Bleach is a piece of art and a very famous anime series in the world and anime history. The story and the plot have everything you need when watching an anime. Revered and acclaimed for its eye-catching spectacle and well-crafted universe but chastised for its repetition and predictability.

Still, watching it in live-action is an exciting experience since this film condenses all of the anime’s badass features into a short length.

The Bleach plot is really interesting, which lets you learn about the spirits and how some people can see or sense spirits. Ichigo is one of them.. Soon after, he meets Rukia, a mysterious sword-wielder who introduces him to the realm of Soul Reapers. Warriors who escort the deceased to the afterlife and cleanse leftover souls that have become corrupted into monsters known as Hollows.

The adaptation perfectly reflects the series’ massive action mood.

The weapons are so damn impressive that you want to keep on watching the use of them in the anime, and because of that, you can watch it for long, and that doesn’t make the anime boring.
The adaption is really good of the fighting scenes.

Simply, witnessing Hollows being ripped apart with massive swords is excellent, and that’s what you’ll see in this film. You may see it right now on Netflix.

2 Death Note

Death note is one of the most-watched anime series in India now.
Death note live-action anime adaption is not very possible.

Netflix’s 2017 Death Note Adaptation is one of the worst adaptations of any anime series. If the anime series is death note, then it meant the producers and production house was out of their mind when they created the shit like an adaption of someone, which is one of the most famous anime in all anime history.

The 2006 version brings much of the show’s trademark charm to the big screen and is a very excellent experience.

Death note and its sequel, the chronicles of light. Is about how He begins to utilize this to rid the world of evil. But he is unaware of his morality.

Soon after, the film devolves into a war of wits between two of the world’s best brains. The Light mentioned earlier. And a brilliant young investigator known as L, as each tries to outwit the other.

The series was so exciting that you couldn’t take your eyes off. It’s more like a chess game, both trying to defeat each other.

This is what makes the film and its gruesome visual tones an immensely compelling experience. As you continuously feel like you’re watching a chess battle between two individuals. Only the pieces they’re playing with our human lives.


Dragon ball-z movie is a great live-action anime adaption movie.
Goku probably is the first anime character in India people get to know about. Because dragon ball z is so famous since very long ago on Indian tv.

While everything that happens in this movie is top-notch and nothing short of extraordinary, it only lasts an hour. It ends up being less than gratifying, especially after the messed-up climax. The combat scenes in this episode are the finest of any DBZ episode, and the special effects are fantastic. However. There isn’t much of a plot and far too much time on the usual’staring’ seen in DBZ. 

Notice that most of the DBZ series title song scenes are from this movie to demonstrate. How excellent the few moments and action are. The animation quality is far superior to that of the ordinary DBZ episode. Turles and his gang spend far too little time fighting, which is a huge flaw. His squad should have had much lengthier combat scenes. Because they were so easily lost or when it came to his squad.

4 Assassination Classroom

This series should not work, yet it works because of the mysterious characters, irreverent attitude, and hilarious imagery.

Even still, no one could have predicted that it would even make it to live-action, let alone be excellent.

Assassination Classroom covers the antics of the students of Kunugigaoka High School’s E class.

These children do not have a typical school experience. Since their instructor is an extraterrestrial who has destroyed 70% of the moon and aims to demolish the Earth.

It’s their responsibility to stop him. But it quickly becomes evident that this guy isn’t nearly as bad as he appears.

This sitcom has a genuine heart, which adds to its appeal despite the humour. The interplay between this extraterrestrial and his classmates develops smoothly and allows each character to shine. Along with the brilliant and pulse-pounding action scenes, this is an area where the film succeeds.

Furthermore, the film’s most important thing to successfully accomplish was to create Korosensei – the extraterrestrial instructor. Thankfully, this film hits it out of the park since not only does he appear like an anime character.

A great work in adaption into live-action anime.

5 Ace Attorney

Another film made by the famous Takashi Miike is finally available, and it’s a tremendous threat. Ace Attorney is based on game series that already made its name in the world, and after a successful gaming time, they introduced the adaptation movie. While it comes four years before the anime. It nevertheless catches the magnificent idea of what anime should look like on-screen on the big screen.

The film follows Phoenix Wright, a new defence attorney, attending court sessions and working tirelessly to defend his clients.

This has become an attritional war as he faces more vigorous and more challenging opponents. Proving himself to be the genuine ace of the courtroom.

The film is so great that even if the action and talking point seems silly because that makes the film so different and unique.

Like the Capcom series, Ace Attorney is full of over-the-top aesthetics (as one would expect from Miike) and charmingly camp acting. Presenting everything in an extremely serious but comical tone.

Part of what distinguishes anime and this game genre is their ability to turn seemingly little events into life-or-death situations. This clip nicely illustrates the absurdity of ordinary existence. Despite the fact that judicial hearings are boring and tiresome. This video would have you believe they are on par with a Dragon Ball Z fight.

6 Rurouni Kenshin

Swords are wonderful, and witnessing experts handle them in live-action anime is breathtaking. Nothing beats sitting back and watching two masters of their trade battle it out to the final end.

On the other hand, Rurouni Kenshin takes a different approach since it is a thought-provoking, dramatic. And romantic anime in addition to showing off some blazing bouts. The live-action version, in some ways, maintains this since it captures many of the series’ most delicate features.

Ruroni Kenshin recounts the exploits of Himura Kenshin. A former assassin who tries to atone for his past transgressions by vowing never to murder again and travelling the Japanese countryside helping those in need.

