as much from its ridiculous concept as it does from the gags themselves. The protagonist is, in fact, Satan. 

In another realm, Satan is vanquished by the Hero Emilia Justina and forced to flee via a portal into modern-day Japan, where they must live everyday human lives in order to survive. 

To sustain himself, Satan eventually takes a part-time job at MgRonald’s, a parody of McDonald’s. 

It’s a silly show that blends slice-of-life aspects with more fantasy parts.

The fascinating aspect of this anime is how regular but appealing folks alter not just the devil himself but also the goody-two-shoes hunter who was attempting to slay him. 

She needs to tell herself again and over that this person is indeed terrible, that he has perpetrated atrocities.

But as the story progresses, even she begins to understand that she sounds like a parody of a Demon Hunter and must adjust to our mundane, demon-free reality.

The animation of this anime is also outstanding.

RATING – 8.5/10


This anime is rated one of the funniest of all time and rated the highest.

Whenever you search for the best comedy anime, and Gintama will appear in every article.

The anime story is about the samurai who are in a world where the swords are banned because samurai with a sword would be dangerous for them.

If you’re an anime enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Gintama. Fans of Space Dandy or other adventure anime that blends aspects of the fantastic with more traditional comedy and situational humor will like this sci-fi comedy. 

The show follows Gintoki Sakata as he earns his living as a freelancer, performing whatever odd tasks he can get his hands on. 

Gintama is in an alternate history.

Edo era in which an alien species dominated humankind known as “Amanto” after Edo Japan’s military surrendered to the formidable invaders.

Gintama will surely make you laugh, and you are going to enjoy the whole long series with ease.

RATING- 10/10


The Matsuno family consists of six wicked and mischievous sons (sextuplets), led by the oldest Osomatsu. 

They were grade-schoolers during the Shwa period, but despite the fact that they are still living in the same old house, modern society’s street view and lifestyle have changed dramatically.

This anime is not something creators thought of creating thoughtfully. It was just to celebrate the 80th anniversary.

Osomatsu is one of the beautiful daily life running anime.

RATING- 8/10


Grand Blue is one of the hilarious anime from episode 1 to last. You will be going to enjoy the anime.

The anime consists of a slice of life with romantic- comedy, college life, and lots of hilarious events that make your stomach ache by laughing.

Scuba diving club plays a big part in this anime with many misunderstandings, dramatic facial expressions, and (male) nudity.

Iori Kitahara attends college in his uncle’s coastal house, which also serves as a diving store.

But his college debut did not go as well as he had hoped, and he finds himself in a lifestyle with his relatives and friends that has no boundaries.

A must-watch anime for 13+ because of some nudity.

RATING- 9/10 



This anime is for all the 90’s people who had not many ideas about anime.

Most of us even didn’t know that Kochikame is anime.

Are you feeling nostalgic? Yes, you can Kochikame is a classic comedy from the 90’s era and all the new weebs.

If you have not watched the anime because it is an old one, then trust me, you are missing the best comedy anime.

The story is about Ryoutsu, a low-wage police officer who always looks for a fast cash method. 

His ideas mostly are for money or capitalizing on fads, but Ryoutsu’s lack of understanding always backfires and gets him in problems with the police chief.

Most of the time, his idea works, but then he gets too greedy and goes for more money, and then the idea backfires him and makes him lose all the money he earned.

RATING 10/10

8 To Be Hero


What is the power you think superheroes should have? For some, it can be laser eyes, strength, or flying, but The main character has the glance power.

When he gets pulled down a toilet, the Space Peace Republic Alliance Hero Committee bestows genuine superpowers on him, and he becomes Earth’s hero. 

Even his daughter refuses to Min-chan accept that such a disgusting fatty could be her father.

She throws him out of his own house. 

Disgusted and destitute, he teams up with his perverted neighbor Yamada-san.

A little guy with a penchant for streaking, to persuade Min-chan that he is her father.

This anime is not for everyone. Many people will not like it. 

RATING- 7/10

The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.

What if you possessed tremendous abilities that could transform you into an unstoppable superhero, but all you wanted to do was get through high school with mediocre grades? You’d be Kusuo Saiki.

Kusuo has always wished to live a regular life but has extreme power and intelligence. 

Probably because his original parents and grandparents never considered his abilities to be so great. 

As a result, when he utilized his skills to fetch his mother some rice wine when he was a year old, there was nary a squeal of delight. 

On the other hand, Saiki may be the most normal of his pupils regularly.

RATING- 8.5/10

10 Kiss Him, Not Me

Kiss him, not me is romantic-comedy anime.

That will make you feel happy, sad sometimes and give you a broad smile on your face. 

It’s a mix of everything you want in an anime and a should-watch one.¬†

This show is reminiscent of a yaoi fangirl underdog narrative.

Our protagonist, Kae Serinuma, has always been identified by two traits.

If you catch my drift, you are being overweight and wanting a little Yuri in your life.

However, one of those qualities fades when Kae loses a lot of weight quickly. And, surprise, surprise, four males want to date her! Her lone character pillar, though, remains. 

