28 Best yakuza gang anime Of All Time

This list is all about gangs, and you will see many best yakuza gang anime. Anime fans really love the yakuza group and yakuza members.

You will see mafia families, yakuza clan, there will be gangster anime, amusing anime, gang warfare anime.

So if you love gang wars, illegal gambling cruise, third-person shooters, turf wars, then you will find your best anime or many anime whose story revolves around these, and the story centers will be gang war or clan war.


28-Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha

Best yakuza gang anime

Heaven’s Gate arrived in South America ten years ago, while Hell’s Gate came in Japan ten years ago, veiling the formerly familiar night sky with an unpleasant skyscape. These Gates are places where the rules of physics are disregarded for unexplained reasons. Contractors evolved with the arrival of the Gates, who were granted extraordinary talents in return for their humanity.

Section 4 Chief Misaki Kirihara is in conflict with an infamous Contractor called Hei in the Japanese city around Hell’s Gate.

In the subterranean realm, Hei is known as “Black Reaper,” and he and his comrades carry out tasks for the enigmatic. And brutal Syndicate while steadily peeling back the dark layers masking a diabolical conspiracy that threatens Contractors’ very survival.

Rival gang members killed both the police.

Tensai Okamura’s sci-fi thriller takes the guise of a sophisticated exposé on a conflict. In which political beliefs and justice have no bearing—a battle fought entirely in the dark.

27-Tokyo Tribes

Best yakuza gang anime

This anime is set in a different version of Japan. Many people in this version of Japan enjoy hip-hop and dress up as rappers. This anime has had a strong hip-hop influence since the 1990s.

Wu-Ronz and Musashino Saru are both ravenous for each other’s blood, and many people are slain in the process, igniting an even more violent gang war, hell breaks loose. Gang violence has engulfed the cities, making peace appear unattainable. It’s a must-see, particularly for hip-hop lovers!

The other anime like this is katekyo hitman reborn, which is funny, and you can watch it because it’s nice, so do watch katekyo hitman reborn.

Overall, Tokyo tribes is a great anime.

26-Banana fish

Best yakuza gang anime

Aslan Jade Callenreese, also known as Ash Lynx, was a runaway rescued from New York City’s streets and fostered by Dino Golzine. The mafia’s famed godfather. Ash, now 17 and the leader of his own gang, starts looking into the mystery “Banana Fish. The same two words his elder brother, Griffin, has been muttering since his return from the Iraq War. However, his investigations are hampered when Dino sends his men after Ash to an underground pub where he hides.

At the pub, Ash’s buddy Skip introduces him to Japanese photographers Shunichi Ibe and his assistant, Eiji Okumura, who are covering American street gangs.

25-Gokusen (2004)

Best yakuza gang anime

As the granddaughter of a Yakuza boss, Kumiko is the heir apparent to the “family business.” Unfortunately for the company and her colleagues, Kumiko aspires to be a teacher. Kumiko ignores their desires and follows her passion, eventually becoming the homeroom teacher of Class 4-2, a delinquent class.

While Kumiko must keep her yakuza background hidden, her upbringing has allowed her to roughen up her students and help them grow into better people.

In contrast to GTO, Gokusen contains a yakuza member. Furthermore, Gokusen is always challenging Kumiko, as her instruction is usually always entangled with yakuza affairs.

24-Gungrave (2003)

The Gungrave anime from 2003 retells the events of the Gungrave video game in this vengeance drama. Gungrave, like other vengeance novels, depicts the narrative of two closest friends who are torn apart by ambition and deception. Brandon Heath, the protagonist, gets “resurrected” thanks to necrolyzation.

Beyond The Grave, as Brandon is now called, is on a mission to destroy the Millennium crime organization, which is now led by his closest buddy, Harry MacDowell.

Gungrave, like the video game, is action-packed and humorous in equal measure. The anime has a futuristic Wild West vibe to it, drawing inspiration from the stylish gunslinger concept.

