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This will be one of the most exciting 24+ best fantasy romance anime lists. You will see so many things and genres in this, so welcome to the fantasy romance anime, or you can say fantasy world.

There will be more than top 10 fantasy romance anime( Fantasy romance shows). There will be many supernatural events, budding relationships, opposite gender, childhood friend, and love stories, but many can have a common theme.


24-Rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai

Best Fantasy Romance Anime

Thie anime is one of my favourites because the first reason is mai sa, who is so beautiful. When she wears the bunny girl costume, it just steals my heart away, and that’s why I’m starting this list of best fantasy romance anime with awesome fantasy romance.

Puberty Syndrome is regarded to be a hoax due to its rarity and inexplicability. It’s a rare sickness that exclusively affects teens, and the symptoms are so bizarre that few people acknowledge it as a real thing.

However, Sakuta Azusagawa, a high school student, knows firsthand that it is extremely genuine and that it is fairly common in his school.

Mai Sakurajima is a third-year high school girl who rose to stardom as a child actress in her youth but suddenly ended her promising career for unclear reasons. She is well-known around the school for her unapproachability, but no one dares to connect with her—until Sakuta spots her strolling the library in a bunny girl costume.

Despite her appearance, no one appears to notice her, and when he confronts her, he finds she is a victim of Puberty Syndrome. Sakuta’s activities bring him into touch with additional females infected with the illusive sickness as he attempts to aid Mai through her plight.


Best Fantasy Romance Anime

This Anime is a must-see series for every shojo anime lover, and guess what? There are several! There was a Fruits Basket anime in the early 2000s, although its graphics are now a little old.
Fruits Basket 2019 is graphically appealing.

With a wonderful contrast between the darker tones in its more serious times and the glistening shoujo sparkles. The gentle colours and textures employed, especially in the warm fuzzy moments, truly make the audience experience the characters’ feelings.

Similarly, everything is a little crisper and bolder in colour-colour and texture when there is a more comic moment, with the potential exception of Kagura’s entrance.

Tooru is the female main character of the anime. And she lives with the souma family and their family secret of when anyone from the souma family hug by a person, they turn into a cat.

The difference in graphics to complement the tonal changes truly works when you watch an episode. And It never seems too abrupt when we switch from one tone to the next.
This story is amazing, and the fantasy side is also nice to watch.

And it’s cute too. The girl’s weebs are head over heels for this anime. And maybe because of the female audience for this anime, it’s rated so high.

22-High School DxD Hero

Many of you will say why I put this anime on the list of best fantasy romance anime is because this anime has more action. But the fact is that this anime also has a love story and fantasy world.

The supernatural action anime series High School DxD is based on Ichiei Ishibumi’s light novels, which were published by Fujimi Shobo and illustrated by Miyama-Zero. Just think that you are a high school student, and on your date, you are being killed by your date, who is an angel. Yes, angels are also killing.

There are also other characters

Rias Gremory soon rescues him. A crimson red hair beauty shows herself to be a Gremory Family Devil and discovers that he has been resurrected as a Devil created to serve her. The storyline concentrates on Issei’s connection with Rias, her peerage, and other Devils and Angels and the continuous conflict between Fallen, Angels, and Devils.

21-Spice and Wolf

Best Fantasy Romance Anime

Spice and Wolf, which debuted in 2008, is an older romantic fantasy anime. Assume you’re a sucker for the medieval era. In that case, this is a programme you should not miss because it displays the splendours of a mediaeval world while also presenting engaging character connections.

Kraft Lawrence, a wandering trader who sells and buys various items to make ends meet, stars in the programme. One day, he encounters Holo, a wolf divinity, and she accompanies him on his trip.

He gets to know her family secret, and then this story turns into whirlwind romance anime.


Makoto Shinkai, who is recognized for his lovely storytelling, has written and directed another romantic picture, Weathering with You.

He never ceases to wow everyone with his filmmaking abilities, stories, and animations. Weathering together is a lovely romance storey set against the backdrop of nature.

The film will make you feel that true love can triumph even when nature stands in the way. Even if God forbids it, two people in love will go to any length to be with one other.

