Chaos bolt 5e – Everything you need to KNOW In 2023

This list is all about Chaos bolt 5e, and in this, we will know about spells, attacks, and other attributes.

Chaos bolt 5e

Before going to know about this deeply, let’s first know what is Chaos Bolt is? So basically, it is a spell which is a 12 level spell for the warlock destruction ability.

This includes twinned spell, ranged spell attack roll, what is the importance of initial attack hits, we will also compare chaos bolt and other spells like a subtle spell, spell slot, what is their spell damage, empowered spell, twin chaos bolt, twin spells, fun spell.


Chaos Bolt

School: Evocation
Level: 1st
Casting Time: 1 Action
Range: 120 Feet
Components: Verbal, Somatic
Duration: Instantaneous
Source: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

Chaos Bold deals 2d8 1d6 damage as a bolt of chaotic energy hit a target.

Depending on how well you roll on the 2d8, you’ll have a variety of damage types to choose from. Let me explain to you clearly with an example, so like you got doubles on your attempt so if you get that double in the first attempt, the spell will be for a different character or monster as we call them and that will also allow you to do an attack roll against another target.

If you prefer chaos bolt you can get a new attack roll or more sorcery points and chaotic energy strikes and its spells give you specifically the versatility and higher-level spell slots but there are other spells that are very similar spells.

Then you roll for damage again. If you roll doubles again, it will continue as long as you haven’t struck any targets, as each opponent can only be hit once every cast.

As a result, depending on the number of foes you have, Chaos Bolt might theoretically do unlimited damage.

On average damaging, Chromatic Orb is much more stable and you can be more confident using this because it’s don’t miss the target and the damage does not vary much. On the other hand, Chaos Bolt has a longer range and may be able to do greater damage over time.

Here’s a quick overview of type damage:

D8 Damage type

Let’s now talk about who and why someone gets Chaos Bolt.

As previously stated, sorcerers are theoretically the most powerful elegance that gets immediate access to this spell. On the other hand, the magic provokes feat allows anybody to choose it.

Unfortunately, even if it scores a single goal, Jeremy Crawford judged it unsuitable for a paired spell owing to the possibility of hitting several targets.

Though RAW (Rules as Written), it appears to be feasible, so check with your DM to see what they think.

What are the Chaos Bolt Uses

Even Chaos Bolt’s sister spell Chromatic Orb doesn’t have as many damage kinds as Chaos Bolt, with force and psychic damage added to the mix.

As a result, Chaos Bolt’s basic damage is 2d8+1d6. As previously indicated, the damage type is determined by the d8 rolls, as they are the only ones available.

Chaos Bolt does 12.5 damage every turn on average. Chromatic Orb has more potential damage effect than its average damage effect which is at 13.5.

Assume you’re up against two goblins. When you get to the first goblin, you roll two 4s on the 8s and a 2 on the 6.

After doing 10 force damage to the first goblin, it hops to the second goblin. If you want both adversaries to be dispatched in one fell swoop then you have to hit the second goblin should get damage of 7.

However, Chaos Bolt can only target each adversary once. As a result, it’s probably best employed in crowds, although it’s still effective if you need to overcome any form of obstacle.

Spell Comparisons

Let’s see how Chaos Bolt stacks up against a couple of other powerful first-level sorcerer spells. What better way to get started than with multicolored Orb?

Chaos Bolt vs. Chromatic Orb

Chaos bolt 5e

Because of their similarities, many people consider these spells to be sister spells, particularly in terms of harm type diversity.

If you want a spell with more attacks and with a random type of attacks or damage then Chaos Bolt is an advantage for you but it comes with a cost which is the disadvantage of it and by using it you will also go to lack the 50 GP fabric requirement.

Chromatic Orb is more consistent, outperforming Chromatic Orb by one point in terms of common injury. It also has a higher level of participant manipulation. On the other hand, it has far fewer damage types and no extra attack capability. Chromatic Orb can also be twinned, but the fabric feature will be lost.

Sorcerers consider everyone to be worth casting spells on. Metamagic all depends on how you want to use it. To discover what you prefer, try them out in different campaigns.

Let’s talk about Chaos Bolt vs. Magic Missile

Chaos bolt 5e

Both spells do different damage to a single target, If you attack with Chaos Bolt that will give 12.5 damage and if you will use Magic Missile it will do 10.5 damage but using Chaos can maybe gives you some extra attacks. However, Magic Missile strikes 100% of the time if specific spells aren’t in play. In addition, most lower-level foes will be unable to cast spells.

As a result of how bounded accuracy works, Magic Missile will provide more damage over time, as Chaos Bolt will not always hit. So, over the course of five turns, the magical missile will continuously do 52.5 average damage.

Because Chaos Bolt doesn’t always hit, it does a lot less damage. However, due to the fact that Charisma is maxed out, it will most likely hit 62.5 percent of the time.

So, let’s say it happens three times in those five turns. It also doesn’t proc its extra attack (which occurs 12.5 percent of the time). So over the course of those three turns, Chaos Bolt only deals 37.5 damage.

That is if you have the necessary spell slots. However, this is simply a hypothetical comparison of first-level usage between the two. Again, Chaos Bolt is more enjoyable but if you want something or a spell which stays consistent then Magic missile is one of the most reliable spells.

Chaos Bolt vs. Witch Bolt

Chaos bolt 5e

What I like about Witch Bolt Spell is that the money system will be in control under this spell and can make you save a few bucks.

With each turn, Witch Bolt does an average of 6.5% lightning damage. However, if you maintain concentrating after the initial attack, you can inflict an extra common of 6.5 lightning damage to the same adversary without needing to roll.

Having a regular harm output could be really beneficial. It’s also first-class not to have to eat up extra spell slots.

Cantrips, on the other hand, will eventually outperform Witch Bolt. And if Chaos Bolt’s previous accuracy is employed during the same time frame, Chaos Bolt will still outperform it.

Build Options chaos bolt

Chaos bolt 5e

Chaos Bolt isn’t one of those spells you can build around, even if Draconic Bloodline Sorcerers gain if they receive their favored damage type.

For any sorcerer, Chaos Bolt is a fantastic first-level damage choice. This is also important to know if you want to spice up your spells with some variety and unpredictability.

Thematically, Chaos Bolt fits well with the unpredictability of a Wild Magic Sorcerer. However, this guy does not benefit from it in terms of popularity.

What causes Thunder Damage?

It is a shockwave of the explosion.

How to get an extra point

It depends on skills, and one of the skills or spells is chaos Bolt.

Which Spell cost extra?

Chaos Bolt costs more than other spells.

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