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33-White Album

Best stands jojos bizarre adventure

White Album is mostly an ability, although it is hinted that it takes the shape of a light-coloured suit that covers nearly all of Ghiaccio’s body, with the exception of a small gap at the back of his neck that allows air to pass through.

It has two small cones on its head that resemble cat ears. Its forehead is spiralled, and its cheeks push a transparent visor into a Y-shaped fork, revealing just Ghiaccio’s eyes, nose, and mouth.

The white album is one of my great Stands in the Jojo.

32-Hanged man

Best stands jojos bizarre adventure
Best stands jojos bizarre adventure

The design of Hanged Man is reminiscent of a mummy with mechanical features, making it appear less human. Its body is wrapped in bandages and has half of its brain exposed, as well as two right hands like its master.

It has the capacity to attack by producing blades from its wrists. Instead of walking, it normally crawls around the ground in reflections. Outside of serving its master, it has no individuality. It depicts the Hanged Man, a Tarot card.

Its real nature is that of a light-based Stand that can only exist inside reflecting surfaces but can hop from mirror to mirror, giving the appearance of living inside them.


Hanged Man is a terrifyingly elusive Stand that is nearly hard to defend against since it strikes from behind mirrors.

Hanged Man’s predictability, on the other hand, maybe easily exploited once its secret is revealed.

31-The Grateful Dead

Best stands jojos bizarre adventure
Best stands jojos bizarre adventure

The Grateful Dead aren’t known for their speed or strength. It does, however, have a terrifying ability.

Within its temperature-dependent range, it can accelerate the mental and physical ageing of organisms.

If you don’t stop it before you die, the hotter you are, the faster you age till you die. It has eyes all over his body as we can see in the pic, he has no legs or lower part of the body, the only thing he has is big arms that carry him everywhere.

30-The World / Star Platinum

Best stands jojos bizarre adventure
Best stands jojos bizarre adventure

The humanoid designs and abilities of Star Platinum and The World are quite similar. Due to their enormous strength and speed statistics, they are both combat-intensive Stands.

He can stop time and he did in the final battle vs dio

As a result, they’re among the series’ most strong characters. Both Stands can halt time for up to 5-seconds, though it’s extremely possible that with practice and refinement, that limit will be increased.

29-Crazy Diamond

Crazy Diamond Stand in JoJo anime

With bubblegum pink skin covered in pale blue Corinthian armour and a design similar to Star Platinum, Crazy Diamond is one of the prettier buff humanoid Stands in the series.

It bears restorative power, allowing it to return objects to their prior state.

It may, however, ‘incorrectly’ replicate things, allowing him to manipulate materials and fuse stuff together.

Platinum has impressive stats for strength, speed, and precision. Unfortunately, Josuke is unable to reverse death or cure ailments.

28-Made in Heaven

Made in Heaven Stand in JoJo

The third and final Stand by Enrico Pucci is one of the most powerful in the entire series. Have you seen centaur, he looks like that but he looks like with only 2 legs and 2 heads one of a horse and the other one a humanoid. It also has a magnificent, colourful appearance, complete with clocks and speedometers.

Its talent gives Pucci the capacity to speed up time at a rate that no one else can match.

Pucci’s true goal, however, is to reach the ‘vanishing point,’ where the cosmos will reconstruct itself with just Pucci remaining untouched. It’s just devastating.

27-Stone Free

Stone Free Stand in JoJo

When you will see Stone free you only going to say how cool he looks in the awesome sunglasses and how cool his stature is and that’s why I picked him as the coolest Stan of humanoid.

The attributes he has is that he is very strong and really fast that he can cut you down with he had because it’s going around very fast and he can come out very fast like a string.

Because of Stone’s free help, Jolyn now has the ability to stitch his own wounds and use her string and move around as spider man does in the small areas and that gives him the ability to beat a few stands.


 Stand in JoJo

If you want a Stand who can have so many different abilities but in short-range then kiss is the man.

He really looks like an Egyptian Stand who have gold all over the body and is crowned and has a sticker.

You may be wondering why his name is kiss right because when he kisses on something he can create a replica of it and that’s why his name is a kiss.

The time he kisses, he gives a sticker to that thing and if you remove that sticker both replicas will merge and make devastating damage to both of them and the things around them. 

25-Sugar Mountain

Sugar Mountain is a Bound Stand that has been fused to a massive tree.

When an object is dropped in one of the surrounding water sources, the Trial of Avidity begins.

