Let’s talk about and know the best racing anime, here I’m going to include every kind of racing anime and that will be cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and many more.

Let’s enjoy this article and hope you will be hitting your near track with your bicycle, cars, and bike.

Yowamushi Pedal

Yowamushi Pedal is the first-ever cycling anime I ever watched and I really loved it from the 1st episode it has so many things to motivate you, there are things that say that you can be good at something which you do love to do and make it your career.

I’m always been a fan of anime where the main characters are weak at first but grow slowly with training and hard work.

Yowamushi Pedal does contain lots of details about cycling, how to increase endurance and how to enjoy the competition and glory with it.

The story follows Sakamichi Onoda who is an otaku and wants to have an otaku club in his high school. Onoda joins the anime club in an effort to match more individuals who enjoy anime as much as he does.

The anime group, unfortunately for him, was disbanded due to a lack of members. As a result, he joins a riding club and discovers a bike racing world he never knew existed. A fantastic cartoon about collaboration, enthusiasm, and the exhilarating world of cycling.

EX-Driver the Movie 

The top racing teams from across the world, including the Japanese team Lorna, Lisa, and Souichi, competed in the ex-drivers championship in Los Angeles.

They encounter defective cars and several hijackings. Claims that sponsors are illegally wagering on the final race when they arrive in the United States.

When these schemes disrupt the race. Worldwide teams of ex-drivers are compelled to set the race aside in order to halt the criminal’s car and bring it to justice.

Tomica Hyper Rescue Drive Head-Kidou Kyuukyuu Keisatsu 

The Mobile Rescue Police are a group of officers on the go Hyper Rescue (a government-funded organization dedicated only to saving lives) has created “Drive Heads.

Those who specialize in police, fire, and rescue abilities respond to disasters beyond human comprehension and the increasing complexity of crime and catastrophes.

Gou Kurumada, an elementary school student. And other promising children work as drivers for the mobile rescue police and other adults.

Dash! Yonkuro 

History is a series of races that take place on inventive roads with runs that correspond to the race’s course. The tale will increasingly focus on who the genuine Emperor is, and several smaller titles similar to Emperor Yonkuro will be revealed.

This race is the conclusion to the epic Raid of Hell challenge. And it will pit a bunch of thugs against the best Mini 4WD races in order to recover the secret loot. Tatsuya and Kiyoko, the offspring of a scientist at the Twin X facility, are the story’s central characters.

Chou Soku Henkei Gyrozetter 

Arcadia Academy, an educational institution designed to teach the next generation of AI vehicle professionals, is located in the New Yokohama Center. A famous metropolis of the future supporting the widespread usage of AI automobiles.

Kakeru and Rinne believed they were average Arcadia students until they learned that the school is actually a front for a secret defense organization and that the two of them are set to become mech pilots.

The couple, along with their other companions, must now race and battle to change automobiles in order to thwart Zeno’s goals.

Arrow Emblem: Grand Prix no Taka 

Takaya Todoroki is an arrogant, up-and-coming racing driver with big ambitions. Takaya has set himself the objective of pursuing his goals and one-day racing and winning in a Formula 1 vehicle after his father’s death. An American military commander and a brilliant fighter pilot.

During the first game, Takaya is involved in a vehicle accident and ends up in the hospital, sad and mistreated. A weird masked man approaches him and gives him another opportunity to show off his skills.

Wangan Midnight 

Akio Asakura is a young student and street driver who enjoys his first-generation Nissan Fairlady 240. He is immediately captivated by an attraction that becomes an obsession once he discovers him in the junkyard.

After restoring the automobile to its former grandeur, he and his pals drove it to Wangan Highway to challenge the Black Bird. The highway’s monarch.

Asakura’s desire to perfect the driving of this lethal Akuma no Z and gain the title of Master Wangan grows as she learns more about the automobile and its terrible history.

Speed Racer 

Speed Racer races the magnificent Mach 5 race after race, but his true ambition is to be the finest driver in the world and beat Racer X. (not knowing that Racer X is his lost brother ). The races aren’t held on the usual dull circular courses. Instead, they’re more likely to become involved in rural areas with uneven and dangerous terrain.

This is when Mach 5’s unique characteristics, such as super grip tires and jump struts, come in help. The speed must deal with a variety of criminals, including unethical racing drivers, robbers, and spies, with the help of Trixie, his younger brother Spridle, as well as the monkey Chim Chim.

Future GPX Cyber Formula 

Cyber formulae are racing machines that are fitted with powerful computer systems in the twenty-first century. While bringing a new cybernetic machine to Sugo’s crew. He is ambushed by a mysterious group attempting to take Asurada. Hayato unwittingly hopped on the Asurada and brought him to safety, but the Asurada could no longer be led.

