San Andreas is the first and best free role play game version of Grand Theft Auto and here is the 30+ best mods for GTA San Andreas.

Have you ever seen spiderman, Superman, and iron man in GTA? If not, then you should read the article.

If you have played GTA IV AND GTA V, then you will not be going to feel excited to play or talk about GTA San Andreas because it’s a very old and straightforward free role-playing game which don’t have many exciting things, so you have to put mods in that to play and have more fun.

Also, if this is your first time installing modifications, make a backup of your game data first before installing anything.

You should keep in mind before installing new mods or trying new mods that you should have a backup because many times, when you try new mods, it can corrupt the whole file of GTA.

CLEO is the main thing to keep the list of all the mods.



This excellent mod bundle alters the appearance of every weapon in San Andreas.

It changes all of the vanilla game’s basic models and transforms them into the same weaponry but with a high-definition aesthetic.

Although all of the game’s upgrades are pretty nicely produced, the UZI model stands out.

It appears that creating this mod took a long time, but the creator’s efforts were well worth it.

The results speak for themselves, and I’m confident that you’ll like these new weapons as much as I did. In an otherwise ancient game, it gives everything a fresh vibe.


You ever watched Goku teleportation? Our CJ boy can do the same in some different way with the help of teleport mod which shows a portal view.

You feel bored traveling for longer routes, then use this mod, and you are going to reach the place you want to be in an instant.

How to use it? I will tell you it’s straightforward just open the map before opening, pause the game and then mark the destination where you want to go and just enter, and he will be there in no time.

The funny thing about this teleportation is that CJ will scream when he is about to reach that, but it’s ok he will not die.


You want to see our boy CJ in a new appearance, and then you should use this skin selector mode which can give our Cj a new look.

It essentially allows you to launch a menu that will enable you to browse among all of the skin modifications you’ve loaded in order to modify CJ’s appearance in-game.

4-New Effects V1

Are you bored of seeing the same and ancient San Andreas effects? I was in the same boat!

You have a good processor and graphics card because it should be great if you need to use this mod or say the effect that will improve the overall effects of natural things in GTA San Andreas. 

You’ll see that a large number of the modifications on my list are linked to the game’s visuals, which is to be anticipated.

San Andreas is an ancient game, and many people avoid it due to its old-fashioned visuals.

Some excellent graphics improvements to the game have been created by modders, and I’d like to share them with you. I’m confident you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.


Take a Look At This Mod

The Tuning Mod is so damn amazing for those who love to drive cars in GTA San Andreas.

You want a modified bike or car or the super tuning that can make you love the san Andreas more than GTA V tuning system.

After you’ve loaded this mod, you’ll be able to change the way tuning works in the game and get a new automobile.


We all love high graphics games, and if it’s not, then make it one using these mods.

It’s a neat minor update that improves the look of your San Andreas game without detracting from the natural aesthetics that made it so famous in the early 2000s.


Because San Andreas is an older game, you’ve probably already tested all of the wheels available in the game’s tuning shops.

This hack was beneficial for me because I was bored of looking at the same tires.


Check Out This Mod

Are you sick of seeing Nicolas Cage as a fantastic character like Ghost Rider?

We all love the movie ghost rider and its appearance, and what we did with this mode changed our CJ into Ghost rider, the badass guy.

The costume and powers of the powerful Ghost Rider wreak havoc on the streets of San Andreas.

We all love the skull with flames and the tires having flames all over them and making it more extraordinary when it starts rolling.

Apart from being a fun gameplay tweak, it looks great, so give it a shot and prepare to laugh at some of GTA’s most funny sequences.

9-Sound Pack for GTA San Andreas

The sounds of San Andreas have been completely reworked in this patch.

The patch is so amazing that you will be blown away by the sound effects it gives, it’s more realistic, and you will feel that you are in the game.

The noises of explosions, patrol cars, car breaks, opening doors, and other things are all changed in this version.