The film will also teach you about self-sacrifice for the sake of others.

The film is about two kids, one of which is a 16-year-old lad named Hodaka. They came to Tokyo because he disliked his hometown. Which is a type of island cut off from the modern world or a metropolis like Tokyo, and so he ran away from home and entered Tokyo without a permit.

He attempts to locate a job to earn a living and a place to stay after arriving in Tokyo, and he succeeds.

Despite the fact that authorities discover he is a fugitive from his family and wants him to be returned. He comes up with an orphan seeking to earn money to pay for her mother’s hospital costs.

She went to inspect and then prayed for her mother’s health after seeing a door on the rooftop of a hospital building one day.

Hodaka also begged for the rain to stop since the weather in Japan is becoming worse by the day. And it has been pouring all day and would continue to rain for the rest of the month, causing Japan to collapse underneath.

She can create rain stopper.

Like every other Shinkai film, Weathering with you is about supernatural abilities and how love can overcome nature via bonding and extraordinary happenings. 

That’s what occurred in this anime when the girl gained the ability to halt the rain when she prayed for it. But there’s always a price to pay when using supernatural abilities. The price was the body of one’s own daughter.

Every time she prayed, her body absorbed the rain into herself until she asked for the rain to cease for good.

She was dragged into the sky after praying her final plea to the weather god or weather dragon, but Hodaka battled for her and made sure she didn’t go away, saving the girl’s life.

This anime is a must-see for everyone who has never seen an anime film or series before since it is one of the best.

19-Romeo x Juliet

Meet Romeo Montague and his company to organize a revolution against the ruling Capulet family, murder them, and take control of the Neo Verona kingdom in the play.

Juliet, the kingdom’s daughter, is the lone survivor of the atrocities who manages to flee. Leontes governs the kingdom mercilessly for more than 14 years, assassinating anybody who resists his power.


Juliet appears and calls herself Vigilante called Red Whirlwind, a vigilante who aids the disadvantaged.

Juliet meets Romeo Montague as she is assisting the oppressed. Despite without knowing anything about the girl (Juliet), Romeo falls in love with her.

18-Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (Maoyu ~ Archenemy & Hero)

For the past fifteen years, humanity and demons have been at odds. The Hero is the Human race’s best fighter. Who decides to quit the army and go up against the demon king alone. When he arrives at the demon palace, he discovers an unexpected discovery.

After three to four episodes, you start liking this anime.

There is a twist when we find out that the demon king is not a king. It’s a demon queen and is a really beautiful lady. And she is currently seeking assistance from the Hero. To get the advantage of being an ally with Hero, the queen of demon gave the offer to work together with her so they could be successful in their plan.

While the Hero laments the misery caused by conflict, the demon queen justifies it by declaring that she has brought mankind closer together. And if he wins the fight today, the Human will go hungry if the other kingdoms cease contributing food for the conflict.

In exchange for the Hero’s support. She proposes a plan to end the conflict while providing new hope to the rest of the world. After hearing the idea, Hero accepts it and joins his former foe in a new mission. As they head out for the human realm, the Hero swears to guard the demon queen.

17-The Rising of the Shield Hero

Naofumi Iwatani is a normal otaku who has been summoned to the enigmatic continent of Melromarc. However, being one of the four otherworldly heroes. Naofumi is the weakest because of his lack of experience and reliance on a shield.

Malty Melromarc, the charming princess, is his lone company. However, one day she betrays him and steals all he possesses, stating in public that he cheated her. FHeis viewed himself as a criminal for his misdeeds, going off on his own with a vengeful heart.

This series begins as a very normal isekai anime. However, as the characters mature, the programme rapidly grows on you. Follow Naofumi’s adventure to find out how it turns out. We most surely will!

16-Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Hajimemashita, popularly known as Kamisama Kiss, is another excellent romantic fantasy animation.

The primary character of the show is Nanami Momozono. A young girl who inherits significant debts from her gambler-addicted father and have gambling debts

Nanami, a homeless woman, assists a guy named Mikage, pursuing a stray dog. In exchange, the man offers Nanami his house. Regrettably, the house has been neglected. Nanami meets two shrine spirits named Onikiri and Kotetsu and another fox named Tomoe, who first confuses her with Mikage while staying in the mansion.