Following that, a Guardian appears with that object and two other rarer artefacts and asks you which one was yours. If you lie, your tongue and innards are removed.

If you speak the truth, you get the item you dropped in as well as one of the other items.

The Trial of Avarice, on the other hand, begins after that.

Before nightfall, you must ‘use/consume’ those objects. If you don’t, you’ll get the third ability, Guardian. You’ve been absorbed into the tree and must now wait your turn to become the next Guardian.


This Stand may appear innocuous at first glance – small metallic worms – but in the proper hands, they can be lethal.

It can use magnetism to control and manipulate iron, which is impressive until you consider the iron in the blood.

If he’s within 5-10 metres of Risotto, he can manufacture razor blades and scissors in your bloodstream, de-oxidize you till you suffocate, and turn himself invisible.

23-Jail House Lock

Jail House Lock Stand in JoJo

With a slimy humanoid figure covered in red stitches that echoes Silent Hill, Jail House Lock looks straight out of a horror game.

Its ability is equally frightening, as it limits the target’s ability to store three pieces of knowledge in their short-term storage.

The initial thought evaporates as soon as a fourth notion appears.

As a result, they are a creatively tormenting Stand that can manipulate its victims’ memories prior to execution.


Mandom Stand in JoJo

The personality of this Stand is embodied by its user. Ringo is a noble person who believes in teaching the mechanics of his Stand to his adversary before the battle.

These mechanics include a time-reversal of up to six seconds. The reversal occurs instantly, with each conflict participant erasing all memories and experiences.

21-Gold Experience

Gold Experience Stand in JoJo

The strongest Stand in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is unquestionably Gold Experience (and Gold Experience Requiem). We’ll return to why in a minute, but first, let’s take a look at its design and capabilities.

Through the scarab beetle/ladybug/wings/helmet motifs, it expresses ideas of creation, regeneration, peace, and combat.

It has the capacity to transform inorganic objects and beings into natural shapes, redirecting any attack back on the offender. It has the capacity to over-rejuvenate living beings, leading an enemy’s awareness to extend past the point where physical activity is possible.

Furthermore, it has the ability to increase biological development rates and cure by making artificial organic matter out of random materials, such as transforming a stone into a replacement eye.

It is even capable of detecting life in the environment. Then it becomes even more powerful.

When Gold Experience is pierced with the Stand Arrow, it transforms into Gold Experience Requiem, the most powerful Stand.

It has the ability to nullify anything, making it as if it never happened. It’s so strong that even Giorno is baffled by how it works.

20-Doobie Wah!

A small tornado no no no! that thing is Doobie Wah who have a small tornado around him and that’s the power he has.

The real power of that tornado comes when the tornado has been locked to someone and when that person takes a breath the tornado will manifest by it and grow bigger and strong, so if the tornado hits you then there is no stepping back or coming out till you are so strong then any other human.

19-King Nothing

King Nothing Stand in JoJo

King Nothing is a very weak Stand that can’t even hold its own in combat.

It can detect a scent and assemble a duplicate out of jigsaw pieces to reproduce the tracked object and its path.

This Stand isn’t very powerful – in fact, several others have similar, if not superior, abilities – but I’ve placed him so high on the list because of his design and how it shows its strength.

The design of King Nothing is incredibly unique and artistic. I admire her, who has a purple body formed of jigsaw pieces and looks like a sparkling jester.

18-Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody Stand in JoJo

The Stand of Ungalo is based on an unspoken supernatural phenomenon rather than a physical entity. It expresses itself all around the user, bringing fictitious characters with a nasty twist into the actual world.

The target begins to perceive these manifestations, which then attempt to lure the victim into their realm by enacting their varied narrative. This is a difficult one to convey.

Essentially, he has the ability to bring Peter Pan to life and kill you. That sort of thing. Ungalo is completely insane, as one would expect from a crazy, drug-addled individual.

17-Awaking III Leaves

This Stand appears to be a hooded man hovering in mid-air, covered in revolving arrows. Mitsuba makes small arrows using Awaking III Leaves.

She can even stack these arrows to increase the force, transforming her into a formidable Stand user capable of total repulsion/attraction.

16-Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a frightening Stand. Hundreds of phantom tentacles erupt from the wall, each with a hand at the tip. It bears the same jester pattern as King Nothing, indicating his role in the plot. It has the capacity to leave fingertips that can turn creatures into liquids when they are touched.