Hayato and Asurada must be the youngest Grand Prix driver to keep Sugo’s team’s ambition alive. Now Hayato must win the Grand Prix while also uncovering the exact motives of the strange group attempting to seize the Asurada.

Initial D Extra Stage 2: Tabidachi no Green 

The thrill of downhill racing pales in comparison to the prospect of seeing his ex-lover and Sileighty driver Mako. Who is excited to meet Itekani, a novice street racer.

They agree to meet for a conversation because he wants to apologize for his behavior the previous time they were together. Itekani’s good nature, on the other hand, gets the best of him. When he arrives two hours early and drives a stranded older man across the island.


So this is the first racing anime I ever watched on television and from the first episode, I really love it. Because against so many odds and that’s why this is my favorite racing anime of all time.

If you recently watched F1 on Netflix drive to survive then you going to love this anime. Also and trust me I’m still waiting in hope that there will be a final season comes of this anime.

Capeta Taira has spent his youth being a nice son to his widowed father, who works hard and is poor. His father only witnessed him express personal wishes or demands once when he saw a model automobile at a toy store.

Despite his lack of funds, his father developed a foolish scheme to give Capeta the greatest gift: the fulfillment of his aspirations. Capeta starts his amateur career as a kart driver with both the help of his father and pals Nobu and Monami. With the ultimate goal of promotion to Formula One racing’s professional levels.

F1 cars are the fastest and most probably this is the fastest racing anime except the F zero anime which is based on jet racing.

In the end, I wanted to see capeta be a GP legend and become the world champion of Formula 1. Because he lived his life for this only.

Initial D Legend 1: Awakening 

Fujiwara Takumi During the day, he works as a waitress at a gas station, and at night. He works as a delivery boy at his father’s tofu store. He had no idea that his precise driving talents and his father’s customized Toyota sprinter AE86 Trueno would make him the finest amateur road racer on the Aquinas highway.

As a consequence, Takumi was challenged by racing teams from all around Gunma Prefecture to see if he had the requisite attributes to become a road legend.

Cyber Formula Double-One 

Hayato Kazami, the 10th Cyber Formula Grand Prix winner, now faces new challenges in the 11th. Hayato is able to stay in the game despite the fact that his Asurada is still with him. And other racers have upgraded their cyber machines to quicker and stronger versions.

Schumacher decides to make a surprise comeback and confronts Hayato and the other racers. Is Hayato’s all-new Super Asurada capable of overcoming Schumacher and thereby winning the 11th Cyber Formula Grand Prix?

Initial D Third Stage 

Takumi ultimately gained the title of Akina’s downhill hero after many trials and successes. Takahashi Ryousuke is now a member of Gunma’s premier street racers squad. Once his talented brother, Keisuke, has been hired. Ryousuke approaches Takumi and offers him a seat on this professional racing team.

On the other hand, Takumi wants to put his talents to the test once again to determine if he is worthy, and his target is Sudou Kyoichi, who has already defeated him.

Nasu-Summer in Andalusia

Nasu Summer in Andalusia tells the narrative of Pepe Benengeli, a Spanish cyclist. An incredible cycle anime about Pepe’s goals and dreams while he faces all of life’s challenges at the same time.

He’s had it all, from nearly losing his job to his ex-girlfriend marrying his older brother. Nasu is a fantastic anime that depicts the challenges of maturity while still being one of the most motivating.

Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club

Want to see cute girls riding bicycles and have a team to compete in a cycling competition then you should watch this anime for sure.

Maiharu Hiromi, our female heroine, is a bike enthusiast. She encounters Akizuki Tomoe on her way to school, who teaches her more about riding.

The two girls gradually acquire new acquaintances who share their passion for riding and decide to create a cycling club. It’s a simple animation with such a lot of lighthearted humor and a lot of fun.

It may not be as dramatic as many others on the list. But somehow it is still one of the best cycling anime ever produced. Maiharu Hiromi, our female heroine, is a bike enthusiast. She encounters Akizuki Tomoe on her way to school, who teaches her more about riding.

Initial D Second Stage 

The terrifying Emperors, a street racing squad that solely rides the massive Lan-EVOs, are attacking the Gunma area. The Kyoichi and Emperors have determined to get revenge on Takahashi Ryousuke, their archenemy, with the goal of conquering the whole area in one month with the most powerful four-wheel drive automobiles.

Ryousuke, together with Takumi, the unbeaten downhill hero, is all that stands in the path of Kyoichi and his group. However, winning will be a difficult feat.


One gang of determined speedsters is aiming towards the ultimate goal: racing in the legendary Redline race, in a period where hovercraft reign supreme and wheeled cars are a thing of the past.

Competitors must be prepared for everything in combat without limitations, where everything from nitro boosters to complete war and dirty tactics are possible. “Sweet” JP finally gets a chance to compete in Redline as a substitute after losing in the Yellow line qualification race.

