37 Best Orange Haired anime Characters Of All Time


Orange haired anime characters

Welcome to the world of the best orange haired anime characters, and in this world, you will only see anime characters with orange hair, so get ready for many anime characters with orange hair.

Get ready for your best anime characters with orange hair rock this list.

37-Rangiku Matsumoto (Bleach)

It’s almost as though the colour orange is the official colour of the Bleach anime. All of the main characters, as well as a few minor characters, had orange-coloured hair. Rangiku Matsumoto was one of them, as well as the 10th division’s lieutenant.

She was a lovely lady who understood how to use her good looks to get the job done. Alcohol is her go-to drink, and she would put any critical task on hold if it meant she could have a good time drinking.

Rangiku’s hair is like Ichigo Kurosaki’s hair colour.

36-Loke From Fairy Tail

leo the lion loke fairy tail

Loke epitomizes the term “player.” Smooth talker who gets along well with ladies and understands how to interact and say the appropriate things.

Fairy tail universe is one of the favourite series for many anime fans, and that’s because it has so many characters that you will get tired of counting. But that’s more the comedic side to his personality.

He also has a desire to be a fairy king.

He has a strong sense of loyalty and will always keep his promise no matter what. His word is the equivalent of a never-to-be-broken commitment.

35-Nami From Full Metal Panic

nami orange hair full metal panic

It will be confusing because, on many websites, she is described as a red-haired girl, but officials say that she has orange hair, and that’s why she is on the list.

Nami has its own personality traits, which is kind but is hard when you have to, and she is one of the most hard-working anime girls, or you can say female characters with orange hair on this list.

34-Itsuka Kendo From My hero academia

my hero academia Itsuka kendo is one of the underrated support characters in my hero academia. Still, she is one of the most intelligent orange haired anime characters, and other characters really know how strong she is actually.

She has orange hair, and her quirk is big hand and known as a battle fist.

33-Misty from Pokemon 

Anime tomboys

She is one of the most famous orange haired anime girls. And she is the female main character of Pokemon’s first and second seasons.

Her gym leader title is “tomboyish mermaid,” but is she genuinely a tomboy? Regardless of what online forums say, we’ll be OK if we keep to the most basic definition of a tomboy.

Which is a female who dresses and acts masculinely. Misty is a tomboy to the core! She is a fantastic heroine and one of the original Pokemon anime trio’s most aggressive and obstinate members.

In the anime, she is a determined Water Pokemon Master and the Cerulean Gym’s Gym Leader, and she sports her characteristic sneakers and suspenders.

32-Finnian (Black Butler)

Finnian is a young guy who works as a gardener in Ciel Phantomhive’s aristocratic mansion. He has sweet, feminine characteristics that make him seem charming.

Ciel rescued him from the streets and provided him with a home. Finnian promised to be his servant for the rest of his life. Despite his youthful appearance, Finnian had a terrible history in which he endured unspeakable torment.

Finnain is not your average gardener, despite his fragile appearance. You might refer to him as a master gardener.

31-Momotaro Mikoshiba (Free!)

Momotaro Mikoshiba is a talented swimmer who is only a teenager. Because he is a great swimmer, He joins Samezuka Academy. Momotaro is highly hopeful about his future and is making the most of his present moments.

He is a hot character with orange hair and one of anime’s support characters.

He excels in backstroke swimming, and his teammates refer to him as the club’s “secret ace.” Momotaro has won several swimming events in his area, earning him the moniker of Japan’s Sea Otter despite his sloppy demeanour.

30-Kirino Kousaka (Oreimo)

 Kirino Kousaka is a gorgeous adolescent with high grades and a fit physique. Kyousuke Kousaka, her brother, is the object of her romantic emotions. Kirino indulges in various activities to satiate her passion for her brother, just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier.

She is the only orange haired anime girl in this series.

She also worked as a model for a number of periodicals, which caused her to be treated like a celebrity. Her involvement with the otaku community and video games appears to be the source of her brotherly complex. When it comes to problems involving her brother, Kirino is highly sensitive.

29-Holo (Spice & Wolf)

Holo is a sweet little girl with wolf-like orange ears. She is, in actuality, a wolf spirit with the capacity to transform into a human. Holo lived in Pasloe, a little village where she was revered as the Goddess of Wisdom due to her immense intellect.

During her route back to her hometown, she encountered Kraft Lawrence (Yoitsu). Kraft was a middle-aged traveller who worked as a trader. Their unfortunate meeting had a significant impact on each of their lives.

28-Mafuyu Sato (Given)

Mafuyu Sato is a charming high school girl with a quiet demeanour. He was a looner, but when he met Ritsuka, the loneliness went away. They both end up appreciating each other’s abilities as a result of a series of circumstances.

