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We all have watched Pokemon in our childhood, and after the 2nd generation came, we got to know about 25+ shiny Pokémon. 

Shiny Pokemon are not stronger or weaker than any other pokemon in anime. It’s just their shiny skin that makes them different from other Pokemon.

Ash captured his first shiny Pokemon in the episode of 156, where he caught shiny Noctowl.

I am listing my favorite shiny Pokemon.



Type- flying, normal

Best move- sky attack

Ash, the main character of the Pokemon series, caught the shiny noctowl, which is the first shiny Pokemon we saw in the anime.

Noctowl and Shiny Noctowl have nothing different from each other both have the same moves and type.  

It was lucky for Ash to have Shiny Noctowl because it is rare to find one and very rare to have in your team.

2 Shiny Magneton 


type- electric,steel

Best move- electric shock

Shiny Magneton is the evolution of Magnemite that appeared during a battle against Ash in season 5. Where Jackson from New Bark Town have the Shiny Magneton against Ash.

Shiny Magneton easily defeated Ash, Pikachu, and Cyndaquil. But somehow, Bulbasaurdefeated him maybe because the electric type went weak against the ground and gross type.

3- Shiny Shuckle


Type- Bug, Rock

Best move- Rock throw, stone edge

Shiny Shuckle is the 2nd shiny Pokemon that Appeared on the Pokemon anime in 172 episodes.

Shiny Shuckle was helping his trainer, who is an older man finding the best berry to make the love position, and then shuckle met Bellsprout, who is James pokemon.

Team Rocket, an evil group trying to steal Pokemon for the team rocket agency a saw the shiny Shuckles and planned to steal it, but Ash helped the old man and Shuckle defeat the team rocket.




Best Move-Waterfall and Hydro Pump

Who doesn’t recall Red Gyarados’ first appearance in Lake Fury in Pokémon Gold and Silver (the best games, by the way)? It was a method for us to meet the Shiny Pokémon in video games for the first time (although in the anime, we had already seen, for example, a Butterfree of different shades or a Crystal Onyx).

If Gyarados blue was already one of the most striking designs of the first generation, the switch to red shouts DANGER! and instantly makes it appear much more threatening.

5. Shiny UMBREON



Best Move- Snarl and Foul Play

Umbreon basically has many other versions, which can be seen in Pokemon.

If we had to pick one evolution, it would be Umbreon’s, which is one of the nicest shiny Pokemon available. True, the color of its yellow rings does not alter much from yellow to blue in the varicolored.

However, with that small change and the addition of the color black, it becomes much more menacing, which is exactly what it is.

6. Shiny STEELIX



Best Move-Iron Tail and Earthquake

Yes, we are aware that we are dealing with the same tonality as Onyx to some level (we would have liked his shiny to be that crystal from the anime).

However, for a Rock/Ground Type Pokémon but That tone suggested that it was suffering from some sort of illness, infection, or another ailment that something wasn’t quite right.

However, as the color scheme shifts from Rock to Steel but the yellow hue makes shiny Steelixes appear to be pure gold. And those are significant phrases in terms of majesty. Thus it’s a fantastic shiny pokemon.




Best Move-Fire Spin and Blast Burn

Charizard, a fan-favorite Pokémon design and a wonderful shiny pokemon, is the perfect illustration of what a shiny should be and a total adjustment of the color pattern in which chances are taken, and then it is determined if they are correct or not. Shiny Charizard is a Pokémon that you may readily notice if you have the “varicolored” luck. This skin replaces the standard creature’s flaming orange with a blackish tint that we don’t know where it comes from because neither Charmander Shiny nor Charmeleon Shiny has anything in common.

But it makes it look like the polar opposite and Flames are orange, while ashes are black.

8. Shiny PONYTA

Season- 6


Best Move- Fireblast, STOMP

You like a horse, and what if the horse has a flame on it instead of the hairs damm cool, right? Yes, and shiny ponyta makes it looks cooler to see this type of Pokemon.

This gleaming Pokemon is the definition of the term “gleaming.” We admire the intensity of the blue flames in the manes of its varicolored variant in the absence of a Ponyta with its greenish flames in a Valyrian fire plan from Game of Thrones.

