Isekai anime is something, we all love to see because we want to see the other word and other dimension.





Sword Art Online, arguably the most well-known Isekai series at the time, has achieved legendary status among many anime lovers. This series’s vast and exciting universe seemed to expand with each passing year.

The first season, which debuted in 2012, is excellent and enjoyable no matter how many times it is rewatched. The world of Sword Art Online is enthralling and readily draws one. One might immerse themselves in this world through playing games, watching movies, reading books, and reading light novels.

Sword Art Online is an anime series franchise that takes place in the year 2022, where Nerve Gear is a new gaming platform for the game Sword Art Online, where players wear a headset akin to VR and control their characters with their thoughts. Kazuto Kirigiya, also known as Kirito in-game, plays SAO but soon finds that everyone else who joined the game cannot log out and must finish all one hundred levels to exit this new realm. The game is so realistic that if you die in that game anyhow, you will die in real life, which made everyone scared.

So don’t expect SAO to be coming in VR anytime soon because it’ll be like the Umbrella Company in Resident Evil but in Isekai style. This is a must-see if you enjoy sword-action and RPG components in your anime.

2-The Devil Is A Part-Timer!


The devil is part-timer is kind of new era anime and also really fun to watch with different devil approach. The demon lord will be serving you burger and fries with his new skills.

This isn’t quite a “reverse Isekai,” in my opinion. Because the two major characters, a devil and an angel, are transferring to Earth.

If you believe in god’s blessing, you should also believe in Satan or demon blessing.

Satan and his followers are compelle to live as citizens in a civilization they can not comprehend. They even started to learn the local language and learn how to survive and after they know only with money you can buy anything and you need it to survive. The great Demon lord worked part-time in Mc Ronalds, which is very funny how they name Mc Donald’s to Ronald.

This is a unique comedy series. With never-before-seen notions and ideas in the Isekai genre. If you like spooky programmes and comedies, this is the finest combination you’ll ever find. The anime is deserving of all the accolades it receives.

3-Cautious Hero – The Hero Is Overpowered But Overly Cautious


Gods and goddesses summon Earth’s heroes to save numerous worlds from annihilation in this series. The goddess Ristarte calls Seiya to preserve Gaeabrande’s planet. Still, Seiya proves to be a greater obstacle than Ristarte anticipated when he refuses to help, preferring to train in Ristarte’s village until he achieves a sufficient level. Seiya is very careful, which drives Ristarte insane as she attempts to persuade him to leave his chamber and save Gaeabrande.

Seiya’s prudence results in amazing and unexpected outcomes, such as physically searing the land to prevent foes from reappearing.

Seiya is very strong and worthy of being a hero, but the only thing that annoys even the god realm is his caution about every situation because the god’s help him train and get stronger so he can be the actual hero.



The story is about a game where one of the main characters Momonga, an ordinary person having fun with his two friends and showing his skills in the game. But get trap in his video game character with much other same game. He intends to make the best of his situation by expanding his empire and caring for his employees.

This Isekai anime can give you mental trauma.

One of the earliest Isekai to examine what would happen if the MC became trapped as a villain in a video game is an excellent pick for action anime fans.

Aside from characters bashing each other up, this power fantasy features an excellent dosage of humour, a magnificent location, and a skilled villain who leads the charge. Overlord is a cornerstone of Isekai and a must-see for anybody new to the genre. And If you love the Isekai genre and Fantasy world but still not watching this anime or watched it, you should change your favourite genre to something else because this is one of the first and great Isekai anime.



The story starts with an ordinary guy named Subaru Natsuki walking out of the convenience shop. He suddenly finds himself in another dimension with humans and other creatures alike. Before he has a chance to adjust, he is attack by the goons. Thankfully, a young girl came to his rescue, but it was by chance resue because she was hunting down the person who steals her insignia.

He suddenly transported and started life in another world.

Subaru volunteers to assist the honest and kindhearted girl in her hunt, and later that night, he discovers the whereabouts of what she needs. But, the real evil keeps the tracks of both Subaru and the girl who rescued him satella.https://thebestofotaku.com/the-best-romantic-anime/

Subaru starts to live his new life leaving his past life in another dimension.

