Blue Exorcist Filler List [ULTIMATE FILLER GUIDE 2023!]

Are you swinging between the decisions of watching Blue Exorcist Filler List Episodes or avoiding them? Get your answer in this article. 

Blue Exorcist is a Japanese anime series adaptation of the manga series with the same title. The first season was broadcasted by A-1 pictures back in April 2011 and ended in October 2011.

Eye witnessing the success of anime and increase in manga sales, creators decided to make a movie. Movie- Blue Exorcist: The Movie aired in December 2012.

After the movie, there was a large gap. Blue Exorcist Season 2 made its way to the audience in January 2017 and terminated in March 2017.


Blue Exorcist anime’s Story

Blue Exorcist Filler List

The plot of this anime covers Rin Okumura and his younger twin Yukio Okumura. Shiro Fujimoto- an Exorcist, was the one who raised them.

One fine day, Rin finds out that he and his brother are Satan’s son. When his former guardian, Shiro, is dying to protect him, Rin picks up his demonic sword Kurikara.

The moment he touches the sword, his demonic powers restrains. He gets demonic features like fangs, tail, and power to turn into blue flames and burn anything that touches it.

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The Story furthers with a lot more adventures at True Cross Academy, where Rin and Yukio join to become Exorcists and destroy Satan.

The battle between Assiah, the empire of humans, and Gehenna, the demon’s empire, makes the anime more interesting.

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Blue Exorcist Filler List- Catalogue of How Many Filler Episodes?

Blue Exorcist Filler List

Blue Exorcist ran from 2011 to 2017, but it consists of only 37 episodes. You might be well aware of this fact. Despite fewer episodes, there is a huge number of filler episodes.

Out of 37, 10 episodes are reported as filler. It makes almost 27% of total episodes. Now, you might be thinking about whether to watch these fillers or not?

The answer is: MAYBE!

Blue Exorcist Filler List episodes: Watch or Avoid?

The main reason to watch the filler episodes is that the series will become really short if you cut out 10 episodes out of 37. Some of you might also find it incomplete. So, it will not take much time to watch.

If you are in a hurry, you can surely skip these filler episodes to sum up, the series. You will not get out of the content line if you skip them, so don’t worry about it. Just enjoy watching this series.

Quick Lists

Blue Exorcist Filler List

6, 11, 18 to 25

Blue Exorcist Canon List

4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 to 15, 26 to 37

Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes

1 to 3, 16, 17

Descriptive Blue Exorcist Filler List

Ep. No. Ep. Name Type
6 The Phantom Chef FILLER
11 Demon of the Deep Seas FILLER
18 Gufu FILLER
19 An Ordinary Day FILLER
20 Mask FILLER
21 The Secret Garden FILLER
22 Demon-hunting FILLER
23 Truth FILLER
24 Satan’s Spawn FILLER
25 Stop, Time FILLER

 Descriptive Blue Exorcist Canon List

Ep. No. Ep. Name Type
1 The Devil Resides in Human Souls MIXED CANON/FILLER
4 The Garden of Amahara MANGA CANON
5 A Boy from the Cursed Temple MANGA CANON
7 A Flock of Plovers MANGA CANON
8 Now a Certain Man Was Sick… MANGA CANON
9 Memories MANGA CANON
10 Black Cat MANGA CANON
12 A Game of Tag MANGA CANON
14 A Fun Camping Trip MANGA CANON
15 Act of Kindness MANGA CANON
26 Small Beginnings MANGA CANON
27 Strange Bedfellows MANGA CANON
28 Suspicion Will Raise Bogies MANGA CANON
29 Act of Treachery MANGA CANON
30 Mysterious Connections MANGA CANON
31 A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing MANGA CANON
32 Like a Fire Burning Bright MANGA CANON
33 From Father to Son MANGA CANON
34 Through Thick and Thin MANGA CANON
35 Unbowed and Unbroken MANGA CANON
36 Shine Bright as the Sun MANGA CANON
37 Candid and Open MANGA CANON

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