If you’ve been sick of hearing the same sounds for years, this hack will provide you with a welcome change of pace that will keep you hooked on San Andreas for a little longer.

10-Holes from Bullets

I’ve always despised the way gunshots in earlier GTA games seemed to bounce off automobiles after hitting them.

Yes, even back when this game was the trendiest title on the market, I despised it – I’m not sure why, but hey, there’s a reason why this apparently little item has found its way onto my list.

It just adds bullet holes to your shots, so you can see where the bullet landed when you hit a car, for example.

11-Insanity Vegetation

This lovely update upgrades all of the game’s plant textures, making the greenery seem as good as it does in some recent games.

However, if you’re going to install Insanity Vegetation, make sure you also download additional graphics enhancement mods.

If you don’t, observing a group of HD plants in an otherwise SD setting will look really strange.

12-V Graphics

V Graphics provides you the graphical impression of GTA V in the environment of San Andreas, as its name indicates.

It’s a really extensive graphics upgrade of the game, and you’ll need a good machine to run it, but if you can do it, it’s well worth it.

When you combine this with a texture mod, you won’t be able to tell the difference between GTA V and San Andreas.

Perhaps download a mod that transforms CJ into Franklin or Michael and alters the course of the San Andreas plot by viewing it from a different perspective.

13-GTA United

You ever thought about merging the map of different versions of GTA, then GTA united is the one you need to install to give you more excitement.

By no means is this a canon mod, but it will let you recall two of the most iconic maps that have adorned our old TV screens and PCs.

In terms of San Andreas map modifications, this one is the best.

14-Gravity Gun

The gravity gun is the most powerful mod for the weapon I ever saw for Grand Theft Auto Series.

The Gravity cannon mod can help you attract a person towards you and walk with them.

If you like canon modifications, you’ll hate this one. Are you looking for some entertainment, though?

Please take a look at how San Andreas used this infant in his narrative. 

15-Weapon Menu Mod

If you want CJ to have the best weapon in the game, then use this weapon mod to find any weapon in the menu, and CJ will have it right away.

Isn’t it true that using a mod isn’t cheating?

This mod can help you to clear your mission quickly when there is any mission about shooting or killing someone.

16-Ultimate Graphics Mod

You have a high-performing setup and want a high graphic game because you think GTA San Andreas is a low graphic game that Ultimate Graphics Mod should install.

This mod gives the GTA game a fresh life and makes it more exciting and refreshing to play. 

17-Textures for GTA SAN ANDREAS

It is possible now to add new graphics in GTA San Andreas because we have that processor and graphics to develop the game in this era. San Andreas was released a long time ago when pc and other gaming platforms did not have the power or graphics to develop the game.

However, times have changed. And this is only one of several mods that dramatically improve the game’s graphics.

Combine it with others to give San Andreas a proper makeover and modernize the game’s look, at least visually!

18-Skateboard Mod

Oh my, this is a fantastic piece of work.

You like skateboarding, and in San Andreas, whenever you see a skateboarding park, you think of riding skateboarding, you can use this mod in your game, which will give you a skateboard to go around the areas in San Andreas. 

19-Iron Man Mod

So, evidently, the Iron Man outfit wasn’t constructed by Tony Stark, and it ended up on the streets of San Andreas.

How deadly could a mobster be if he was wearing the most powerful body armor ever invented?

YOU love tony stark, then you love his powers too and will love to use the power of iron in San Andreas and blast off with his suit and shoot some people down.

20-Memory Update for San Andreas

With this mod, you can view the area and the map more than before, just like GTA V already has in it, and because now pc and consoles are pretty amazing, which can efficiently run this mode and make your experience better.

You should have a computer whose processor is really great and not the slow one because this patch will run with your full computer power, and if the console is not up to date, trust me, you can have a bad time. Because it’s like the super clock of the processor on, and it will prove you everything already in the san Andreas without doing any missions.

In my view, it’s definitely worth a go.