23-Salaryman Kintaro (1999)

Best yakuza gang anime

Salaryman Kintaro, a manga published in 1994, is one of the first to explore the “reformed gangster” motif in action films. Kintaro Yajima, the titular character, rose to prominence as the leader of a Bosozoku organization.

Kintaro, however, leaves the Japanese motorcycle gangs following the loss of his wife and customizes bikes to work as a salaryman. So he starts off as a fisherman. But a chance encounter with a stranger leads him to the building firm’s sales department.

Despite the sad premise, the anime depiction of Kintaro’s life offers insightful insights and funny moments. For example, the 2001 Series provides a new look at life in the late twentieth century. Salaryman Kintaro is a nice addition for those searching for a Yakuza narrative set in a more traditional context.


The anime is about two gangs and their rivalry for a long time comes to an end when they make a deal to make their children marry each other.

You may have heard stories of two characters falling in love. Which leads to a reconciliation between their competing gangs or clans. But, on the other hand, this narrative is the polar reverse of that. In this anime, the two main protagonists must stay together despite their disdain for each other in order for their respective gangs to remain at peace.

Regardless, the premise is intriguing, and you should see it at least once. We don’t frequently see love stories with such intriguing and exciting narratives.


Nicholas Brown and Worick Arcangelo, known as the “Handymen” in the city of Ergastalum, are mercenaries for hire who take on assignments that no one else can handle. The Handymen, who are hired by both strong mafia syndicates and the police, must be ready for everything.

After executing the order to assassinate a local pimp, the Handymen recruit Alex Benedetto, a prostitute who was also targeted for assassination, to guard her against forces who want her out of the decaying hellhole she has come to call home.

However, this criminal haven is witnessing a moment of dramatic upheaval that threatens to destabilize the delicate power balance. Ergastalum was previously a safe refuge for “Twilights,” superhuman individuals produced as a consequence of a unique medication. But now they’re being hunted down by a ruthless underground organization.

This new menace is posing a threat to all the city stands for, and the Handymen will be powerless to stop it.


This yakuza anime begins in a civilized society of anthropomorphic animals, where predators and herbivores are at odds. This mutual animosity reaches a pinnacle at Cherryton Academy with the death of Tem. An alpaca in the acting club, in a predation event.

Tem’s companion Legoshi, a grey wolf in the stage crew, has lived his entire existence in dread and distrust.

He continues to disguise his frightening features in the early aftermath of the catastrophe, much to the chagrin of Louis, a red deer, and the drama club’s dictatorial star actor.

Louis assigns Legoshi to lookout duty as he sneaks into the theatre to train Tem’s substitute for an upcoming production. Legoshi had a momentous encounter with Haru, a white dwarf rabbit despised by her classmates, that very night.

His increasing affections for Haru, which are exacerbated by his predatory inclinations, lead him to confront his actual nature. The circumstances behind his friend’s death and the world’s undercurrent of violence.

19-91 Days

Angelo Lagusa saw a tragedy as a boy growing up in the village of Lawless: his parents and younger brother were brutally murdered by the Vanetti mafia family. He abandons his name and hometown, adopting the new identity of Avilio Bruno after losing all he loves dear.

When Avilio gets a mystery letter motivating him to return to Lawless seven years later, he finally has his opportunity for vengeance. Obligingly, he soon finds the Vanetti don’s son, Nero, and uses the talents he has silently nurtured for years to befriend him.

91 Days is a film set during the Prohibition period that depicts the narrative of Avilio’s dark and bloody quest for retribution. This yakuza anime is about him progressively putting an end to each of the guys involved in the murder of his family.


This yakuza cartoon follows Nitta, a yakuza member when a mysterious item falls on his head one night. Hina, a peculiar young girl, is found within the box. Nitta grudgingly accepts her since she possesses incredible magical abilities.