Mafuyu’s incredible singing voice so took Ritsuka that he invited him to join his band as a lead vocalist. Mafuyu prefers to express himself through his music, which has a far wider reach than simply words. He is fighting for a future with his sweetheart.

27-Hikaru Hitachiin (Ouran HighSchool Host Club)

Hikaru Hitachiin is a student at Ouran Academy in high school. Kaoru Hitachiin, his twin brother, is his only sibling. They are both members of the exclusive Host Club.

If you see Hikaru and Kaoru as real people, you will say that they are both the same person, but only very few people know that they are the complete opposite of each other.

Hikaru’s former life has had a significant impact on his personality. He enjoys teasing folks now and again. Hikaru was impressed by Haruhi Fujioka’s loyalty and grew quite protective of her, contrary to his character.

26-Rinka Hayami (Assassination Classroom)

Rinka Hayami is an orange-haired adolescent who attends the exclusive Kunugigaoka Junior High School. She was an expert shooter with guns. She enlisted in this secret school intending to assassinate Koro-Sensei, just like the other pupils.

Unlike the other pupils, Rinka is shown as a serious girl who minds her own business in the anime. Her personality evolved with time, and she began to connect more with her peers. Throughout the entire series, her marksmanship is outstanding.

25-Senko-san (The Helpful Fox Senko-san)

Senko is a fox goddess with fluffy orange hair who was sent from the spirit realm. Kuroto Nakano had been summoned to save him from despair. To assist Kuroto, Senko began doing household tasks. She had a friendly demeanour and a caring demeanour.

She tries extremely hard to free the evil in Kuroto’s heart in the anime. Her character in the anime is a charming housewife. Senko loves Kuroto despite his obsession with her fluffy ears and tail.

24-Kouko Kaga (Golden Time)

Kouko Kaga is a beautiful woman with long, luscious orange hair. She is always upfront with you. She has a strong personality, even while dealing with sensitive issues. Mitsuo Yanagisawa, Kouka’s betrothed, had rejected her, and she was devastated.

Banri Tada assisted her during her trying times, and the two fell in love. Kouko is extremely sensitive to topics involving her emotions. When Banri does not reciprocate her genuine affections, she becomes insane.

23-Irina Shidou (High School DxD)

Irina Shidou has orange hair and is a lovely young lady. She was a devout believer and a member of the holy church. Irina is a skilled swordswoman who wields the legendary Excalibur sword as her primary weapon.

She is Issei Hyoudou’s childhood pal. 

After learning about the holy church’s heinous crimes, Irina joined the Issei organization. Irina remembers Issei kissing her as a youngster, and she feels proud of it.

22-Misaki Yata (K-Project)

Misaki Yata is a young man who works for the Red King’s Homura Clan (Mikoto Suoh). He had a sassy demeanour that constantly got him into trouble. Mikoto was recruited from the streets to join his clan and serve him.

He rose to the top of the Homura Clan’s hierarchy. He grows to value his companions and his life as a Homura Clan member with time.

21-Marika Tachibana (Nisekoi: False Love)

Marika Tachibana, a beautiful girl with long orange hair, is a Bonyari High School transfer. She is one of Raku Ichijou’s childhood buddies. Marika has a bold attitude since she is open about her private feelings in public.

Marika had previously been antagonistic to everyone, but her meeting with Raku changed everything. To impress Raku, she begins to conduct herself in a ladylike manner. She is one of the few ladies suspected of being in possession of the key to Raku’s necklace.

20-Akatsuki Kain (Vampire Knight)

Akatsuki Kain is a gorgeous Cross Academy student with unkempt orange hair. Kain is a member of the Vampire race and works for the vampire lord (Kaname Kuran) despite his looks.

Kain has a keen sense of other people’s emotions. He also attempts to assist his teammates who are in need. Most of the time, Kain finds himself in a difficult predicament as a result of his buddies’ irresponsible behaviour.

19-Yuzuru Otanashi (Angel Beats)

Yuzuru Otanashi is a fantastic character but was a looner, and the only person who mattered to him was his younger sister. His only reason for existing was to care for his younger sister, who was afflicted with a serious illness. Yuzuru decided to become a doctor to save his sister’s life, but he died in a train accident.

He is depicted in the anime in the hereafter, where the majority of the people are students. These folks become Yuzuru’s buddies. He assisted his new companions in overcoming their traumatic background, demonstrating his loving nature once more.

18-Yui Kiriyama (Kokoro Connect)

Yui Kiriyama is a beautiful young lady who attends Yamboshi Academy. She is a lively young lady with a wide range of facial emotions. Yui joined the Student Cultural Society because she felt out of place in other organizations.

