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This list is of Best Vice City Mods and for all the fans who love Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and it’s not just about the GTA vice city, but its mods and new features, which can make your gaming experience better gameplays and new GTA vice city.

But before you try all the GTA vice city mods, you have to install Mod loader because through Mod loader, you can install GTA vice city mods easily, and you can search GTA modding community, which have all Grand Theft Auto Series Mods.

You can use these GTA vice city mods on pc, Xbox but modders are basically
Rockstar games got hit by GTA San Andreas, and now Rockstar games already launched GTA sixth game, and it’s been a decade.


19 Vice Cry Mod

We must go back to the beginning for those who are adamant about the original Vice City engine.
This Mod is the final Vice City Mode Which will make a whole new game.
This hack is compatible with the original game rather than porting Vice City to a newer engine.

It vastly enhances texturing and other things to get a beautiful aesthetic that retains the old-school graphical appeal while removing some of its most jarring characteristics.

It looks much better with the Vice City ENB Series, and I can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone who wants to relive Tommy Vercetti’s legendary trip.

18 Silent Patch Mod

It should be at the top of every remaster’s priority list to provide more efficient and bug-free gameplay than the original. Vice City is an outdated game that no longer receives constant updates from the developers to resolve any flaws or bugs that may still exist.

The first phase in any Vice City renovation should be to install the Silent Patch. The list of fixes provided by this Mod is enormous. Therefore, it’s worth reading the description page for a complete list.

To make the game run smoother, You should download and install this patch or Mod for a better experience without feeling irritated by framerate dropping or slowing down.

17 Widescreen Fix Mod


Widescreen fix Mod is one of the newest GTA vice city mods
Widescreen monitors like the ones most players are used to weren’t available in 2002. Playing Vice City today doesn’t look entirely right on a modern system. Fortunately, the Widescreen Fix patch can be used to fix the problem.

The Widescreen Fix mod isn’t really impressive. It simply adjusts the aspect ratio, HUD, and FOV of the game to better fit the size of modern monitors. This Mod should obviously be taken into mind before starting another playthrough.

16 GTA: East Coast Stories Mod


The United States East Coast is home to diverse people with unique customs and a plethora of stories to tell. Especially in the action-packed world of Grand Theft Auto, where anything is possible.

Swoorup’s massive overhaul mixes Vice City’s sparkling visuals with Liberty City’s dark, harsh terrain into a single playable level.

This serves as the backdrop for its own plot, which takes place in 1993, a few years after Tommy Vercetti’s illegal takeover.
While many other mods have attempted to merge these wonderful locations, this is the most well-executed.

15 Vice City: Definitive Edition Mod


The Vice City: Definitive Edition mod is a solid choice if you’re looking for a competent, all-in-one upgrade. This comprehensive package is ideal for players who don’t want to waste time installing many mods one at a time.

Vice City Definitive Edition fixes a lot of the problems that have been plaguing the game for a long time. Vice City will not only run faster, but it will also look nicer. Textures are upscaled, gamepads are supported, and the game may be played at 60 frames per second.

14 Vice City Retexture Project Mod


When it comes to remastering a game, having a good retexture mod is crucial. A few packages do this, but the Vice City Retexture Project is a more recent and well-made example.

Vice City is able to stand out visually thanks to this Mod. Despite its mature age, this game still has a lot of charm to offer. Making sure everything appears perfect is a terrific way to relive the pleasure of playing this game.

13 Nitrous Oxide Mod


This Mod will not cause Tommy Vercetti to burst out laughing and experience slight hallucinations.
People, this is a 2001 game. Please show some decency!

This Nitrous Oxide is for your vehicle and may be purchased at the NOS Garage, which is conveniently located next to Washington Pay’n’Spray.

You’ll have access to a constant speed increase once you’ve installed it on your automobile.
This Mod is great to make your Vehicle run way faster than even cops not able to catch you while using this Mod.

By typing NEEDFORSPEED, you can enable or disable the Mod at any time, which is reasonable considering that all sound effects are from Need For Speed Underground 2.

12 CLEO Parkour Mod


As we indicated at the start of the list, after you’ve loaded the CLEO library, you’ll have access to a large range of complicated mods. CLEO Parkour by Ford1986 is one of the greatest.

This Mod will not change the appearance of your game to that of Assassin’s Creed or Mirror’s Edge.
It will, however, enable you to accomplish amazing acrobatics like handstands, rolling in all directions, and, believe it or not, sitting on benches!

You want to swim faster and run and jump in a different way than it can be best for you, and you are going to love this Mod because it changes the game to a whole new level.

11 HD Tommy Mod


What good are improved textures, complex visual effects, or widescreen compatibility if your primary character appears more blocky than Minecraft’s Steve?

His HD creator Goin-god helps us achieve a more coherent and improved visual experience. Tommy Vercetti model, giving his entire physique a more detailed appearance.

It’s a little bizarre seeing his high-poly self among the crowd of blocky NPCs. But, given that you’re continually peering behind Tommy’s back, you’re obviously receiving more than you’re giving.