She subsequently discovers that the decaying shrine’s God is Mikage. Nanami takes on the role of a shrine god in this case. Nanami first refuses the invitation to live in the house/shrine because she has no other choice. She accepts the job of the shrine god, after all. Because she lives in the shrine and Mikage isn’t there, she has no choice but to become the God.

Nanami’s existence as a shrine deity becomes miserable since the fox familiar Tomoe does not accept her as the new God inside the shrine. In truth, she is constantly threatened by this Youkai, who wishes to destroy her. Nanami ends up forming a contract with Tomoe in order to become acquainted.

15-Trinity Seven

Arata Kasuga discovers that his entire village and everyone he knew had been annihilated one day as a result of the “Breakdown Phenomenon,” in which the red sun ceases to shine. His universe is artificially replaced because of his cousin Hijiri Kasuga’s magical grimoire. However, when Lilith’s Ability to induce appears in front of him and threatens to take away the book, Arata is forced to join the Royal Biblia Academy. A clandestine magical school, and work with the school’s seven top magic users to save everyone!

Trinity Seven exists in a wonderful universe. Throughout the series, Arata and the other individuals he works with growing and evolve in their interactions. The individuals and the setting itself look alive, allowing viewers to become immersed in the event. Though not in the most traditional sense of a fantasy romance anime. Arata and his buddies are all endearing characters who make the show’s brief love scenes worth watching.

14-A Lull in the Sea

Best Fantasy Romance Anime

All of humanity used to live beneath the sea. However, some of the people opted to live on the surface and soon abandoned the water. As a result, everyone who went from the sea to the land lost Ena’s ability to breathe underwater. Over time, land-dwellers began to discriminate against sea dwellers.

Because all the characters love the sea and love to be around the sea still have to go to school, which is on the ground. At school, the gang befriends a human fisherman who adores the sea. Soon, these students’ lives will alter as they fight against prejudice and personal issues that arise as they spend more time on the surface. On the surface, though, what awaits them is a larger danger for civilization.

13-Twin Star Exorcists

The story is about two young and talented exorcists Benio Adashino who has been very famous since a young age because he is a prodigy child. The other one is Rokuro Enmadou, who is also strong but not very well known. They both get along with each other to Exorcist Union Summons.

Both the young girl and the young boy got along very well. And we all know there is a love story in anime when two young opposite gender people meet.

They collaborate with the other exorcists to deal with Magano’s parallel universe’s impurities.

When Benio tries to help two children who are being kidnapped by a Kegare monster, she gets more than she bargained for. Rokuro saves her, demonstrating that he is equally as skilled as Benio! These two are doomed to be the “Twin Star Exorcists” and the parents of the foretold kid who would rescue the planet.

Sousei no Onmyouji is an action-packed storey about the fates of two characters, Benio and Rokuro. The characters’ evolving friendship is the focus of the series, as they learn to complement each other’s weaknesses and strengths.

Unfortunately, the length of time spent building this bond means that we don’t get to know several of the supporting characters, but we do get to know Benio and Rokuro quite well.

Sousei no Onmyouji is a richly romantic storey set in a mythical universe that you should experience!

12-Sword Art Online- Movie- Ordinal Scale

We all know that sword art online is one of the best anime series and also one of the most famous ones. Where real people turn into a game character, but today I will tell you the other genre of this anime: a love story or fantasy romance anime.

The Augma is a new sort of Augmented Reality technology that allows people to use the system while still being aware and present in their surroundings. Kirito and his companions participate in the new game Ordinal Scale, but Kirito is first hesitant. However, they quickly discover that their history is not as far behind them as they imagined.

Before entering the game, they thought they could have control of fantasy world settings, but the anime turned into an interesting story.

Online Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale includes a few new characters while keeping the previous ones. This film revived everything we liked about the original SAO series, reviving it with engaging tales and stunning graphics.

As usual, the audio and action are great. It’s a much more romantic depiction of the narrative than previous instalments. With Asuna and Kirito finally finding some romantic closure.