With a fire that can be suggestive of the wisp phenomena, it becomes a lot more sinister Pokémon model than its normal model (too bad shinies don’t change kinds to suit their new look), lending an aura of mystery to one of the most beautiful and exquisite Pokémon of the first generation.

9. Shiny PSYDUCK



Best Move-Water Gun and Aqua Tail

When you see Psyduck, you will think it is a waste of Pokemon to keep because he is always confused, and most have a headache, but you are wrong. He has one of the rare power when his headache about to be overflow.

Psyduck has made it into our list not just because of its varicolored variant’s attractiveness But also because it is the preferred shiny Pokémon of Junichi Masuda, one of the most influential developers of the Pokémon saga.

The evolutionary line appears more natural now that it has changed from yellow to blue, as it resembles the future Golduck that it will be (which, by the way, does not change too much between shiny or standard).

10. Shiny LUGIA


Type-psychic, Flying

Best Move-Extrasensory and Aeroblast

Lugia is legendary Pokemon, and if you see a shiny Lugia, then I think you are the luckiest one in the pokemon world.

Many of us chose Pokémon Silver because of the powerful Lugia. Sure, Ho-Oh was fantastic, but Moltres had already given us a legendary firebird.

Although Lugia’s look is fairly popular, the alteration to reddish on its belly makes it more stylized and increases the sense of danger. Do not pass judgment on us since red is psychologically associated with danger and aggression.

11. Shiny CELEBI


Type-psychic, grass

Best Move- Confusion and Leaf Storm

Celebi, the forest’s small protector, is a shade of green by default, which complements the Grass-Type, its secondary type, nicely. Its pink shiny pokemon variation, on the other hand, would reflect the Psychic type, its primary type, or perhaps the fact that this small entity is something like a protecting fairy (a pity that for the second generation, that type had not yet been invented).

12. Shiny ALTARIA


Type-Dragon, Flying

Best Move-Dragon Breath and Sky Attack

Altaria is one of the most beautiful Pokemon in the anime, and when you see her, you are going to love and adore her right away.

Normal Altaria, another wonderful shiny pokemon for you, never manages to reflect the Dragon-type it evolves into. His gleaming variation doesn’t either, but the shift from blue to yellow / gold does make him win integers, allowing him to assert himself as the rightful lord of the skies.

13. Shiny BEWEAR


Type-Normal, Fighting

Best Move- Hammer Arm or Brick Break

Bewear, possibly the cutest of all the shiny Pokemon, is absolutely beautiful. In the absence of any convincing Alola form in its dazzling variation (really, what horror is that Alolan Digglet? ), we’re left with the cuddly Bewear as Sun and Moon’s choice.

This fat bear is begging us to take him in our arms. With a simple change from pink to orange, its shining version transforms into a bit less of a pampering machine and a little more of a fun machine. “Be cautious while you’re near me.”


Season- 17


Best Move-Sludge Bomb, Dragon Pulse

In addition to Necrozma’s unusual fusions, Naganadel’s skin was one of the key upgrades introduced by Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. With its purple tone (the one we usually associate with poison in Pokémon), this shiny Pokemon from the unusual and unpublished Poison / Dragon combo screams toxicity from the rooftops. Its gleaming variation looks more like a wasp’s color pattern, making it more credible and, as a result, less scary. It’s ideal for luring your adversaries into a trap.

15. Shiny MILOTIC

Season- 10


Best Move-Waterfall and Surf

Milotic is undeniably one of the most attractive Pokemon of all generations, whether shiny or not. It develops from Feebas, one of the ugliest of all time, as told in the story of the Ugly Duckling. Many people may believe that it does not improve the usual color pattern, but it is, of course, another completely good combination that makes us want this Pokémon so badly.

16. Shiny RAYQUAZA

Season- 8


Best Move-Dragon Tail and Outrage

Rayquaza is one of the three legendary Pokemon in the first six seasons. Pokemon and Ash saw him once flying in the sky just like he saw ho-oh in the first season.

The brightness of the ordinary model is turned off, which is the last thing we anticipate from a shiny pokemon. Rayquaza’s emerald green, which is ideal for a Dragon-Type Pokémon, is replaced with a very attractive black, which, when combined with yellowish details, gives the Pokémon of the air the majesty that balances the unending battle between Earth and Sea (Groudon and Kyogre).

