20+ brown hair anime girls of All Time – [Must Check]

Welcome to the world of the best 20+ brown hair anime girls and you are going to see girls with brown hair.

An anime girl with long brown hair, an anime girl with beautiful brown hair, and a magical anime girl with brown hair will see some unique hairstyles.

So after reading This blog, you will for sure going to love one of the brown hair anime girls.


1-Sasha Braus from Attack on Titan

She is one of the most favorite characters in the attack on titans, she has brown hair, and she is someone who will create some mess or do mess things up because all she wants is to have is something to eat, always hungry.

Sasha has had a keen sense of reading the motions of wild creatures and Titans since she was a youngster, having been a hunter since she was a toddler.

Everyone said he was a potato girl with brown hair and gave a nicknamed potato girl to her.

Sasha was born in a little hamlet called Dauper on the borders of Wall Rose. After Wall Maria was devastated by Titans and refugees began pouring in the hunter tribes were forced to give up their lands for crops and began growing horses instead of hunting.

Sasha is a pleasant, quirky girl who enjoys making friends and conversing with her fellow cadets. Despite having a shy disposition and making errors frequently when under duress. Sasha is a courageous young lady who would never hesitate to assist someone in need.

2-Haruhi Suzumiya from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

You should be aware that Haruhi is unconcerned with ordinary humans and is solely interested in aliens, time-travellers, and espers. The franchise’s main character is Haruhi Suzumiya. Haruhi is the president of SOS Brigade, a school organisation committed to discovering aliens, time travellers, and espers. She attends North High School.

She is beloved bonsai trees

Haruhi’s power to change reality sets her apart; she is unaware that all members of the SOS brigade meet the supernatural requirements she is enamoured with.

Haruhi may be described in one word: instinctive. Her desire to live an uncommon life drives her; she enjoys being the centre of attention and is only concerned with boosting the SOS Brigade’s popularity by investing in the school’s supernatural incidents.

3-Mikoto Misaka from A Certain Scientific Railgun

Mikoto is a psychic and the Academy City’s third-ranked level 5 esper in the Certain Scientific Railgun series and a minor character in the Certain Magical Index series. Her trademark skill has earned her the moniker Railgun.

She is a respectable woman, but she is short-tempered and arrogant, with somebody’s concerns; she is cruel and severe about her friends, although she feels profound about them.

Misaki enjoys adorable and childlike items such as colourful pyjamas and the famous frog mascot; she also has a strong sense of justice, as seen by her participation in crime prevention.

4Shouko Nishimiya from A Silence Voice

Shouko Nishimiya is the female heroine of the series. She isn’t completely deaf, though. She finds it difficult to hear even loud sounds, as evidenced by her hearing aids and hence may be categorised as clinically deaf. While she merely wanted to live a tranquil life, the other students in her class would harass her and take away her hearing aids.

Her perspective on life has shifted dramatically since she was a child, primarily as a result of being bullied by other children. She grew to despise herself since she wasn’t like the other youngsters.

Shouko is a shy and quiet girl who prefers to spend her days alone rather than chatting with others. However, when Ishida returned to her life, Shouko began to live a bit more each day.

5-Hirasawa Yui from K-On

Yui is one of the series’ five major protagonists, and as the group’s vocalist and lead guitarist, she is considered the series’ key protagonist. She’s the sort of person who ignores instructions and trusts her intuition to get her through; she’s also easily sidetracked by adorable and fluffy things; and she adores sweets, which she expresses her delight in whenever Tsumugi delivers some.

Yui has a laid-back nature and never overthinks things; she just goes with the flow and would say yes to anything if she finds it enjoyable. Despite the fact that she acts like the group’s baby, she has an odd feeling of responsibility when it comes to carrying out her responsibilities.

6-Kosaki Onodera from Nisekoi

Onodera is a female protagonist in the novel who may or may not be Raku Ichijou’s love interest; she comes from a family of renowned pastry chefs that specialise in crafting decorative sweets and candies.

Kosaki was raised by her eccentric mother and feisty younger sister, who appear to have had little impact on her personality because she is naturally shy and can be a boring girlfriend.

Onodera is a kind young lady who is always willing to help those in need; she adores Raku and is seen caring for him whenever he is sick or injured.

She is also an awful cook.