11-Lady Jewelpet

Momona is a regular Jewel Land junior high school girl who is accidentally transported to another realm while attending her cousin’s wedding.

She meets her new companion Ruby, a rabbit that will assist her in completing the tasks assigned to these applicants. When a girl called Lillian challenges her for the title of Lady Jewel, things grow more difficult, and relationships become entangled.

Lady Jewelpet was created for a younger audience, but it is still a fascinating fantasy storey! Momona and Lillian are vying for the roles of Lady Jewel and Prince Cayenne, respectively.

This anime’s visual style is stunning and lends itself well to romantic themes. The characters’ connections develop effectively throughout the novel, contributing to a wonderful tale.

10-Spirit Chronicles

Spirit Chronicles is a fascinating storey about a little kid named Amakawa Haruto who wakes up in Bertram Kingdom’s slums. Haruto is renamed Rio and embarks on a new adventure in another world.

Rio’s life changes dramatically when he saves Bertram’s little princess because he can use magic and control things. He eventually enrols in the Royal Academy.

9-Yona of the Dawn

Within the realm of Kouka’s castle walls, Princess Yona enjoys a life of blissful ignorance and luxury. When her cousin Su-won assassinates the king in order to gain the throne, she is forced to leave her life of royalty.

Son Hak, her childhood closest friend and protector, is the only one who joins her in escaping. They embark on an adventure to discover the mythical Four Dragon Warriors, who will aid them in reclaiming the realm.

Yona of the Dawn is a must-read if you enjoy adventure and fantasy romances. The narrative depicts Yona and Son Hak’s growing romance and a young lady widening her horizons and evolving into an independent kick-butt queen. Their connection grows from childhood pals to love interests, and it’s a thrilling ride.

8-No Game No Life: Zero

Before Sora and Shiro arrived on Disboard, conflict was rife among all species. Humans are on the verge of extinction due to their lack of strength. And Riku has been searching the planet for a cure until he meets Schwi, a female Ex-Machina.

Schwi was exiled from her tribe because she had been investigating human emotions and sought to join Riku in order to understand even more. Riku and Schwi form an unusual alliance as they discover what it actually means to be human in the middle of the Great War.

There is no life without play. Zero is a film that outperforms its anime predecessor in terms of storyline breadth and character interactions. Riku and Schwi discover an ally and a life companion in one another! Zero relates the account of what happened in Disboard during the fight to locate the “one true deity” of all races.

Though prior knowledge of the universe from No Game No Life is advantageous, even beginners may comprehend the scenario well enough to appreciate the film. This is incredible love and sacrifice storey that is highly worth seeing!

7-Cardcaptor Sakura

Sakura Kinomoto is a typical fourth-grade student until she discovers a weird book tucked away one day. She mistakenly releases the Clow Cards housed within the book into the world. Alerting the Beast of the Seal, Keroberos orders her to recover all of them. The Clow Cards are extremely strong, and Sakura must retrieve them before they cause serious harm.

Sakura must combine her new duty as the Cardcaptor with her previous life. With Keroberos mentoring her and the assistance of her closest friend Tomoyo Daidouji. She is first hesitant, but she quickly accepts her new duty and looks forward to the adventures that await her!

Cardcaptor Sakura is a charming classic that blends mythical elements with a realistic environment. Sakura’s opponent, Shaoran Li, is attempting to stack the deck against her. But he gradually learns to root for her instead.

Some of the nicest elements of this series are how these people come to care for one another and how their connection develops over time. You should watch Cardcaptor Sakura right now if you haven’t already. There’s a reason it’s a classic.

6-Snow White with the Red Hair

Does Snow White with red hair sound weird? But this is the actual name of the anime, and trust me, this is worth watching.

Shirayuki is one of the most beautiful young, intelligent chemists or apothecary who works in tanbarun, a herbal shop to cure weakness and problems. Shirayuki protests when Prince Raji discovers her and pushes her to become his concubine, fleeing into the jungle only to be saved by another prince, Zen Wistalia.

She resolves to become the court herbalist for his kingdom, Clarines, in order to settle her obligation to the prince. Zen and Shirayuki will realize that they are far more powerful together as Zen strives to be a prince worthy of his position and Shirayuki pursues her own goals!