10 GTA: Long Night Mod


This Mod is one of the most popular mods for GTA Vice City.
It transforms the entire game into an old-school zombie film akin to Night of the Living Dead. It’s not a mod for everyone, but it’s sure to please some.

This horror-filled game, created by The Fighting Hellfish, includes over 20 new objectives and six playable characters that must struggle to survive the hordes of zombies roaming Vice City.

These new objectives aren’t the most difficult you’ll ever encounter, but they’ll keep you engaged, especially if you’re an OG lover of the game.
Of course, it also provides you with 25 new and unique weapons to help you escape the zombie apocalypse.

There are even a few new radio stations that are more in sync with the eerie atmosphere. That is true handiwork.

9 Final Remastered Edition Mod


The remastered version of the Grand Theft Auto trilogy has received mixed reviews. Those searching for a more stable or alternate experience until the official version irons out the issues might consider the Final Remastered Edition mod.

In addition to the Final Remastered Edition, the bundle includes a number of other mods. To mention a few things, fans may expect sharper visuals, fewer bugs and crashes, and greater draw distance. If you’re on the fence about buying the remastered trilogy, this Mod is well worth your time.

8 Vice City HD Edition Mod

Vice City HD Edition, like the previous update, is a package deal that includes a slew of enhancements. Its primary focus is on graphics changes, bringing together dozens of lesser patches under one tent.

Players will be able to enjoy sharper-looking vehicles, symbols, effects, and interiors. In a nutshell, everything on show will look significantly nicer, which is always a good thing.

7 Vice City Definitive Edition Classic Mod

Definitive Edition Classic is yet another new version that seeks to improve the visuals of VDefinitive Edition Classic is yet another new version that seeks to improve the visuals of Vice City.

Once again, this Mod adds a number of little add-ons that enliven the 1980s ambience in a way that should please longstanding fans. There are also a few reshading choices in the form of extra filters for gamers to try out during a playthrough.

6 Vice City HD Effects

There are numerous mods available that improve the aesthetics in Vice City. The different tertiary effects in the game are one component of the presentation that fans should propose upgrading. When combined, these effects can significantly impact the game’s overall appearance.

Many of the particles in the environment have been upgraded in Vice City: HD Effects. The HD treatment is applied to textures and effects like rifle flashes, blood, smoke, and tire marks. It’s not perfect, but it helps to make Vice City seem more realistic by today’s standards.

5 GTA: Vice City Ultimate Trainer

I’ll never forget how I used to buy cheat code lists from my upper-level students and then rush home to try them out on my PC games.
But why waste time entering cheat codes when each cheat may be assigned to a key on your keyboard?

That’s what Modder LithJoe’s Ultimate Trainer can help you with.
You may use it to regulate the weather, replenish health and armor, grant yourself great weaponry, and even manage your Wanted level with a single button push.

4 Vice City ENB Series

Installing an ENB is the next step for users who want to try to improve the game’s aesthetics. ENB will make Vice City’s environment pop even more than it did before once you’ve exhausted all of the texture modifications.

Many of the game’s environmental effects will be amplified by the Vice City ENB Series mod. Reflections and sun glare, for example, will now appear more natural and genuine. It’s worth a go if you want to make the remainder of the game seem as good as possible.

3 MeTV Radio Mod

Vice City’s great library of 80s music was one of the game’s highlights at the time of its debut. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the game is traveling around the world while listening to the best artists of the decade.

Why not improve the selection by adding additional music?
The MeTV Radio mod adds almost six hours of 80s music to Vice City’s radio stations. While exploring the game world and seeing everything there is to see, it won’t be as easy to run out of things to listen to.

2 Vice City Big Mission Pack Mod

Since the release of Vice City in 2002, open-world video games have become increasingly diverse. Players may find that they run out of activities to perform more quickly than they expected. The solution is to add a whole new substance to the proceedings.

The Vice City Big Mission Pack mod aims to extend the game’s lifespan by adding new missions for Tommy to perform. More than 60 new objectives have been added to keep players occupied, ensuring that fans don’t leave Vice City too soon.

1 New Vice City Mod

In the same vein as the previous Mod, the major goal of New Vice City is to offer new features and activities not seen in the vanilla edition. When combined, the Mod aims to make the game more immersive and long-lasting.

More difficult mechanics, such as cars requiring gasoline and Tommy’s need to eat on a regular basis, are incorporated.

Other abilities include the ability to summon a cab or even emergency services, just like in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Why try GTA Vice City Mods do? 

Because it gives you a new experience of the game and many new features in the game to try and test to see how nice it is.

Which GTA Vice City Mod is best?

Mostly all the mods are unique and different from each other, but I personally love New Vice City Mod because it makes Vice city a whole new game overall, and there are many features that you can find in GTA 5

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This is it for the list. I hope you will love this and do share with your friends to let them know the new Mods of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mods so they can have fun like you are going to, and do tell me which one is your favourite.


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