‘Charlotte Season 2’ Release Date and Everything You Should Know!

Charlotte Season 2 release date might be near.

The keyword in the above sentence is ‘Might Be!’ So, the only ritual that we can follow is to wait for a new season of Charlotte.

BUT, here are some latest updates to surprise you regarding the upcoming season of this anime.

‘Charlotte’ is also known as ‘Sharotto’ in Japanese. It is an anime TV series produced by P.A.Work and Aniplex. The show is under the direction of Yoshiyuki Asai and the first season aired with 13 episodes in 2015.

The audience was happy with the first season, and an OVA was produced in March 2016. Jun Maeda is the original idea giver of this show. Since 2016, there are no updates regarding Charlotte Season 2. But here are some rumors that can be real about season 2. Let’s check it out.


Will Charlotte Season 2 Ever Release?

Charlotte Season 2

It saddens us looking at the low chances of the new season to release. The reason behind it is, there is no backup story available for season 2.

Yes! You read it right.

Charlotte is an original anime series and is not dependent on any manga series or light novel series. Hence, if the new source material is not available, then season 2 might get a spin-off replacement.

Spin-off episodes require much less material compared to whole new series. So, all we can do is hope that the writer of the series comes up with new source material and season 2 releases soon.

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Charlotte Season 2 Release Date Confirmed?

We do not like to give false hope to the fans, so we directly deny the confirmation of the release date. We have not received any confirmed Charlotte Season 2 Release date.

The best estimation about the release date can be anytime in 2022 (if enough source material is written). Or else, we have to wash off our hands from the second part.

One GOOD NEWS for Charlotte Season 2 Fans!

Charlotte Season 2

We feel sorry for you that you have to live in anxiety about the release of season 2. So, here is good news that might cheer you up.

There is a strong rumor – if season 2 gets canceled due to the inadequate source material, spin-off episodes might replace it.

So, dear fans, get ready for these amazing episodes as well.

Charlotte Season 1 English Dub Episodes

If you have missed watching season 1 or you cannot understand Japanese and want to watch English Dubbed episodes- Watch it on HULU.

Is there an Official Trailer for Charlotte Season 2?

Unfortunately, no. The production house has remained quiet regarding the trailer or plot updates.

But you can trust us and bookmark this page for the latest updates regarding the second part. We have our eyes on the creators’ team to grab their instructions and post them here for you.

What is Charlotte All About?

Charlotte Season 2

Charlotte is an anime series that is not dependent on any light novel or manga series. The plot of the series surrounds the short-period comet- Charlotte that passes by Earth every 75 years.

Whenever this comet passes by, it spreads some dust around the place. It causes pre-adolescents which gifts some superhuman qualities to the people when they reach puberty.

The main protagonist of the show is Yuu Otosaka. Yuu is blessed with the ability to possess someone else’s body for 5 seconds. He thinks to use this ability to pass his high school smoothly.

But his luck was ahead of him. You got exposed to Nao Tomori, and after that, he got a transfer to Hoshinoumi Academy. Jojo Takajo is a student council along with Yuu in the new academy.

Yusa Nishimori is the leader of this council, and almost everyone is possessing different abilities. The season furthers with adventures between the characters, fantasizing the fans and attracting them to watch it.

Main Characters of Charlotte

Yusa Kurobane

Yusa is a member of the student council. She is also a pop icon of the academy.

She is blessed with the ability to speak with the dead. This ability is also disadvantageous to her because her dead sister possesses her body and changes her appearance.

Ayumi Otosaka

Ayumi Otosaka is a cheerful as well as a very caring person. She does everything for her brother- Yuu.

Yuu is the protagonist of this anime series. Ayumi is a great fan of Yusa Nishimori. But every time she sees Yusa, her nose starts spraying blood. This fact happens to be unbelievable, but it tenses everyone.

Yuu Otosaka

Yuu is the main protagonist of Charlotte. He is a handsome hunk of the high school.

His ability to possess others for cheating in exams is helping him to pass his high school easily. But his luck was hard, and hence further adventures happen in his life, which disturbs his normal life.

Concluding the article

So, here is the end of this article. We hope that you have got the best possible information about Charlotte Season 2. If you want to read more about filler list articles, click here! Happy Reading.

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