Final Fantasy XIV MODS

This list is about Best Final Fantasy XIV Mods, which gives you a different modification to improve your gaming experiences.

The Mods will be going to improve your gaming experience to the next level, and you are going to fall in love with the game again after so many new features come to your game after installing new mods.


1-HD Hrothgar Faces

The face of Hrothgar is not at all good and looks really bad, and that’s why this Mod was created to keep the impact of the monster’s faces looking much more real and give us better experiences.

With this Mod, the Hrothgar faces looking more detailed and better because the textures are improved, like HD.

With the help of this Mod, hair, and eyes can be seen in HD, and it gives a very different viewing experience of a character because, before that, all the hair and eye of every faces looked so unreal and not good at all if you compare it with the version of final fantasy.

2-The Newness HD

This Mod gives each player HD graphics of themselves and also keeps the CPU and frame rate intact so that the game will not slow down or the system will not slow down.

Needless to say, it excels in this area.
With this Mod installed, the game looks a lot better, and the framerate has remained nearly constant since I added it.

Many times when I installed shader pack to improve the texture to HD, the frames of my system dropped whenever I installed the pack.

So this is one of the reasons you should have a really good processor and graphics card so it will be no fuzz about dropping the frames when you are playing the game.
The Mod is awesome, and it’s worth using and installing because it will enhance your overall experience.

3-Griffin Mount Retexture Pack

In the game, the Griffin Mount is simply wonderful.

You can install up to four alternative textures for the griffin with this Mod, allowing you to further personalize the game’s appearance even if only you are able to see it.

The Griffin Mount Retexture, like every other Mod on this list, only works on your side. This is, however, what permits it to work properly and without any compatibility difficulties.

4-Custom UI

This Mod is not like other mods, which software people made. It’s just inbuilt.
This will make your UI faster and let your game and browsing work faster than the default file. But this Mod or file you can find in the hidden file of the game.

You should be thankful to creators who kept the custom UI in the game files if you can find it. And if you can’t, you can search it, but I’m happy to find it inside the game files.

It’s always nice to see someone assisting the community by revealing secret features and making them available for free.

5-Touch of Real Female

If you’re still playing FFXIV in the 2020s, the vanilla female face textures in the original game appear a little old-fashioned.

As a result, this patch seeks to fully replace all of the default game textures and greatly improve the aesthetic by giving every female an HD-looking face.
What a lovely gesture.

This is one of the best graphic mod-packs for XIV since it combines several previous mods to produce a new and refreshed design, with numerous additional enhancements added to the main game.

6-Mod – Moogle Maps

I know many of you will be laughing at this Mod name Moogle Maps, but this is real, and the map is really amazing because it gives you a whole new experience of new places and makes you rich faster than the basic map.

You can also utilize this new collection of maps to help you with your daily hunts. To change or replace the file of this Mod, you have to just paste the or replace the textures in the folder, and if you are not able to understand the pack, have an instruction file where you can check and know how to replace it.

Because the Mod is only a texture replacer, it won’t mess up any of the game’s important files, and using it won’t get you in trouble.
You’ll have complete control over the maps and will be able to open them whenever you choose. Do you also feel a bit irritated when you tab in and out the map but with this, it’s no longer the problem.

7-Touch of Real Male

Touch of Real Male is identical to the previous Mod, but the alterations are only made to men’s faces, not women.
This Mod replaces the male ones with better-looking males, which gives you and maybe girls gamer a motive to play more and drool over them more because it makes the male character looks better than before.

They were created with people who have been playing the game for almost a decade in mind.
This Mod can put too much load on your computer graphics card or on your processor because it is one of the most detailed packs.

8-HD Vanilla Redefined

This Mod is similar to the previous one in that it is made up of texture changes that change the entirety of the vanilla textures in the game.
As a result, this Mod strives to maintain the game’s atmosphere.

Users will, however, have access to a one-of-a-kind selection of 1k textures, all of which are superior to vanilla textures.

9-Alex’s Reshade Preset

This Mod is one of the best remaking Mod of Final Fantasy XIV
You can’t tell if you’re playing the original Final Fantasy 14 or a brand-new HD remake because of the lighting and shading.

Changes like this demand a computer with enough processing power to handle these images and a video card that can handle them.
If you have a good and powerful graphics card and processor in your system, then it will not be a thing to run it on your computer because it needs a lot of power.

10-HD Buffs Icons

This patch is now redesigning its buff icon graphics, making them seem much nicer when expanded.
The original buff symbols are hazy, and this Mod was created by someone who definitely understands game art.

The icons, on the other hand, rise in size substantially.
It’s just a change that improves the resolution of each buff texture.
If you like this Mod, check out a few more icon improvements I’ve added below.

11-Mode- Blue UI

Many of you will think why this mode is even on the list or maybe this high because this Mod is very simple and does not give much different experience to the game.
The explanation is simple: I adore the way it looks. And I’m confident you will as well.

Maybe it’s because we’ve been staring at the same UI for so long. But this minor adjustment feels incredibly refreshing and new to me.

Don’t be deceived by the notion that it just alters the UI’s colour. Just try this mode, and I assure you that you are going to love it.