It’s as if you’re being melted, stripped of your substance, and devolved into a puddle. You become effectively useless when softened, unable to resist or move due to diminished cognitive abilities.

15-Civil War

Civil War has a strange force. It is strangely mechanical, with a threatening, mocking, serene demeanour. It has the ability to bring back anything that a target has willingly discarded during their lives.

Assume you tossed away a gift and then felt bad about it. When the guilt of the Civil War manifests, that present will reappear in front of you and want to blend with you.

He have the ability to extend itself as we can see the legs of it’s have flexible fibres. It’s a lot more complicated than that, but that’s the gist of it. It’s a lethal force that can soon overwhelm.

14-Killer Queen

Killer Queen is a scary Stand with numerous skills that is as charming as it is threatening. For starters, it can produce small bombs capable of completely decimating an opponent on contact.

Second, when equipped with Stray Cat, it may launch invisible projectile bombs. Third, it may produce small heat-detecting bombs on wheels that can deflect any amount of force aimed at it.

He has the bite to dust ability, This third and most outlandish skill allows him to construct a temporal loop (like Groundhog Day), keeping him safe through pointless repetition on the side of his foe. He’s a Queen Killer.

13-Paisley Park

Paisley Park is required for “Google: The Stand.” It has the ability to manipulate and navigate technology in order to acquire information and find searchable targets.

Paisley Park’s spooky feminine vibe and unusual alien radiance almost make it feel like an illuminated King Crimson. Despite the fact that it and its user, Yasuho, have a lot in common.

12-Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers is one of the trendiest, simplest, and most appealing stands. Basically, anytime Sticky Fingers or Bruno punches, zippers appear.

Unzipping reveals a tiny dimension, enabling Bruno rapid passage, containment, or purposeful deconstruction. In essence, he digs a tunnel through which he can go or hide.

Bruno’s Stand’s adaptability makes him a confident, continually menacing opponent regardless of the conditions.

11-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

The rabbit that resembles gorgeous D4C is a frigid humanoid presence that takes two forms. Despite possessing above-average stats, it wields tremendous power in the JoJoverse.

It can transit parallel dimensions by closing itself between two creatures (under a blanket, behind a door) and resurface almost anywhere else.

Then Funny Valentine can transform into a different version of himself and return with the memories of the Funny Valentine who has passed away. By exchanging bodies, he can continuously nullify wounds and actions done against him.

When D4C has the Saint’s Corpse, however, he turns into D4C Love Train, an incredibly powerful Stand that can transport the user to a pocket realm and redirect any tragedy that strikes him elsewhere.

This effectively makes him indestructible, as any hit aimed at him will instead be directed against someone or something unknown, somewhere unknown.

D4C is one of the most powerful Stands, making any battle with it extremely suspenseful.

10-Milagro Man

This is one of the most unique Stands available. Essentially, it presents itself through an illegal monetary transaction, which subsequently overburdens the new user with cash.

Money will multiply slowly at first, then swiftly, then uncontrollably, choking the consumer. The only way to prevent it from attaining its full potential is for the money taken to be successfully returned or destroyed by someone else.

It’s a strange and amusing Stand that plays with people’s thoughts, and the fact that it nearly floats from user to use makes it more of a curse than a blessing. Very creative usage of the Stand mechanism. 

9-King Crimson

Because of its continually anguished features and piercing green stare, King Crimson is one of the most frightening Stands in JoJo’s.

This, paired with the fact that Diavolo frequently talks through King Crimson, transforms him into a crazy character monster.

His powers are equally terrifying since he has two: one that allows him to see into the future and another that allows him to erase time for up to 10-seconds.

As a result, Ergo can predict future events and undo them before they happen. It just works that King Crimson is a powerhouse capable of contending with the finest in the series.


The design of C-force is stunning, with a skeleton multicoloured, green, and silver form with arrows pointing out its shoulders. C-moon has three incredible powers.

It instinctively increases the passage of time around him; it has the ability to reverse anything it punches (including turning your body inside out, reversing the flow of water, and so on); and it is the centre of a 3km gravitational attraction.

As a result, C-moon may become the focal point of any battle situation, luring his opponents to him against their will, ready to deliver a deadly strike.


Tusk passes through four ACTS according to Johnny’s SPIN condition and whether or not he has a Saint Corpse portion.

Tusk act goes like this- Tusk act 1, Tusk act 2, Tusk act 3 and Tusk act 4.