Her lack of self-assurance makes it tough for her to express herself; she requires Ruri’s continual prodding before making any disclosures.

7-Raphtalia from Rising of the Shield Hero

Raphtalia is the series’ deuteragonist and the first member of Naofumi’s crew. She was once enslaved but was subsequently acquired by Naofumi to serve as his sword, and she was also the series’ most popular raccoon girl. Raphtalia has a strong link with her master and is willing to put her life on the line to defend him.

Shield hero is one of the good anime series with many interesting anime characters.

Raphtalia used to dwell in a tiny hamlet just outside the kingdom of Melromarc before the world-ending disasters; the settlement was plundered and looted by the kingdom’s knights, with the majority of demi-humans slaughtered and the remainder sold as enslaved people.

Raphtalia is a kind young lady who just wants to serve the man who saved her life; she feels obligated to him and never allows anything unpleasant to happen to him. Raphtalia has also developed affections for Naofumi, although her sentiments are one-sided.

8-Kouko Kaga from Golden Time

Banri Tada’s current girlfriend, Kouko Kaga, is the female main character of the story. She was formerly Mitsuo Yanagisawa’s sweetheart, but after being rejected repeatedly, she opted to date Banri and became his girlfriend and subsequently fiance.

Mitsuo often avoids her as a result of her stalker behaviour and passionate love for him; she first appears with a rose bouquet and slaps Mitsuo with it, stating that she isn’t happy that he lied about enrolling in the associated institution.

Because of her stalker behaviours and passionate love for him, Mitsuo avoids her at all costs.

Kouko began the series as a brazen and careless girl who couldn’t care less about other people’s feelings, but that changed once she started dating Banri and made some other university acquaintances; Kouko tried to control her emotions around the person she loved.

9-Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online

She may look like a weak or kind girl or gamer, but she is one of the best gamers in sword art online.

She is not just an amateur gamer when you see her rank in the anime because she is Commander for the knights of the blood and always trying to clear the path for the hero and her mates and guide the squad to the boss level.

When Asuna learns of her situation, she is taken aback, like many other characters in the story. Asuna didn’t want to spend the rest of her life confined to a computer game, so she began hunting monsters and gaining strength in order to complete the game and return to the real world.

She learned how wonderful this gaming world might be after meeting Kirito and began to enjoy her existence rather than attempting to return to the real world. Asuna begins to have affection for Kirito at this point, and the two eventually marry.

10-Megumin from Konosuba

Megumin is a Crimson Magic Clan Arch Wizard who became enamoured with explosion magic after being saved as a child by an exploding wizard. She currently resides in Axel, known as the crazed explosion freak no one wants in their party.

Megumin’s interest in explosion magic derives from a childhood memory of a busty older woman saving her life with explosion magic. Hence, she determined she had to cast it once a day or die.

Her demeanour is raucous and quirky, and she shares many traits with her people, the most amusing of which is her chuunibyou inclinations and her penchant for naming things. She may brag about her clan and pretend to be a strong magician, but she’s still immature and infantile.

11-Taiga Aisaka from Toradora

Taiga is the female protagonist of the series, and she is noted for her severe snapping at people as well as her small stature, giving her the moniker Palmtop Tiger. The narrative begins with Taiga composing a love letter to Kitamura in her class, which she accidentally gives to Ryuuji, who later decides to assist Taiga to win Kitamura’s heart.

After realising that Ryuuji has a crush on Minori, she advises that the two of them work together to overcome their mutual attraction. Taiga becomes increasingly reliant on Ryuuji, to the point that she can’t conceal her affections for him.

Taiga has a short fuse; snapping at people and raising a ruckus is second nature to her; she’s also self-conscious about her tiny stature and underdeveloped form, quickly becoming enraged if it’s brought up.

12-Tenten from Naruto

Tenten is a Kunoichi from Konohagakure’s hidden leaf village, specialising in weapon sealing Jutsu; she is a Kunoichi from Konohagakure’s hidden leaf village, specialising in weapon sealing Jutsu. At first, she aspired to be Lady Tsunade, but she quickly discovered she lacked the chakra control required to be a medical ninja.

To be honest, I never liked tenten because she never worked really hard to be a great one, and if you are in a team with Lee and might guy then you should be one of the most hardworking people, and that’s why she quit

Tenten is an insightful and caring girl who is nice to her friends; she is much better behaved than the other girls in the series and strives to live a self-sufficient existence.