Her abilities might be useful for his yakuza company, but he also risks her using them against him! Furthermore, if she does not use her abilities, she will go mad and kill everything in her path.

Nitta and Hina’s unusual relationship is just getting started.

17-Golden Kamuy

Golden kamuy anime started with Russo Japanese war.

This yakuza anime begins in Hokkaido, Japan’s far northwestern region. Sugimoto survived the Meiji era’s Russo-Japanese conflict. During the battle, he was known as “Sugimoto the Immortal,” and now he chases the riches promised by the gold rush in the hopes of helping the bereaved wife of his now-deceased colleague.

He discovers clues of a hidden gold stockpile kept by corrupt crooks during his search for riches. They embark on a survival expedition to race against the crooks seeking the secret treasure, partnering with an Ainu girl who saves his life from the harsh temperatures of the north.


This yakuza anime is about Shokujinki creatures who have been living quietly with humans for hundreds of years. Shokujinki may shift into wild animals with giant claws and consume humans to live, despite their human appearance.

The similarly clandestine Kifuuken dojo specializes in killing Shokujinki by chopping off their limbs and is the only thing stopping Shokujinki dominance from spreading uncontrolled.

Toshihiko Momota, the son of the Kifuuken’s chief, is smitten by a mystery woman named Yuka Kamitsuki right away. Their connection, however, is hampered by the fact that Yuka is a Shokujinki, and Toshihiko has sworn to murder her.

Meanwhile, Toshihiko’s brother Kazuma is attempting to modernize the Kifuuken, which is causing the Kifuuken to have a confidence issue. Who will survive and who will be devoured when emotions are stretched. And secrets from the past and present are revealed?

15-Great Teacher Onizuka

This yakuza anime follows Onizuka, a repentant motorcycle gang boss with a noble new goal: to become the world’s finest teacher to meet attractive high school ladies. Okay, so he’s basically doing things differently.

However, stern officials and a gang of violent delinquents stand between Onizuka and his aim. They will use any means necessary to keep the new instructor away, no matter how illegal or low.

He used to be a gang leader of a biker gang, but now he is a great teacher Onizuka.

The class he teaches is very naughty, and the previous teacher lost his mind because of the pranks of the class kid.

Perfect, since Onizuka’s tactics aren’t found in any textbook. He’s concerned with legal and illegal acts and the age gap between himself and a high school girl.

So, unless you’re the Great Teacher Onizuka. Prepare for arithmetic that doesn’t add up, language that you’d be smacked for saying. And biology that would make a grown man blush.


This yakuza anime begins in Chicago in the early 1930s. The fabled Flying Pussyfoot transcontinental train is about to go on a voyage that will leave a path of blood all over the country.

Simultaneously, in New York, the ambitious scientist Szilard and his uncooperative sidekick Ennis are on the lookout for missing vials of the immortality elixir.

In addition, a feud between mafia organizations is intensifying. Alchemists on board the Advena Avis in 1711 are about to discover the price of immortality. Baccano! is based on the award-winning light novels of the same name and follows a series of events that appear unrelated at first glance. Both in terms of time and place, but are all part of a much larger narrative about alchemy, survival, and immortality.

Isaac and Miria, two good-hearted would-be robbers, are fusing these events together. Bringing together people with their own secret motives and establishing lifetime relationships and repercussions for everyone involved.


Due to mounting debt, this yakuza cartoon is about. Kaiji Itou eventually returns to his former ways. One day, while strolling along the street, he encounters Yuuji Endou. Who is on the lookout for Kaiji owing to a debt owed to the Teiai Group?

Unaware of this, Kaiji happily follows Endou. Anticipating another chance to gamble, he learns the loan shark’s true motivations. The Teiai Group imprisons Kaiji in an underground work camp since he is unable to repay his large debt.

He is told that he would have to live in this hell with other debtors for 15 years before he can earn his release. His only chance of putting a stop to this horror sooner is to save enough money to return to the surface for a single day.