6-The Rising of the Shield Hero


We have always seen heroes with different attacking weapons, but in this anime, it’s different as he is the shield hero.

The tales speak of four heroes called from another realm – the sword, spear, bow, and shield heroes. Who will save the world from disaster. With darkness closing in, the Kingdom of Melromarc calls these modern-day Japanese warriors.

Unfortunately for otaku Naofumi Iwatani, he is called the shield hero, the weakest of the gang. Worse, treachery results in him being called a criminal. He sets out to get powerful, his wrath and revenge devouring him.

7-No Game No Life


Shows that dive into the psyche of Hikikomori or shut-ins are always interesting for some reason. In No Game No Life, the two main characters are both Hikikomoris who are also have great skills in games. They are plung into the imaginary realm of Disboard. After being challenge to a game of chess by the deity Tet and winning. You can also call it digital world or video game world.

No one can injure one other on Disboard, and all problems must be handl through games. Not only does this depict an amazing image of warfare, but it also depicts how the major protagonists interact with this reality. With its clever script, this programme manages to transcend beyond many other Isekai anime by concentrating on character.

8-That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime


This episode manages to follow numerous Isekai cliches while either breaking or improving on them. That Time I Got Reincarnate As A Slime manages to transcend its simple concept in order to create some of the most compelling characters in not only Isekai but anime in general.

The anime has earned its place in anime history in just two seasons, and it is well deserve.

The development of characters are so beautifully design and created with story of their own and development is really good to see. And the evolution with time makes it look even better because we all love to see the character evolve day by day with hard work and training. That makes this anime more perfect to be fit in the Isekai genre. If you to watch which makes your mood up then This anime is really nice to watch.

The anime is famous for new generation anime watchers. And you can watch it on Netflix also.

With the new season just around the corner, it’s no surprise that That Time I Got Reincarnate as a Slime is one of the greatest isekai anime to watch in 2021!



You love Fantasy world. Then you are going to love Log Horizon..

Log Horizon began as just another MMORPG-based Isekai but rapidly distinguished itself with its tremendously clever writing. Unlike in previous episodes, after the main protagonists are transferred into the realm of Elder Tale. They start creating the world they have always imagined.

This Anime is clever and well-paced. Making the most of action without depending on it as a crutch during slower parts. None of the difficulties associated with establishing a new community and guaranteeing a peaceful life is over. And dimensional portal.

Even at a slower pace, Log Horizon is one of the most brilliant and engaging Isekai of all time. There are two seasons now available, with a third on the way.



Rumiko Takahashi’s writings combine action, romance, horror, suspense, and fantasy to keep millions of admirers enthralled. She is the brains behind such manga masterpieces as Ranma 1/2 and Maison Ikkoku parallel world Both of which are among the finest of all time.

Another of her works is Inuyasha. An epic tale of romance and adventure that has managed to retain a high level of storytelling quality for more than a decade.

This series exemplifies what a great Isekai programme should be while also establishing the quality bar for the genre as a whole. If you love the idea of being in another fantasy world, then you should watch or read Inuyasha because it is one of the best Isekai genre anime.

11-So I’m a Spider, So What?


This anime is a very entertaining twist on the Isekai subject. It’s about students who were murdered and reincarnated in a parallel universe. Some were born into wealthy or well-to-do households. And are still adorable girls and boys, while others were not so fortunate. Kumoko, an otaku, has becomes a spider.

Welcome to another fantasy world or you can say next life of human as spider.

Kumoko employs fighting techniques to compensate for her poor numbers, thanks to her incredible mental strength and expertise in online gaming. When she is nervous or angry, she uses her agility of spider and poison fangs to kill anyone.



Because Isekai is an idea rather than a genre, it encompasses thrillers, character studies, historical plays, and maybe even horror. If you want to watch a full comedy Isekai anime. You should put this on your watch list because this is one of the best I have seen till now.

The drama, which sometimes comes off as a satire of isekai cliches. Follows Kazuma, a youngster who dies in absurd ways. Kazuma chooses Aqua when he is asked to take one thing into his new life. And leave his past life behind, but he will regret later on his decision in the future.

