Burn the Witch Season 2: Will producers bring the Second Season?

Burn the Witch Season 2 will Studio Colorido bring the sequel in this year? Or we have to wait more?

Burn the Witch season 2 is getting high on demand from the fans. So let’s see, will we ever get to watch the new season?

Burn the witch season 1 has remained a fruitful season for the creators. After being the instant hit, fans are looking forward season 2 to happen. The first season has just got over on Crunchyroll, now season 2 should happen!

Internet is flooding with the fans arising questions related to Burn the Witch season 2 release date. So, we are here with the release date and all potential information about the second part!

We hope you will get surprised by reading in-depth information regarding the second season of the Burn the Witch anime series. So let’s explore more about it!


Will Burn the Witch season 2 ever happen?

Burn the Witch Season 2

After looking at the high success factor of season 1, the chances of season 2 to happen increases. There were three episodes in season 1.

We can hope for the same in season 2 as well. But the disheartening fact is, season 2 is not confirmed yet!

Yes, you read it right!

The officials have remained silent on the process of season 2. Also, any important activity is not noticed regarding the production process of the second run. 

On the basis of these facts, we cannot say that season 2 might release soon. But the GOOD NEWS is that it is not officially canceled! 

So, we can have hope for it. Moreover, there are some speculations on the expected release date of Burn the Witch season 2. So, let’s see when we can expect it to release!

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Burn the Witch Season 2- Release Date

Burn the Witch Season 2

As discussed in the above para, there is no official release date of the sequel of this anime. But we have to keep our hopes high and demand for the second part.

As a result of the ongoing demand for season 2 from fans, the earliest release date can fall anytime in October 2021 or later.

The fact that increases the chances of the release of season 2 is the success and profit earned from season 1 is pretty good! 

Additionally, the Twitter account of the creators has said that the manga series of this anime will get a season 2 on September 14. Hence, it might be a pumping factor that season 2 of the anime series might also release soon (maybe in the expected month as mentioned above!)

Why are there speculations of October 2021 to carry Season 2?

The reason behind this logic is simple. The first season came on the OTT platform in October 2020. Hence, we can expect that season 2 might release somewhere in October in this year!

Also, the critics and fans have played an important role in gaining 4.4 stars for this anime out of 5 stars. Well, it also indicates that Ninny and Noel might also return with a new season.

Burn the Witch Season 2- Official trailer released?

Again our fortune is not with us. Still, the release date is also not confirmed. As well as, the official trailer has also not been released.

But the thing is, when we will get the second seasons’ trailer, we will also get updates regarding its release date. 

In case you have missed watching the first seasons’ trailer, here is the link for it. So have a look at it and enjoy!

Where to watch Burn the Witch season 1?

The release of this anime took place back in 2020. It was released on the famous platform Crunchyroll.

It is available worldwide. If you have still not watched it, click here! Also, if you liked the series after watching it, do share with us in the comment section to make us aware of your favorite moves from the first part!

Are fans excited for the second season of Burn the Witch?


Of course, the fans, as well as the critics both, have their eyes on the release of season 2. Here are some tweets that show the excitement in the heart of the fans to watch season 2 soon.



These tweets are enough to prove that season 2 is being waited by a lot of people out there!

Ending Thoughts

In the end, we still remain in the confusion that the official release date is not released, so will season 2 appear. 

If you want to stay away from this confusion, bookmark our page in your browser. We have our eyes on the official team members of this anime series.

As soon as they declare any new update regarding the second season, we will update about the same on this page. So, stay tuned with us and visit the page regularly for the latest updates!

If you are an anime lover and love to read more about upcoming seasons of your favorite anime series, click here! Happy reading!

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