13-Akane Tsunemori from Psycho-Pass

Akane is the protagonist of the second season and the deuteragonist of the official Psycho-Pass series.

She is a rookie on the job. Still, she swiftly rose through the ranks to become a full-fledged investigator, putting down rebellions against the questionable Sibyl System, which she feels is important for maintaining order and peace.

During her recruitment, she was cautious and reluctant, like a naive youngster who naively obeyed the rules. Instead, she’s a loving, bright, and hardworking woman who just wants the best for others. 

Despite her dislike for the Sibyl Sistem after discovering how unjust it is, she chooses to keep it since she recognises that people cannot live in harmony without it.

14-Ochako Uraraka from My Hero Academia

As her hero name implies, Ochako Uraraka, or Uravity, is a student. She is a high school senior pursuing a career as a professional hero. While she’s the series’ major female protagonist. Her character is sometimes lost in the background.

Her ambition is to become a professional hero in order to make a lot of money and support her family, but she is also low on self-confidence.

Anime fans in the anime community really love her, and she is one of the anime girls with brown.

Ochako’s character doesn’t get much screen time since she’s constantly shown as a supporting character to Izuku and someone who looks up to him, even though it’s evident that they both have affections for each other.

Ochako is an open-minded, happy, and laid-back young lady with a bubbly demeanour that makes her appear airheaded at times, yet she is a diligent worker. She’s shy and easily irritated when she’s in the limelight; her feelings are similar to Izuku’s, where he becomes too emotional and can’t keep back his tears.

15-Liliuruca Arde from Danmachi

Along with Bell, Welf, Mikoto, and Goddess Hestia, Lili is a member of the Hestia Familia; she was once a member of the Soma Familia and worked as a meagre supporter at the Dungeons, assisting people with their belongings.

She is a sweet brunette, and she’s cute girl with brown hair and has wolf ears and is also a kind anime girl.

After being shunned by everyone she partied with. Hey acquired a dislike towards adventurers, which pushed her to cheat and steal from them.

She attempted to deceive and take from Bell in the same manner, but she began to doubt herself after witnessing his devotion to her.

16-Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket

Tohru is the female main character of the story and a Kaibara High School student who adores cooking and promotes herself as an excellent housewife. She began living in a tent when her mother died. But was subsequently employed as a landlord and worked a part-time job to cover her education expenses.

She doesn’t carry grudges and believes in giving people a second opportunity, despite the fact that she may be rather emotional when upset.

17-Takagi from Skilled Teaser Tagaki-san

Takagi san is the female protagonist of the story also likes teasing her classmate Nishikata and is always devising new ways to tease him.

She is one of the cute girls with short brown hair and kind of brown eyes and, of course, one of the most beautiful female characters.

She may look nasty to Nishikata. Yet she cares for him and will attempt to cheer him up if he is sad or depressed.

Takagi is a relaxed and astute individual who is unconcerned about little details and achieves higher exam results.

When he ridiculed her or irritated him by laughing at his failed attempts to offend her, she would feign her feelings to make him feel awful.

18-Mei Tachibana from Say I Love You

Tachibana is a social outcast at school, with few acquaintances; she lives a simple life, concentrating on her work and avoiding contact with others. Because she doesn’t talk to anyone, many of her students perceive her as gloomy and inaccessible.

Mei puts on a brave face by refusing to form any friends. Arguing that people are quick to betray one another when it suits them and that she is better off without them.

She’s renowned as a stoic girl at school and has gained the moniker of ‘gloomy girl’ since she constantly has a melancholy expression on her face.

19-Tainaka Ritsu from K-On

Ritsu-chan is the group’s drummer and the self-proclaimed boss of the music club, and she is one of the series’ five main characters. She works hard to oversee the club’s events and is sometimes referred to as a big sister figure; nonetheless, she is always joyful and positive. She has a tendency to forget about club events and notifications.

Despite her appearance as a leader at the moment, Ritsu is a slacker when it comes to practising. Preferring to have fun with her bandmates instead, such as chatting or taking several tea breaks. Ritsu despises studying as well, but she still manages to achieve decent scores.

20-Holo from Spice & Wolf

She is a brown hair anime wolf spirit girl. At first, she stayed in Pasloe, guarding the town as their wheat goddess, but she eventually joined a wheat trader named Kraft Lawrence and embarked on a journey with him. She ultimately marries Kraft, and they open a bathhouse together.