So she keeps attempting to make the males fall in love with each other instead.

Doesn’t the title make more sense now? I’ll let you fill in the blanks on what occurs when you try to transport lads who want to sail your yacht.


11 Barakamon

Barakamon is the sort of program that will put you in a good mood for the summer.

There are no really alien cliches, twists, or story threads. Simply put, this is a hilarious character-driven comedy.

It also has a distinct atmosphere because there is no high school, basketball players, or video games. Calligraphy and the countryside, on the other hand.

Sei Handa is banished to the Goto islands to reflect on his behavior after losing his temper and completely sucker striking a veteran.

This is when the supporting cast comes into action, with a slew of brash kids, nosy elderly guys, and everything in between attempting to annoy our heroine.

The general interplay between all of the people in the program.

Their journeys together is the backbone of this comedy.


12 Level-E

Leve;-E is an exciting anime series to watch. 

It consists of four-story arcs with four different parts of it with different situations and hilarious events.

It begins as your typical athletic slice-of-life shonen/seinen yadda, but that train derails as soon as a handsome extraterrestrial prince invades the protagonist’s one-bedroom flat. 

This pampered troll, ahem, claims to be suffering from forgetfulness if only aid was on the way. 

The second, third, and fourth arcs continue Baka’s pranks on Earth, culminating in one of the most gratifying trolling endings you’ll ever see. 

You will love this anime if you love savage characters or people.

who always give savage replies to others, which makes it funnier.


13 Ouran High School Host Club


Another high school comedy anime in this list but have many different categories.

Ouran High School Host Club attempted to codify and parody every single trope. and clich√© present in shoujo manga, including, but not limited to, just club problems or goes around the club. 

The cross-dressing, samurai, reverse and regular harem, cross-dressing, Megane characters, Prince archetype, twincest, pretty yakuza boys, yaoi aimed at women, poor-girl meets a group of ultra-rich, god-like young men. 

All-girl school with yuri under, over Ouran makes fun of everything, including fangirls and French names. 

Every episode contains a narrative twist that completely changes the chapter’s story and will actually surprise you the first time you view it.

The narrative revolves around Haruhi and a scholarship student enrolled into the ultra-rich, pretty-in-pink versaillesque Ouran Academy.

It’s the fun-loving story of high school kids with many events where you will laugh so much and feel nice when watching the anime.

RATING- 8.5/10

14 Shin-chan

How can a comedy anime be fulfilled without the great Shin-chan, one of the most popular anime for kids around the age of 3-12.

And even adults love to watch it because it’s so cheerful and many parents will find the similarities of Shin-chan in their child.

The anime revolves around Shin-chan and his daily life events with family Nohar’s and his friends.

Shin-chan is a super-naughty and intelligent kid who always creates problems for his dad and mom.

But still everyone loves shin-chan also, and that’s why it’s so popular that it has many movies of shin-chan.


15 Great Teacher Onizuka


This anime is one of the greatest old classic comedy anime.

It has so many events which 90’s kids will refer to, and every episode is excellent.

The anime story is about Eikichi Onizuka, who used to peek out for girls, but one day, a girl agrees to date him.

Still, when they both reach the hotel for more fun, the girl’s boyfriend, who is a teacher, tells the girl to come back to him. The girl just jumps from the 2nd floor to his arms, and then after seeing that, Onizuka decides that he wants to be the most outstanding teacher to get girls around him like that, which is a hilarious way to set a goal.

He applied for the teaching course and completed his teaching degree.

Onizuka completed with shallow marks, and that’s even from B- grade school.

However, he still got the opportunity to teach in a school where every other teacher left.

Because the students were so bad and never listened to the teacher and even blackmailed the teacher.

But he took the job and taught many life lessons to kids.

The story is entertaining. Every episode is worth watching, and you are just going to love it so much till the end.

Because it’s also somewhere very motivating and teaches you life lessons rather than just the traditional way of teaching.


16 Good Luck Girl!

This anime is a typical high school girl story that leads to hilarious events that anyone will laugh on.

Ichiko Sakura, who is one of the main characters in the anime, is beautiful and rich, and if she wants something, she buys it or gets it anyhow. 

ON the other hand, Momiji Binboda, who is another main character of the anime, is very poor and the exact opposite of Ichiko sakura.

Momiji plans to steal the fortune from Ichiko sakura and carry our plans which turn to be hilarious anime moments.

This is a must-watch anime for those who are just looking for comedy anime.

RATING- 8/10

17 Assassination Classroom

Last but not least, one of my favorite anime in any category but still holds so many hilarious events, which made this anime one of the best anime.

This anime is also about teaching, but it’s not just your ordinary teacher and student story.

The main character of the anime is koro-sense.

A mutated alien who wants to destroy the Earth and can destroy it anytime.

But first, he wants to teach kids and make them successful in life.

his goal and asks the government to let him teach the student the assassination of himself.

The anime has so many events, which is very interesting, and you will love it so much.


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