My list is for the best short hair anime girls.

There are many brown short hair girls, orange short hair girls,

This list is for the best short hair anime girl.

Purple short hair girls, flat girls with short hair, and some savage-looking short hair girls.

This list consists of an old-school classic anime to the newest member of Anime.



Faye Valentine 


Faye Valentine, a 77-year-old woman with short purple hair and But the exciting thing is that she still looks 23-year-old woman. because she when her space ship had an accident. Faye had to put in the cryogenic freeze, so she didn’t age for 54 years.

She has one of the most fantastic anime girl hairstyles, making her more attractive.

This is why, she is the best short hair anime girl

She is also very lazy and doesn’t want to do too much work by herself till it’s very urgent.

Cowboy Bebop is a legendary anime series.

One of the best anime series in the anime world because it’s very old.

Still very futuristic, and also because of the characters in the Anime.

The story where people fight on out surface of the galaxy or in another galaxy. 

She is a tall woman with green eyes and short purple hair.

She seduces men with her looks and does flirt for her work, but she has no fun around guys.

2 Clare

ANIME- Claymore

Clare, the protagonist of the series, is not an ordinary woman.  But don’t be fooled by her innocent appearance; she’s a dangerous woman, as the series goes. On this list, he is one of the most complex literary characters.

Many of you will be thinking that she should not be on this list because she is not someone who looks so beautiful or super cute like other anime girls with short hair.

Still, it’s not just her appearance.

The aura she gives in the Anime makes you a fan of her, and you are going to start liking her more and more as the anime series goes on.

Because that’s the magic Clare creates, so she is worthy of being on this list.

She also boasts the distinction of being the first person to voluntarily join the claymores. Yes, thank you so much.

The series is highly violent and gloomy, and the characters are no exception. 

Her goal is vengeance, and she’ll go to any length to achieve it. It isn’t easy to categorize characters.

I went through many pain that no one should have to go through. I was deeply hurt and will be scarred for the rest of my life. She exists for a single cause.

That’s the narrative we’re following until the very end, which is horrific.

3 Amagai Kosame

ANIME– Mahou Shoujo Site

Amagai Kosame is a girl with short white hair who is very quiet and very innocent-looking.

She mostly wears colors like white, pink, and yellow and keeps on combing them from time to time to look more different.

Amagai Kosame always keeps the pills with her, which is a kind of medication that helps her to calm in a challenging situation.

Amagai has the power to make people recover their health with her blood, and that’s why she keeps the box cutter to herself to cut and let the person suck her blood to save their life, but she can’t revive the dead person with her blood or she can’t save many people because if her blood runs dry, she will die too.

Because of her white short hair and kindness, she is worthy of being on this list.

4 Ringo


Ringo has large brown eyes and short auburn hair, which is not necessary for short-haired anime girls characters in many Anime. A light-green hair clip holds that back. She is quite short in stature, which she is self-conscious about and thinks and keeps worrying that her relation will break or people will not like her because she is small.

However, her kindness and helping nature always attract boys and people around her, but she is still nervous and tries her best to look taller.

She typically wears Sanada East High’s basic uniform, including a grey jacket.

Her most distinguishing feature is her permanent blush. When she’s enthusiastic, she takes on a feline aspect.

She also slightly touches her face to make it glow more.

She is in 3rd year of high school and is not much of an intelligent girl. Even you can call her airhead and stone head because she is very near to dumb. 

Because of her different stature and appearance, and let’s not forget, the permanent blush with short auburn color hair she is worthy of mentioning on the list.



The baddass savage girl is so strong and the best survey corps in the series after Levi Ackerman, who is the best of them all and slice every titan come to his way, but misaka is no less.

At the beginning of the 2nd chapter of Attack on Titan, when they selected for survey corps, she used to have long hair, but the person she loved eren said she didn’t like long hair, and then misaka chopped down her hair to short, and that’s how she enters in our list.