He intends to use the remaining funds to settle his account by placing a high-stakes gamble once he arrives. However, given the numerous temptations that threaten Kaiji’s little income. 

12-Black Lagoon

The black lagoon is one of the great female gangster anime.

This yakuza anime begins in Thailand, in Roanapur, a filthy, crime-ridden city where corruption has engulfed even the authorities and churches. The city is infamous for being the heart of illicit activities and operations. Which are often supported by local criminal syndicates. It is a shelter for prisoners and degenerates alike.

Rokurou Okajima is a typical Japanese businessman. He’s been leading a dull and repetitive existence until a delivery trip to Southeast Asia. Offers him an opportunity for a change of pace.

His business trip quickly takes a turn for the worst when Rokurou is kidnapped by Black Lagoon, a mercenary outfit operating in Roanapur.

Bizarre attack, a strange object falls, entire city hunter, mercenary group, normal Japanese businessman, sci-fi anime, a mysterious letter and a girl who is one of the main characters in the European continent to form new gang but she is the main character and third-person shooter, phantom requiem, hidden stash

The goal is for the organization to use him as a bargaining tool in discussions, but it will eventually fail. Rokurou decides to join Black Lagoon after being abandoned and betrayed by his old boss. To live, he must swiftly adjust to his new surroundings and prepare for the impending slaughter and misery.

Black Lagoon is a nonstop, high-octane thriller that explores the depths of human morality and virtue. Rokurou struggles to maintain his ideals and philosophies as he evolves from a businessman to a merciless mercenary.

11-K: Seven kings

This yakuza anime is about “Kings,” people who have been given extraordinary supernatural abilities and the capacity to recruit others into their clans. The Kings’ responsibilities include safeguarding the lives and honor of their clansmen.

Yashiro Isana, an unassuming student, is suspected of homicide when a video portraying the horrible murder of a Red Clansman goes viral.

You love supernatural elements, supernatural powers, and mind games, and then you should watch this because there are many gang’s operations in this anime that make your life completely happy.

A chase for his head is now underway, bringing him into touch with Kurou Yatogami, the famed “Black Dog (wind king). He was a brilliant swordsman, and martial artist determined to carry out the orders of his late master, the Seventh King.

Meanwhile, as the search for Yashiro narrows, the current Red King, Mikoto Suou, confronts his own impending fate.

However, as Yashiro is battling to establish his innocence, a larger scheme is unfolding behind the scenes; clouds emerge in his memory, and close friends begin to doubt his very existence.

What began as a simple murder has escalated into a full-fledged war between Kings, with the world’s fate on the line.


These yakuza cartoons begin in Ikebukuro, Tokyo’s central business area, amid numerous weird stories and warnings of faceless gangs and violent residents.

The existence of a headless “Black Rider” who is reported to be spotted riding a jet-black motorbike through the city streets stands out above the rest of the urban legends.

Mikado Ryuugamine has always wanted to live in the city, and an offer from a childhood friend persuades him to go to Tokyo. Seeing the Black Rider on his first day in the city, it appears that his desires have already been realized.

Ordinary folks like himself and Ikebukuro’s most colorful residents become entangled in the uproar erupting in their city when supernatural happenings begin to occur.


The metropolis of Lux, a man-made underground city that has crumbled after years of neglect and lack of upkeep, is the setting for this yakuza anime.

Lux residents have started to refer to their home as “The City” and regard it as though it had its own mind and will.

Organo, a gang of “professionals. That work with the criminal underworld that owns Texhnolyze is one of three primary groups battling for control of Lux (prosthetics). Racan, a group of young people with Texhnolyzes. And the Salvation Union, a populist organization that tries to destroy Organo’s business, both utilize their powers for personal advantage.

Ichise was an orphan who earned a name for himself as a prizefighter in Lux. A fight promoter becomes enraged with him one day. And the ensuing brawl ends in Ichise losing an arm and a leg. Ichise is discovered by scientist Eriko Kamata. Who exploits him as a test subject for her newly invented Texhnolyze before death takes him.