As Kazuma assembles a ragtag band of misfits, KonoSuba embarks on a series of humorous mishaps that frequently result in belly chuckles.

13-The Saga Of Tanya The Evil


On rare occasions, an isekai appears that shakes things up by including an anti-hero or outright villain as the protagonist.

While the English title of Youjo Senki portrays an image of a considerably more menacing main character than the anime actually delivers.

Tanya the evil Degurechaff’s distant and chilly personality makes for an intriguing watch, especially given the anime’s dismal environment.

Tanya the evil sets out to survive and show Being X wrong, armed with her knowledge of the World Wars.

14-Restaurant To Another World


If you like the anime Food Wars, consider this “a supernatural” version with Isekai characteristics.

In this animation, dragons, demons, monsters, and other creatures travel from their realm to a world where restaurants exist.

There’s a restaurant on the first basement level of a multi-tenant building on a retail strip near the office sector. The historical restaurant is called “Western Cuisine Nekoya,” and it is identified by a sign depicting a cat.

During the week, this restaurant appears entirely normal, but on Saturdays, it opens in secret only to select very special people. During certain hours, doors in other parts of a parallel universe open, allowing guests of diverse ethnicities and cultures to enter the restaurant.

They just have one goal in mind: to consume the most excellent, most delectable food that these eateries have to offer.

Some guests even bring some of the food with them to share with others in their “home” globe.

15-I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years & Maxed Out My Level


This anime starts off really well and reaches out very rapidly because it’s entertaining to watch, going very lovely in its first season.

This interesting series offers a hero who has n interested in becoming your conventional isekai anime hero. She tries to live a peaceful life in the middle of nowhere.

She is, however, immortal with endless youth, allowing her to accidentally level grind up to an unimaginable degree.

The show is charming, and it’s entertaining to see Azusa “beat” prospective competitors with the force of friendship.

16-The Misfit of Demon King Academy


The misfit of demon king academy is really different from other demon world anime.

The demon king is overpowering main protagonist and born into the human world, but then he is summoned to the demon world, where all demons stay with normal humans.

The Gerne is, of course, an Isekai, and it is one of the best and different and very funny because when he was born, he got bored and rapidly became an adult in just one day.

He two girls who comes from high demon family, those two girls fell in love with him.



With plenty of action, sci-fi, odd animals, and massive strongholds, this new 2020 anime is sure to please. Still, we are waiting for the 2nd season news, but maybe it will come later because it was very new and recently released.

Deca-dence is new era anime which takes you in new way of living.

18-Digimon Adventure


Digimon Adventure, a cherished classic that introduced many youngsters to the fascinating world of anime, is not usually listed among isekai series, maybe because most people saw it before they were aware with the word. While the anime spends some time in the human world, Digimon Adventure focuses mostly on DigiDestined’s time in the Digital World.

When it comes to the original series, Digimon Adventure has aged quite nicely. The anime expertly balances action, drama, comedy, and character development to create an epic adventure that is still remembered more than two decades later.

Fantasy worlds we all love and in childhood we all love this anime.

Digimon Tamers is likewise wonderful, although the main protagonists spend far less time in the Digital World than Tai and company.

19-Wise Man’s Grandson


A typical example A Japanese salaryman is reborn as an orphan kid called Shin in a dream realm. Merlin Walfrid, one of the world’s greatest heroes, takes him in and helps him develop his magical abilities via the boy’s natural gift. However, living in solitude meant that his social skills did not develop, so he was transferred to an Academy in the hopes that this would be better one.

While this magic school anime initially appears to be your standard Isekai, the programme manages to capture a unique niche as we follow Shin through his day-to-day existence as a very talented mage but a very poor guy in social circumstances.

Who is the most powerful character of all Isekai anime?

For most of the people Anos Voldigoad from the misfit demon king

Which is the most overpower Anime Character?

Zeno from Dragon Ball Super.

Will Deca-Deca next season comes this year?

Yes, the writer of Deca-Deca and producer said that the next season would release at the end of this year.

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