She developed androphobia, or the fear of men, as a result of a prior experience. (You’re right, it’s a genuine thing.)

Yui eventually began to open up to her new club friends. Yui successfully overcame her phobia with the support of the club members. Despite her fragile frame, she has a strong grasp of Karate.

17-Raphtalia (The Rising of Shield Hero)

Raphtalia is a young demi-human with a raccoon trait and long orange hair. She is a member of the Shield Hero’s party (Naofumi Iwatani). Raphtalia had formerly been an enslaved person until Naofumi rescued her and nurtured her into a magnificent adventurer.

She has a warm and kind demeanour. Raphtalia possesses a wide range of sword skills and certain magical abilities. She has often saved the Shield Hero from despair, demonstrating her love for him.

16-Chiho Sasaki (The Devil is a Part-Timer!)

Chiho Sasaki has short orange hair and is a pretty little high school student. Sadao Maou’s MgRonald colleague and I thought my puns were awful. Despite making multiple mistakes at work, 

Sadao’s cool and compassionate attitude made her fall in love with him over time. Chiho maintains her feelings for Sadao even after knowing of his real identity as a demon emperor. Even if it means living with her beloved demon lord, she is eager to abandon her planet.

15-Erina Nakiri (Food Wars)

Erina Nakiri is a student at the prestigious Totsuki Culinary Academy. Her God Tongue, which allows her to evaluate a food only by taking a bite, has made her famous. Erina has a tsundere personality and believes she is better than others.

Souma Yukihira irritates her for no apparent reason. Erina’s behaviour is not that great, or she doesn’t act as she is one of the best master chefs, but her skills are so great that it makes her one of the best chefs. Her encounters with Souma and other gifted chiefs profoundly influenced her.

14-Yuuki Asuna (Sword Art Online)

Yuuki Asuna has long orange hair and is a gorgeous young high school student. She joined the SAO Sword Art Online virtual world as a player. Asuna grew in strength as she completed high-level tasks and earned the moniker Lightning Flash.

Kirito rescued her from a horde of knights, and the two became fast friends. Asuna was a kind girl who had to become harsh in order to live.

Her meeting with Kirito had a significant impact on her life and personality since she fell in love with him.

13-Chiyo Sakura (Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun)

Chiyo Sakura is a charming high school girl with vivid orange hair who is short and adorable. She became a member of the art club since she enjoys drawing. Chiyo is a person who is both friendly and enthusiastic.

Her infatuation was Umetarou Nozaki, a brilliant manga artist. Chiyo winds up being his secretary due to a series of events. Despite having so much difficulty confessing, Chiyo persists in her fight, revealing her true thoughts for Nozaki.

12-Escanor (Seven Deadly Sins)

Escanor is a fragile young man with orange hair. He was afflicted with the fatal sin of Pride and granted the sun’s immense might, making him the world’s most powerful knight.

When he absorbs the sun’s energy, his demeanour changes. In this form, Escanor has a superior attitude and has no regard for his foe.

It is also one of the best shounen anime and one of the strongest characters with orange hair.

Even in this shape, though, he values and defends his pals. He is undoubtedly the strongest human, or you can say the strongest deadly sin in the anime and also one of the strongest characters in any anime, and we all saw the power of him and if you not, then watch seven deadly sins.

im very sure you will love him, and he will be on your favourite anime character list and the king of Pride and mighty escanor. 

11-Nami (One-Piece)

Nami has long orange hair and is a youthful, kind girl. She joined Luffy’s group after seeing Luffy’s desire for adventure. Nami is regarded as one of the Straw Hat Crew’s most clever members due to her uncanny ability to predict maritime conditions.

Nami plays a captain’s part since she effectively supervises the ship’s responsibilities. She also possesses manipulative abilities, which make the crew members wary of her.

10-Nishiki Nishio (Tokyo Ghoul)

Nishiki Nishio is a young Kamii University student. Do you know who ghouls are? Ghouls eat human flesh to stay alive, and they can only drink coffee. Nishiki is a brilliant scientist with a vast knowledge base.

He attempts to eat Ken Kaneki at first, but due to a sequence of events, Nishiki eventually becomes friends with him.

He fell in love with Kimi Nishino, a human girl, and the two began dating. Nishiki’s interaction with Kimi had a profound impact on him.

9-Shouyou Hinata (Haikyu!!)

Shouyou Hinata is a short high school student with orange hair. He was a Volleyball fanatic who joined his middle school’s club. Shouyou managed to win a few events despite his lack of experience.