Ichise begins working for Oonishi, the head of Organo, now that he has these formidable new limbs. Soon after, he meets Ran, a fascinating young girl with the ability to see into the future. They quickly discover that Lux is on the verge of collapse. And war and that they may be the only ones who can preserve.

8-JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure V Golden Wind

Naples, 2001 is the setting for this yakuza anime. Giorno Giovanna is a small-time thief with a great ambition: he wants to be a “Gang-Star.” Giorno is no average robber; he is a descendant of the illustrious Joestar clan and wields the Gold Experience Stand. When he meets Bruno Buccellati, a gangster from the group Passione and a fellow Stand user, his fantasy begins to come true.

Giorno confesses his plan to Bruno after realizing that they have similar principles and oppose the gang’s damaging activities. With Bruno’s support, he would reform Passione by toppling the boss. As Giorno joins Passione and is enrolled into Bruno’s team, he learns that it is more than just a gang; it is overflowing with Stand users.

Their mission to alter the gang from the inside out will be difficult now that they are up against other teams with varying allegiance and unexpected qualities.

Taking on these foes, Giorno tries to climb the corporate ladder and get closer to the boss, a figure cloaked in mystery.

7-Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Hunter x Hunter is the title of this yakuza anime. It takes place in a universe where Hunters exist to carry out perilous jobs like apprehending criminals and seeking buried treasures in unfamiliar territory.

Gon Freecss, a twelve-year-old Hunter, is driven to become the greatest, hoping to find his father, a Hunter who had long abandoned his young son.

However, Gon quickly discovers that fulfilling his objectives would be significantly more difficult than he ever expected. Gon befriends the vivacious doctor-in-training Leorio, the spiteful Kurapika, and the rebellious ex-assassin Killua on his journey to becoming an official Hunter.

The four of them attempt the Hunter Exam, infamous for its poor success rate and great risk of death. To achieve their own objectives and aspirations. Instead, Gon and his pals start on a quest that would take them through many trials and tribulations along the way.

They’ll encounter a variety of monsters, creatures, and characters while learning what it takes to be a genuine Hunter.


In Japan, the yakuza anime first aired in 1988. An explosion set off by a young child with psychic abilities rips across Tokyo. Igniting the fuse that sets off World War III. He is apprehended and brought into jail to avoid further devastation, never being heard from again.

In the year 2019, a renovated version of the city known as Neo-Tokyo stands. In its place—an area riddled with gang violence and terrorism directed against the present government. Shoutarou Kaneda is the leader of “the Capsules,” a ragtag club noted for riding enormous. Modified motorbikes and feuding with their enemies, “the Clowns.”

During one of these confrontations, Shoutarou’s best buddy Tetsuo Shima gets involved in a collision with an esper. Who has escaped from a government facility and is wandering the streets of Tokyo.

Tetsuo begins to gain his own unknown talents as a result of this experience. The government attempts to isolate this newest psychic in a last-ditch effort to keep him from unleashing the catastrophic power that might again bring the world to its knees.

5-The Way Of The Househusband (2020)

What happens when a notorious Yakuza leader marries a successful businesswoman? He retires from his life of crime in The Way of the Househusband (or Gokushufudo). “Immortal Dragon,” to assist Miku, his kyariauman (or professional woman) wife. This slice-of-life comic (which will be adapted into an anime in 2020). Follows Tatsu’s normal everyday existence, which turns out to be everything from mundane.

Episodes in the anime frequently feature the frightening Tatsu doing everyday domestic chores, like in the manga. On the other hand, his notorious reputation means he has regular run-ins with old Yakuza comrades and other adversaries. Gokushufudo, unlike other violent Yakuza anime, is the most accurate representation of the Yakuza games’ slice-of-life components.