It’s a little charming creature with strange dimensions in ACT1. With this ACT1 he can fire his own fingernails like a bullet and that’s not it! It can even bring back like a gun reload he can reload that also. He learns how to channel this strength into a tracking shot.

It gets technological features in ACT2 and resembles a machine. Tusk is now a more competent shooter, with improved accuracy, speed, and tracking.

In ACT3, it develops into a little more humanoid beast. This wormhole allows Johnny to travel between dimensions, but it is time-consuming.

In ACT4, which is only accessible via the Golden Spin, it transforms into a monster towering humanoid wall of slates and clippings held together by patterns of stars and an incredible colour scheme.

This final version can produce an unlimited rotation across time and space, defying gravity and logic to provide an unending Groundhog Day effect relative to the target.

Many of the previous six sections’ stands were building up to this point, combining Bites the Dust, Gold Experience Requiem, and other overwhelming Stands into one incomprehensible sensory barrage. It’s completely illogical. And I just adore it.

6-Heaven’s Door

Heaven’s Door is a miniature humanoid Stand designed by its owner to resemble the manga’s main character.

In this manner, it has a deep personal meaning for Rohan, since it is a physical representation of both his artistic mind and his soul.

Many would argue that Heaven’s Door is the strongest Stand in the trilogy if Rohan didn’t only want to make manga and had no other goals.

It has the ability to transform a person into a book, allowing Rohan to read every facet of their existence and even make changes.

He has proved that a single action may teach someone to speak Italian by using this Stand on himself.

Rohan is clearly an extension of Araki as an author and mangaka since he has the ability to rewrite any character or storey aspect at any time.

5-Nut King Call

Nut King Call is encrusted with screws and separate slates, creating the impression that it could break apart at any time. This displays its amazing power: it can turn a target into nuts and bolts.

The false assembly disassembles smoothly when a nut is removed. He’s also capable of doing the polar opposite and combining things. It’s similar to a reimagining of Crazy Diamond.

4-Catch the Rainbow

Catch the Rainbow is a very basic Stand that, depending on the situation, can be rendered entirely useless.

Essentially, he’s been given an infinite amount of bullets with variable velocity and direction.

It has a beautiful design — a sleek white façade with a rainbow painted on it — and is one of my favourites because of its subtle, practical aspect.

3. Soft and Wet

You’d anticipate a sophisticated Standability centred on one of the two parts in a design that mixes mechanical and sailing features. We haven’t seen the entire extent of Soft and Wet’s powers, or their way of thinking.

It offers a wide range of skills that complement each other. Bubble manufacturing enables the creation of rapidly vibrating, rotating wires that give the appearance of translucent spheres, which may lift and deflect things. When combined with its second power, Plunder, it becomes very terrifying.

When a bubble separates from a target, it can steal a property – for example, eyesight from an eye, water from a body, light from a lamp, friction from a surface, and so on – providing a variety that mirrors Golden Experience’s creative skills.

2-The Hand

Best stands jojos bizarre adventure

There are only very few stands that have so much power, and The hand can be called one of the most powerful stands if it comes to physical strength.

If The hand was not such an idiot he could have been the ultimate stand.

Whatever is in the swiping trajectory is erased when The Hand swipes with its right hand,’ merging the two spots on either side.

Except for Okuyasu, who can effectively wipe out anything or anyone using simple combat methods that can be spotted coming a mile away.

1-Green Day

Best stands jojos bizarre adventure

Green Day is a humanoid Stand with black lines on its body and cylinders on its head that emit a fog-like vapour continually. The manga never reveals its lower body (below the waist), but the PS2 video game version depicts it as having no legs and instead a slug-like foot.

whilst the anime adaption depicts Green Day as having human-like legs. Green Day is shown in all media in the colour green, as befits its name.


Green Day is a disproportionately lethal Stand since its mould has the ability to annihilate whole cities. Cioccolata fights with cunning and mould while having enough combat ability to pound Giorno and send him flying.

Secco can push targets to sink underground, speeding Cioccolata’s mould development. Green Day and Oasis create a lethal Stands combo because Secco can drive targets to sink underground, accelerating Cioccolata’s mould growth.

This is it for the list guys, hope you love it and don’t forget to click on the other articles link below, enjoy.


Who is the strongest stand?

Tusk for many is strongest.

Which Stand Stopped the Time?

Platinum Stand stopped the time during the fight vs dio.

Which Stand is coolest?

The stone-free stand is the coolest.



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