She possesses remarkable fighting abilities, is constantly first in class, is incredibly intelligent, powerful, and, of course, stunning. 

For some reason, he’s perhaps one of the most underappreciated and derided personalities in recent years. She’s a strong, gorgeous, and goal-oriented female who won’t blink an eye when it comes to kicking your asses.

She does not pity her opponents and is focused on the future.

Misaka appears frigid, but she is very loving, and the cruel murder of her parents has damaged her. She was stolen as a child by slave traders and was rescued by Eren. 

Since then, she has had a solid attachment to Eren’s family, eventually slaughtered by titans. Her growth and strength as a character are admirable.

She wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone who will harm her friend and lover eren for Eren, and she can kill anyone.

That’s why she is one of the best black short hair looking anime girls on this list.

 6 Kosaki Onodera


She is one of the main characters of the Anime, which is a romantic comedy Anime and fun to watch.

She has shiny black short hair, and we all love short hair girls in Anime because most either she will be the kind or the baddass savage girl.

Kosaki is the cutest female in Nisekoi, in our opinion. Raku had liked Kosaki since the beginning of the novel because of her compassionate demeanour and appealing features. The fact that she has short hair only adds to her cuteness.

Onodera has been more of a favorite character for people who watched this Anime than Chitoge since the beginning of the drama. Fans will be disappointed to see that Raku is dating Chitoge rather than Kosaki in the end. Despite the fact that Onodera has developed over the Anime more than chitoge and what I feel that Onodera should be the girl.

7 Rukia Kuchiki


Rukia Kuchiki will be seen in many best-looking girl or strong girl or cute girl lists.

Rukia Kuchiki has all the girls should have even more than what ordinary girls should have, but she is way beyond it, and she is very good-looking and beautiful, and sometimes cute.

She is also sarcastic and funny, sometimes with dark humor that makes you laugh but still, she has a kind heart and who wants to save humans from all the ghosts and soul eaters. 

She appears to be a powerful, independent woman throughout the 350+ episodes of Bleach. So much so that she’s usually eager to take command and make all the decisions herself.

She is more mainly than a more sensitive type of girl on this list.

8 Uzaki Hana


Hana Uzaki is the bustiest of all busty anime females if there is one line to characterize her. She is a petite young lady with a lot of curves.

She’s dressed in a long-sleeved shirt with the words “Sugoi detail” on the front. This translates to “extremely huge,” and it’s her method of displaying her breasts—Hana’s outgoing, upbeat, happy, and playful demeanor.

She is busty short hair anime girl in this list. 

She used to be relatively quiet and reserved in high school, but her personality changed when she went to college, and she now enjoys mocking shy people.

Hana loved to go out with her upperclassmen guy Shinichi Sakurai who used to be a lazy guy in school, and when she found him in college, she understood that he was a loner and stayed alone most of the time, but she wanted to hang out with him and make him more extrovert so that he can have a social life.

Yukari Yukino


She is The 27-year-old literature teacher of high school with short black hair and a beautiful face with brown eyes that show her innocence.

The garden of words is one of the most underrated anime movies about love because it’s not a very happy ending love story but a mature good romantic love story.

She loves the rain, and on the rainy days, she visits the garden where she met her school student with whom she had an immense bonding.

She has everything so perfect that anyone will fall for her the moment they see.

The male weebs love her so much, and you will see so many reviews and sketches of her online because of her beauty.

10 Nami


Nami is a character from one piece and one of the leading female characters who is a thief and steals the pirate’s money that is a very courageous thing to do that’s shows she is vital to have a strong will, and she has been loyal to Luffy since the beginning which makes her one of the favorite characters in one piece   

Nami, like a few others on this list (I’m looking at you, Bulma), has a few different hairstyles. One of her most recognizable looks was a neck-length tomboy cut.

Nami had short sleeves and short hair at the start of the series.

Nami’s hair has grown down to her lower back after the pirates reassemble and return to Saboady.