12-Chat Gray Box Remover

The Conversation Gray Box Remover, a simple mod that does more than it appears, makes the chat mix in with the game more organically by removing the grey box.

With the remover, you’ll be able to pick between clearer boxes or fully remove them since the Mod has three options.

If you don’t like the chatbox covering your screen while you are playing, then you will love this Mod.
The Mod even allows you to toggle between eliminating everything and leaving only the appropriate conversation functions.

13-Flicker Optimization

Dropping of Frame rate or Flickering the frame rate is one of the most irritating things when you are playing Final Fantasy XIV.

This Mod seeks to improve processing in order to stabilize the FPS.
In concept, if you install this Mod, you don’t have to bother with any more flickering or other unpleasant terrain elements that may be causing performance issues.

This Mod corrects the basic grass issue in Final Fantasy XIV, and thus if you install it correctly, the game should run more smoothly on your PC.
You should try it for once and trust me, and you are going to love it.

14-HD Skill Icons

If you want a different shade in the game, this game Mod is for you, making your game experience different.

And I believe it is reasonable to say they did an outstanding job.

It improves the game’s visuals and eliminates some of the blurriness you might have experienced in-game.

There are more options, but keep in mind that the better the pictures appear, the more GPU power is required.

15-HD Item Icons

This Mod is the final step for enhancing the trilogy of an avatar.

And this is the most comprehensive of the group since it seeks to improve the appearance of every single item in the game.

Getting this Mod for free is a blessing, and I want to bless the person who spent so much time putting this thing up and his efforts not gone to waste.

Mods like this make me understand how much effort goes into creating free content for which the author receives no compensation.

16-Alive Gshade Preset

If you want a different shade in the game, this game Mod is for you, making your game experience different.

And I believe it is reasonable to say they did an outstanding job.
It improves the game’s visuals and eliminates some of the blurriness you might have experienced in-game.

There are more options, but keep in mind that the better the pictures appear, the more GPU power is required.

17-Owl’s FFXIV Reshades

The mod bundle contains some of the best shaders presets available in the game.
The only disadvantage of this Mod is that it takes too much space in your system, which many systems don’t have.

Because most of these presets are highly detailed, you’ll need a good graphics card and GPU to run them.

18-Heavensword Sweet FX

Now we’re entering into the major leagues with shader presets and hues.
My favourite shader mod is Heavensword Sweet FX, and it does an excellent job of blending the game’s ambience.

This Mod just gives a slight difference, but that difference can be feel when you play the game while using this Mod, so give it a shot.
It’s always simple to uninstall if you decide you don’t want it anymore.

19-AP’s Male Texture Pack

Take a Look At This Mod
But since it’s still one of the most popular mods, I decided to investigate the fuss.
I mean, I’m sure individuals enjoy their masculine textures for a variety of reasons. Even if you play using this Mod, you can tell the difference.

Yes, this Mod is really awesome, and it has so many details to it and must be taken time while coding or creating it.
It provides masculine textures with more particular muscles and well-defined nipples.

20-Hair Defined

This is for the list, and here it is, the top Mod because this Mod really makes hair so well defined. The texture of the hair is improved to 100x with the help of this Mod.
Even without the shader defaults, I think this looks excellent.

This Mod is a must-have Mod, and I know you must be thinking that I already told you to install other Mods too, but this is one of the best I have seen because it has so many details to it, and it changes the hair of the characters so much that you are going to love it and will be pleased by the creator.

21-Owl’s Eyes of Eorzea

You want your character’s eyes to look real, not like a thing but as a real human have, then you should download or install this Mod because it is really good.

This Mod’s designer went over each and every eye model in the game and updated them to make them seem much better.

You’ll get the opportunity to try out hundreds of fresh eyeballs, all of which appear to be quite fascinating. This is something I would suggest to anyone who’s been playing for a while and is looking for a fresh challenge.

22-HD Eyeworks V3

If you want your character’s eyes to be perfect and want the look of your character’s eyes to be HD, then this Mod is for you.

It’s a rather massive project, and the eyeballs have a great level of definition, so they definitely earn a place on my list.

23-Ruta’s Custom 2k Scales

This Mod modifies the scales of some characters in the game.
The Mod’s designer hand-painted a plethora of new scale models, which he assembled here, which is wonderful.

The craftsmanship is superb, but in comparison to Hair Defined’s thousands of new improvements, it falls short of first place due to a lack of variation.
Give it a shot if you want to do yourself a favour.

24-Imperium Graphic Pack

If you want to improve your graphic and give it a high-definition view or outlook, then this Mod is for you.

This wonderful collection has a plethora of incredible settings that strike the perfect mix between stunning aesthetics and the importance of system performance.

I highly recommend testing out this Mod with any of the texture changes I’ve provided here, as it really improves the game’s overall quality.

Thanks to improved shading, lighting, and processing, this is one of the best FFXIV mods for improving the game’s graphical look.


This is it, for now, guys hope you like and will install and if you have any questions, do comment down, or you can directly ask me, and believe me, these mods will make your game brand new.


There are many in this list but by people choice hair defined mod is best

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