When Holo is with Lawrence, she exudes intellectual confidence, and she flirts with him, frequently moving him. She also likes criticising and ridiculing him for his bargaining and reasoning abilities; nonetheless, she adores him and doesn’t want to be without him, frequently displaying jealousy anytime Lawrence speaks to another female.

21-Hina Tachibana from Domestic Girlfriend

The most contentious character on this list, Hina, is a female protagonist in the series. As a high school teacher, she was always regarded with admiration by the whole student body. Natsuo is one of those pupils, and he and Hina share more than just a student-teacher relationship; once their single parents marry, they become step-siblings.

Hina was in an unstable relationship with her high school teacher, who was already married at the time; this experience may have influenced her decision to pursue a career as a teacher. She began to be dissatisfied with the type of relationship she was in. So she went to the roof during her breaks to vent her frustrations, and that’s when she met Natsuo.

22-Kaede Azusagawa from Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Sakuta’s younger sister, Kaede, is the sweetest little sister you’ll ever see; she suffers from amnesia as a result of what happened at her school. After being harassed by her friends, she developed a distinct identity and began living at home instead of attending school.

Kaede is a shy person who finds it difficult to open up to strangers; when she first encountered Mai Sakurajima, she mistook her for a con artist or a prostitute.

Kaede gradually improves during the series, such as going halfway to school, answering the phone, and occasionally unlocking the door.

23-Diane The Gaint from Seven Deadly Sins

When you look at her for the first time, you will scream monster. She has shiny brown hair and is one of the seven deadly main characters. The Serpent Sin of Envy. Diane possesses the power of creation since she has the ability to mould the earth into whatever shape or form she desires.

She had no memory of her childhood until she met Meliodas, who persuaded her to join the Seven Deadly Sins.

Diane, like a giant, possesses the power of creation. Allowing her to mould the earth into whatever shape or form she desires.

Diane is a kind girl who is far too nice for her own good. She is readily trusted, and despite her rough and powerful exterior, she is a really sensitive and tender individual.

She is, nevertheless, confident in her abilities to defend her companions from impending danger and does not hesitate to act, no matter how daunting the situation may appear.

24-Chizuru Ichinose from Rent-A-Girlfriend

Mizuhara, sometimes known as Chizuru or her rental girlfriend character, is the main female protagonist of the series. She works for a rental girlfriend service. Where anyone may hire her to be their girlfriend for a day. Allowing her to keep her personal and business life separate. However, when she is hired by Kazuya, who expects more from her, everything changes.

Mizuhara is sensitive to others and constantly goes out of her way to make her clients happy. Yet she can also be frightening. Mizuhara despises it when people are treated unfairly and is always speaking out against it.

She adores her grandma and does everything she can to make her happy. As seen by the fact that she fakes her connection with Kazuya in order to keep her grandmother happy.

25-Nanami Aoyama from Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Nanami is a normal student among Sakura Hall’s creative minds; her dream is to be a voice actress, but she must first save money for acting classes. Despite her harsh behaviour toward Sorata, Nanami clearly has affection for him since she searches for him whenever she is unhappy or lost.

She has sweet nature and great cooking skills, is a horrible liar, and long brown hair. She is one anime character who doesn’t look like just a supporting character or anime character.

Nanami is introduced as a supporting character for Sorata. She assists him in finding owners for the stray cats he took in and encouraged him to return to the regular dorms rather than residing at Sakura Hall, but she eventually moves in with him.

Nanami is an honour student who works extra hard in class, takes part-time jobs to supplement her acting income, and assists Sorata whenever she can, but it’s taxing.

26-Rei Miyamoto from Highschool of the Dead

Rei Miyamoto is the protagonist of the series and key love interest of Takashi Komuro (protagonist); she is a member of the Sojutsu martial arts club and frequently improves her spear skills.

Her combat abilities come in handy when combating zombies and keeping the party safe. She started out with a broom spear but eventually switched to a rifle with a bayonet.

Even though she exhibits her dislike towards Takashi, Rei is a kind-hearted girl who loves profoundly for her friends, especially Takashi.

She is, however, always ready to chastise her pals. If she believes they are doing something wrong.