Throughout the series, the characters develop together in their connection. Which contrasts dramatically with Shirayuki’s abrupt forced alliance at the start of the episode.

Even as the protagonists learn to forge their own paths in the world, this is an intriguing romantic storey. This animation definitely exceeds expectations as a homage to the traditional Snow White narrative!

5-The Ancient Magus’ Bride

A 15-year-old Japanese girl named Chise Hatori has given up on herself. She sells herself to the highest bidder in order to find a place to live. But she is eventually bought by a tall masked guy who exposes himself to be a Magus.

To give her a better life and a better future, he just dropped her away from him to study or have lived in an English country mansion. Chise soon realizes that this weird man aims to make her not just his apprentice but also his spouse!

Mahoutsukai no Yome is a beautiful and enjoyable animation about two individuals who, despite feeling like outsiders, discover happiness and a home in each other. This is one of the finest fantasy and romantic series, only surpassed by our top anime.

Overall The Ancient Magus Bride is a really good fantasy romance anime.

4-Howl’s Moving Castle

Although being just nineteen years old, Sophie Hatter leads a solid and predictable life. She is cursed to reincarnate as a 90-year-old version of herself when she offends a witch. She encounters a wizard named Howl on her quest to reclaim her youth. Who is not only strong but also one of the most unusual persons she’s ever encountered?

He is a young man who is a professional wizard, but there are twists.

The two become better versions of themselves and closer as her sombre demeanour contrasts with his lighthearted one. In a magical realm, an apparently ordinary young lady discovers love.

3-Record of Grancrest War

When the Great Hall Tragedy stops Sir Alexis Douse and Lady Marrine Kreische from marrying, the Fantasia Union and the Factory Alliance’s anticipated peace is disrupted, beginning the war for control of the area.

Chaos prevails over the countryside, sending evil demons and creatures to assault the humans. After failing to avert the Great Hall Tragedy, Siluca Meletes travels the kingdom in search of a personal mage contract with one of the lords.

A squad of troops ambushes her, but Theo Cornaro, a travelling lord, swiftly rescues her. Siluca is moved by Theo’s desire to free his nation and joins him in his quest, sending them both on a trip to free the region.

Grancrest Senki absolutely deserves to be at the top of this list! It has a lot of genuine love interactions, notably between Siluca and Theo, and uses typical high fantasy elements in its setting and characters.

Their bond has been strong since the beginning of the series, keeping them together throughout the hardship. Throughout the series, other connections form, making Grancrest Senki feel like a living, breathing world.


A whisker away is a sweet love tale about Miyo Sasaki. A girl who really wants to be accepted by her high school sweetheart Kento, who has repeatedly rejected her.

She is yearning to be with Kento. So one day at the festival, she meets a cat who grants her the ability to transform into a lovely cat, which she accepts and takes to Kento’s house.

Her new life started in the human world, where she became a cat for her love.

Kento adores the cat and plays with her every day, and Miyo wanted to be Kento even if it wasn’t in his usual shape; she was content to be with him in his cat form.


The finest exhilarating anime romantic film is Kimi No Na Wa. And because it is one of the most fascinating love stories and trips, this narrative is unlike any other romantic love storey.

Your name, which is an English translation of KIMI NO NA WA, features a stunning setting and animation.

The plot revolves around two teens who trade bodies. I realise how confounding this is, but I don’t want to give anything away about your storey.

So better watch it yourself and concentrate since many people find it difficult to comprehend.

The entire scene and sequence of events. Nonetheless, it is one of the most beautiful love tales that can be seen.

The plot is not simple enough for younger teenagers to comprehend. And it has some fantasy elements, but if you enjoy fantasies, this is the greatest film for you.

This concludes our list of the finest fantasy romance anime, and we hope you enjoy many fascinating fantasy realms, swoony romances, aged women, busy cities, orphaned teenagers, love at first sight, and unique snow.


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Best anime couples

Naruto and Hinata, Banri Tada & Koko Kaga (Golden Time), Risa Kozumi & Otani (Lovely Complex). for more you can check out this link-

Best anime of the decade?

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