Black Bullet Season 2 Release Date [LATEST UPDATE 2023!]

Black Bullet Season 2 might release soon. But when? Let’s explore!

Black Bullet is a Japanese anime series that aired in mid of 2014, has 13 episodes. Still, these 13 were more than enough to gain popularity.

It also won the heart of the audience and also managed to capture the attention of wide fans. The first season was aired by kinema ahus and orange studios.

The black Bullet is an action-packed movie with a mystery and science fiction genre.

The movie is an adaptation of the light novel with the same name. The movie aired on April 8, 2014, and ran for around 3 months.


What are the chances of Black Bullet season 2?

Black Bullet season 2

There are high chances for Black Bullet season 2 because KINEMA CITRUS studio had made an official announcement. It consists that season 2 would come to the audience by July 2020, but it didn’t happen so.

But there is nothing to get sad about because circumstances amid Covid-19 might have lead to delay.

Also, the first season was quite profitable. It made up to a 6.9 IMDB rating that shows that show was liked by a wider audience.

Also, a high IMDB rating, more requests, and high profit encourage the production team to develop new work.

And so, this is also a probable factor that could result in the coming up of season 2.

But it is uncertain as well since, no announcement post, six years of significant delay. So, nothing can be said with assurance.

Black Bullet Season 2 Release Date- under-declaration!

Season 2 was going to release in July 2020, but the pandemic can be a probable reason for the delay.

There has been no confirmation about the story, trailer, or release date yet.

Well, if you haven’t watched season 1 here, is the link to get started:

As the officials are still reserved or, say, closemouthed for the release date, the fans are a little disheartened. However, there is still hope that the team will develop yet another beautiful season by early 2022(expected).

Is the trailer of Black Bullet season 2 out?

The team has not come up with any official announcement of the release. Still, we can’t ignore that creator also has not made any official cancellation announcement.

Therefore, 50-50% chances of both. So, the trailer is far away to come. We will let you know about it once it is aired over the internet.

Where to watch the black bullet English Dubbed Episodes?

This has been a great success for kinema citrus and has gained the attention of a wide audience.

Many might not be comfortable with the Japanese language. Hence, its English dubbed version is also available on Crunchyroll.

The Expected Plot of Black Bullet season 2!

Well, the story of the black bullet is quite relatable to our own story, of our own situation amid pandemic.

The anime is set up in future events where mankind is invaded by a dreadful virus of Gastrea, the parasitic virus. The main theme of the story is to protect Tokyo from a deadly virus.

Season 2 is expected to continue the story, and Rentaro is expected to play a key role. Fans have assumed that covid-19 could lead the story further.

Some fans hope to see Rantaro fighting and planning to escape from the prison. He is imprisoned for a false murder charge over there. Still, the enemies will keep getting in his way.

Black Bullet Season 2- Expected Cast Members

Black Bullet season 2

Many characters play significant roles in the show. Here are some without which the story is incomplete:


Rentaro is the show’s main lead and is expected to do the same in the upcoming season; and is a promoter of civil services, and his motive is to save Tokyo from a pernicious virus. He helps the cursed children too.

His character is courageous and daring, and at the same time, he is caring and smart. This quality of his has made the fans eager for season 2.

Enju Aihara

Enju Aihara was a cursed child, helped by Rentaro, and became an initiator in civil services. Later Enju is seen getting fascinated by him.

So, it would be fascinating to see them in season 2.

Kisara Tendo

Kisara, president of Tendo civil security, also an expert of martial art alongside a childhood friend of Rentaro.


Tina is a member of civil security and is also attracted towards Rentaro and always tries to get his attention.

The cold wars between Tina and Enju will also add sugar to the story of the black bullet in season 2.

The fan also expects to see some new characters and their roles in the upcoming season.

Black Bullet Season 1 Plot

The story is about people fighting against a virus of Gastrea, which is very disastrous. The virus spreads mostly in infants. Monolith walls were the only hindrance, so people started hiding behind.

Still, people failed to escape the epidemic because now the newly born children were its victims. They got some supernatural abilities.

The children soo born were called “cursed children.” The interesting fact is mostly the female children had come up to save people.

They are named promotors to the normal team and initiator to cursed children and fought against the virus to save Tokyo.

Closing Line

So, this is all we know about the second part of Black Bullet. We hope that you get a satisfactory response and also answer all your questions.

This is to all loving audience that your patience will result in yet another beautiful season of the black bullet. So, keep loving and reading more at thebestofotaku. Bookmark our page to get the fastest updates on your favorite anime. Happy Reading!

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