27-Hiyori Iki from Noragami

Hiyori is the female protagonist of the series; she is a normal person who has been changed into a half-phantom. Allowing her to quit her physical body and wander the phantom realm.

She runs into Yato while strolling along the street and pushes him away from a speeding truck in an attempt to save him. But she loses contact with her physical body.

Hiyori didn’t like Yato at first due to his sloth and selfishness. But she has come to understand his behaviours and may have affections for him? Hiyori had several opportunities to revert to a normal human state, but she refused to abandon the boys.

28-Suzuha Amane from Steins;Gate

Suzuha Amane is a mysterious time-travelling girl who disguises herself as a typical girl who works part-time and enjoys riding her bike.

She is, nevertheless, a fan of Rintaro Okabe’s art and frequently visits their flat to play with Mayuri. She’s a time traveller who came here to find her father and stop SERN from creating a time machine, and it’s later revealed.

Suzuha is a haughty and independent girl. She avoids asking others for aid and hides her troubles from others from the beginning of the series. She wants to maintain a safe distance from everyone and is not unduly devoted to anyone.

29-Misaki Kamiigusa from Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Kamiigusa, a Suimei University of Arts student now staying in Sakura Hall, is the pinnacle of zeal and intelligence.

She’s a natural at drawing and animating. And she can produce studio-quality animations while doing the majority of the work herself.

Kamiigusa also acts as the dormitory’s big sister, keeping track of everyone’s work, assigning them assignments, organising dorm presentations, and anything else that concerns the whole dorm.

Misaki has a very outgoing attitude; she’s vivacious and has crazy fantasies, and she’s always ready to face anything that comes her way with a grin. Because of her heinous crimes, she occasionally refers to herself as an alien.

30-Kayo Hinazuki from Erased

Kayo Hinazuki is the female main character of the story. And she is one of the serial kidnapping and murder victims. She lives with her violent parents, who don’t care about her. Because of her unusual familial circumstances and how she interacted with others, she was always a loner.

Her mother had mistreated her entire life, and she had no idea what it was to be loved by someone else.

She sobbed when Satoru protected her and allowed her to live with them since it was the first time she had experienced such compassion.

31-Tsubaki Sawabe from Your Lie in April

Tsubaki is Kousei’s childhood friend who secretly wished for him but was too afraid to tell him; she struggles to deal with her feelings and usually dismisses them with a grin.

Tsubaki is a member of the softball team at the school, and she frequently visits Kousei in the school’s piano room to check on him and urge him to perform risky things with her; however, after being denied, she simply sits in the room and listens to him play.

Tsubaki is Kousei’s best friend, and she has always gone out of her way to support him in any way she can, whether it’s protecting him from school bullies or staying up late with him to keep him company.

32-Shizuku Mizutani from My Little Monster

Shizuku is the female protagonist of the storey and the girlfriend of Haru Yoshida. A delinquent was expelled from school. After attacking a large number of students.

Shizuku is a dedicated worker who works extra hard in school to maintain her grades and do housework like grocery shopping and cooking for the family.

She is always pushing herself to exhaustion, which leaves her with little time to spend with her friends or travel; she also avoids interfering in other people’s concerns and prefers to remain to herself.

Shizuku feels that everyone should be able to overcome their difficulties; she is unconcerned about her peers and is always focused on her academics. So in order to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

33-Kumin Tsuyuri from Love Chuunibyou and other Delusions

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Kumin Tsuyuri is a cute member of the Far East Magical Napping Society Summer, or as Kumin refers to it, the afterschool nap club. She joined the club since she wanted to sleep during her breaks instead of doing anything curricular; she attempted to form her own nap club but was unsuccessful because no one wanted to join.

Kumin has a laid-back disposition since she never volunteers for anything and sleeps whenever she can; in fact, she brings her pillow with her wherever she goes. Even though she is a good girl, if she sees someone in difficulty, she will try to help them in her own unique manner.

34-Shinka Nibutani from Love Chuunibyou and other Delusions

Since she is one of the school’s beauty queens, Nibutani is the most popular girl in school; she is also a cheerleader at her school and is incredibly popular among students, with both girls and boys wanting to be near her.

Shinka, on the other hand, wasn’t always such a popular girl; she was previously a victim of chuunibyou, who called her ideal figure ‘Mori Summer.’