He has a warm and pleasant demeanour that helps him to mingle easily. Shouyou was defeated by Tobio Kageyama, a volleyball prodigy, in a humiliating setback. With the aid of his cherished pals, he vowed to become a renowned Volleyball player.

8-Kyou Souma (Fruits Basket Anime)

Kyou Souma has orange hair and is a short-tempered young guy. Despite his human form, he was one of the humans cursed to become one of the 12 zodiac animals. Kyou goes back to his astrological sign (Cat).

He is sometimes cold blood person, but he is extremely loyal to his family, and we all know how important he was in the fruits basket anime series.

He was alone until he found Tohru Honda, a lovely young girl who made him happy. Kyou’s life was drastically altered as a result of his encounter with Tohru. He had a horrible history that caused him to be harsh and brutal to others.

7-Pain (Naruto Shippuden)

Pain, also known as Nagato, was a renegade ninja who unleashed Rinnegan’s immense power. Mercenary ninjas assassinated his parents while he was a youngster.

Even though he had lost his parents, Nagato was still determined to defend the ninja world and its inhabitants. When his best buddy, Yahiko, was assassinated by a ninja, he determined to destroy the world and change it from the ground up.

Nagato found salvation at the conclusion of his quest when he entrusted the world’s destiny to Naruto Uzumaki.

6-Chuuya Nakahara (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Chuuya Nakahara is a man who is known as the Port Mafia’s executive. He is a harsh and aggressive individual. He despises Osamu Dazai for his manipulative abilities.

Chuuya wields the Tainted Sorrow ability, which allows him to manipulate gravity. Chuuya is a formidable combatant despite his diminutive stature, and his opponents are terrified of him. In high-stress or life-threatening circumstances, he smokes.

5-Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

Bleach anime fans really can go to any extent to tell you that it is one of the best anime series.

Ichigo Kurosaki is a young man with the spiky orange hair that is cut short. From his parents, he got the Shinigami and Hollow abilities. He has an enraged, aggressive demeanour that gives him the appearance of a criminal.

Ichigo used to be a cheerful and happy-go-lucky person, but his mother’s death changed him. Even before gaining Shinigami abilities, he was a formidable opponent.

He is very caring about the people he loves or people who love him because for him, friends and family is the top priority, so if you mess with his friends or family, you are a goner. 

Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki is one of the greatest anime characters with orange hair and has one of the great personalities as soul reaper in the bleach series. He is the best-written protagonist (main character).

4-Shirley Fenette (Code Geass)

Shirley Fenette, a student at Ashford Academy, is a young girl. She came from a well-known British family.

Shirly is a lively young lady with a pleasant demeanour. She is well-liked at the academy.

She had a thing for the Emperor’s banished son, Lelouch Lamperouge. Shirley adores Lelouch beyond everything else and is always willing to provide a hand. But, even though Lelouch was the one who mistakenly murdered her father, she couldn’t hate him.

3-Emma (The Promised Neverland)

Emma is one of the orphans who stays in the grace field house for orphan kids. She is a gifted orphan who is considered one of the orphanage’s geniuses.

Emma’s strong sense makes her one of the smartest orange-haired anime characters and one of the greatest anime characters in promised neverland.

Emma has a kind and compassionate demeanour. She cares for the orphanage’s youngsters as if they were her own children.

Her extraordinary reflexes and cunning are her most notable skills. Despite the fact that she could leave on her own, Emma chose to defend the orphanage children from monsters. She is even prepared to put herself in harm’s way for the happiness of her friends and family.

2-Yotsuba Nakano (The Quintessential Quintuplets)

Yotsuba Nakano is a pretty young girl at Asahiyama High School with short orange hair. She is one of five twin sisters who are unable to continue her education due to a lack of mentorship.

Despite her sister’s initial opposition to her instructor, Fuuutarou Uesugi, she is the first person to endorse him.

Yotsuba has a vibrant personality and is gifted in a variety of sports. She appears to have love sentiments for Fuutarou.

1-Yui Yuigahama (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)

Yui Yuigahama’s signature style of saying hello is ye hello, which is cute and funny at the same time, she is one of the sweetest and most cute female characters in anime, and I really love her.

Her friends appreciate her for her awkward yet endearing behaviour. Yui feels insecure about her abilities and capabilities, despite being competent in a variety of areas.

Because he saved her dog from an accident and was injured for several months. As a result, she believes herself responsible for Hachiman Hikigaya’s unpleasant high school existence.

Yui may appear flippant, but she is actually incredibly compassionate, especially when it comes to her friends.

I hope you love this list of the best orange haired anime characters.


Who is the main character in fairy tail?

Natsu dragneel

How many supporting characters are in fairy tail?


Who is the best orange anime character?

For me escanor.



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