4-Cowboy Bebop

In the year 2071, mankind has colonized several of the solar system’s planets and moons, leaving the now uninhabitable surface of planet Earth.

The Inter Solar System Police, supported in part by renegade bounty hunters known as “Cowboys. Strives to maintain peace in the galaxy. Two such people are the ragged crew of the spacecraft Bebop.

Red Dragon syndicate, city hunter

Calm and unconcerned, Spike Spiegel is counterbalanced by his raucous. Pragmatic companion Jet Black, with whom he works as a bounty hunter and prize collector.

The addition of new members they meet on their travels—Ein, a genetically altered, extremely intelligent Welsh Corgi—throws them off track.

Female assassin The gang, led by Faye Valentine, an intriguing trickster with memory loss, and Edward Wong, a peculiar computer whiz kid. Embarks on exhilarating escapades that gradually reveal each member’s dark and mysterious history.

Cowboy Bebop is a space Western classic and a tribute to the smooth and spontaneous music it is named for, with high-density action and light-hearted humor.


This yakuza anime is about a Hole, which is a dark, decaying, and disordered region where the powerful prey on the weak, and death is a common occurrence. A realm devoid of law and ethics serves as a proving ground for the magic users who rule it. The magic users see the residents of Hole as little more than insects, despite the fact that they are a race at the pinnacle of their civilization.

The helpless Hole inhabitants prowl the corridors of Hole’s hospital on a regular basis, murdering, mutilating, and conducting experiments. Without a second thought. With unrestricted access to and from the cesspool and little opposition to their power. The magic users look invincible to all but a handful.

Kaiman, who is more reptile than human, is one of them. With just a trusty set of bayonets and his immunity to magic. He pursues them on a rash search for answers. Magic users, cursed by his looks and plagued by dreams, are his sole hope of returning to normalcy.

His female buddy Nikaidou. Who manages the Hungry eatery Bug is his greatest ally since his stomach is his greatest challenge. Dorohedoro mixes a good mixture of humor and lightheartedness with death and destruction. Set in a grim setting of horrific design.

It crafts a unique universe of otherworldly origin and gloomy look unsuitable for the squeamish or easily disturbed, with lots of twists. It turns while following the lives of Hole’s people.

2-Jormungand (2012)

People in organized crime frequently use the black market to get firearms and other items that are hidden from curious eyes. Jormungand (2012) is an anime that depicts the exploits of Koko Hekmatyar, a youthful armaments trader for HCLI.

Koko, accompanied by her bodyguards, traverses the world selling guns to a variety of people ranging from mafia lords to killers. They must also interact with government officials, other agencies, and competitor arms merchants.

Koko’s exploits lead her to enlist Jonah, a little child soldier, in the anime (based on a 2006-2012 monthly manga). Unfortunately, Jonah’s talent leads Koko and her companions to a chaotic. The action-packed rollercoaster depicts arms dealers” dail” lives in a bizarre slice-of-life manner.

1-Tokyo Ghoul

This anime is all about ghouls and gang war between humans, good ghouls, and bad ghouls

Ken Kaneki is an average person who is yearning for love with Rize Kamishiro.

With the passage of time, he realizes that Rize is a ghoul, one of the tens of thousands that have settled in the shadows of his city.

He just avoids a brawl with the femme fatale. Worse, when Ken awakens, he discovers that he has been transformed into a half-ghoul due to one of one ofRize’ss organ being donated” to save his life.

Ken now needs to learn to balance his two lives in the anime” “Tokyo Ghoul.”

At a café called”Anteiku,” other ghouls teach him their cruel methods. Both ghouls and humans shun Ken.

He is tormented by remorse for keeping his new personality secret from Hideyoshi Nagachika, his best friend.

A prequel series and a sequel to the program exist, both with their own casts of characters and plotlines.


Which group is stronger? Mafia or yakuza

I feel like Mafia now because they have more money and guns.

Which anime is romantic gang war anime?



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