11 Akane Tsunemori


Akane Tsunemori is a 20-year-old girl with short brown hair, which makes her look like a boy from behind, which is funny because she has had the same haircut since she was 11 years old.

She is average tall, around 5’4, but she is fit and very active when it comes to physical tasks, and that’s why she was in one of the most challenging jobs in the country. 

Akane is a shy person who is nervous about making new friends or interacting with many. Still, as the series goes on, she develops herself as reliable and more extroverted than before.

Her shooting skills are good, and she also has an excellent intellectual mindset with lots of hard work.

She is not lazy to doze around or escape from a given task.

She is one of the most active short hair anime girl.

Despite all that has happened to her, Tsunemori has a healthy Psycho-Pass and is quick to recover from any traumatic incident, such as her friend’s death and her grandmother’s death. 

Tsunemori believes it means she’s cold-hearted and unfeeling, and she’s bothered by how quickly she gets over these incidents. While others see it as the product of a strong ego, and the Sibyl System calls her a “special individual,” Tsunemori believes it means she’s cold-hearted and unfeeling.

11 San

ANIME – Mononoke Hime

Consider a list of female characters that do not include one Studio Ghibli character. Exactly, that is not possible, and San is one of them. 

San is very strong, focused on goals, and wants to achieve the goal as soon as possible to build herself very strong so she can even fight and compete with men from the village. 

Raised by a Japanese god-wolf, he despises humanity and its impact on the natural world. One of his most shocking films is this one.  

San represents the last generations of people who live in harmony with the environment and fight for it. 

While the film concludes with a sense of bereavement, it is clear that humanity will destroy everything sooner or later. As a result, San is not only an important but also a vital role model.

12- Fubuki 

ANIME- One Punch Man

Fubuki is a heroin anime one-punch man, and there are classes for heroes according to their achievement and power. 

Fukubki is b- class rank one hero, which is an outstanding achievement. 

Still, there is one wrong side of her that whoever nake her feel uneasy even in hero list and if she feels that, they can take her rank 1, she attacks them with her group which consists of 35 members who is a follower of her. 

Still, she loves her big sister tornado, an S-Class 2nd rank heroin who is very strong and will also be on this list.



Tatsumaki, aka-Tornado, we all know her by this name, which suits her because of her superpower and psychic power as she is an esper.

Her sister to both sisters are called psychic sisters.

You can even call her the best short hair anime girl with short height

She is not a calm person, reacts very quickly, and has a short temper and also can fly with her power.

Tornado has curly green hair that goes curly at the end, and with her very short height every at start treats her as a child, but she is a 28-year-old woman and deep down wants friends but still keeps her distance from others because of her dark past.

Most of the demons and villains are scared of her because they know how powerful she is.

The upper-rank villains also don’t want to encounter her because of her psychic power.

14- Shinobu Kochou


Shinobu Kochou An insect hashira who joined the demon slayer corps after her parents died.

She is one of the best short hair anime girl

She and her younger sisters are also in demon slayer corps, and all three are beautiful, but this list is about short-haired anime girls, and she has short purple hair with butterfly clips and accessories.

Shinobu also wears most of the things which look like a butterfly.

You might find her cute and innocent, but she is very dark and very strong, but other than these two things.

She is also knowledgeable and does poison research, and makes poison and antidots to kill or save people from poison.

Her katana also has poison on its outer surface, and she has the poison all over her body from in to out. She is like walking venom, which can kill anyone.

15- Ami Muzuno


Ami Mizuno is a blue hair short anime girl and formidable Sailor Mercury, one of five warriors tasked with protecting our solar system from evil powers. 

Ami can almost always be seen studying and reading romance novels when she isn’t using her abilities over ice and water to strike down humanity’s adversaries. 

She is insecure and bashful in her human form, despite being the most serious and sensible of the Sailor Soldiers. 

Throughout the series, she grows in confidence and becomes one of the group’s most formidable members.


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