However, his pledge is continuously put to the test as he is pushed through complicated settings and moral dilemmas.

The film has an amazing live-action anime adaptation and should have another part to enjoy it more because it is excellent.

The series’ success stems partly from the breath-blowing battle choreography. Which hits you with an insane degree of speed and accuracy while remaining emotional and raw due to the protagonist’s dilemma with taking life.

This fundamental contradiction and the emotional interplay between him and others he assists keep the film compelling and nuanced throughout.


Detective Pikachu is one of the best anime and game adaptation real live-action movies.

The storyline is almost the same as of games and anime but with few twists.

Pikachu will always be the main pokemon character, even in the future. Or you can say that Pikachu is the main character in any Pokémon. Ash best friend and best Pokemon.

This movie is about mystery, talking Pikachu and a Mewtwo, the world’s strongest pokemon, found himself in a research lab. 

The scientist, including harry. Who is Tim father and his partner Pikachu trying to, make a clone and try to use Mewtwo power by merging the mind of Mewtwo and Howard. The boss of the research centre and big company. 

After Tim gets to know about his father harry accident scene. When he was trying to find how his father died, he met Pikachu, who used to be his father partner in his cabin.

When he saw Pikachu talking, he was surprised. Still, after talking to Pikachu and the scenario happened. He went to Howard to let him know that his father might be not dead. But then Howard showed him the clip of the accident where Mewtwo unleashed his power. Because of that, the car had an accident, and Tim father died.

After knowing this, Tim help Howard to catch Mewtwo, and after he gets Mewtwo, Howard uses his power to rule. But Pikachu and other Pokémon help harry to defeat Howard. After Mewtwo snapped out from his power, he did everything right.

The movie is excellent. The graphics and animations are so lovely that they fit right into the real world.

This is one of the live-action anime


This anime is the latest live-action movie and adaption of cowboy bebop’s famous classic anime series about fight, action, space and Earth.

Netflix did a great job with the adaptation of anime into this movie. Still, we all knew that cowboy bebop is something you can adapt fully like anime. Even if it’s the 90’s anime. But still, hold such a lot for the future that even the 2021 era is not able to adapt the story and the animation the anime has.

It’s just way out of the league for now. Still, we hope some studio will adapt it and give full respect to the story writers of cowboy bebop in the future.

The anime is adapted nicely, about the ragged crew and bounty hunters in 2070 flying in the universe in their spaceship and trying to destroy the other ship or take their money.  

Every move has a natural weight and reaction, which is frequently through thrilling slow-mo. All of these serve as reminders that these characters are merely human. Spike’s fighting abilities and flying, spinning kicks continue to astound.

The wide-angle compositions transform even commonplace settings, such as railway carriages, into dramatic staging to match the last act’s later scenes. High-flying action sequences—an actual dogfight between Spike and some military planes set to another rowdy jazz song by The Seatbelts—are set to a boisterous jazz number by The Seatbelts.

One of the series and film’s most compelling aspects is its collage of allusions to genre filmmaking and music in its world-building. As well as the plethora of anachronistic images that comes with that approach.

The spacecraft’s mechanical design will be clumsy as well. Everyday pieces of technology that can coexist with the vehicles that speed down Martian highways.

Of all, even the most futuristic science fiction is designed to reflect features or repercussions of how we live now.

However, Cowboy Bebop, especially Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, is created in such a manner that it appears uncannily intimately related to our present, human society just repeating itself everywhere in the solar system.

Overall the movie is excellent and suitable for people who don’t know anime and don’t know how good anime stories are, so Netflix did really great.

8 LOVE IS WAR (2019)

This anime adaption of love is war feels more cringy than the anime series.

Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya are two great and most intelligent students who lead the Shuchiin Academy’s Student Council. Miyuki is recognised as a top elite student by his peers due to his brilliant mind, while Kaguya, the oldest daughter of the wealthy Shinomiya family, excels in all areas.

Everyone believes they’d make a great couple, and while they both have feelings for one other, they’re too proud to confess it. It really sounds realistic, and even we ourselves encountered this that we try to make other people confess even if we love that because we think if I confess first.

I will be looked down on and humiliated. The two begin a game of love. Both are equally motivated to emerge victorious on the battlefield.

The adaption is correct, but the movie seems not good when all the comedy and cringy things happen in the real live-action movie. So it was not that good for me.


The adaptation is one of the best anime to movie or live-action movies I have ever watched.  

If you are tired and don’t want to watch a 5-hour long anime series, then this adaptation of the anime is one of the best you can come across.

The story is the same as the anime, and the story, as we all anime watchers or weebs know, is one of the best mysterious short stories regarding child abuse and other different facts.

This movie is a must-watch movie for all the people, and you will not be bored.


Let me eat your pancreas is a movie adaption of anime name after I want to eat your pancreas.

The movie will make you cry no matter how tough emotionally you are or how good you are holding back your tears, but this movie will surely make your eyes wet and you’re heartbroken.

The adaptation from the anime is the same. The story is about a girl who has a pancreas health issue that is not curable. So she tries to live as much as she can without telling this problem to her friends. 

Still, she found a guy she is interested in. Who is very gloomy and doesn’t talk to anyone in the class because he thinks that no matter what relation he creates, he will be hurt. 

People will make fun of him, but the girl wants him to be more socialized. And the story starts both started going out till all the incredible twists and turns come out. Making you cry hard, but you will love it anyways. 

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