Shinka was first depicted as a selfish individual who only cared about herself, but this soon changes as she joins the chuunibyou kids and is free to be herself. Despite her outward bitterness and irritability, she actually cares about her friends and will assist them if necessary.

35-Kasumi Fuu from Samurai Champloo

Fuu is the female protagonist of the storey, and she’s on a mission with Mugen and Jin to find the mysterious sunflower Samurai who abandoned her and her mother.

She met them while working as a server in a restaurant. Where she was often harassed by boisterous customers and the local chief’s son.

Fuu has a childlike disposition and dislikes being left out; her bond with Mugen and Jin is similar to that of her siblings.

She is the young, vivacious one who is prone to mistakes, losing her bearings, and causing problems for the entire team.

She puts on a brave face and seems to be more experienced than she is in order to avoid appearing foolish in front of her bodyguards; Fuu is completely dependent on Mugen and Jin to save her from dangerous circumstances.

36-Yuuko Aioi from Nichijou

Yuuko is the main character in the storey, and she, along with Mai Minakami and Mio Naganohara, the leader of their little group, is prone to bad luck in every situation.

Throughout the series, several strange bad things happen to Alice, like losing her money in a snack machine, being hit in the head by a Japanese doll. And having the claw in a claw machine chopped off.

Yuuko has an extroverted attitude; she enjoys making others laugh and laughing at other people’s misfortunes; may this be the reason for her poor luck?

Although one thing is certain: she is a simple-minded, clumsy girl who enjoys having fun rather than learning; she frequently falls asleep in class, has poor grades, and copies assignments from her peers.

37-Isuzu Sento from Amagi Brilliant Park

Isuzu Sento captured the hearts of many fans with her amazing demeanour; she’s the first loyal guard from Mapleland entrusted with finding a qualified and capable someone to lead their park and restore it to its former splendour.

Isuzu is a stern character that is quick to react and takes no jokes lightly. She may look aggressive and severe, but she just wants what is best for everyone; she struggles to express herself since she has little to no social interaction experience.

The nicest thing about her is how much she fights to express herself openly; she appears uncomfortable and bashful.

38-Mikuru Asahina from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Mikuru is the SOS Brigade’s time-traveller; aside from Kyon, she is the only one who was forced to join the club against her will; Haruhi teases her constantly because she is so pretty moe girl antics never fail to make us laugh.

She usually just goes along with the gang. Despite the fact that she dislikes doing crazy stuff and has a crush on Kyon.

She’s also the SOS Brigade’s mascot; Haruhi uses her as eye candy to get people into the club; she’s quite bashful while speaking with others, especially Kyon. Because many of the questions he asks are classified and cannot be disclosed.

39-Kyouko Hori from Horimiya

Kyouko is the series’ female protagonist and a model Katagiri High School student, and she is the fan-favourite heroine of 2021.

Despite the fact that many boys want to date her, no one dares to approach her. Kyouko is a role model for girls and the queen of hearts for males.

Nobody knows that she lives a modest life outside of school, doing household chores and caring for her younger brother while cooking and preparing for her exams.

She complains that she isn’t as extroverted as the other females in her class and that she isn’t familiar with popular music.

Despite her rough exterior, she becomes embarrassed over little details whenever Miyamura compliments her; she’s also the jealous kind. As seen by the fact that when another female attempts to flirt with Miyamura, she scares them away.

40-Nanami Momozono from Kamisama Kiss

Nanami is the series’ protagonist, who became lost at God’s door after growing up in a strict environment where she was taught the importance of money at an early age.

She has hazel eyes, and when you see her, you will say she is a pretty girl with long hair and an interesting character.

Nanami is a nice person who values hard effort; she is concerned about those around her and believes in giving people a second opportunity; she strives to bring out the best in others. She’s very sensitive and unable to regulate her emotions under duress; she frequently breaks down and sobs when things become too stressful.

This is it guys hope you found your favourite brown-haired anime characters or anime girl with brown hair in the anime world and among all anime characters.

In ouran koukou host club anime series, which girl has brown hair?

Haruhi Fujioka

Which girl has brown hair in the High school boys anime series?


Who are the best girls with brown hair( anime girls with brown hair)?

Mei Tachibana, Tsubaki Sawabe and Nanami Aoyama

In which anime Sakura Kinomoto features?

Sakura kinomoto is in Cardcaptor.



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