However, because his car requires a major rebuild, the Roboworld government is employing all of its military might to prevent a race involving a slew of the universe’s top drivers. 

Blass Reiter

One of the most amazing bike racing anime series ever created. Its plot is a little convoluted, but it’s mainly set in Germany, where biomechanical creatures are known as “Demoniacs” grow from the bodies of murdered riders.

Most technology, including vehicles and motorbikes, can be merged with the Demoniacs to create super machines. It has a transformer vibe about it. Later on, numerous human-turned-Demoniacs who have mastered their mutation begin to appear. Some people make good use of their skills, while others make bad use of them.

Initial D Extra Stage 

Impact Blue, a well-known Usui street racing team, is made up of Mako and Sayuki. Mako takes the wheel, and Sayuki directs her. After the Myougi Night Kids were vanquished by the formidable Emperors team, who consisted completely of Lan-EVO, word traveled rapidly.

Because Myougi and Usui live next door, Shingo of the Night Kids, Sayuki’s childhood friend, arrives to warn them of the risks of these cars.


Bakuon is the finest anime involving female bike racers, whether you’re a female bike racer or just want to watch one. Hane Sakura, the protagonist of this motorcycle racing anime, joins the motorcycle club after meeting motorcycle enthusiast Onsa Amano one morning. The club is full of intriguing personalities that will keep you entertained.

Join Sakura as she works toward her motorbike license and learns about the benefits and drawbacks of riding a motorcycle.

Initial D Final stage

This is the last race of the initial d final stage after so many great races against so many fast cars. This is the great race which is also the final stage of this anime series and for the racing prodigy.

Ryousuke Takahashi has always aspired to be a street racing legend, and with the development of Project D. A squad of extremely capable drivers, his dream is finally coming true. Ryousuke is the team’s leader. While skilled Takumi dominates downhill races with his AE86 and talented Keisuke dominates uphill races with his FD.

A brilliant squad of drivers embarks on trips outside the Gunma area, where they meet formidable foes. Ryousuke’s fight to make his goal a reality has only just begun.

Futari Daka


Futari Daka is the right anime for you if you want a genuine racing animation about professional Moto racing. It’s an older anime, but it’s unquestionably one of the finest racing animes ever done.

A motorcycle gang abducted Taka Sawatari and his mother, but they were saved by a mysterious young man named Taka Toujou, a professional racer. This fantastic story about competitors and racing will keep you entertained.

Master Of Torque

Among the most recent animes that aren’t as well-known but are still worth seeing for bike racing fans. It’s entertaining to see, with good animation.

Although the plot is a little thin, the racing action is extremely exciting. Therefore I would recommend viewing it. All of the animes about bike racing were included here. We opted to list them all because they were the only ones built.

Aitsu to Lullaby- Suiyobi no Cinderella

One of the first bike racing ova, combining bike racing with romance. It’s one of those underappreciated ova that never became mainstream.

It does have a manga also and it comes under the racing genre and also under related topics like a car, and passion for things you love.

It’s a brief racing and romance novel about motorcyclists and the joy of riding a motorcycle. That’s all there is to it, guys. These were the finest motorcycle anime and ova ever produced.

Long Riders

Long Riders is the cycling anime that you if you want to watch something peaceful yet entertaining. Ami Kurata, a first-year university student, is enamored with her first folding bike and quickly depletes her bank account.

Our female protagonist now decides to take up riding with her new bike and a group of pals who will be there for her through thick and thin. For bicycle aficionados, watching anime is a lot of fun. It has excellent animation and, to be honest, is rather entertaining.

Hill Climb Girl

Hinako is a female heroine in this fantastic cycling anime. She is a high school student who enjoys cycling and competes with a classmate every morning in the hopes of defeating him in a race and asking him out on a date.

Bicycles in Japan are very famous and there are many competitions in Japan, the major one is the japan cup

Unfortunately for her, she gets defeated on a daily basis. Hinako, on the other hand, is adamant about not giving up. This time, the great Bradley Wiggins was the inspiration. She dashes to the finish line with her vision of the racing world. It’s a short, lovely animation with a few oddities. Regardless, it’s a fun watch and an excellent way to pass the time.

That’s all there is to it, guys. These were the all-time top cycling and bike racing anime.


Imagine being a mediocre high school student with a mundane existence until your crush unexpectedly invites you to join her brother’s cycling team.

Nobody would have accepted that offer as starved for love as Mikoto Shinozaki. That is to say, relatively few individuals are thus fortunate.

Shinozaki works out like a lunatic to please his crush. It turns out he likes cycling and has some skills in the sport. Follow his journey into the world of cycling, where he dreams of winning the Tour de France.


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