17. Shiny LUCARIO



Best Move-Counter & Aura Sphere

Lucario’s design is one of the most popular among fans, and it’s a great shining pokemon that can’t be duplicated. Because of its adaptability in the competition, this Pokémon has gained a lot of popularity. If the conventional model is stunning enough, we also appreciate the glossy variety, despite the fact that it is essentially just a color inversion. Is there anyone else who desires a yellow Lucario?




Best Move-

The legendary Psychic Type Pokémon is one of the most despised by Pokémon Go players due to the limited opportunities to participate in the competition and the “need” to repeatedly defeat it in raids in order to obtain shiny items.

This floating monster uses greenish tones in its rings and other elements while keeping the gold of the standard model, resulting in a design that greatly improves on the original, making it one of the most likable sparkling Pokemon accessible.

19. Shiny ABSOL

Season- 12



Season 12 was one of the best pokemon seasons for me because there were so many new Pokemon introduced.

In a similar way to Lugia, Absol’s reddish color transforms him from an adolescent striving to find a hairdo he loves to a dangerous four-legged beast, a gorgeous shining pokemon.


Season- 11



You like solid or strong-looking Pokemon who will make your opponent pokemon feel nervous before fighting him, then Metagross is the one for you.

Unquestionably, the shiny variant of Metagross improves on the original. We like its metallic hue from the standard, but the change to gray and gold certainly better reflects the nature of its type and composition, as well as making the X stand out much more on the face of this shiny Pokemon.

21. Shiny LUXRAY

Season- 14



When you see Luxray, you just want to adopt him right away if you are a dog lover.

The Shinx chain’s most recent evolution exposes us to a massive shiny pokemon whose appearance already denotes danger. However, the Pokémon’s electric nature is not shown in the regular blue form. This combination of orange and black is far more successful and stunning, as two complementary hues.

22. Shiny EMBOAR



Best Move-BLAST BURN, 

Because of its chubby appearance, we know that this popular shiny pokemon Emboar is not the evolution of a more popular fire starter. This distant relative of Pumbaa alters the color of his neck fire from orange to blue and purple, giving him the same effect as Ponyta and making him look more frightening than his usual counterpart.

23. Shiny GENESECT




Genesect, when you hear this name right away, you can guess it’s a bug pokemon, but he is also one of the strongest.

Genesect is a shiny pokemon with a terrifying appearance. It’s a metallic insect that was created in a lab and had a lot of destructive power. Its gleaming crimson version screams “KILLING MACHINE.”

24. Shiny XERNEAS

Season-17, XY



The Shiny Generation 6 fails miserably, with no spectacular design to entice us to rush out and capture thousands of Pokémon of the same species. His trio of legendaries, on the other hand, is an incredible beauty that they have luckily shared with us at various events, such as Gamescom a few years ago.

The Xerneas deer gets white, and its blue lightens, giving it a more graceful appearance. Fortunately, the rainbow colors on his antlers remain constant.

25. Shiny YVELTAL


Type-Dark, Flying

Best Move-Hurricane, Gust

Yveltal is a very rare Pokémon. Even to see it, you are going to feel a shiver in your body, so you will have the upper hand if you have Yveltal, but all the fans and people say it’s not possible to capture this Pokemon and which is true till now.

The Destruction Pokémon likewise undergoes a transformation from white to black. True, this gleaming Pokemon loses some of its ominous undertones, but it also darkens its red tone to a deeper garnet hue. You would flee out of fright if you spotted one in the sky, gleaming or not.

26. Shiny ZYGARDE


Type-Dragon, Ground

Best Move-Outrage, dragon tail

Zygarde is a dragon pokemon that mostly stay on the ground and is one of the latest Pokemon in the anime, and that’s not what makes him one of the best but the power he has to fight.

The Zygrde rounds out the list of the finest shiny Pokemon. The most significant difference among the three legendary X and Y is Zygarde’s shining variant, which has a lovely green hue that, once again, complements the switch from black to white for its head and tail.

This is it for my list, and I hope you will love it. And also, do tell me who is your favorite shiny Pokemon.
The Pokemon I have listed appeared in anime of Pokemon, but in the game, we have more types of shiny Pokemon.



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