21-Dragon Ball Mod

You ever thought of having Goku or any dragon ball z character in GTA? Yes, it’s possible, and with dragon ball mod, you can do this with your own CJ.

After installing this fantastic mod, press a few buttons to utilize your favorite Dragon Ball characters to wreak havoc in San Andreas and deliver sorrow to the people of this ominous metropolis.

Fly away with the power of your ki used in dragon ball, have some super strength, and make San Andreas more exciting and unforgettable by using this mod.


Are you also tired of putting code again and again to get a new car? If yes, then use this mod. 

Also, I wouldn’t say I like it, which is why this hack has proven to be so valuable.

It basically adds a new menu to the game that enables you to pick and generate a car with a single button push. Isn’t it straightforward?

It’s ideal if you want to spawn some sweet rides while also having fun with the game!

23-Street Love

Let’s cut to the chase with the explanation: Street Love is a mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that allows you to make love.

With this, you can even have fun with ladies around your area.

24-Superman Mod

CJ, like Superman in the first game, knows how to take bullets, as he could have been shot ten times and barely flinch.

The Superman mod, on the other hand, allows you to take things a step further and play as Superman!

As in a dark DC alternate universe, fly around, use your super strength, and slaughter bystanders.

25-Car Pack for San Andreas

If you want new automobiles in San Andreas, go and install a car pack mod for the San Andreas and get relief from watching the same car and bike again and again.

A few automobile modifications are available for download that will automatically install into the game. However, you may utilize this bundle to have a handful of them added to your San Andreas safe right away.

Gone are the days of witnessing the same automobiles drive by repeatedly — now is the time to mix things up with a variety of different rides!

26-Parkour Mod

CJ can now do full acrobatic movements without being interrupted in the air, thanks to the amazing Parkour Mod.

Combine the core of Assassin’s Creed with the world of San Andreas, and you’ll be able to live the life of a genuine gangster while also learning a thing or two about street athletics that wasn’t previously available in the game.

It adds a lot of variety to the game, and it’s a lot of fun to watch CJ pull off some of these surprising tricks!

27-Portal Gun for GTA San Andreas

With this mod, you won’t be able to go from one end of San Andreas to the other, but you will be able to create portals, much as in the Portal games.

28-CLEO 4

The CLEO 4 Mod is at the top of my list since it practically unlocks all of the preceding modifications at the same time.

It allows modders to modify components of the game that weren’t designed to be modified in the first place and unlocks various features that the game didn’t come without the box.

In the first version of this patch, most modders were able to employ new tools and completely redesign San Andreas with their own unique ideas.

Due to its ground-breaking nature, this fantastic add-on takes the top spot on the list. It’s almost like the foundation for all San Andreas mods because you’ll almost surely need it if you want many of the others to work.

This is for the GTA San Andreas mods list, and after using these mods, please let us know which one you love and which one you don’t. And if you have any other mode in mind, write down a comment in the comment section.

I hope you love it and do let us know your favorite GTA mod and why and which version of GTA you love GTA SA, VICE CITY, GTA III, GTA LIBERTY CITY.

29-GTA V Hud for San Andreas

Switching weapons in the early GTA games was a pain. There’s simply no other option.

Gone are the days when you had to scroll past the weapon you really wanted to pick!

This mod gives you the full experience of the iconic wheel weapon option that debuted on the PS3 and Xbox 360, and I’m delivering it to you right now.

30-San Andreas First Person Mod

If you have all the mods I mentioned on the above list and playing them in first-person view makes them more amazing and interesting to see the actual thing that player is seeing and doing and how he is doing is out of the world. Still, GTA never gave that thing, and it should be an option.

Don’t you think some of these modifications would look better if you played them in the first person?

It basically allows you to play San Andreas as never before, allowing you to experience CJ’s true emotions throughout the game.

If you install the appropriate modifications, you’ll be able to play as Iron Man or Spiderman in the first person, but keep in mind that this is not recommended.



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